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12:17 AM
Q: What was the joke behind the quidditch tryouts scene in Puffs?

temporary_user_nameIn the off Broadway play "Puffs," about Hufflepuff students and their inconsequential role in the greater Harry Potter story arc, year 6 includes an extremely protracted scene that mystified me. I've read all the HP books repeatedly and seen all the movies, but I cannot figure out where this scen...

Q: Why did Captain Rex's phase 2 helmet use a phase 1 visor?

cat40Captain Rex's phase 2 helmet (when he finally gets one) appears to use a phase 1 visor style, with it being thick at the nose and tapering towards the ears, while the standard phase 2 helmets start thinner at the nose and expand to make a larger blob around the eye. Standard phase 1 helmet: ...

@Alex Thank you. I am enlightened!
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2:16 AM
Q: Transition of Klingons from racist, xenophobic, stuck up, arrogant white Russians in "TOS" to arguably black people with an honorable culture in "TNG"

AdamNYHow did that happen? In the original, they seemed to be every portrayal of Allied white arrogant racists who thought they were superior to others. And specifically Communists being they represented Russians. In "TNG" they were black, and admirable. I say this since the races represented real lif...

Q: Was Data a good man with the emotion chip?

AdamNYI read a piece someone said with Data was a lousy person with the emotion chip. I beg to differ: in Generations, he feels guilt about not doing enough for Geordi in the hostage situation with Soran. In First Contact, he develops an elaborate ruse, pretending to be on the Borg Queen's side, and sa...

2:36 AM
Q: What was even the point of the Borg queen?

AdamNYI never understood why she was created. For me it seemed to contradict the whole purpose of the Borg - a cyborg killing machine race with no face or leader. A collective. Anyone can elaborate why?

2:56 AM
Q: How long were the aliens on earth in "Signs"?

AdamNYI'm wondering if they were there for months on end before the huge invasion at the end. Because throughout the movie, the army enlister states that the last couple of nights, strange beings were seen, in the dark shadows, the cop in the beginning says dogs and other animals were acting strange la...

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4:30 AM
@xkcd Why am I imagining that the person in the beret is Alex?
5:09 AM
Q: Why didn’t doctor strange stay in the original winning timeline?

WaffleDoctor Strange experiences 14,000,605 timeline scenarios, one of which was a win. Why does he proceed to return back to his origin point so he can say he already did it once, just so he can do the same thing again? It already happened and he was there, why not just stay there instead of going bac...

5:36 AM
Q: What would have been the Borg's plan for earth if the writers had not changed the Borg into assimilators?

AdamNYI've always wondered. It was 1989. The writers at the time did not know what to do with the Borg. The end scene of "Q Who" airs. Guinan warns Picard that because the Borg know of the Federation's existence, that they will be coming. The Borg in that episode did very destructive things. If it was...

6:35 AM
Q: Story that includes a description: "Two concentric circles, intersecting at three points"

NovakI am trying to find a story I read as a child. I remember little about it except for the following: I suspect I read it before 1985, but it was a school library book which means it could be God knows how much older than that. This may mean it was a book meant for younger readers. In memory ...

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8:34 AM
Q: How fast are we moving through the star field in the closing credits of Star Trek TNG

user16430I saw that warp 9 is like 1500 times the speed of light, but it would still take a day to reach the nearest star. but in the closing credits, we are passing stars at a rate that seems much faster than that. Pretending that space looks like that when you are traveling as such high velocities (and ...

8:54 AM
Q: How did K know Deckard was the father?

andreeMay be i missed something obvious but I didn't understand how K knew Deckard was the father of the child?

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10:13 AM
Q: Why didn't the Discovery crew warn Starfleet about the Defiant?

userIn S01E10 of Star Trek: Discovery Burnham notes that the USS Defiant is believed to be the first ship from the prime universe to arrive in the mirror universe. However, the Defiant comes from Discovery's future, specifically the TOS episode "The Tholian Web" which occurs around a decade later. S...

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11:42 AM
@DavidW [gasp] You've discovered Randall Munroe's secret!
12:12 PM
Q: Sci fi story, tattooed dots on your head signifies you've killed a beast

DannyMcGSorry, I don't recall much, this is very faint UK memories from the 1970's, I think it was a novella in an anthology. The protagonist is (I think) a native bearer with an Earthmen hunting party. He is on a diaspora colony world that has, a few years before he was born, been found again by an ex...

Q: Story about a demon trying to send a man insane

JimmeryI remember reading a story about a demon who is trying to send a man insane or send his soul into hell (or both). The demon goes to the man's home and tries to terrorize the man, creating a haunted house environment, with creaks, groans, bad smells, poltergeist-type activities. But the man is u...

12:27 PM
@DavidW Why indeed?
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1:31 PM
Q: Are there any super villains in "The Boys"?

