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@xkcd lol
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Q: UK Kids TV Series - Mentions of "The Faculty"

therussIn the early to mid 1980s I recall that on BBC1 (I think) there would be a series of episodes from a kids drama, lasting about 6 or 7 episodes and possibly broadcast on a Friday afternoon. There's one particular series I was taken with because it seemed so eerie and "next level" (to me, the 9 or ...

3:35 AM
Q: Is Treebeard the first Ent ? If not who was the first Ent?

TheMadHatterTreebeard is said to be ; 'The oldest Ent alive' This suggests that Treebeard might not have been the first Ent. If he was the first ent, then he would be Three Ages old! This sounds rather unlikely unless Ents are immortal like elves (see my other question) . So , is Treebeard the first Ent ...

Q: Are Ents immortal ? If not what's their lifespan?

TheMadHatterTreebeard is the oldest ent. And many of the other Ents are considerably old too. Now, if Treebeard is the First Ent (see my other question), He must have lived through 3 ages of Arda : When the Children awake, the thought of Yavanna (ents) shall awake too. 3 ages of Arda seems like a stretch...

Q: Manga about a guy tapped in a simulation/game

CookiebyteI read this manga maybe 2/3 years ago. He is given targets (usually women), which he at first thinks he can do anything with them (ie sexual assault). However, the system tasks him with actually figuring out a dark secret with each of his targets. He has the ability to 'scan' people, revealing so...

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Q: Which Sci-Fi work first showed human invasion of alien planets?

Umbrella CorporationWe see alien invasion of Earth in fiction all the time, but reverse is a rare sight. There's only one example of this on top of my head right now: Avatar (2009) I don't believe that Avatar was the first to show human invasion of an alien planet. Or, was it? Which Sci-Fi work first showed human in...

4:50 AM
Q: Book about teenager who get trapped in a video game and the main character turns out to be an npc

thezunI really need to know the name of this book I read a long time ago! I'm 25. I read a book when I was probably 13-16 years old. I assume it came our around that time because I believe it was in the new section of the library, but it could have been a little older. I believe it was about a slightly...

5:16 AM
Q: Whatever happened to The Last Dangerous Visions?

Andre DuvalThis was supposed to have been the third volume of the late great Harlan Ellison's anthologies of experimental speculative fiction, following Dangerous Visions and Again Dangerous Visions. Its publication has been delayed for decades and it has achieved something of a legendary status. Does anyon...

@Alex I was adding alt text to posts that wouldn’t bump so we could make some actual progress on it. Didn’t know of that problem until it was mentioned in here
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Q: Is physical contact/posession of a Horcrux required for resurrection?

Stack TracerDown in the comments of Why would Voldemort put a boat in the Horcrux cave lake if he can fly? I mentioned that I'd figure it'd be hard to resurrect someone if you couldn't get access to the Horcrux. @Acccumulation asked whether or not physical posession was required, and although I've always tho...

6:57 AM
Q: Movie/TV Series with a foam attacking commander in UFO submarine

jnovachoI have a really vague childhood memory of scene I saw on TV some 20 years ago. I'm from former eastern block, so it is totally possible that the source was much older. In the scene there is a guy sitting in some kind of spaceship/submarine, but he's on top of the vehicle, in an trasparent dome. H...

7:47 AM
Q: What was the inspiration for the diminishing of the elves, and separation of their realm from the world?

kutschkemAn important theme in Tolkien lore is the separation of Valinor from Middle-earth, and the subsequent diminishing of the Elves. In more recent novels, these themes appear again, for example, in The Elves by Bernhard Hennen, which features I am assuming later fantasy using this theme got the insp...

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Q: Short story on British radio about fish gutters turned contract killers

Rand al'ThorOne weekend evening in late 2010, I heard a short story on British radio (probably BBC Radio 4) whose main characters were two women (I think Scottish?), one of them the first-person narrator. The story went as follows. Since I don't remember their names at all, I'm going to use A and B to refer ...

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It's ugly but mainly done to see if I could, got it working where you can optionally exclude "new" users: data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/1271731/…
Where "new" users is anyone with 1 or 101 rep so it's not exactly accurate
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@TheLethalCarrot seems good enough to me
Cool, my SQL is rusty, I really don't use it enough so I try doing SEDE stuff every now and then to keep on top of it
I didn't like repeating the logic though for the sub queries but unless I was to filter out beforehand I don't think I could get around that
9:03 AM
Q: In which book did alien protagonists absorb and mutate humans, turning their flesh into biological weapons that they then used against other humans?

