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Q: What do the three gems on the Calamity Box from Amphibia represent?

Chinedu OnyekwereSo I've heard about some rumors that the gems on the Calamity Box represent the three girls who had ended up on the frog world (Anne, Sasha, and Marcy), which are the blue, pink and green gems. Since I wanted to know about them, I wanted to ask all you guys this: What do the three gems on the Cal...

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In reference to the above XKCD.
The thing I like about that map of the 'Lower 48', an aside for Alaska, is the great lakes don't even get representation.
posted on December 05, 2020 by Jack B Nimble

Ernist Cline’s sequel to Ready Player One picks up 10 days after the end of the first book. The first quarter of the book seems determined to make sure we hate Wade (the original protagonist), and that we feel the crushing hopelessness of the near future that he lives in. Despite their billions upon billions ... Read more

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Q: Book where guys get superpowers

Lowkey.Dumb.NglI remember reading a book like 10 years ago about a few teens who got super-powers and then everything eventually goes to crap by the end. I read it in elementary school (I had a high reading level) and I just remembered it again.

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Q: Was the illustration of the "Primordial One" in the AD&D Deities and Demigods based on the one from Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials?

BuzzOut of the blue, one of my sons asked me today what Cthulhu's "stats" were. My immediate thought was to look them up in the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Deities & Demigods. Having shown him the picture of Cthulhu there, I paged through the rest of the section, looking at the other pictu...

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@Marvin What do we do with this? Should we link it to our story-id asking guide?
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@Slartibartfast I hope editors won't go overboard on this and turn posts into tables even when that makes the presentation worse. Sadly there's a trend to do that on some webpages.
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@b_jonas No way, tables are great. You can use them to do all kinds of custom layout and formatting!
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Q: Can we share our own stories?

GurkiratI have just started a blog on which I publish short stories (https://readbetweenthelie.wixsite.com/read). For my new story, I am writing the story in 2nd POV, an experiment like the "Choose Your Own Adventure" book series from the late 1970s through the 1990s. The 2nd part of the story, its endin...

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@DavidW Yes, all kinds of custom layout and formatting the make something unreadable. I've seen all too many of them.
There are two very common failure modes. One is a table where there's a column that has most of the text, plus a lot of columns that have barely anything, sometimes just an X or a digit, but with a too wide label in the header that forces the column to be too wide, so the column with lots of text gets compressed, especially for people like me who use large fonts.
That sort of data are often better off presented as a bulleted list, or at most a table with two rows per each entry, with the second row of the entry containing the long text paragraph field spread across all or most of the width of the table, so the other fields are just a heading for them.
The other is the same data but the table is unnecessarily too wide, so you keep having to scroll several pages left and right to find the entries, and try to follow which row matches which one between. (That's after you edit the page to remove the CSS rules that deliberately make the table impossible to scroll and just cut off columns.)
You can already do some of these hard to read tables on SE with pre-formatted text blocks by the way.
@Marvin Hi! I am Gurkirat, and I new here. A comment on my question said that someone might help me in chat room.
I am*
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Q: Under what conditions can a Child of the Watch not wear his helmet?

ShadeWith the helmet never being removed being one of the biggest trademarks of Din Djarin, we've found out that the Children of the Watch never remove their helmet. This, as it is stated such in the Way of the Mandalore. The cult's ideology stated that if a Mandalorian removed their helmet in front ...

@Gurkirat Hi Gurkirat! You can definitely ask questions here. They don't even have to be about SF&F.
@b_jonas I don't know if it came through, but I was making a joke. I've fixed way too many web pages that used tables for layout.
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I have this story which I have written in 2nd POV, the style/structure (IDK which one is the proper word) is inspired by the book series "Choose Your Own Adventure". The style/structure goes like this, you read the story, and at some point in the story you are supposed to decide what you want to do, according to your decision, the ending of the story is affected.
My story offers two choices (since it is a short story), the first one is okay, but the 2nd is really bad (bad as in how the story ends). And I wanted advice on it.
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posted on December 05, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I see this logic all over the place and it's fundamentally like saying 10,000 frogs makes one hamster, if you think of frogs as just not terribly good hamsters. Today's News:

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Q: Short story about a planet committed to honesty

Elby MannI’m looking for a story/novella I read in an anthology 3 or 4 decades ago. It’s about a traveler who arrives at a planet where the society is centered on total honesty. The man is introduced to things we take for granted like sales and advertising, but with absolutely no shading of the truth. ...

@Gurkirat you might try the world building stack exchange.
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Q: Which movie/show is this line from?

Rajdeep Sindhu "Your curiosity is gonna get you killed" Me and many of my friends recall this line from a movie or a TV show but can't recall which movie/show it's from. It's most probably from the Marvel Cinematic Universe because that's something that we all have watched but I'm not sure. I don't know if qu...

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Q: Far future SF novel with humans living in genetically engineered habitats in space

GwynI'm looking for a novel I read in English around 1989 or 1990. I think it was written in the 80s. It was a rather thick (for the time) mass-market paperback and I think it had a picture of a guy reaching for a dagger or a crystal (or maybe a dagger encased in crystal) on the cover. In the novel,...

@JackBNimble According to one community member I cannot ask for critique on my work, but I would like more of an advice/suggestion. If it would be okay if I drop my work here, in that way you can enjoy the story, and I would get a few wonderful advice.
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Q: Short story of a culture where everyones greatest wish/ambition is to die a violent death

GwynI read this short story in a collection somewhere in the late 80s or early 90s, but I think it may have been written earlier. In the story, a fairly young guy ends up in a strange community on a different planet. The community is very peaceful and seem on the face of things healthy and pretty ide...

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I just knew "Children of the Watch" sounded somewhat familiar.
But they were disciples instead of children.
I think I may have mixed that with Children of Bodom.
As long as it never comes into contact with a positive dalmatian...
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@Randal'Thor holy---. Cute!!!
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Q: Does the AT-AT type ocean crane walker in The Mandalorian S2E3 have a model name?

James BatchelorIn S2E3 of The Mandalorian, the Razor Crest misses a landing pad on Trask and has to be lifted out of the water by this walker. Does this walker have a class/model name? Has anything similar (industrial use of a walker) shown up in canon (or extended 'canon') before? This ScreenRant article seem...

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Q: Is a question about Paul Hoffman's Left hand of God on topic here?

EnricoAs per the title, I'd like to ask a question about The Left Hand of God. I've found only this question about it, but it's just a story identification question, so I'm not sure I can take the existence of that question as a positive answer to my question here on meta.

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Q: Why does Paul Hoffman refer to Jesus as the guy in the womb of the whale?

EnricoI'm reading The left hand of God, in Italian, so I hope in the following I give a plausible translation of it back to English. In chapter 32, there's this conversation «So is it my fault? Well, in this case I'll fix these things. Tha boy is a threat. He's a jinx, like that guy in the belly of th...

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Q: In Interstellar, do TARS and CASE represent Murphy and Tom respectively?

tjheslin1Rewatching Interstellar I couldn't help but notice the similiarities in the personality of Cooper's two children, Murphy and Tom and the two of the robots he encounters during the film, TARS and CASE. This has likely been picked up upon in the past but I can't see any references. I believe TARS r...

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I thought it had a pacifier, then I realized it was just its tongue...

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