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12:36 AM
Q: Well received question

AlfredWhat exactly is a "well received question" as far as Curious or Inquisitive badge is concerned ? I did see a similar question being asked, What constitutes a 'well received question'? but the answer there was not so much about the "well received" character but about the fact that there was an...

1:10 AM
Starsight is cool so far
Q: How do Space Marines suppress their sexual urges whilst keeping testosterone/aggression up?

Jamie HutberI believe space marines don't have sexual urges? Which leads me to the question... How do they stay so aggressive without testosterone.

Lots of stuff happened between books, which is not the best decision most of the time, but it’s nice that unlike Sanderson's Cosmere stuff it’s not like 1000 pages
1:32 AM
Q: Old netflix 2009-2012 animation tv show about a guy who uses runes to summon creatures in another world

shiro8223ok so there was this series on netflix years ago about a child who had a ill grandfather and he gets sucked into another world and he has to collect these runes which are like guardians and has monsters that are summoned from runes i remember the monsters and more beast themed and he was accompan...

Q: Why does lego friends act like its for modern girls yet has 2000s ish pop band cliches?

LEGO FRIENDS IS OLDIts 2019 and the cartoon lego friends acts like its 2001, most people who listen to mainstream radio dont even know what bands are, so why is the show aiming at hannah montana girl cliches when they are quite dated and most mainstream girls of 2019 like post malone and trap pop, not old 2000s pop...

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5:00 AM
Q: What is Silver The Hedgehog's full timeline?

milkySilver The Hedgehog has a rough and bumpy timeline that I don't know where to start at, in 06 he was first introduced, but apparently when they destroyed Solaris it didn't fix his future, and I know that in the DS version of Sonic Colours (which actually would be more canon than the wii version) ...

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6:22 AM
Q: A very biological story about a cynical scientist who gets the Nobel Peace Prize

AlfredI read this story about 10 years ago or so, but it was in a collection of SF stories that could have been much older. It was a rather longish novelette, or shortish novella, certainly not a novel and too long to be technically a “short-story”. There have been several deadly epidemics of new vir...

Q: Was Nick Fury's choice of words in "Far From Home" intentional?

OmegacronIn "Spider-Man: Far From Home", Peter Parker is introduced to Quentin Beck, who is apparently from an alternate version of Earth. When Peter questions Beck about his phrase "destroyed my world", Nick Fury says the following: Oh, he's from Earth... just not your Earth. Later on, we find in a...

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8:26 AM
Q: Story in which future writing is described as being about worlds instead of characters

Riley MadisonI remember one detail from a short story/novel. It said (paraphrasing): in the future, writing will be about worlds and societies instead of characters I'm not sure about the wording (including tense) but I think the sense was that it would be just a description of a static fictional world ...

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11:58 AM
What is going on? No action in chat?
12:12 PM
Q: In theory, could The Flash survive falling out of a plane / terminal velocity?

KyloRenBeing that The Flash is obviously very fast, it is also very obvious that he can run into things at a very great great speed an still live. Eg, when he pushes off Superman in Justice League and thrown back at a speed which looks like it is way faster than terminal velocity: ...

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4:42 PM
Q: I'm confused bw how flash and vision manupulate their density

Drajaykumar Dubey*any similarities bw flash an vision about their density manipulation when vision manupulate his density its form changes. But when flash do so it remains in orignal form *

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5:54 PM
@KyloRen Slow days, what with the weekend and stuff
6:46 PM
Q: Mid-50s Sci-Fi Movie

LeonaDoes anyone know the name of a movie in which one of the creatures flutters through the air and lands on victims heads and encloses it with its body?

7:27 PM
Q: What in-universe sign language is the Mandalorian using, and how did he know it?

vikingsteveIn the eposiode 5, the Mandalorian communicates with 2 tuskan raiders using sign language. In the star wars universe, what sign language is he using? Is it a special sign language to Tuskan raiders, or a language commonly used on Tattooine, and in such case how did he know it? Maybe there is...

Q: Yavanna's alarm clock

Anton SherwoodAfter the fall of the Lamps, Yavanna decreed that most of the living things in Arda should sleep until light returned. She then gathered up the available light and made the Two Trees to illuminate Valimar. The Sleep of Yavanna ended with the first rising of the Sun and Moon; but this happened o...

7:48 PM
Q: Looking for a specific SciFi book

JanI once read a borrowed scifi book some time ago, and I just can't recall its name or author. The story was about a poor boy on a poor planet in some disant future. He wanted to travel to another planet for a better life. As he didn't have enough money, he got some device implanted in his head wh...

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9:10 PM
Q: Who first proposed the idea of citizens having to wear bombs?

Invisible TrihedronWho was the first to propose in speculative fiction that citizens all wear bombs that could be remotely activated as a measure to keep people obedient to the law? The earliest I can think of was Jack Vance in The Faceless Man (originally serialized in 1971, later published as a novel, The Anome o...

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10:33 PM
Q: Why did George Lucas set Star Wars in the past instead of the future?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaI always found it interesting that Star Wars is set in the distant past instead of the future. Has George Lucas ever commented why he chose to do that?

10:53 PM
Q: Who is Star Wars' narrator?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaWho is the official narrator of Star Wars? I.e., who is the one saying "A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away?"


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