Peter M(I am only 3 episodes into The Boys, nor have I read the comics, so I don't know if this is answered later on). In The Boys (2019 TV series) it seems that the world has an immense number of superheroes, even to the point that Vought desires to have a Supe in basically every small town/city acr...

1:43 PM
Huh. 6 story-id questions for "Time of the Dark" and following, but only 2 accepted answers.
Drive by users?
2:03 PM
That's actually a good question, but it didn't occur to me to drill into it to that extent.
That would explain it though.
That's usually the case, especially with story id questions
2:40 PM
@TheLethalCarrot it's weird how so many literally never look at the question after posting it
And not all are unregistered
Q: Can anyone identify this parody of 'Consider the ant'?

Kit-GinevraHoping you can help with this half-remembered poem that from what I can recall was written by someone who worked for the New Statesman or the Spectator in the 1970s. The opening part is: 'They say consider the ant O thou sluggard,go to its ways and be wise Well,I've considered the ant and I'm ...

Q: Short stories Identification 3 brothers. Indian Leg Wrestling. Ice Cream. Chicken Pox

King of NESWe read some stories in school-for me around 3rd/4th grade-about 3 brothers. I remember it being from the youngest one's point of view, and I think their names were Steven, Timothy, Johnathon, but I could be wrong on that. I can't remember the time period it's set it-but I think it was civil war/...

3:03 PM
@Stormblessed How do you know they don't? A lot of the accounts are unregistered so they probably can't use that account again so look at it anonymously. Even if they can look again with that account a lot probably go "oh coo, that's it" and don't accept or what not
You can't reliably say they don't look again cos there's a lot more possibilities that are far more likely... especially when it comes to dealing with unregistered accounts and drive by users
3:34 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath A little tip, if you didn't know, you can use [edit] in comments and it links to the edit link for the post the comment is on. Not that I'd do that for everyone, only new users but it's handy to know if you didn't already. Also when asking for more info it's helpful to link to one of the guides
3:50 PM
Q: Comic book set in near-future about boxers wearing gloves to enhance their strength

jeroen_de_schutterI am looking for a comic that I read as a kid somewhere in the 80's. I read it in my native language (Dutch), but the style and theme looked very much like American comics of that time, so it was most probably a translation. The story was set in the near future, in a world ruled by business carte...

Q: Why does Irulan have this change of heart at the end of Dune Messiah?

TemporaryIdentityAt the end of Dune Messiah, after Paul walks into the desert, Alia and Duncan/Hayt have this exchange, starting with Alia: "I must save the life of the Princess Irulan. That one! You should hear her grief. Wailing, giving moisture to the dead; she swears she loved him and knew it not. She re...

4:10 PM
Q: Young adult horror novel series where a brainwashed girl turned out to be 100 years old and controlled by some ball lightning creatures

Carat OhmI would have probably read this in the mid/late 1990s or very early 00s, but I'm trying to hunt down a novel I remembered earlier. I'm pretty sure it was part of a series. I was living in Ireland at the time, if that helps - I think this series could have been from the 80s, too, as I may have got...

5:09 PM
Q: What exactly caused Data to get angry in "Descent" before the emotion chip?

AdamNYTalking the opening scene where they fight the renegade Borg on the outpost. Something all of a sudden causes Data to be angry. I take the hint to be the guy who says every biological organism. As though he's holding something to lure Data.

5:29 PM
Q: Was Lore on the Borg renegade ship or on the planet where he was doing his business?

AdamNYSomething I'm curious about. When the renegade Borg were causing havoc with their attacks on the Enterprise and the brutal fight in the outpost, was Lore heading that ship or was he on the planet doing his business with other renegade Borg drones there?

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7:48 PM
Q: Where are the towns of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda?

King of NESOn the first NES game, you only see a few people-merchants in caves-and other than that, you only run into Zelda. Where is the rest of Hyrule? Where is Kakariko village or even the main castle?

8:07 PM
Q: Are there any writings and resources regarding Ashardalon and his presence in Firestorm Peak?

brain56I recently got the Wrath of Ashardalon board game and want to extend my experience by reading more about the setting. However, I couldn't find any by googling. I only found the wiki entry for Ashardalon and found it to be lacking. I'm also planning to take inspiration from the reading materials ...

8:47 PM
Q: Who is the biological father of this character is in the Broken Earth Trilogy?

BrianI just finished the Broken Earth Trilogy and was waiting for a reveal related to this. Maybe I missed it, but: Do we know for sure that It seems to me that

@Marvin @TheLethalCarrot That question has two verbs...
8:59 PM
@DavidW ?
There’re way more than that
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10:26 PM
Q: Was Tuvok bluffing when he said that Voyager's transporters rendered the Kazon weapons useless?

ThunderforgeIn Star Trek: Voyager 2x07 "Maneuvers", Voyager beams several Kazon Majs off their ship. Tuvok and a complement of security officers are in the transporter room waiting for them, and the Majs draw their laser pistols. TUVOK: Please stay where you are. You will find that our transporters have ...


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