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12:18 AM
Q: Sci-fi book in which people can photosynthesize with their hair

DSaadI am searching for the name of a sci-fi book in which people can photosynthesize with their hair, and because of that, the rich cut their own hair and food is very expensive. The story is about a family who have lost their daughter during a ski trip, in the fictional future Iran. It came out betw...

1:09 AM
Q: Old movie where a fortress-type home comes under attack by hooded beings with an aversion to light

ChrisThe movie is likely from the seventies and I saw it as a kid. Takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth, or at least the desert. There is a large fortress-type home where the protagonist lives, and he goes out freely during the day, but must return home by night time. At night, lights shine brightly ...

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2:24 AM
Q: Why is Jeffrey hanging out with Tamara?

AdamantWhen the runaways return from the Dark Dimension, many things have changed. Nico's father Robert is in love with and working for Morgan, for instance, and Alex's father Jeffrey is all chummy with Tamara. Of course, the former turns out to be due to an enchantment that Morgan placed on him, but th...

Q: Why did Tandy see what she saw?

AdamantWhen Tandy touches Alex's hand shortly before they return from the Dark Dimension, she sees his hopes, which appear to consist of having the powers of all the other runaways. This makes her reluctant about bringing him back, and causes the others to doubt him briefly. This vision pays off when w...

3:15 AM
Q: What was the name of this horror/science fiction story involving orcas/killer whales?

user2352714I'm looking for a horror/science fiction story involving orcas/killer whales. It was written by someone who was either a marine biologist or someone who used to work with cetaceans, and in their author notes they actually interviewed people who used to work with orcas at Seaworld in order to get ...

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4:55 AM
Q: Short story about the difficulties of alien/human cooperation

undergroundmonorailI think I would have read this a few years ago, but I really have no more specific time frame than that, unfortunately. Honestly, it might even have just been a comment in a writing prompt subreddit or something, but I suppose there's no harm in asking. The story is from the perspective of a memb...

5:20 AM
Q: What movie/CGI is this in which a genetically engineered organism can turn electronic items in to living things and also control them

Rajat MokasheI cannot properly recall but it was of some genetically engineered organism that can turn any electronic item into a living thing and also control. Then the presidents son goes missing with a laptop ,that i think contained something important. He wakes up to be found in some sort tribe and yeah t...

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7:51 AM
Q: Magearna the Mechanical pokemon

Unexpected Bass DropIs the Magearna from pokemon ultra sun and moon, that Lillie gets passed down to her by her father, the same Magearna, who was built in the kingdom of azoth, from pokemon the movie volcanion?

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9:07 AM
Q: Was Jean-Luc Picard inspired by Hornblower?

Gonçalo Peres 龚燿禄I have found the following in Fandom The Star Trek characters James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard were originally also supposedly modelled after Hornblower by Gene Roddenberry. Nicholas Meyer, director of some of the most well regarded Star Trek films, frequently cites Horatio Hornblower as one of...

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12:54 PM
Q: No Particular Talent

Vaughn OhlmanThis is either a stand-alone book or (more likely) the first in a series. It involves the main character going through the standard teenage ritual of discovering where their magical 'talent' lay. I think the ritual involves a bowl. As it turns out (surprise surprise to anyone who has read this ki...

Q: Biology of aerophibian from ben 10

Govindharj RJetray is a aerophibian from aeropela, his specifically adapted to glide over air currents, it is said that the air resistance of planet was greater than the other most other planets and this species evolved to shoot acidic plasma from tail to paralyze prey. It said that species was so powerful t...

1:44 PM
Q: Biology of aerophibian from Ben 10

Govindharj RHow does the biology of aerophibian work?

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3:00 PM
Q: Is this a mistake in The Heritage of Shannara?

LarryOn page 97-98 of The Heritage of Shannara by Terry Brooks, Brin encounters Spider Gnomes while "looking for the Sword of Shannara". However, Brin was looking for the Ildatch, the book of black magic. Is there an in-universe explanation for this, or is this a mistake in the writing?

3:26 PM
Q: What do we know about the ultimate fate of the Borg?

J. MiniThe overwhelming impression that one gets while watching Star Trek Voyager is that the Borg will win in the Delta Quadrant. With only a handful of exceptions, that are vastly superior to everything else that we see there. But what do we actually know about their ultimate fate? All that I can thin...

