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12:25 AM
Q: How did Severus Snape use Felix Felicis potion?

JD_PMHorace Slughorn claimed that only once a student prepared a 'good enough' Draught of Living Death potion, receiving a Felix Felicis probe (before Harry did). I guess that student was Severus Snape. Has anyone read about how Snape used it?

12:45 AM
Q: Anime Movie: Floating Islands, Post-Apocalypse Fantasy/Steampunk, Clans at War, Brother and Sister

Sam GI've been searching everywhere for this film, any help would be great! I remember so many details but still can't find it... (tl;dr - Anime Brother and One-Armed Sister on Post-Apocalypse Floating Islands (with Ships and Guns and Clans at War) Exiled from Clan, Fall to Earth, find a community of...

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1:46 AM
Q: What happened when Adam Reith reached Earth?

BroklyniteIn Jack Vance’s Tschai Cycle (Planet of Adventure), Adam Reith, Traz Onmale, and Anacho spend four books running across the planet Tschai, searching for a spaceship to take Adam home to Earth, considered little more than a myth or a joke for the rest of the planet. Eventually, at the end of Book ...

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5:10 AM
Q: Avatar State Plot Hole

Paul OmansIn Avatar: The Last Airbender, Season 1 Episode 2, Aang enters the Avatar State to save himself from drowning when he is thrown off the side of a boat: Aang also enters the Avatar State in Season 1 Episode 3, when he realizes he is the last living air bender of the Southern Air Temple: The ...

5:30 AM
Q: What did the first ever hunger games look like?

Joey jokerWhat did the first ever hunger games look like? Was it like how on YouTube terror assassinations go down or did they lock them in dangling prisons on top of a volcano and drop them in or was it some other way I'm looking for movie or book answers

Q: What is the origin of the "being immortal sucks" trope?

StormblessedIn a lot of science fiction and fantasy, there is the trope of someone becoming immortal, but then being really sad about it, deciding that it is worse than being mortal. What is the oldest work to have this trope?

6:10 AM
Q: Series between 1980 - 2000 about humanoid boy trying to live like a human

Gary MorganTrying to look for a series between 1980 - 2000 where the son was a android trying live a human life i can remember everyday he had to pull the cable out of his stomach to charge himself

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7:11 AM
Q: Wouldn't Kreacher have been able to escape even without following an order?

AlexIn Chapter Ten of Deathly Hallows we are presented with the story of Kreacher's escape from Voldemort's cave: “How did you get away?” Harry asked, and he was not surprised to hear himself whispering. Kreacher raised his ugly head and looked Harry with his great, bloodshot eyes. “Ma...

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10:52 AM
Q: Doesn't Rick and Morty's premise preclude its own existence?

AnthelothRick and Morty takes place in an infinite multiverse with infinite variety, and it is possible to travel between realities. The problem is that if this is actually an infinite multiverse, then every imaginable possibility exists, and it is possible that a being wants to destroy all life in C-13...

11:32 AM
Q: potrtayed urban areas vs rural areas in sci-fi literature

questerurban areas are portrayed very often in sci-fi movies but how rural areas are portrayed - where can I find examples of rural areas in sci-fi movies or sci-fi books or maybe sci-fi RPG games like Cyberpunk or Hardwired?

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1:05 PM
Q: How production hire different directors for different episodes for TV?

Mithil BhorasI know why there are several reasons for hiring different directors for different episodes. (Eg: some directors are better at action scenes and other at drama) But I wanna know how do they do it? Meaning, let's take the example of Game of Thrones. There are like 10 subplots that run parallelly t...

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5:14 PM
Q: Has Rowling commented on the Goblins' resemblance to the common "Jew" caricature?

Misha RAs a disclaimer, I am not asking whether or not Rowling is an antisemite. She has commented on antisemitism before, and the answer to the question of her deeply held personal views would almost certainly be opinion-based. I am wondering only whether or not she addressed the specific question ab...

Q: Why didn't the Ministry detect Dobby Apparating?

AlexIn Chapter Two of Chamber of Secrets Dobby smashes the pudding and Disapparates: The pudding fell to the floor with a heart-stopping crash. Cream splattered the windows and walls as the dish shattered. With a crack like a whip, Dobby vanished. Harry immediately receives a warning from the M...

5:25 PM
@Marvin ?
Q: Did Sauron ever betray Morgoth?

LincolnManSauron was given the title "Sauron the Deceiver" because he used charm and deception to gain control over others. He taught ring-craft to the elves and gave Rings of Power to men and dwarves so that he could use the One Ring to bind others to his command. Sauron was also called "The Deceiver" be...

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6:55 PM
Q: How did Lapis get to homeworld?

