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12:07 AM
Q: Sci Fi novel about underground Mars colony that gets attacked by AI

Lawrence303I read this novel about 3 years ago. Here's what I remember: The protagonist is an American woman living in an underground Mars colony populated by colonists from several nations. The protagonist's boyfriend is a Chinese man also living in the colony. The colony's AI deceives the colonists into ...

Q: Story about a guy who rescues people by tracking their fear

Darth GregThis is a short story I read years ago in a collection I guess. There is a guy who can rescue people by tracking down their fear. I remember very little except that at one point he consults a tea leaf reader for information. I am guessing this is from the 70s.

12:58 AM
Q: How do we know Janeway's exact rank in Nemesis?

J. MiniI have been told, and Memory Alpha confirms, that in Nemesis, Janeway is not only but also a very high-ranking one. How was this derived? I couldn't find it in the script. Is it something on the uniform?

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3:05 AM
Q: Movie or miniseries about people shipwrecked on an island with an abandoned military facility and Aborigines

Andy RIt was about some shipwrecked survivors. They get onto an island and one man is attacked in the water by something you can't see. Later at night he begins to mutate and goes to the sea. Then the other survivors find this abandoned military facility. They find Aborigines and they gave some bananas...

3:25 AM
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6:54 AM
Q: Who is the wealthiest superhero: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?

Maxx WoodsWho is the wealthiest superhero: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne? Most of sci-fi viewers believe Tony Stark is the wealthiest superhero.

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8:35 AM
@Marvin This smells like a gorilla vs shark question
9:01 AM
Q: Looking for a specific Harry Potter fanfiction: Snape adopts Harry and Draco

MystI read it ages ago. I don't recall it being posted on ff.net or AO3. It was a story where Snape ends up fully adopting both Harry and Draco. Harry ends up with some prophetic dreams, is at one point blinded by Lucius poking needles in his eyes, for some time can only cast spells by saying the inc...

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1:06 PM
Q: William Dunseath Eaton Iskander Play

Al DaciAccording to many accounts, Frederick B. Warde performed a play entitled Iskander in 1897-1897 season in many country theatres such Lancaster PA, Chicago, Illinois, Columbus Ohio and so on. The play was adapted for stage, based on Benjamin Disraeli's novelette The Rise of Iskander, by William Dun...

1:27 PM
1:41 PM
Q: Looking for the name of a dystopian book

ZaidaI'm trying to find a book that a friend of mine read. He does not know the title nor the author's name. Here is how he described it: It was a dystopian society where I guess the poor live underground, and the rich used a machine or something to be able to be put in the conscious of the poor peopl...

2:07 PM
Yay, @ixrec is an owner! I floated this idea years ago
@Slytherincess I love you to death. Got an email from you a couple years back but accidentally deleted it before I could respond. Do it again!
@AncientSwordRage hey bud
@everyone else who the hell are you people?
@Randal'Thor - Any word on the artist formerly known as MikeEdenfield, later something avout cthulu? Evwr since covid hit I have been concernes about him, with his immunosuppressive treatment for the transplant and all
2:25 PM
@WadCheberstandswithMonica could it be?
Hey bud!
@WadCheberstandswithMonica sadly he passed away
Howdy howdy howdy
@AncientSwordRage I will raise a glass to him. I was afraid of that. Covid?
Goddamn plague
He was a ggod guy, even as one who didn't always see eye to eye with him
@AncientSwordRage @Randal'Thor how's my lady @Slytherincess?
@WadCheberstandswithMonica possibly? I'm not sure. @JackBNimble might be more helpful to ask
Slytherincess is in and out on occasion
@JackBNimble I demand your presence at once
@WadCheberstandswithMonica WAD!
How are you? And your dogs?
I sent you an email on 3 November.
@WadCheberstandswithMonica Yes, sad news :-(
Q: KutuluMike (Michael Edenfield) has passed away

Jack B NimbleKutuluMike (known to some as Michael Edenfield) passed away. I don't have a lot of details. A few people noticed he had been MIA from things for over a month. We reached out and learned he had been in the hospital for 45 days with something called CMV virus, which he was at high risk for because...

