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1:17 AM
Does anyone else always get a downvote within seconds of posting a feature request on Main?
Looking at the timeline, a whole ton of my positive-score ones got one on the first day
1 hour later…
2:35 AM
Q: Book series about a kids journey to the center of the earth where he finds the earth is an alien ship or something

drmoontea3812I remember reading this story when I was in middle school and can't seem the find what the series was called. The main character digs a hole and finds an underground city, from which he is banished an travels deeper and deeper into the earth. Eventually, the get to the center of the earth, which...

@Stormblessed Just you.
2:57 AM
In fact, all of my feature requests there have a positive score.
Well, not counting the deleted one.
Which has a score of -15.
@Alex did you delete it?
@Stormblessed No.
Q: RemoveDeadQuestions should not apply to Meta posts

AlexThere is an automated system that eventually deletes all unanswered negative scoring questions (as long as they're not locked). I understand why this exists for regular sites – a negative score indicates that there is something wrong with the question, and if the question retains its negative sc...

It was a victim of the problem described there.
@Alex bountied it
@Stormblessed Thanks.
@Alex did you quit Meta on May 27?
3:09 AM
@Stormblessed What do you mean by "quit Meta"?
@Alex You have three posts from that day and haven’t posted there since.
@Stormblessed I hadn't realized that.
But now that I look, I see that my two questions from that day were both closed, so perhaps I could claim that I quit in protest.
Though I actually was about to post a bug yesterday.
See if you can spot it.
@Alex ordering wrong?
3:25 AM
@Stormblessed Nope.
3:55 AM
Q: Did Voldemort kill his father before finding out about Horcruxes?

ChrisIn the Half Blood Prince and Harrys time in the pensieve, he saw the young Tom Riddle with Professor Slughorn. The book states that Tom was already wearing Marvolo Gaunts ring indicating he had already killed his father. Yet in the pensieve, Tom was asking Slughorn how a horcrux is made which als...

4:06 AM
So effectively we now have a guide for gaming the system to keep questions from being deleted in the future. For example, if your question is getting a lot of downvotes, get a friend (or sockpuppet ;) to post a contrary answer to attract upvotes from the people who are downvoting the question...
4:37 AM
Q: A man on a high gravity planet becomes more alien with exposure to planet and starts to understand aliens

ShelaghThat's about all I remember. I was really impressed with the was the autor portrayed the changes in the man and the alien communication. I think the man was on a science base which got damaged

4:57 AM
Q: Three teens have the power to control monsters to fight other monsters

HydroKingI watched this a long time ago probably in 2010s either on Cartoon Network or Boomerang. It was about 3 teens having to fight other monsters, 2 guys and 1 girl. Now I don't remember much, but the most dominant feature about this cartoon is that every time they're going to encounter a battle, the...

Q: Time traveler tells historical figures of their importance just before death

user6548046I'm trying to remember / find a short story (a few pages, if that) about a time traveler (possibly rogue(?)) who meets important historical figures just before their death and informs them of the importance and influence that they have on the future. I believe that this story was written withi...

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7:36 AM
Q: children help aliens

SealaThere was a 1970s? tv programme set in a small American town ( part of a series all different) where the children kept taking kitchen items etc to help the aliens invade. but their parents thought it a game until they really did come. Does anyone know what it was ?

7:56 AM
Q: How is Shaktimaan related to pandavas?

codeczarIt is stated in Wikipedia page of Shaktimaan that he was related to Bhishma as he was the descendant of Bhisma? Bhisma was the grandfather of pandavas according to Mahabharata. Also, he remained bachelor for his entire life so how was he having descendants? Was Shaktimaan then related to Pandavas...

8:16 AM
Q: Science Fiction Story About Two Kids That Build A Spaceship

musefulThis is a story about two kids that build a spaceship. I remember the spaceship being constructed of shiny metal or tin on the exterior of the ship. I also vaguely recall them using a hammer to attach it. It wasn't particularly realistic, and the ship should not have been able to fly. I also re...

8:56 AM
Q: Fantasy Story About A Boy And Girl That Enter A Fantasy World Pre-1994

musefulThis was read pre-1994. I do not know if it was old or new. It was a novel but most likely under 60,000 words -- so probably read by 7th, 8th or 9th graders. It felt like a quick read. It is possible that I could be mixing a few different stories today, but... I specifically recall a world wit...

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10:15 AM
Q: Why did the djinn appear after "Dandilion's last wish"?