SK19After Steven freed Lapis in season 1, she started to fly back to homeworld. At the end of the season, she gave a warning to the Crystal Gems that homeworld has changed, shortly before coming back mith Paradot and Jasper. But in later seasons we get to know that homeworld rather far away. How did ...

7:10 PM
Why was this answer deleted?
@Stormblessed I think it was this deleted question.
7:35 PM
Q: The Addams Family: What ARE they?

Russ RainfordHonestly, there are too many questions I have about the Addams family, as people and a series/franchise that may be hard to answer. Granted, with decades of history and various interpretations and versions, it could be a lot to guess at....and especially because its a comedy series, it may simply...

Q: Is Zack Morris's "time stop" ability in **Saved By the Bell** a supernatural ability?

Russ RainfordI've always wondered if Zack Morris's ability to stop time in the show was to be taken literally as an ability, or if it was just a story device. The latter actually would make more sense... but for the fact that it has been shown on occasion that when Zack "Times out", he can and does actually a...

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8:40 PM
@Alex unsourced maybe? I dunno.
I'm more impressed at it having accumulated 20 negative votes.
I mean sure it's not the best answer ever, but those usually reach -3, maybe -6, but -18? Woah
@Jenayah Is that a deletion reason?
@Alex I don't think I've ever seen Praxis or ibid here, so is there a point to this question?
I have... but that was a while ago. *insert far-off nostalgia look here*
@Alex no. But do people always act in full respect of the theoretical deletion reasons? Also no.
@DavidW If I may adapt a Talmudic quote: Anyone who doesn't vote to undelete a post is as if they voted to delete it.
@Jenayah Hence my question...
8:46 PM
@Alex those who don't oppose, consent?
Particularly in light of the top answer to my recent Meta question which states that we don't delete answers even if they don't address the question at all, as long as the author intended to address it.
@Alex plea and gather undelete votes all you'd like, while also respecting people's right not to be arsed ;)
It was likely deleted because it was factually incorrect, provided no citations, was heavily downvoted, and provided no value to the site.
@Jenayah Sure, no one is forced to do anything...
Well, some messages earlier you were saying people who aren't voting to undelete are as if they voted to delete. Like, as if they consented with the deletion. Right?
8:49 PM
There is a line somewhere about deleting extremely low-quality answers (the 20k privilege page, maybe?). In a case where the answer was so badly received, and makes claims that are factually incorrect, that people decided it was of no value to keep around and deleted it... I'm not going to VTUD here.
@Jenayah That doesn't mean I'm forcing anyone to do anything. Just pointing out that, generally speaking, if you don't vote to change something's status it means you agree with its current status.
@Mithrandir The last two bullets of this +16 Meta answer are, respectively: Answered the question with flawed evidence or no evidence and: Just flat out gave an incorrect answer.
Flags are also distinct from 20k users electing to VTD.
So we should delete them but not flag them?
@Alex you're not forcing an action, but you're forcing a status, by splitting people between "I think that should be deleted" and "I think that shouldn't be deleted".
Isn't the whole point of flags to get the posts to people who can then decide whether to delete them?
@Jenayah Well, someone could also be unsure, and therefore choose to do nothing.
8:55 PM
There's a third group of people, the "I'm not willing to give time to think about that now", which may be either 1 or 2, but you throw 'em into category 1.
Q: When should 20kers vote to delete an answer?

MithrandirAfter a discussion with @Adamant in chat today, I realized that we're not very clear on exactly when to vote to delete an answer (or at least I'm not clear). The privilege page for 20k gives these guidelines for voting to delete an answer: You may vote to delete answers in the following case...

Q: What are fellbeasts?

C.KocaWhat are fellbeasts and when did Sauron acquire them? Are they Sauron's own creation or did he collaborate with them? Do they appear in any books or stories by Tolkien other than The Two Towers and Return of the King?

Q: Early 80’s short story about invisible gremlins viewable only with special glasses

Shane SoutherlandThese gremlins were everywhere causing mayhem, pulling on ladders, etc. Their antics were sometimes fairly innocent but also occasionally dangerous. They could only be seen through the special glasses that the protagonist found. I believe they had been of a relative who had died, but I don’t re...

