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1:31 AM
Q: Why couldn't Teela Brown make the same calculation that Louis Wu and Chmeee did?

SpencerIn Larry Niven's The Ringworld Engineers, Louis Wu, Chmee, and Harkabeeparolyn But there they run into Teela Brown, who But it's weird: "Furthermore, there is a solution that does less damage, yet it is too much damage, and I cannot permit it." Although Teela Louis and Chmee'...

1:57 AM
Q: Weird bug - can't put a regular blockquote between two spoilers

SpencerIn a recent question of mine, I encountered what I think is a bug when I trieed to put a regular blockquote between two spoilers: Text: !This is spoiler 1. "This is the regular blockquote". !This is spoiler #2. As you can see, it renders everything as one big blockquote as wel...

2:11 AM
Q: What exactly was the Borg's intention when finally capturing the ship at the end of "Q Who"?

AdamNYIf it had not been for Q saving them at the last minute, what would the Borg have done?

1 hour later…
3:30 AM
Q: Are the Borg essentially Terminators?

AdamNYUnrelated note, but I definitely think the Borg are truer Terminators. But for semantics cases, aren't they Terminators in every sense of the word? After all the Collective programs each Borg, and if the it's the interest of the Collective to kill someone (although I haven't seen all Borg product...

1 hour later…
4:31 AM
Q: Were the 14 (and later 200something) lights in "Signs" saucers formed by 7 lights each?

AdamNYIf they were saucers, why were the actual saucers hidden in the darkness? And just the lights. I always believed they were as the lights seemed to form saucers that for some reason were hidden.

2 hours later…
6:49 AM
Q: How can harry be a horcrux?

RahulDeep AttriSince voldemort has already broken his soul into different horcruxes before attacking the baby harry, there is no part of soul left inside him to create new horcrux. How can harry be a horcrux?

4 hours later…
10:46 AM
Q: What are considered to be the best English translations of the works of Jules Verne?

Archisman PanigrahiIt is often said that many of the English translations (especially the ones written in the nineteenth century) of Jules Verne are not of very good quality. What are considered to be the best English translations of works of Jules Verne?

11:26 AM
Q: Futurama, birther movement parody and a southern border wall reference

alecailI'm rewatching this season of Futurama. In Futurama Season 7, episode 3, aired on June 27th, 2012, there is episode, and a part that I copied from subtitles: "Decision 3012" is the third episode of the seventh season of the animated sitcom Futurama. It originally aired on Comedy Central on June...

11:51 AM
@Feeds Must be the Matrix.
1 hour later…
1:04 PM
Q: Were the Romulans intended as comic relief on "TNG"?

AdamNYI always felt given the incompetance of the Romulans that they were more a comical disturbance rather than a genuine threat that they were often trying to portray themselves as. This was rather evident with Tomolak. Whereas other Romulans were genuinely serious, Tomolak fit the trope of a bad lia...

Hey I was thinking I should probably watch those Marvel movies
Is there any order that's better than just the release order?
1:37 PM
Q: Heaven Sent - Does the doctor die every day?

Emin EryilmazThis story takes place over an outstandingly long period of time, seeing the Doctor stuck in a recursive cycle during which he repeatedly perishes and comes back to life. In the following episode, Hell Bent, it is estimated that this cycle lasts for four and a half billion years, My question is...

2:04 PM
Q: What is the first work of science fiction to take place during or after the most drastic effects of climate happen?

StormblessedOf the science fiction I have read, a lot of it takes place very or somewhat far into the future, but, even among quite recent stuff, a large majority of it makes no mention of what the Earth will be like after climate change's more major effects if we don't do anything, such as droughts, floodin...

2:22 PM
Is there a SEDE query for number of answers in a given time period?
2:44 PM
Q: The SayThanks Project

Voldemort's WrathThis just randomly popped into my head because I was thinking about adding this to my GitHub repositories, and it occurred to me that I could add it to my StackExchange profile, as well! I encourage everyone to check out the SayThanks Project and add a badge to their profile page. These badges lo...