TheLethalCarrotYennefer was trying to capture the djinn and believed Dandilion to be currently its master and so made him express his wish upon going through the portal. “The last wish!” repeated the priest. “She made the bard express the last, the third wish. And Yennefer set a magical trap and, no doubt, ...

10:35 AM
Q: Science Fiction Novel with the Word Diamond in the Title

musefulThis is a book that is probably more than 20 years old. It would be pre-2000 (most likely). It has diamond in the title (I believe). I also think of the word satellite or space station. It has two political groups that are against each other or at least at odds with each other. There is an arr...

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11:55 AM
Q: How does the Dust of Broken Hearts choose its love target?

JenayahIn Willow, one of the brownies (Franjean) carries a bag of Dust of Broken Hearts. Whoever inhales it can expect to soon madly fall in love with... who, exactly? When Rool the brownie inhaled it, he fell in love with a cat (different species, unclear gender). That was literally seconds after Roo...

12:30 PM
Q: A book about a recently graduated psychologist / psychiatrist who meets a redhead girl who is his first patient

Pedro Perez RodriguezFirst I would like to clarify that I do not know if someone can answer the question because I think that the book is from Galicia and, although it was translated into Spanish, I do not know if it was taken to any English-speaking country. The girl looks like a normal person, that is, removing th...

Q: Sci fi book, aliens on their planet are addicted to sugar

DannyMcGThis was read maybe early eighties in UK, a thin paperback. It could have been older What I remember: Protagonist is newly arrived on this planet and is in a restaurant for Terrans, an alien orphan approaches him and begs for sugar so he gives one cube. Someone tells him that was way too much a...

Quite well hidden spam tbf
Gotta love the profile
> I am a student in Software engineering. My hobbies are book reading, painting, playing games, collecting games material, etc. I bought some swords from Swords Kindom. I am impressed by their quality. Who have trouble for this kind of excitement will acknowledge Conan the Barbarian's faultless generation without getting the story; every other person will be cleared away by the film's display
I like the spammer that goes the extra mile
@Mithrandir I think that's not the first spammer for that website, fancy getting some links added to smokey?
12:48 PM
in Charcoal HQ, 6 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklists reloaded at rev 99f208f (SmokeDetector: Auto watch of swordskingdom\.com by tripleee) (running on teward/Lunar Eclipse)
@TheLethalCarrot they've dealt with it over at Charcoal it seems
Jolly good
2 hours later…
2:28 PM
Hmm. I flagged this as NaA, but I'm not sure if that's completely correct; review of my review is solicited. :) scifi.stackexchange.com/a/216100/101407
Reasons for flagging?
(Haven't read it yet just wondering)
Rant about how martial art powers are demon powers that should be cast out by the power of Jesus?
Well, not quite angry enough for a rant. I'd say "screed" but it's not really that long, it just feels like it.
Woah okay yeah easy call, after reading it R/A flagged due to that last part of the second paragraph
But even if not at least NaA
@TheLethalCarrot declined - This looks like a genuine attempt to answer, albeit without sources and with spam. The user also has another post that is not spam. Not all users who post spam need to be destroyed.
Apparently the spammer was too good or are hiding it well...
Would be interesting to see what the other post is
Nice, I can edit on Politics!
@DavidW VLQ
Utter crap, but not NaA
2:44 PM
It's not VLQ, that flag is pretty much for link only or gibberish answers only
According to what it should be used for VLQ would actually be user very rarely
@TheLethalCarrot That was basically my question. It felt rather intolerant, but I didn't want to go flying off the handle.
To be honest that was straw that broke the camel's back, it was already somewhat borderline R/A
3:00 PM
Q: Was the War Doctor originally intended to be Christopher Eccleston?

Tony MeyerIn SFX, Moffat commented on Eccleston not appearing in Day of the Doctor: I had an initial contact with Chris and, in a very amiable and gentlemanly way, he didn’t feel that he could come back to it and indicates that his decline didn't materially change the story he wanted to tell. The imp...