The master there is kinda... wishy-washy on the top-voted answer, but...
@Jenayah I'll grant that that's also a possibility. The main point is that a discussion of whether a post should be deleted does not have to have anything to do with who specifically voted on it in the past.
@Alex so, wait. By "not voting to undelete", did you mean "deliberately not choosing to click the undelete button", or "not clicking the undelete button altogether for whatever reason"?
8:57 PM
@Alex ...which reminds me, it's rather disappointing that Praxis hasn't been around the last couple years in chat. He was a good person to chat with.
@Alex well, so far we don't care about who voted to delete, do we? We're tackling the matter of those who vote, or don't vote, to undelete.
@Jenayah Unfortunately, I wasn't being so precise because I just wanted to use that paraphrase. the real point is that if you deliberately choose not to undelete something then you essentially are agreeing that it should be deleted.
@Jenayah David's original comment was asking what the point of bringing it up was if the peolpe who voted to delete aren't here.
@Alex oh. Then yeah, in that case, I do mostly agree with what you said. The above stems from the imprecise wording.
@Alex well, yes, but that was in reply to you asking why the answer was deleted. Arguably the three best people to justify the delete votes are the voters themselves.
Dec 12 '18 at 16:57, by Alex
Ah, didn't realize that. Et chata-ai ani mazkir hayom
We all can make guesses, but then again nobody will never know, right? Unless there's a chat transcript or something, but good luck finding it.
9:01 PM
@Jenayah My whole point is that anyone can respond to why an answer is deleted, because even if it was others who deleted it, the present people allow it to remain deleted.
I.e. I'm not particularly asking why three specific individuals chose to delete it at a certain point in time.
@Alex ...interesting. Why the hyphen there? I'd put an apostrophe.
@Alex Seems to me this has been thoroughly derailed by now.
@Mithrandir i don't exactly remember why I chose that form of transliteration ~9 months ago.
@Alex well in that case don't ask why it was deleted; ask why it stayed deleted.
@Jenayah You're right. Or better, "why is it deleted?"
You know, I had a bunch of other stuff to do lately, but now that we're discussing things that way again, it really hits me: I ducking miss those discussions of ours.
9:05 PM
@Mithrandir The answer there doesn't really address the case of wrong answers. The top answer to the question it's a duplicate of seems to recommend against deleting wrong answers, and the second answer there says outright that they shouldn't be deleted.
I guess not enough stuff has been raised to chat to generate one.
@Alex yes!
@Jenayah I'll take that as... a compliment?
Oh, you can, no irony there. I do enjoy this kind of exchanges. :)
@Alex The answer to the more recent one says that it's a judgement call. If three 20kers agree that it provides no value, and it's objectively incorrect, I believe the site provides allows for them to delete it. I think it's within the scope of what trusted users are allowed to do; that's why they're Trusted.
By the way, if the actual policy is to delete wrong answers (which I think is a bad policy), I have no problem with the policy being followed. It's just that the Meta posts seem to say that we don't delete wrong answers, yet wwe clearly do.
9:09 PM
I didn't check - is the meta earlier than the deletion?
Yes. The meta is from May '17; the deletion was in July '18.
Note that while theory is nice, curation of the practice is hard - deletions are mostly silent, save for 10k tools which are seldom used anyways; and tracking deleted stuff, especially answers, is nearly impossible for non-disclosure.
At least the questions are posted in the community cleanup room
And I just noticed there is a third answer to the Meta which does advocate deleting entirely incorrect answers, and it's score is -4.
@Jenayah A valid answer to "why is X deleted?" can be that no one realized, or cared.
True. And possibly a likely one in that case.
@Alex I mean, you're welcome to bring it up again on meta, and say that the policy is unclear. As you can see, I've tried that, but I may have become slightly cynical about SFF meta lately, so... maybe you'll have better luck than me.
9:15 PM
@Mithrandir Lately?
Though that is kind of what I was pursuing with my recent one.
Albeit, that one specifically focused on flags.
And I was actually coming from the other side.
Which makes it even more confusing.
..."lately" being the past two and a half years or so, I guess ;) Which I guess is... uh, half the time I've been here.
@Alex I hear the Far Side is making a return. Is that where you're coming from?
Because apparently, in theory, we don't even delete answers that don't address a question at all, but in practice we even delete answers that do address the question.
...there's a sequel?
I thought the first one wrapped it all up nicely. It never crossed my mind to think that there was a sequel.
9:20 PM
@Mithrandir Yeah, and I never thought there would be a sequel to Philosopher's Stone either.
...I'd kinda like to see JKR write a children's book series that has nothing at all to do with the Potterverse...
@Alex one per year, just be glad Harry didn't go to med school in France then went on to do a thesis.
Mar 25 at 15:34, by Jenayah
Mmmmh... I think this kind of vicious circle is part of why I shouldn't be allowed in med school.
That seems only marginally more related.
Okay, that only took three tries...
9:55 PM
Apparently I can get comment votes by commenting stupid things on controversial posts early, because that's where people actually read the comments.
At least that's what I guess happened in scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/205844/…
2 hours later…
11:37 PM
Q: On Fantasy Island, what exactly is Mr. Roarke?

Russ RainfordIn the various version of Fantasy Island, it is hinted that Mr. Roarke is an immortal being of some sort. His original actor, Richardo Maltalban, theorized he was a fallen Angel [and the island itself was an aspect of Purgatory]. This may have some weight, as the Devil [played by Rowdy McDowell] ...


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