2 hours later…
4:58 PM
@Slartibartfast @Voldemort'sWrath what’s that about? I can’t read it because I don’t have 10K
5:15 PM
@Stormblessed See saythanks.io
@Stormblessed Also, check out my SE profile and send me a kind word! :)
Now, I'm realizing I shouldn't have posted that on meta, but right here on chat!
@Alex regarding scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/12546/… not in the mood right now + limited​ availability in the days to come but remind me later
5:31 PM
@Jenayah If I remember...
Oh I trust you to 😃
6:01 PM
Q: 90s (or earlier) book/novel: daily memory loss and a device called the Memory

SasI've been trying to find the name of a book/novel that I read a few years back (although I think it was published in the 90s or earlier). The main points that I remember are: the story is set in a future where humans have outlawed eating meat (among other things, possibly) due to its "animalisti...

Q: What does Carolinus's letter say?

PsychonautIn the 1982 film The Flight of Dragons, the Green Wizard Carolinus writes a letter to his allies, the Yellow Wizard Lo Tae Zhao and the Blue Wizard Solarius. We hear the wizards reading from the letter, and also see a brief glimpse of the letter itself: The writing system looks like it uses t...

6:40 PM
@Jenayah So I should vote to delete it so that I can easily find it on my votes tab?
@Alex you can't, it's upvoted
You can favorite the question though
@Jenayah Not a bad idea. Unless it ends up making me think that I thought that question is of serious significance.
You have 5 favorites on meta so far, you'll manage
5 is a lot...
@Voldemort'sWrath did that work?
7:01 PM
Q: In the Fate anime series, why is "hougu" translated as "Noble Phantasm"?

dirktIn the fate anime series, the word 宝具 "hougu", literally "precious tool", the special ability of the Servants, is translated as "Noble Phantasm". What are the reasons for translating it that way? I don't mean to suggest that a literal translation is necessary, on the contrary, I am very much for...

@Alex check how many favorites I have on main ahah
@Jenayah Oh my.
Dang now everyone IS suddenly watching The Truman Show
Great film, but I was wrong in that comment (it’s deleted now so I don’t have a record)
Never heard of it.
@Mithrandir ...
You must watch it
7:13 PM
What he said
Apr 24 at 19:08, by Jenayah
Apr 14 at 16:13, by Jenayah
Feb 11 at 14:32, by Jenayah
Out of my 632 favorites, probably 75% are "threads that contains stuff I want to fix" and the remaining 25% are "stuff I think I can answer some day given some time"
@Stormblessed Yep! The "something" could be being awesome! Like you!
@Jenayah what I said?
@Stormblessed Hah! I watched it long before the bandwagon came rumbling around!
@Stormblessed yeah, what you said. @Mith should totally watch The Truman Show
@Voldemort'sWrath I saw it 3 days ago :P
But I started the bandwagon
7:18 PM
@Stormblessed I did wave to you as the bandwagon rolled past... But you ignored me :(
Any other good movies you’d like to see become bandwagons?
@Stormblessed Inception
I saw like 2/3 of A Quiet Place and it was just so...boring, strangely
@Voldemort'sWrath oh I forgot to watch that
Hey, Emily Blunt is never boring... never...
Forgot?! One does not simply forget to watch Inception!
It was referenced once in Rick and Morty so I did plan to watch it
7:24 PM
Haha very reliable source for movie recommendations :D
Evangelion is alright so far
the anime?
Oh @Voldemort have you read any Brandon Sanderson?
@Voldemort'sWrath yup
um a little, i think
7:25 PM
I'm looking him up
Hang on a sec :)
Oh, yeah! I read skyward and stuff
Skyward was cool
Read Mistborn?
No, I did not
@Voldemort'sWrath oh that’s his best (at least best-paced)
7:27 PM
Hm, okay. I guess I'll check it out!
The Way of Kings is good but takes like a month to read
Never heard of it.
What about Neal Shusterman?
What do you think of him?
And most ofnthe exciting parts are really far towards the end
@Voldemort'sWrath Everlost, right? Loved those books a while ago
Scythe and Thunderhead specifically...
My favorite books in the UNIVERSE!
Not read anything else, I’ll plan to
7:29 PM
cool thunderhead is a sequel to Scythe
and they are the most amazing books in the world
the third (to complete the trilogy) is coming out soon! It's called The Toll!
@Stormblessed any input on this, by the way? scifi.stackexchange.com/a/217506/98028
Hey! I just got a bingo! gtg and see you soon, youngsters!
@Jenayah Not gonna ask how tou keep track.
Ok so currently I’m reading: The Way of Kings (re-read), American Gods, Equal Rites, Lord of Light
But mainly just The Way of Kings the past few days
@Voldemort'sWrath bye
@Voldemort'sWrath see you
@Alex mostly at random.
7:33 PM
Q: Why did Dumbledore offer Licorice Snaps to Harry in GoF?

