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Q: RIP Rene Auberjonois - Star Trek DS9 Actor and Director

ValorumRene Auberjonois has died at the age of 79. He is best known for his role as Constable Odo in Deep Space Nine as well as directing a number of Star Trek episodes including the critically acclaimed DS9: Hippocratic Oath.

Q: Are the Winter Bash hats drawing data from last year?

BuzzA little while back, the Winter Bash icon appeared on the top bar, along with the notifications: "You earned Glasses With A Number On Top on Science Fiction & Fantasy!" However, the description for this hat is: "post a message in chat within ±12 hours of the UTC New Year’s begin that gets star...

2:41 AM
Q: Fantasy Novel where the main character could summon shadows

RobboNJThis was a book I read several years ago. It was in the Sword & Sorcery genre, and the main character can summon shadows. He had a connection to the world of shadows and was the child of a human and a 'shadow' princess. He would summon the shadows to attack his foes by crawling into their armor ...

3:22 AM
Q: in 80's? I read a second hand anthology one story stuck in my mind. Title:? There stands a statue

user124015The plot I rmember is something like this. In the park there stands a statue, like many others it is a man on a pedestal and on the pedestal iis an inscription. The inscription consist of three dates. They are not the dates of his birth or death or any remarkable achievement. They are the dates...

3:43 AM
Q: How did this animal appear in the way that it did on Game Of Thrones?

Alec AlameddineAfter King's Landing is burnt to the ground, along with almost everything living inside of it, an unharmed, undirtied beautiful white stallion appears for Arya. How is this possible?

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Q: Was any of the witches’ magic on ‘American Horror Story’ not one of the Seven Wonders?

gen-z ready to perishOn American Horror Story, witches (and warlocks) appear in (primarily, as far as I recall) in Coven and Apocalypse. To assume the role of Supreme, witches must be able to perform all of the Seven Wonders: Telekinesis: movement of objects without physical contact Transmutation: travelling from ...

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Q: Manga name of need to know

sasha MiddletonWhat's the name of the manga where the mc is a. Mage and his name is luck, and after spending years fighting demons becomes younger from absorbing the demon king Mana is still a farely new

8:12 AM
Q: Did Thanos survive the Titan battle b/c he is a very powerful being?

KyloRenQuestion: Did Thanos survive the Titan battle b/c he is a very powerful being? Or was b/c he had help from the infinity stones? To be more exact, I was Just curios as to how Thanos survived that huge lump of a machine that was probably millions of tons of steel or metal dumped on his head at wha...

8:33 AM
Q: Is it canon that Tony Stark was born as Natasha Stark in Earth-3490?

Baby YodaIt's famous that Captain America and Iron Man are married in Earth-3490. e.g. this article. The only problem is that this isn't gay marriage and the article further claims that Stark is born as a woman named Natasha and not as Tony. Natasha Stark article on Wikia claims the same without ...

Q: How did they replicate being under water in Ready Player One in the real world?

KyloRenIn Ready Player One when the High Five are about to challenge for the second key The Shinning, there is a scene when 'H' gets knocked over by a wall red liquid (blood). After taking a bit of a beating 'H' is held under for a few seconds and when she comes up is clearly gasps for a breath. 'H' ge...

9:14 AM
Q: What anime has a mc with gem in head that a old man later on resides who can use blood magic

Codeyas well as he learns how to forge magic weapons and touches pillars which are stopping demons from entering their world it look as it is based in old japan he is in love with girl that's a haft human haft demon that gets controlled a lot

Just want to update my profile and I was wondering if there is a way to calculate who has served the most time banned? Don't worry , I am not proud of it. Just want the stats if it is possible. Cheers
10:05 AM
I don't expect that to be available.
@Marvin "old" "2009-2012" Ouch, my aching bones.
Hey, that was about ten years ago.
10:27 AM
Yeah, I know.
I'm no boomer, not even close. Yet to have someone think something from around that time "old"...
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A mod would be able to tell you. Who is Marvin?
He's the Paranoid Android.
It's the question feed.
The chatroom is H2G2-themed.
H2G2 meaning The Hitchhikers's Guide to the Galaxy.
So this room is called "The Restaurant at the End of the Universe", the main feed is called Marvin, the meta feed Slartibartfast, the bounty feed Zaphod Breeblebox, and the interstack feed Bablefish.
Have you read it, by any chance?
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Q: Was the controversy around Harry Potter embellished for publicity?

PastychomperThe first I heard of Harry Potter was from a string of news reports in the '90s, centred around complaints that the book series might encourage children to investigate the occult. This seemed odd at the time since I'd just spent a large part of my childhood watching or reading fiction that showe...

11:21 AM
@Marvin Of course, there's a relevant xkcd Chick tract.
11:55 AM
Q: What was supposedly satanic about the Lord of the Rings?

Rand al'ThorFrom a comment on another recent question I learned that The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have (in certain places and at certain times) been banned for supposedly satanic themes. A quick bit of searching online confirmed that indeed certain groups of people have attacked, or even publicly bur...

