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1:54 AM
@SQB 80% of them will probably turn up on resale sites tomorrow morning for 5x the price. :-P
Welcome to the Internet; empowering assholes since 1993.
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5:24 AM
Q: Short story ID. Astronauts use hover bikes to traverse alien maze

skyjackI am trying to identify a short story in a children's anthology od Science Fiction stories. I read it in the early 1980's in the UK. The book was illustrated and had the look of the hardback "annuals" that came out around christmas time. Probably there were six to ten stories in the book. The onl...

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported question (93): This is a question on fantasy by user37920 on scifi.SE
5:46 AM
I've flagged it R/A. Doesn't seem to be spam, although it may be crafted so to try to confuse assumed filters.
@DavidW StockX had it at about +€40, so that ain't too bad.
Q: This is a question on fantasy

user37920This is a question on fantasy as well as on economics. This is about earning more money. I willfully became a victim of a few persons and wilfully faced deaths a few times. Before final death[?] I was offered a bottle of THORIUM, I drank this happily. When I rose from death this time, I felt doub...

6:14 AM
Q: Isekai manga where the main character wakes up as the demon lord

Mephisto Pheles I remember reading a manga where a kid wakes up inside of a game he used to play. he finds one of the characters standing by him. I think he is considered a demon lord. a chapter later a group of starving elves find him and beg for help so he makes food out of thin air to feed their village.

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9:59 AM
@SmokeDetector ::blink blink::
@TheLethalCarrot now drink that
The mad-man's done it
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11:13 AM
Q: TOS 2x11 Friday's Child - What about the prime directive with Capellan?

GBManThe capellan are juste ten tribes without knowledge of bows... They don't explain how Mc Coy was involved with them. Why Starfleet agree to trade with Capellan regarding to the Prime Directive?

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12:14 PM
@SQB Judging from experience with that user on Literature, it's a real person and not a spammer, just someone very confused about how SE works and how to express thoughts coherently.
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1:17 PM
Q: Light novel where people have abilities and magic and can level up to defeat monsters invading the world

BigGingerGiantFrom what I can remember the novel is like solo leveling in the sense it is a world where people have abilities and magic and monsters are invading the world. The main character is one of the strongest but finds being the strongest makes you the loneliest. His ability or job was magic swordsman a...

1:31 PM
@Randal'Thor From "about" onward the rest of the sentence is redundant. :)
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2:32 PM
Q: Who wrote the short story with the climax/resolution/denouement "It only stands to reason"?

QuisizyxYears ago (1960s? 1970s?) I read a collection of short stories among which was a story about a large, lone seated figure on a discovered planet. Memory is vague but as I remember, it is unclear if the figure is a statue or possibly alive. After quite some time passes and many tests are done, one...

2:48 PM
posted on September 25, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Why do you think those Roswell aliens decided to crash? Today's News:

@CerealBot oof
That's quite a good one
Really? It seems kind of lame and an old hat. I was about to say "meh" but didn't even think it worth to do that (until people compared it favourably to what came before).
I've not seen that specific joke/scenario made before
3:59 PM
@TheLethalCarrot same
4:11 PM
Q: Was "King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" released in English on DVD?

Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed El-SaiehThis show "King Arthur & the Knights of the Round Table" ("Entaku no Kishi Monogatari Moero Āsā"), was one of my favourties as a kid back in the 80s. Does anyone know if it was released in English on DVD?

@Marvin that seems on topic and answerable
4:29 PM
Agreed, dunno why it was flagged.
5:01 PM
Q: What is the origin of the DNA sequence projected onto the Velociraptor?

vallismortisTowards the end of Jurassic Park, there is a scene where a nucleotide sequence is projected onto a velociraptor. I originally watched this movie in 1994, and after recently re-watching it, I'm wondering what the source of the nucleotide sequence is. I have a suspicion that it is either totally ra...

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7:48 PM
Q: What was the purpose of Faust in the first book?

guestI want to know about Faust. What does he really want? IS it found in the first book(the answer)?

Q: Horror movie where friends land on an island with killers who skin and wear their victims, and a lady with octopus tentacle legs

bebsThere is a movie I watched many years ago. I can hardly remember its title. The movie was set on an island. The story goes like this: A group of friends were on a yacht when a strong storm capsized their boat. They managed to survive and landed on a remote island with small village. Its inhabitan...

8:45 PM
Q: I cant remember the show name! plz help

Muhammad JahidI used to watch a show in cartoon network like power rangers.It was man made show not cartoon... The heroes of the show use a special card to transfer into robot.They can also make a huge robot by themselves... I cant remember the show name! plz help


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