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12:39 AM
Q: What book involved forging one of the United States' founding documents?

AnonymousAskerA few details of this book that I remember include: A specific type of parchment was purchased to forge either the Constitution or Declaration of Independence. This parchment was old enough to fool carbon dating. A man urgently needed money for a bus ticket and traded his expensive watch for tha...

Q: Star Trek Comic story in which convicts are sent to exile in a cluster of planets but with a cruel twist

JCCyCPublishing date is probably mid-70s but could be before. The Enterprise encounters a system full of inhabitable asteroids which are used as destination for people condemned for crimes by an alien civilization. (Think Australia.) They at first consider it an enlightened and civilized form of punis...

1:09 AM
@xkcd you can wish for cool lights in the sky
1:26 AM
@AncientSwordRage Didn't Wyndham warn us about that?
intense googling
Yes, yes he did
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3:18 AM
Q: Who is actually playing the game in DS9 "move along home"

RevenantIn the Star Trek DS9 episode "Move Along Home" Quark is forced into a game by the aliens of the week he rolls dice and the aliens move pieces around the board while saying if a good thing or a bad thing happened. Meanwhile the senior officers are transported into a gameworld of some kind where th...

Q: What is the significance of the titles of the episodes?

AdamantThe title of each episode of the series Warrior Nun comes from a book of the Bible. Some of the titles can plausibly be connected to the events of the episode, such as the title of the first episode, Psalm 46:5: God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. If one squ...

4:08 AM
Q: Why don't we see more Aurors using Disillusionment Charms, Muffliato or similar protective enchantments when hunting down Dark Wizards?

Kyle VWhy don't we see more Aurors using Disillusionment Charms, Muffliato or similar protective enchantments when hunting down Dark Wizards? Aren't the Disillusionment Charms and Muffliato spells that fall under "Concealment and Disguise" and "Stealth and Tracking", which is part of the Auror training...

4:58 AM
Q: Identify Star Trek episode

AshleyZI'm trying to recall a Star Trek episode (either Voyager or Enterprise) from a specific action scene. My impression is that the crew is on the bridge, and some threat is causing them to be incapacitated. They have to flee, but the helmsman (either Paris or Mayweather) loses consciousness. Some...

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6:15 AM
Q: Description of Edward Lessingham descended from Emperor Fredrick II by E.R. Eddison

M. A. GoldingI hope that someone can provide a quote from E.R. Eddison describing his character Edward Lessingham. I think I remember reading a description of the achievements of Edward Lessingham in his life on Earth at the beginning of either The Worm Ouroboros or Mistress of Mistresses. According to that d...

7:05 AM
Q: War doctor, why does 11 hated him?

The Modern GamerSo doctor of war broke the promise, because he joined the war, but why did 11 doctor hated him so much for it until "Day of the doctor"

7:55 AM
Q: Looking for name of a book about a mechanic boy and princess who survived a space ship crash and hated each other

EmmaThe book had a title that was sort of similar to "when stars align" or "when two collide" or something. It was about a space ship mechanic boy who was one of the sole survivors of a spaceship crash. The other survivor was a princess and they hated each other but as they continued to survive toget...

Q: Was the Key Maker really an exile?

NathanSIn this heavily related question: Why did Agent Johnson try to kill the Key Maker? The asker asks (bold emphasis mine): Agent Johnson (the one who fights Morpheus on top of the trailer) tries to kill the Key Maker which doesn't make sense since the Agents are programs inside the Matrix and The K...

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9:11 AM
Q: Why did Tonks want to visit Dumbledore?

TheMadHatterIn Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry is snooping around, trying to catch Malfoy. Once, he runs into Tonks on the seventh floor corridor, who says that she wants to visit Dumbledore. Later at the end of the book, in the hospital wing: And the meaning of Tonks’s Patronus and her mouse-...

Q: What would Skynet do after it defeat humans?

GravemindWhat is ultimate goal of Skynet? It started WW3 to eliminate humans, so what will it do after the last humans die? It not like in Matrix, as Skynet has human-independent sources of power supply. So it really doesn’t need humans.

Q: Is Skynet from first Terminator the same as the one from Terminator 2: Judgment Day?

GravemindAs future has changed in Terminator, did it also affect Skynet? Is Skynet from Terminator 2: Judgment Day completely different, or, simply a stronger iteration that is trying to fix the errors previous one made?

9:36 AM
Q: Can we make our replicant by making an AI that observe us for our whole life

Junaid MasoodIf we make an AI that observe our brain signals for the whole life, won't it be somehow our replicant. That computer would just think like ME. For example that computer should know what I would have decided in a certain scenario even after my death (as we commonly ask 'what would have xyz(a dead ...

