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1:17 AM
Q: Did Green Arrow ever acknowledge Batman as a "role model"

Emsley WyattWay back when GA was created, DC was basically looking to create a "second Batman". So they made Oliver Queen a billionaire, gave him a boy sidekick, gave him an Arrow-car, etc, etc. My question is, was there ever an "in-universe" acknowledgement by Green Arrow of how much he basically followed...

1:37 AM
Q: Is there an in-universe reason Harry says this or is this simply a Rowling mistake?

Jimmy VailerAfter Sirius dies (in Order of the Phoenix), in Dumbledore's office, Harry thinks: Harry turned his back on Dumbledore and stared determinedly out of the window. He could see the Quidditch stadium in the distance. Sirius had appeared there once, disguised as the shaggy black dog, so he could ...

2:17 AM
Q: The Addams Family, Question 2: Do magic and ghost exist in their reality?

Russ RainfordBetween Gate [their "pet" gate which seems to be sentient, romping with people and opening up for them], Morticia saying she studied "spells and casting", Granny/Mama working over her cauldron in the 1991 movie, and especially Thing, I'm guessing this would be a given. But it's never implicitly s...

Q: The Addams Family, Question 3: HOW does Thing even WORK?

Russ RainfordThing is the the Addams Family sentient right hand... pet... servant, kind of. He is autonomous, moves and seems to think on his own and respond to verbal commands, and is always there to lend a hand [deliberate pun]. But.... how does he work? There doesn't seem to be any brain or central space...

Q: The Addams Family, Question 4: What the heck _is_ Cousin it?

Russ RainfordIs he human under all that hair, or is the hair itself a living kind of entity similar to Thing?

2:58 AM
Q: I read a manga 4 years ago

Nivra AuI read a manga about 4 years ago and I lost it and I haven’t been able it forget about it ever since. I’ve been trying to find it but I’ve had no results. At the beginning of the story I’m pretty sure the male MC is getting attacked and someone saved him, the thing that was attacking them was a t...

3:18 AM
Q: What is the backstory to Gabriel Van Helsing?"

Russ RainfordThe 2004 action horror Van Helsing , the titular character, played by Hugh Jackman, is a modern-day, re-interpretation of the famous vampire hunter from the Dracula novel. The film combined elements from Dracula, the Wolf Man and Frankenstein by having Van Helsing a monster hunter working for a "...

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4:20 AM
Q: Why wasn't the Moties planet overrun by Watchmakers?

DannyMcGIn the book "The mote in God's Eye", by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, the humans are forced to evacuate one starship due to it being overrun by the rapidly breeding Watchmaker caste of 'Moties'. The Engineer class Motie they had captured simply opened his ship to vacuum to get rid of Watchmak...

Q: Is the Martian Manhunter's weakness to fire physical, or purely mental?

Russ RainfordI'm getting conflicting information in the comics, but considering many are from differing eras, that's to be expected. In most Pre-Crisis comics, J'onn J'onzz, a green martian, has an aversion to fire that would physically cause him to lose powers, burn, and even [in some cases] take on a liquef...

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5:20 AM
Q: I need to find this anime

jayajyi only saw a small clip of it, but this teenage boy gets a white beam blasted at his arm at first only a scar stays but then it turns into a gem. he covers it up and sometime his arm swells up and gets way deformed and muscular and theres a scene where a lady wraps it up and stabs and it then it ...

Q: Do any of the Spider Women have a spider sense?

Russ RainfordNot speaking here of the most recent spider women and girls, like Silk or Spider-Gwen; this would go without saying, as the same spider that bit Peter bit them, and thus transferred the same powers. I mean her more the classic spider women of Jessica Drew and Julia Carpenter. In the late 70s, in ...

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6:21 AM
Q: Trying to recall a story/1980's sci fi anthology novel

Draco MundoThe story in question goes as follows: a private investogator is sent to find a missing girl who had a thing for him and was trying to break into hollywood. He finds a painting of a golden city in her apartment and takes it home. He gets sucked in and is transported to a marvelous golden city whe...

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7:41 AM
Q: Movie where man is fastened on table and ants are eating/torturing him

WebOrCodeAs a kid, early 90 (maximum 91) or late 80 (87 till 89) I was in the cinema and saw some SciFi apocalyptic movie. I only remember one scene when one man is fastened on some table and ants are eating/torturing him. Does anybody have any idea the name of the movie?