JerryIn which book did alien protagonists absorb and mutate humans, turning their flesh into biological weapons that they then used against other humans? I believe the book starts with a human encountering a lone member of the alien species, who promptly subsumes him and uses his flesh to make weapons...

you can do smth like, "select foo from <query> as blah, select bar from blah" can't you?
there're some SEDE wizards over at chat.rpg
Yeah you can, looking at it now
Didn't think of it until right then haha
That's neater
I don't really know about SQL style guides though so I guess that's why it looks so ugly to me haha
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@TheLethalCarrot looks pretty good
Thanks, I posted it on Code Review anyway, see if anyone has anything to say about it
1:16 PM
Q: ID of ocean related stories

Dennis FrCan you help me identify a short story collection with ocean as the main theme? I only remember some of the stories. It would be mainly western cartoon style but from time to time a 3D animation would appear. Not sure about what audience it was aimed to. It was in english, and i think a saw it in...

@TheLethalCarrot link?
Q: SEDE query calculating user reputation averages

TheLethalCoderI've created the following SEDE query which calculates the reputation averages of users on a particular site. It also optionally excludes "new" users (users with rep of 1 or 101 so note 100% accurate). DECLARE @exclude_new_users INT SET @exclude_new_users = ##ExcludeNewUsers:int?0## DECLARE @exc...

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@Machavity Congrats! I knew I knew youre name from somewhere :D
@AncientSwordRage Thanks :)
Those pesky mods with their super pings
@Machavity Congrats!
Uh, yeah I hope you don't mine the super ping
I may be behind, I jsut saw the time stamp
Nah, it's fine
Election was over a couple of weeks back but you're hardly alone. People popping into TL to congratulate me as recently as yesterday. Heck, had an inactive SO mod who missed the entire thing and went active yesterday
A lot happened during the election I'm not surprised some actually missed the results
2:24 PM
@Machavity literally brining people back haha
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Q: Looking for B&W sci-fi movie where women are turned into skeletons

SteveEDThis is a B&W movie I remember seeing as a kid. One scene that sticks in my mind: Unconscious women are moving on a conveyor belt. The women are covered up to the shoulders in a white sheet. The women move into a machine. The machine has blinking lights and makes mechanical noises. When the w...

3:48 PM
Q: Novel featuring an AI that backed itself up by encoding data as tattoos

Robb SmithAs noted, there was an AI that backed itself up by encoding data in ornate tattoos that were offered free of charge to human clients. Also it seems to me that the protagonist's favourite expressions were "Stone the crows at home!" and/or "Stone home righteous!" (but I could be conflating multipl...

4:13 PM
Q: Information /Device For Gaining Superpowers In Gotham City Public Library

Tyler McFrom reading comics, I know that Gotham City has a public library in many continuities. Batman also fights villains there a decent number of times since the library first appeared in Detective Comics #106. My question is, are there any comics where someone -hero or villain - found a book or artif...

Bad bot
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Q: Does the 'Daughter's survive the destruction of Kelewan?

Vaughn OhlmanIn the 'Magician' series by Feist, the planet Kelewan is destroyed. In the 'Daughter/Mistress/Servant of the Empire' series we have great hopes for a particular line on Kelewan. Does Feist at any point indicate that the 'Daughter' and her line are preserved in the destruction of Kelewan?

5:46 PM
Q: Identify an Archaeology Romantic Suspense or Mystery Novel - with nymphomaniacs! Well, one

HRinglerIn this novel, a girl goes to (northern England? southern England? Cornwall? The UK somewhere). I think she's looking for her father, who was/is an archaeologist. The dig is looking for (Roman? Bronze?) artifacts. Ultimately, there's a (bronze?) helmet that the villain is willing to kill for. One...

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Q: How many regenerations does The Master have?

agarzaPrior to the "Timeless Child", Time Lords are known to have 12 regenerations. Then the Master, being of the same species, should have 12 regenerations as well. Has there been any indication, whether in books or shows, how many regenerations the Master has gone through?

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Q: Story about person assigned by test to be a miner when he wants to be an artist

Mark OlsonAsking for a friend who is looking for a short story, but cannot remember the title. The friend thinks it is by Le Guin, but the anthologies she had didn’t contain it. "The story is about a land where people are given some kind of an aptitude test by the government and careers planned for them ba...


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