10:34 AM
@Babelfish Yhea, that. That one is definitely sci-fi.
11:12 AM
@AncientSwordRage you haven't read it yet? You really should, it's a good classic.
Along with The Chrysalids.
@SQB there's many things I haven't read unfortunately
Same here.
11:41 AM
Q: Anime series where the Earth was suddenly surrounded by a kind of energy sphere in the sky blocking anyone from leaving

Tobias ReichI'm sorry I can't give any details but I just remember I once saw a Japanese anime series. I think it was about a (future) Earth where the Earth was suddenly surrounded by a kind of (blue) energy sphere in the sky. How they were looking up and realizing it was blocking everything so they couldn't...

Q: How do BB's work?

TheLethalCarrotA Bridge Baby, or BB for short, allows one who connects to it to use it to see/detect BTs, Beached Things, in Death Stranding. It is a baby that lives in a pod filled with water that is usually attached on the chest and can be connected to by the wearer via a cord. But how do BBs work? How do th...

12:24 PM
Q: Short story : angels show their animal creations to God

LeaGI've already post this question on the Sci.Fi / Fantasy S.E but no one can give me an answer. I am looking for a short story I studied in high school (6 to 8 years ago), but the story itself would be way older. It was the story of God, creating the world with his angels. They showed him a lot of ...

12:57 PM
Q: Story about a school for people with superpowers that requires a ticket to enter that costs 1 million dollars

CorruspI'm looking for a story about someone who goes to a school, but you need a ticket to enter, they cost 1 million dollars. But the main character couldn't buy it. Then a guy name fusion or fuzion came by and bought it for them. They became friends shortly after that. The school also is for people t...

1:22 PM
Q: Were other dimensions affected by Thanos' Snap?

Stella RigeoIn Doctor Strange, we are made aware of the different universes and especially the one one in which Dormammu resides, which is the Dark Dimension. Were beings in other dimensions also affected by the Snap Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War? Were beings like Dormammu also affected by the Snap or...

Q: How are Ministers of Magic voted out by non-confidence?

Dark ProgrammerDo all the Heads of Departments come together and vote? Or does the Wizengamot vote? Or is it a Public Vote? Or is it a vote by the Lords of Houses? Please cite your source or logic. This is for a fictional MUN.

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3:53 PM
Q: Why didn't Professor McGonagall drink some Veritaserum to prove to Fudge and the Ministry that Voldemort was indeed back?

ManuNear the end of Book 4 of Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) in the chapter Veritaserum, Barty Crouch Jr. drinks Veritaserum and the rise of Voldemort is now undoubtedly clear and easy to understand. There are no more missing peaces. Dumbledore, Snape, Harry, Professor McGonagall, Sirius (in dog form)...

4:18 PM
Q: Who was the old guy with the last part of the device in the penultimate episode of Agents of Shield?

Peter TurnerWhen the Agents of Shield assembled for the last time in the other timeline, who was the old guy who said the bus was late that brought the tuning fork? Seems like lots of the things that happened in Agents of Shield have some sort of generational and social significance. Since he was an old bl...

Q: Short story: member of 'atomic priesthood' reminisces

Aaron GullisonThis is a short short I remember reading, part of an anthology, possibly near the front. The main character is a member of an 'atomic priesthood', a monkish order charged in ancient times with keeping people safe from a substance, that they now consider holy. They go around to various roadside sh...

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6:44 PM
How're people doing these days?
7:39 PM
Middling, yourself? I'm hardly an extrovert but even I'm missing (some) people at this point.
7:53 PM
I’m still enjoying the lack of people although it’s mostly gone back to normality round here annoyingly
A bit too early really
Q: Is a fish "Alive with breath" or "Alive without breath"?

BrahadeeshJ. R. R. Tolkien's The Hobbit contains many lovely riddles, posed in-universe by Gollum and Bilbo to each other. Most of them are original compositions by Tolkien himself, as he explained in one of his letters. One of these is the "fish-riddle", asked by Gollum, which goes as follows: Alive with...

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10:00 PM
Gotta love the bot irony: this spam report about Swiss Medica got spammed by Swiss Medica
Q: Today's (possibly) inappropriate ad: possible stem cell scam on Biology

JenayahActually I'm rather asking for clarification about this one, honest. On the one hand, the ad itself isn't that inappropriate, on the other hand, it advocates a new kind of treatment with zero side effects, supposedly proven results, etc. Which kind of screams "scam" in my head. Not entirely sure ...


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