8:01 AM
Q: How come Avatar Kyoshi was able to live as long as she did?

NathanSBorrowing from this answer: Kyoshi was born in 312 BG and died in 82 BG, living 230 years and is confirmed to be the longest living Avatar. Avatar Kyoshi lived for 230 years before she died. How was she able to live that long, when as far as I am aware, the lifespans of humans in the Avatar...

Q: Is Wonder Woman bulletproof? If so, why bother with the bracelets?

The Dark Ultralord DoomageddonSeems like I've seen Wonder Woman wearing bracelets specifically for the plot premise of deflecting bullets. But she can fly like Superman. Is she bulletproof? If so, what is the point of the bracelets? Are they just for show now? Or was she originally not bulletproof, but is now? I guess my...

8:21 AM
Q: What is the bio-hazard with an eye symbol on Moody's pocket watch?

TheLethalCarrotIn the film version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire we see Moody with a pocket watch that he uses several times. Click image to enlarge. It has a bio-hazrad like symbol with an eye in the middle and a sort of shading in the background? What is this? There are also runes around the out...

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9:22 AM
Q: Has Bruce Banner ever partially transformed into the Hulk?

ShreedharHas Bruce ever partially transformed into the Hulk i.e, has he transformed a part of his body into the Hulk, while still remaining human? For example, transforming just his arm to punch someone really hard (something similar to what Eddie Brock does in the Venom movie when he is attacked by Treec...

9:42 AM
Q: What's the origin of the trope where *healthy* immortality is a cause for sadness?

T.J. CrowderIn the spirit of this question: In a lot of science fiction and fantasy, there is the trope of someone becoming immortal, but then being really sad about it... ...but ruling out the immortals who continue to age and get more and more decrepit (e.g., Tithonus), which obviously sucks. What's ...

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12:43 PM
Q: When was the first time Iron Man used an AI assisted suit?

codeczarIn the MCU Iron Man uses JARVIS as his AI assistance but in the comics when was the first time the concept of something like an AI assistance was used? What was the name of that AI assistance?

1:23 PM
Q: What is the origin of the “clerics can create water” trope?

enkryptorAll Dungeons and Dragons edition I'm familiar with have its Cleric character class. Apparently, D&D Cleric is a trope of its own. However, many D&D "clerical" spells were still inspired by popular fantasy tropes, like priests' blessings and healing hands. However, the Create Water spell seems to ...

2:09 PM
Q: Wriggleling Ads on Sci Fi

xdtTransformI just had this wriggleling ads on HNQ. My bad for not using an ads blocker but may you check your ad provider to not spam those "incredible trick". Related: We're testing advertisements across the network

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3:21 PM
Q: Book I read about 10 years ago; it has a black cat’s face with green eyes

LookingThe book was about a girl who ended up in a witch’s house and there was a cat who always seemed to be stalking her and I t was the witch’s cat. One day she caught the cat and put it in a cage... I remember that there was something about her being caught in the attic and she had to use white chalk...

3:43 PM
Q: What was the deeper meaning of Hermione wanting the cloak?

TheAshIn Deathly Hallows: “I think you’re right,” she told him. “It’s just a morality tale, it’s obvious which gift is best, which one you’d choose —” The three of them spoke at the same time; Hermione said, “the Cloak,” Ron said, “the wand,” and Harry said, “the stone.” It's obvious why...

4:04 PM
Q: What race are Pucks?

Lux ClaridgeIn the Amazon original Carnival Row there's a race of humanoids with ram horns and hoofs. The dialogue only refers to them as "pucks" which I assume to be an epithet instead of their actual race. In one episode the constables are tracking a suspected murderer and find hoof prints. They deem that ...

4:24 PM
Q: looking for an anime i watched couple years ago

LookingThere was this girl who always wanted to die and then she met 2 guys who were reapers. She started seeing black ribbons around other people's necks and they explained to her that was a death mark or something like that. Then she got one around her neck and she realised that she didn't want to die...

4:44 PM
Q: Near future dystopian USA where rampant disinformation has destroyed "truth"

lhkA few months ago I listened to a radio emission introducing a new book from a known sci-fi author. I thought it sounded really interesting, unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the author, book or radio channel. The story is set in the USA, in the near future. It's a dystopia that portray...