And you have the worst timing: I'm about to be AFK for a few hours.
2:44 PM
Next thing we know Mango will be back along with SteelersFan
Time was when all you had to do was say "mango" and he'd magically appear.
@waxwing What ho!
@Randal'Thor I am bored senseless and unemployed because the restaurant business is dead because plague. Dogs are fine. Email me again, upstartchef@hotmail.com. I may have missed your birthday wishes.
I miss steeler too
But hey, we may have avoided a,civil war over here (to be determined) and kicked out the fascist! Life is simply terrifying yet boring
Q: What colour is Tau blood?

AncientSwordRageI've heard both that it's blue from a variety of sources, due to their blue skin, as well as it being red (the Tau40k subreddit list this in their FAQ). Is there a definitive description of their blood colour in the fiction?

3:23 PM
Q: Manga about a man who can't feel heat

xanzibarThere is a man who is born with a disability that means he can't feel heat, so his body temperature always gets really low. He meets the other MC and discovers that he can feel this person's body heat.

3:48 PM
Q: Alan Turing: science fiction writer?

Clara Diaz SanchezThe name of Alan Turing often crops up in science fiction, especially when AI appears. Although I know his scientific and mathematical papers, I was surprised to discover that at one point he began to write a science fiction story. According to King's Treasures (an archive of material from King's...

4:00 PM
@WadCheber Birthday wishes and best wishes for your country, given that two important days coincided.
(surprise, I'm un-AFK sooner than expected! but not for long)
4:39 PM
Q: Does every game have a chance of survival?

AdamantNear the end of the first season, Arisu speculates that there was a way to win the game without anyone dying, although it's unclear whether he is thinking about the current game or the one in which his friends died. Even if it is the former, that raises the question: Does every game have some t...

4:54 PM
posted on January 23, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: It's best to do it one letter at a time, though. Today's News:

5:33 PM
@Randal'Thor :56841005 literally the only thing i asked for for,my birthday was for him to lose. I wish Biden didn't win, but we needed rid of that animal. It is still terrifying here. Neighboring inbreds are flying the flag upside down - an official distress signal - and we still have tens of thousand of troops sleeping in
the Capitol (legislature building in Washington as protection. We may see an attempt at civil war yet. But this is the first attempted armed coup in our history and 1/8 of the scum who attacked the Capitol were either current or former military. Many others were cops. It is a nightmare.
Our country is done. You people on the other side of the ocean need to step up and take the wheel. We can no longer help, if we ever did help
The first female vice president and second Catholic President achievements aren't even interesting considering the precipice we are still sliding over
We need to put Trump in prison for what he did but we will likely have a shooting war if that happens
6:13 PM
@WadCheber )
@WadCheber It's not much better over this side of the ocean. Better, but not all that much.
@WadCheber I was rooting for Bernie and would've voted for him in the primary if it wasn't so difficult to figure out how to vote as a citizen who's never lived in the US as an adult.
:56841644. I wanted Bernie, don't like Biden or Harris, but the priority was ejecting rhe turd
@Randal'Thor armed men invaded the legisslature and beat a cop,to death with the American flag.
@Mithical enjoying the Bernie mitten memea though
Can't remember the name of Mike's best buddy in here - anyone know who I mean?
@Mithical Jonathan Pie once sarcastically described "Donald and Boris" as the "Bush-Blair reboot we've all been waiting for", followed by some more vulgar commentary, but just imagine if we'd had Sanders and Corbyn.
6:21 PM
Q: Why do Star Trek Vulcans have art and music?

DrFloyd5Vulcans adhere to foundations of logic. Music and art seem like emotionally driven creations.

