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12:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, no whitespace in answer, repeating characters in answer (263): What did the black monoliths do in 2001: A Space Odyssey? ✏️ by descheleschilder on scifi.SE
12:42 AM
Q: Looking for an 80’s fantasy book series

JoeI am looking for an 80’s fantasy book series. The covers of the books and the books themselves were pinks and oranges. I think there may have been more than 5 but less than 15. The one I remember had a reaper on the cover so it was not a teen girl series. I remember the covers all having the sa...

1:03 AM
Q: Is Ice Man [Bobby Drake] an only child?

RusshiroSpeaking mostly here of the "main" 616 universe, because I know it can vary, but other versions with siblings would be interesting to see. The reason I ask is because, for Bobby especially, these relatives seem to "pop up" and then are casually forgotten. Jean, Gambit, Lorna, Sam Guthrie (to the...

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4:28 AM
Q: Does the Kijimi cantina allow droids?

BingoIn the movie Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, we can see how C-3PO, wearing an overcoat, enters and goes deep inside the Kijimi cantina before the reticent gaze of the bartender. I ask if the Kijimi cantina allow droids.

3 hours later…
7:31 AM
Q: Why can’t The Mandalorian from The Mandalorian take off his helmet, while animated mandalorians like Sabine and Pre Vizsla can?

Davman8In The Mandalorian they make a big deal of Mando never removing his helmet in front of others, yet characters like Sabine do it casually all of the time. Is this a contradiction, unexplained, or is there an explanation?

8:00 AM
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9:53 AM
Q: Looking for an anime series from the 90's about a girl who wanted to become a nurse

Vilx-I remember that in the 90's (or maybe early 2000's?) my family used to watch some anime series on TV and greatly enjoyed it. Unfortunately I have no idea what it was. My memory has already grown pretty foggy, so before I forget even more, here is what I remember about it (hopefully without gettin...

@Marvin doesn't seem to be a WoSFoF.
10:09 AM
@SQB I got your chat invitation. The show I was thinking of was "Emma - A Victorian Romance", but it doesn't fit the part about wanting to become a nurse, so I'm not sure.
Well, welcome to chat either way.
Let's hope Vilx- shows up too.
Thanks. Yeah, I might take another shot at tracking this down later
Wait, why does there need to be a scifi/fantasy component?
Story identification posts are on-topic for this site.
This is the Science Fiction & Fantasy site.
I mean, it's a work of fiction anyway, not a documentary
10:22 AM
So any story-ID must have science fiction or fantasy elements.
OK... I guess that's fair... had missed that. XD
Is there another stackexchange site that would accept this story identitification?
I don't think Movies & TV accepted them... did they?
I don't think so
M&TV no longer accept them
No; Anime & Manga does not take story-IDs, I'm afraid, and neither does Movies & TV. Sorry.
10:23 AM
Unfortunately not, Anime & Manga and Movies & TV both discontinued them, so we're the only ones left
And per my understanding Anime and Manga no longer do as well
Perhaps Literature?
Hey, @TheLethalCarrot, how did the move go?
We take story-IDs, but not for animated works...
Ah, of course, anime, not manga. Duh!
(A manga ID would be on-topic, though.)
10:24 AM
Stretch as I might, I don't think one can classify an anime TV series as a work of literature. :D
@SQB Went well, was a hectic few hours but we're in now. Got stuff organised but now for the long slog of unpacking
It might have been adapted from an anime, but I guess we can't prove that without identifying it first
In which case we wouldn't need to ask
Adapted from a manga into an anime, I mean
@TheLethalCarrot alternatively, only unpack something when you need or want it. Throw out everything you haven't unpacked after a year; apparently you don't need it.
maybe anime&manga chat would be willing to help?
@SQB Our plan is to sort everything out as soon as possible but go through everything and get rid of a lot of stuff
We've still got holdovers in boxes from last move but it was just easier to move everything across now and sort later
10:27 AM
@MattE.Эллен I'll go check them out.
@Vilx- I don't know how you feel about Reddit, but I know there are several subreddits devoted to helping out with this kind of questions. From the top of my head, r/TipOfMyTongue, for instance.
@Vilx- I mean, one of the former moderators of Literature would ;)
He had some very radical ideas on the definition of "literature".
If it was manga, then yeah, would be worth a shot. But I don't know if it was a manga adaptation or not.
@TheLethalCarrot kill move 'em all, sort 'em out!
10:54 AM
Q: What "title" is Jasmine referring to?

Steve NoelIn Aladdin (2019), Prince Anders about to marry Jasmine: Prince Anders: So, why did no one tell me of your beauty? Jasmine: No one mentioned yours, either. Prince Anders: Oh! Thank you. They say that in Skanland. It's very, very amusing. Jasmine: Is it? Prince Anders: Ye...

11:15 AM
Q: Robot that calculates injuries done to others by tiny fractions

James Carlyle-ClarkeI'm trying to remember a story (comic or book I think) where there is a robot that can calculate injury, suffering and harm caused to others. The hero of the story thinks that they have not hurt anyone, or that any such hurt was insignificant, but the robot informs them that through careless act...

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1:37 PM
Q: Are the organs with which Spider-Man secretes organic webbing ever shown?

releseabeSo I understand that the webs Spidey uses are in fact generated from within his body and seem to project from his wrists (?) -- real spiders have spinnerets I think located on their abdomens. Do the movies or comics ever get into details -- would a visual inspection of his wrists reveal an abnor...

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5:38 PM
5:56 PM
I made a mistake.
I responded to the crazy person...
Q: is there a story on what happened day 1 of wall-e's life?

Noah Fordtell me. is there a story on what happened day 1 of wall-e's life? like was he a factory error at first or something happened while he was funchining wall-e unit's default program?

1 hour later…
7:03 PM
Q: Anime with a guy who goes to join a group with great powers

RedI watched an episode or two, years ago (3+) but haven’t been able to find it. All I remember is that it’s about a boy/guy that left his home to join some sort of group. The group had 10-ish members that were known for their great powers, and (if I remember correctly) they were the only ones that ...

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10:20 PM
Are there ever meet-ups between the folks that write Questions and Answers to any of the Stackexchanges?
That would require me to sign up for 2 different services, which might be a bit much for a misanthrope like me. :)
@DavidW I was meaning like they have Comic-con, but specifically for users on one (or many) of the Stackexchange sites
Or you could send a robot on your place
10:35 PM
Well, this being SF&F, presumably one could simply show up at WorldCon and have a chance of running into others from "here."
Assuming you could recognize them.
I don't much resemble my avatar TBF.
11:22 PM
I know that two of the Agents of Nothing met in real life once.

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