5:16 PM
Q: Is this sequence in "Star Trek" (2009) a reference to a Hoth sequence from "The Empire Strikes Back"?

Darth LockeIn the Kelvenverse timeline, which begins in Star Trek (2009), there is a sequence where alter-Spock attempts to rid himself and the Enterprise crew of alter-James T. Kirk, after getting off to a rocky start. He deserts Kirk on a snowy planetoid where there is a Federation outpost called Delta-V...

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7:04 PM
Q: Is there any potential evidence that Grindelwald was an Obscurus?

TheAshWas Grindelwald an Obscurus? In Fantastic Beasts, he has an obsession with them - especially Credence. It seems to me that a possible reason for that is that he was one himself (personal headcanon of mine.) So, in currently released canon, is there any potential evidence that he was in fact an Ob...

7:40 PM
Hey anyone here?
What is the URL for Machavity’s icon on SFF?
@Mithrandir hi
I’m seeing what’s causing a thing
What’s the URL for that icon
It's a Gravatar.
@Stormblessed Polo
7:44 PM
Gravatar is blocked here for some reason
But not i.stack.imgur
You should be able to copy the URL from the page source. Try appending a ".jpg" to it and see if that works.
@DavidW mobile :-(
Can you click the link I just pasted?
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9:05 PM
Q: Anime series between 2000-2010 with monsters, military and crystals

JonI'm trying to remember the name of a series that aired between 2000-2010 and had a style very much like 'Children who chase lost voices". There were monsters in the series, people who became crystalized and the military using the crystalization to create weapons. What I most remember was the visu...

9:49 PM
@DavidW yes
I just mean that I can’t get page source
Hecking Safari
10:05 PM
Q: YA sci-fi novel with teens given superpowers in order to defend Earth against an alien invasion

TemporaryIdentityI'm looking for an English sci-fi novel aimed at a teen audience. I read it in print between 2018 and 2014 and it seemed fairly new at the time. I think the cover was pretty dark colored, but I don't remember more about the cover than that. Plot The plot starts with five teens who I believe had...

10:25 PM
Q: What dragon(s) was Bilbo talking about during his 111th birthday?

CharlesIn the Fellowship of the Ring film during Bilbo's 111th birthday when Merry and Pippin shot off the dragon firework, Bilbo exclaims, "Nonsense! There hasn't been a dragon in these parts in ages!" What dragon(s) was Bilbo talking about and just how long ago was it exactly? Is any of this actuall...

Q: Unknown X-Men: Something to do with Motorcycles

K DogI remember reading this comic in the very early days of the New Mutants, likely the first year of their series and somewhere most likely in the 1-10 in the series. This mutant wasn't a X-man, I don't think, and too old to be a New Mutant. The story this guy was in was basically an addendum or...

10:46 PM
Q: Small town cop TV show (70s?) where nuclear powered robot is disarmed

BradThere was a TV show of which I saw one episode. Details are fuzzy, but it was a small town and there were two police officers. Someone was demonstrating a new robot in town. It had a TV for a belly. It did useful things, but eventually it had some sort of internal meltdown and was going to ex...

Q: Is the real Jean Grey in a cocoon healing while the Dark Phoenix wreaks havoc in her persona?

Mark HenryThe comic series has the Dark Phoenix as a completely different entity, with a duplicate Jean Grey body and part of her consciousness. The real Jean Grey suffered severe injuries and was healing in a submerged cocoon during the entire Dark Phoenix story. Is there still room in the cinematic X-Me...

11:06 PM
Q: Name of an isekai manga where the main protagonist has a pet giant slime and also befriends a suit of armor with a spirit by beating them

SenpapiI know it's quite vague, but I read it a long while ago and can't recall much. This is the most I can recall from it.

11:26 PM
Q: Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally gone to space and met aliens. Will we ever see Mantis' boyfriend the Silver Surfer and his affiliations?

Mark HenryI'm hoping the Marvel Cinematic Universe will finally give us our greatest space hero, Silver Surfer. They have gone through the entire Infinity War series without mentioning him or Galactus or Adam Warlock. These stories should not exist without those key players. It seems Adam Warlock was being...


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