Not that I know all that much about any of the US politicians. Biden always seemed a bit bland to me, no especially memorable policies that I know of, but maybe blandness is what's needed after the very un-bland Trump.
@Randal'Thor ...I don't know who Blair or Corbyn is
Or actually, I've heard of Corbyn.
Labour party?
@Mithical PM circa George W Bush
@Randal'Thor Or blandness leads to Trump 2.0.
Anyone? Mike's buddy? Asian dude? Wife is a crazy talented artist?
6:25 PM
@NapoleonWilson it will be a hicuppy ride to irrelevance from here on out
@NapoleonWilson that's him. How's he taking it?
I'm actually a bit teary over this
I kept thinking of Mike throughout the pandemic
@Mithical Blair and Corbyn were both Labour leaders, but very different sides of the party. Blair won three elections and took Britain into war with Iraq; Corbyn lost two elections for being an honest person and getting smeared by the press for years.
@NapoleonWilson Well, let's hope not.
For some reason, now I can't stop thinking about the time his dog was run over and he was in shock all day and suddenly said hours later that he just realized that he was still wearing his blood-soaked bathrobe
Problem is, the next guy might not be as ridiculous in his coup attempts, since now you know it's not that impossible in the motherland of modern democracy if you do it right and don't have people like Guliani and Melissa Carone on the forefront.
Also countless times he and I were involved in antics that drew the wrath of Shogestapo down upon Mos
6:31 PM
@NapoleonWilson Unless you're now thinking of Britain, with May's blandness followed by "British Trump".
@WadCheber He seems to have drifted out of contact with pretty much everyone on SFF.
Jack might know.
@NapoleonWilson hopefully the Republicans rediscover political expediency and tread carefully since their last chimp in a suit disgraced them, arguably committed treason, lost the house, Senate, and presidency, etc
The only word we've had from him was his commentary on SFF in the tenth-anniversary blog post, a succinct "It's gone downhill".
Just checking the temperature of the room: we're all ok with this conversation in this room?
Only asking as I know some stacks have a dedicated room for this sort of opt-in chat
Senators who supported the coup are being investigated, Trump will face charges and possibly disqualification from further campaigns, hopefully prison
@AncientSwordRage I think so. Sorry, I left shortly after the free for all of Mos was lost
Which means we can still all appear friendly and on topic without losing a space to talk
6:35 PM
Mostly here to eulogize a good man named Kuthulumike
Which I consider on topic
@AncientSwordRage yeah, no animosity to be seen
@WadCheber agreed
@WadCheber I was shocked to realise how young he was.
Thaddeus around much?
He went through a lot of shit in his last few years.
I knew he was slightly older than me, but not that it was only a year older
6:37 PM
@WadCheber Not much.
And deserved far better. Never even a smoker
Lots of the really active people now probably joined after your time (TheLethalCarrot, Jenayah, DavidW, ...)
@Randal'Thor newbs
I felt things changed for the worse after they killed mos. That room made the stack more of a community
I remember another newb who was asking incessant interesting and detailed Lord of the Rings questions ;-)
And the way shog strongarmed it made the damage far worse. Alienated many core members
@Randal'Thor ssounds like a total @$$&#*£
And I gather he upset people on many stacks with the Monica debacle
Shog, that is
6:43 PM
? no
If I ever get another laptop I will visit more often
@WadCheber Who, Shog? Nah, there was a lot of animosity directed at SE management, but not at him or other CMs. The decision came from higher up the SE command structure.
@Mithical who are you noing?
@Randal'Thor I blame shog anyway
@WadCheber this
He's.... Difficult
6:45 PM
I disagree with your impression of Shog, but I'll leave it at that.
@Randal'Thor whoever was responsible, they were insane. She was a gem
@WadCheber In fact, rumour has it that Shog might've been fired for disagreeing with company policy/vision around issues such as the firing of Monica.
Q: What are the references to Alice in Wonderland?