Q: Was Bartholomew really a rebel?

Rand al'ThorIn Season 3 Episode 8, "Rumours of Death", of the TV show Blake's 7, there are two subplots which advance in parallel: Avon is trying to get his hands on the person who killed his former lover, Anna Grant (introduced in concept in Season 2 Episode 9, "Countdown"). Rebels on Earth are putting th...

Why not on our stack, @Randal'Thor?
12:20 PM
Q: Sci fi story featuring aliens with segmented bodies, they lose a pair of legs when they breedl

DannyMcGI really can't recall if a short story or SF novel or part of a book series. Or when I read it, just "a while ago" Or very much of the plot, all I got in my mind is the aliens. They have a long segmented body stretching out behind them with an upright front end. Kind of like a centipede crossed...

12:41 PM
Q: Sci-fi novel from 1980s(?) about colony on Mars

voldemortswrath--inp.repl.co Plot Summary: I honestly don't remember much of it, but here it is... There are some humans who have colonized Mars. Some of them just want to live peacefully on the colony, while there are other scientists who want to glean all the resources they can from Mars. I remember something about resour...

@SQB I posted another question here.
1:14 PM
@SQB backstab or hat hunting ;)
Q: Which species is proud of being conquered many times?

FarOI remember that in Star Trek (maybe Voyager?) a species was proud of having been conquered many times in their history. What is the name of the species?

1:35 PM
Q: How to be ready for the ongoing crisis?

Ankit SharmaIn Arrowverse, they are doing the crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. I heard it's connected to a lot of shows from Arrowverse and out of Arrowverse. So I wanted to know how much I should know before watching Crisis? Which shows I should be aware of, I am up to date with only Flash and Arrow an...

2:04 PM
Q: Was there supposed to be a treehouse in Frozen II?

Columbia says Reinstate MonicaThe toy company LEGO has released a playset, 41164 Enchanted Treehouse, based on Disney's Frozen II film. The set features a treehouse with a zipline and Arendelle-related insignia, possibly indicating that the treehouse is supposed to be a base for Arendelle's military. I have seen the film itse...

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3:34 PM
@AnkitSharma Not doing hats this year, myself.
3:48 PM
Q: Novel where power outage causes teleportation accident and the version on the sending side survives and becomes a fugitive

KevinRead a book a long time ago about a man (I'm pretty sure he was rich, or at least well off) in a future where teleportation was normal mode of transport. He's going to teleport when there's a power outage (due to storm?) and the teleportation fails. He soon finds out that it only partially fail...

@SQB I am doing till I take the break in some days
4:08 PM
Q: Short story about a young boy who lives alone in a room and is actually under observation by aliens?

Helbent IVPlot Details/Summary My memory on this one is very, very fuzzy, but here is the story as best as I can recall. A very young boy is living in a room or small dwelling that is actually a test lab of sorts. The boy is under observation by - I think - some sort of alien race. It may be that the a...

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5:52 PM
Q: Who is the character in a suite at the DS-1 Orbital Station command?

BingoIn Star Wars: A New Hope, almost at the end of the film, there is scene at the DS-1 Orbital Station command deck where Grand Moff Tarkin orders one of his aides to fire the superlaser when ready. In that scene, at the left of the screen, it can be seen a standing person, with bald crown from behi...

6:30 PM
6:54 PM
Q: Looking for a movie with two lovers waiting at the airport

user124036All I remeber from the movie is that the two lovers are at the airport waiting to see each other and never do they step out of their gates only for the fear of missing out on the other crossing by.

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(has not clicked) is that the tiny kitten perched on a cell phone
(has now clicked) yes it is :D
8:37 PM
Q: Is their anything to suggest that smaller than nanotech (Picotech or Femtotech) exists in Star Wars?

MaxIs their any evidence in Legends or Canon that picotechnology or femtotechnology exists in Star Wars and just is never mentioned because it is not important to the story? Nanotech exists. It’s been mentioned many times and it makes no sense that scientists wouldn’t try to go smaller. Is their any...

Q: How did Ollivander knew about Voldemort's wand

Nick DecroosThere's evidence that Ollivander knew that Voldemort and Tom Riddle were the same person. When he gave Harry his wand, he made remarked that a similar wand was given to Voldemort, who did 'terrible, but great things'. However, Voldemort underwent a whole transformation. How did he know that? On...

9:18 PM
Q: post apocalyptic movie with eagle-helmet

EndokarThe movie might be from the 80's. I only remember (barely) some few scenes of the beginning. It's located in a wasteland, a guy on a motorcycle who wears a helmet decorated as an eagle comes to a place where other guys on motorbikes play some kind of Polo with a human head or skull.

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11:02 PM
Q: Mecha Anime from the 80s or 90s where the main character is a cop or detective

decade549I am looking for the old Mecha anime from the 80s or maybe 90s. I vaguely remember the main character is a cop or detective some sort. The opening he was chasing some guys and some how he got suck into the future, and then he team up with the people from the future to fight a organization, he can...


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