CCCCIn Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry discovered that the 3rd man in his dream was Barty Crouch Jr after he saw one of (Dumbledore's) preserved memories in the Pensieve. Also, it was only after this that Dumbledore gets a strong hint that there is now another man active in Voldemort's tea...

8:03 PM
@Jenayah I.e. you don’t.
Well when I'm in the mood of fixing stuff I open one more or less at random (depending whther I'm on the phone or computer), fix it, and take it off the list
More often than not though I browse through old stuff and add some as favorite because they need fixing
There's no need to track them, nothing's really more urgent than the others.
Q: Does someone know the "Moment of Ljewin" in Anna Karenina?

lxmbrgI'm visiting my girl this week (long-distance relationship, different country) and at some point she told me about being a big fan of Anna Karenina. However, the copy she had read was old and falling apart, so it lacked one specific scene of her favourite character which was very disappointing to...

@Jenayah But I mean that you wouldn’t know automatically which are there because you want to answer and which are there because you want to fix. You’d also have to scroll through 600 questions to find one you’re looking for, unless you anyway remember it in which case you wouldn’t need it favorited in the first place.
8:27 PM
@Alex oh I do remember a good bunch of them
Also it's easy
infavorites:mine [story-identification] answers:0 -> stuff I may be able to answer (and fix)
infavorites:mine [story-identification] answers:1 -> stuff I want​ to fix. A couple of those also fall in "may be able to answer" category if the existing answers have been invalidated by OP (or are blatantly wrong)
infavorites:mine [DC] (or Marvel) -> mostly stuff I may be able to give a new answer to
infavorites:mine -[dc] -[marvel] -[story-identification] -> mostly stuff I want to fix, create work tags, etc, etc. A couple in here that I may be able to give answers to
8:43 PM
@Jenayah Ah. For me, most questions that I want to answer already have answers.
Well that doesn't really apply to solved story-ids does it
8:59 PM
Q: Short story/novella: alien stranded on Earth befriends girl, gives her a device protecting from rape, accidentally goes to the past and does in Italy

Gene McCulleyI remember reading a short story (or novella?) that had a girl who was raised by some terrible relatives because her father went missing. She was befriended by an alien who was stranded on Earth and made a device for her that protected her from rape. When the alien tried to go home, he ended up ...

Q: Searching in deleted chatrooms doesn’t work

StormblessedI recently got to 10K Network-wide, and was looking at a certain deleted chatroom using my powers. There was a specific message I was looking for, so I went into the search box and typed it in...no results. I tried a few different things that definitely should have results, but I got none. Search...

@Stormblessed are you sure the thing you're looking for isn't deleted?
Also that can't not be a dupe
Q: Chat search is broken for a deleted room

Rand al'ThorThis may be something to do with the recent downtime and relocation of SE servers to Colorado; I think that was around the time I started noticing problems. Chat search is broken, apparently displaying only results up to ~2015. I guarantee there should be more results for searches like this and...

@Jenayah no that’s not
9:12 PM
Read the whole thing—different details
> Chat search is broken, apparently displaying only results up to ~2015.
Well that's not exclusive
Like maybe the message you're looking for is after 2015
And is therefore not displayed
@Jenayah Unless you can solve it better?
@Alex meh
I'd improve an existing answer instead
Well there was one time I didn't, because it would have implied linking to NSFW content in someone else's answer and I didn't know if that'd be okay with them, so I expanded it as a new answer
@Jenayah Assuming it's the same answer.
9:16 PM
Even though that was said in 2011
This one
A: Multi-part graphic magazine story, sorcerors combatting to choose the next leader, RC priest as one sorceror

JenayahAs pointed out by user105533, this is the 73th issue of Vampirella (1978). I'm expanding it into another answer both because it would be quite the edit, and said user might not want NSFW content linked to their account. Disclaimer: Vampirella isn't exactly a family-friendly character (very skimp...