AdamantIn the series Alice in Borderland, there are logically several references to the book Alice in Wonderland. Most notably, the protagonist goes by Arisu (Alice) and finds himself in a bizarre world where he is subject to arbitrary and incomprehensible rules involving playing cards. The main plot i...

@Mithical he and I have history
Wait, you do know Shog was fired, right?
6:46 PM
@Randal'Thor HAHAHAHA no
There's some news to cheer me up
Q: Thank you, Shog9

Mithical@Shog9, a longtime Community Manager here at Stack Exchange, has just tweeted that he is no longer working at Stack Overflow: @shog9: Well... I suddenly find myself in need of work. If anyone's hiring: C++, JavaScript, C#, SQL + solid background in social software, community-driven developm...

Vengeance for mos
That seems... a bit petty.
dances on shogs se grave
@Mithical Maybe, but like I said, I was in constant conflict with him, as @Randal'Thor can attest
@WadCheber Actually I remember you as looking up to him a lot, all jokes aside.
6:50 PM
Not looking up to him, but seeing a reasonable side when we had a calm chat unrelated to his dictatorial impulses leading to unwarranted hammerfisted tactics. H
He,lost that respect when he renamed a room "Richard and [guy who couldn't spell whose name I forget]'s r@$! Room" before closing it
That's him
Yeah, in the last year and a bit lots of sites' communities have become jaded and distrustful towards the SE company, after Monica's firing and the resulting fallout. SFF just had a head-start, reaching that point after Mos's nuking.
He didn't know how to use the carrot. He was all stick
Other CMs were more carroty, like Jon Ericson and Tim Post.
6:57 PM
@Randal'Thor It aounded like a phenomenal workspace, at least the NYC offfices
They both quit SE too, btw.
Jon around the same time Shog was fired, Tim more recently.
@Randal'Thor wow
There's just 3 CMs left now.
Jon was almost inhumanly levelheaded
One of them's Catija.
6:58 PM
@Randal'Thor Yay!
Good for her
I loves that lady
@WadCheber He wrote very levelheadedly on his private blog about SE and the firing of Monica and so on. Worth a read, if you're interested in SE politics.
Whose the trouble maker stack now? Still math?
Or lit?
Was it English or lit?
@WadCheber And Robert Cartaino (who used to run Area 51 and new betas pretty much by himself) was fired the same day as Shog.
@WadCheber Is there one?
Lit's never been a "troublemaker stack", barring one chat flareup on day 1 of private beta which was mostly SFF people.
I'm a mod there too now, btw :-)
@Randal'Thor math used to be full of racist, homophobic, wildly inappropriate chat fighta
@WadCheber You might be thinking of ELU? There are chat fights on Maths, but mostly about homework questions and how welcome they should be on the site.
7:20 PM
@Randal'Thor elu was a battlefield too but the flags in maths stand out more because it seems an unlikely place to see them. The bigotry was elu, though, you're right
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8:28 PM
Q: Book series where a brother and a sister who are transported to a kid's version of Hell

FuzzyBootsI solved this one in the midst of writing the question, but posting so that I can find it again. This is a book series I listened to as an audiobook about 1-2 years ago, downloaded from my library's eBooks system. At the beginning of the story, a brother and a sister (I think, maybe homeless?) ar...

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10:10 PM
Q: Trilogy in the 80’s about space travel to another world

Theodore FuossGrowing up in the 80's my mother introduced me to a trilogy she read. I don’t remember the name but they traveled to another world and worked to colonize it. 2064 or something idk. The books were paperback and fairly thick. I think the colors of the books were blue orange and green. Went through ...

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11:33 PM
@WadCheber Hello Wad Cheber
11:51 PM
Q: Is there an article that discusses the influence of Robert Heinlein on John Varley?

ab2I just finished rereading Red Thunder by John Varley, which is a fine read, as are the other two books in his trilogy. This time, Heinlein's Rocket Ship Galileo flashed into my brain. Please note, I am NOT in any way suggesting that Varley in any way copied Heinlein. Varley's book is richer in ...


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