Which was probably a platform for spam in retrospect actually
Mmmmh I have some doubts now
Spam seeds usually get answered in ~15mn
Well Meta spam seeds at least...
Well we don't get many of those here so can't really comment on that
To me everything points to that user being a spammer but trying to hide it
Especially since I remember spam being posted for that website in the past
Oh wait... That does ring a bell now
Let me see if I could find it or not
3:15 PM
GOT vaguely rings a bell
Mmmmh not spam I've flagged, at least...
Me neither but I certainly remember it unless I'm going mad... (or falling in deeper)
Shall we ping a mod with "search deleted posts" powers to try and make sure you're not insane?
The question isn't whether I'm insane or not, it is how insane I am
Well the question still stands, do you dare take the risk of facing how widely you underestimated your insanity? :-)
I’m #6 this week!
3:25 PM
@Jenayah I'll ask the voices and see what they want to do
@Stormblessed nice, gain one position a day and you'll be #1 by Sunday ;)
@Stormblessed If you mean by rep you're currently 4th... congrats
@TheLethalCarrot was that answer deleted as spam or VLQ or NaA?
@TheLethalCarrot it says 6 on leagues
Leagues is updated once daily, users pages are more up to date
3:27 PM
Ah ok
@Stormblessed 3 high rep users deleted it
@Jenayah For once, technically no I suppose :P
Although you could twist it and say yeah
@TheLethalCarrot My user page on mobile says my year rank currently.
I give up, that damn link won't work
3:28 PM
Ah, sneaky
Well I give up trying to find that previous spam post, I'm 99% sure I've seen it but god only knows where
The voices were not helpful at all
So ping or no ping? ;) (In any case, going by Stormblessed's theorem, as we said "mod" there was already a ping ;) )
Nah, not that bothered although I suppose the search is as easy as url:swordskingdom deleted:yes
Assuming that works for mods
It does
Q: Still says featured rather than bounties on mobile site

StormblessedOn the mobile site, all the scrolling switchers (no clue what they’re called :P) still say “Featured” instead of “Bounties.” On the homepage: On Questions: On a random tag:

3:37 PM
Pretty sure that mobile web is, at this point, largely deprecated. That's what the responsive design is for.
@Mithrandir I did a horribly-received Meta and they won’t replace it with that yet, though, so I think that it’s probably got a little bit of work being done on it before it’s replaced fully
2 hours later…
5:55 PM
Rep cap again
6:33 PM
@Stormblessed on your way to Refiner :)
6:49 PM
@Jenayah 8/50
7:11 PM
@Jenayah nice!
Strange to for once be more successful than Valorum at something!
Q: 80's/90's animated kids show: guy doing somersault to enter his ship

The SlickThere's a guy that would do a forward/backward somersault off a big rock/cliff (then "morphs" into his armor) into a large body of water to enter his flying ship (like a spaceship but not for space). The ship is a combo of a giant robot in the middle of a round/oval "body" with its arms wrapped...

7:54 PM
Q: Which "Earth" is seen in "Crossroads, Part II"?

KidburlaAt the very end of "Crossroads, Part II", after Starbuck comes back, we see "Earth". At the time, we assume that this is the same "Earth" she has just been speaking about. However, at the end of the series finale "Daybreak", the fleet arrives at a second planet they also call "Earth". This corres...

1 hour later…
9:12 PM
@Stormblessed data.stackexchange.com/scifi/query/912566/… you're better than everyone else in two other tags ;)
Apparently @DavidW is the local quantum physics spy.
@Jenayah ?
9:27 PM
Check the query above
With your own userID
= 15 That's just noise-level.
Well you're still top answerer ;)
Apparently I'm the site expert on ...on account of a single answer.
It's oddly juxtaposed with all the other tags I'm the top user for, which are villains or deal with villains: , , , and .
@Null ahah!
9:46 PM
@Jenayah well one of those is a tag I’ve done 3 of the 4 posts in :P
So, you're bringing your own knowledge. That's not a problem :)
10:14 PM
Q: Children's book about a boy who breaks his brother's bike pump and stows away on a spaceship

RobynIt's a short novel, for young readers, in English. A boy lives on a planet that he thinks is boring. The planet may have a name similar to Omicron. He breaks his big brother's bike pump. Fearing he'll get beaten up for that, he stows away on a spaceship. While the boy is hiding in the spaceship...

1 hour later…
11:34 PM
Q: Fantasy (audio)book about boy being recruited

im_so_meta_even_this_acronymI'm looking for a book (well, an audiobook) that I listened to maybe 7, 8 years ago (for young children, or maybe for teens). My memory is very shaky but here goes: I remember a boy and his friends entering a competition. I don't remember what the competition was for, but I remember the first st...

11:54 PM
Q: Why do people in the day-side of Taldain have light skin?

RamTaldain is a tidally locked planet, meaning in one hemisphere is always night and the other lives a perpetual day. The star it orbits is said to emit lots of UV light, and the dark-side life has evolved to make use of this light: plants do photosynthesys with that light and it seems the inhabita...


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