@Alex oh sure, that falls in what I said above
48 mins ago, by Jenayah
infavorites:mine [story-identification] answers:1 -> stuff I want​ to fix. A couple of those also fall in "may be able to answer" category if the existing answers have been invalidated by OP (or are blatantly wrong)
@Stormblessed ok
Interesting. I just saw in the poisoned room an old deleted Harry Potter question by Bellatrix.
I wonder what else is hiding there.
I'd have VTC that as POB.
9:25 PM
You still can.
I can?
On a deleted question?
Nope, I can't. Thought as much.
The dialog loads though, I'll give you that.
Time for a Meta then.
Yeah, try to VTC it and look at that "this question has been deleted" popup
Q: Allow me to close vote deleted questions

Benjamin GruenbaumCurrently, when a question is deleted - it is no longer possible to close vote it. However, users can delete and then undelete their own questions at will. This means, that even if users want to close vote a bad question they've seen they now can't (there is a "this question is now deleted" dia...

9:28 PM
Doubly misleading - it makes it sound like you just deleted it.
Nevermind this one's better:
Q: Is it intentional that you can still see the close link on a question deleted by its owner?

Toon KrijtheI saw this question: How does python implement modular exponentiation?. It was deleted by its owner, but it is still possible to see the link to cast a close vote. Edit: If you try to close it you get an error message. So its only the link. Is this intentional, or is it a bug?

Q: Vote to close a deleted question - bug?

paddyI just successfully added my Close vote to a question on Stack Overflow that had already been deleted by the author. The question can be found here. The only purpose I see for such functionality is perhaps to stop someone from escaping the initial surge of wrath from critics, then subsequ...

But none of those deal with my point.
Though it may not be significant enough to warrant a post.
I'm adding status-completed because it is currently not possible to vote to close a deleted question (I tried - it gives a red error box). — animuson ♦ Feb 23 '14 at 20:13
@Alex what point? That the close link being shown misleads you into thinking your vote will be taken into account, although the question is deleted?
@Jenayah That's the first half; the second half is that the error message then makes it sound like you just deleted it.
It does?
9:35 PM
6 mins ago, by Alex
user image
It should just be "this question is deleted".
"Now" makes it sound like it got deleted because of something that just happened.
If you say so...
Like cette question est supprimée vs cette question est maintenant supprimée
Both are correct
Mountain and molehills if you ask me
9:39 PM
I guess I won't ask you then.
Jan 6 at 22:05, by Alex
Something like: especially not right now, when it's really dangerous.
Well, I'm the only one replying to you right now :P
@Jenayah Yeah, aren't you supposed to be on limited availability?
4 hours ago, by Jenayah
@Alex regarding https://scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/12546/are-duplicate-chains-to-be-avoided-when-possible/12549?noredirect=1#comment44007_12549 not in the mood right now + limited​ availability in the days to come but remind me later
Or was that not including today?
@Alex Meh, ambiguous, but not insurmountable
@Alex stuff came up so I'm spending more time on SFF than I thought I'd be able to
Still not in the mood though
@Jenayah Usually "stuff came up" is a reason to spend less time here.
And really expecting the source of unavailability to get away because my nerves aren't used to enduring that kind of shit anymore
9:46 PM
Sounds intense.
Roughly 33 hours to go.
@Alex stuff came up for the hindrance.
Once we're on the topic of pedantic messages:
Are you only supposed to reopen them "as needed" but close them even not "as needed"?
Otherwise it should just say "close and reopen questions as needed".
Another deleted question hiding in the poisoned room:
I see I've missed out.
@Alex as needed could be distributed on both close and reopen.
Q: Why did the Jedi not know Anakin Skywalker had a secret marriage?

LincolnManWhen young Anakin Skywalker first met the Jedi Council, Yoda told him the Jedi could read his mind and see his inner thoughts. See through you we can. If the Jedi can read minds, why they did not know grown-up Anakin had secretly married Padme Amidala. Are Jedi trained in how to block mind...

Q: story about two people transported to a parallel medieval world she joins city watch, he becomes wizard

JimNicholsonI must have read his in the nineties. I think it was a series of books. The first book starts off with a woman in a cabin in a modern day american desert. I think a biker dude turns up and then a wizard appears with baby and transports them to a parallel medieval world. The woman joins the cit...

10:46 PM
When's the Fourth of July?
@Jenayah That's what I thought, as well...
11:02 PM
@Voldemort'sWrath On the fourth of July?

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