4:07 PM
posted on January 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Dammit guys, all this baby-eating is just gonna give ammunition to the people who don't like us. Today's News:

4:43 PM
Q: Why did Paxton create the hybrid baby?

GendoIkariIn the final episodes of Enterprise, we discover that John Paxton used DNA from Tucker and T'Pol to create a half-human half-Vulcan baby. It is unclear to me from the episodes why he actually did this. Is a clear explanation ever given? He does reveal the baby to the world in his big speech; show...

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Q: Book that I read long ago. I believe that the word "chaos" is in the title

PhoenixIn the book, bombs that had traveled from another galaxy were causing great damage to human planets. Ultimately, the main character makes a journey to the other galaxy and finds the ruins of a civilization that launched to bombs. It turns out that the aliens were able to catch a glimpse of a futu...

7:17 PM
Q: Thin-tentacle alien enwrapping its victims

elmordiegoI saw it in the 90s. Could have been a 70s-90s sci-fi horror movie or an episode of a series. The story played out on either a space ship or in some sort of a planet base. I remember only the tentacles, not sure if the rest of the alien was depicted. However the tentacles were multiple, very fast...

Q: Looking for children's book - front cover displays blonde child playing flute in a field

Book SearcherThe book is about a part-magical child who was born again into a human family. He has only one line on his palm, unlike other humans and doesn't know who is magical mother was. I believe it's a middle-grade chapter book. I'm dying to remember the title if anyone recognizes this description!

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Q: Does a curse need to hit a person in order for it to work?

MBEllisAt first glance, I would think that the curse needs to hit a person for it to work. We see plenty of people dodge spells. Crabbe wheeled around and screamed, "Avada Kedavra!" again. Ron leapt out of sight to avoid the jet of green light. However, Neville manages to unintentionally disarm 2 peop...

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9:26 PM
Q: Over how long a period of time does Enchanted take place?

TheAshOver how long a period of time does Enchanted (2007) take place? Her transformation from 'lovey dovey' princess to normal member of society took way too quick for me, as it seemed to be in only a number of days. However, its possible the movie took place over a longer period of time (we don't kno...

9:52 PM
Q: Movie identification: man bending a spoon with mind power

user122973I remember watching an old movie (or TV series) with a scene which a man held a spoon with one hand and bent it with his mind. A few other points I am not sure if I remember correctly: the man was after some police training? the man had the power due to nuclear radiation? It's definitely not Th...

Q: searching for a short scifi story about a castaway from a STL starship and their sentient spacesuit autodoc

BassoeA passenger aboard a STL starship is thrown overboard when the ship hits an asteroid fragment at relativistic speed and explodes. He survives thanks to his spacesuit, an AI and autodoc-equipped piece of clarketech which is probably smarter than he is but his trajectory is random enough that rescu...

10:17 PM
Q: Do "ordinary" animals exist in the world of "His Dark Materials"?

Anthony XIn Lyra's home world in both the "His Dark Materials" HBO series and the Golden Compass 2007 movie, aside from daemons in animal form, we only see bears which can talk and have human-like minds and personalities. We don't, so far as I can tell, see any "ordinary" animals such as exist in our worl...

Q: TV show that involves teens/kids going to another world

SoySauceI remember from the show that the kids are live actors that are transported into another world where they use CGI for that side, or at least I think it is CGI. It is not Code Lyoko or reboot: the guardian, but it is like those shows. Another thing I remember from the show is a red wheel on a pipe...

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11:35 PM
Q: Cartoon Network show with three main characters who battle with cards

NicoleI have been searching for ages and ages. But can’t find anything, so does anyone remember a show on Cartoon Network I think it was but I’m not sure. Where there were 3 main characters and they used cards or something to get powers. One of them was a girl with blue hair and another I think was a b...

Q: Mysterious guy at the end of Wandavision episode 2

user10191234At the end of episode 2, we saw a guy dressed as a beekeeper getting out of the sewer, something that terrifies Wanda and she and Vision are next seen home and possibly traveled through time to the colors era, his identity might be revealed in a future episode but is there somewhere in the Marvel...


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