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12:58 AM
Q: About a preacher that uses technology to deceive his audiences, leads humanity off a poisoned earth to 2 planets that forget about each other

EARonanHonestly there are so many bits and pieces I can use to identify the story and Google can't find a book with any of them. This is a book I checked out of a library in London about 6 years ago so maybe it is fairly recent. The book begins from the point of view of a shuttle pilot who is doing rec...

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2:41 AM
Q: Looking for a time travel movei from 70's or ealy 80s

Dr_MacoyAll I can remember is a young boy enters a science lab and finds a time machine with a capsule, and travels threw time and end up in the past in a forest, stumbles across an old man and the old man looks at the control panel and sees what looks to me a car odometer but it is slowly going backward...

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5:28 AM
Q: Are the OMS thrusters strong enough keep the MAV upright?

DaveMartian atmospheric density aside, would the OMS thrusters, which were designed to be used in orbit, generate enough force to counteract wind capable of toppling the MAV on the surface?

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9:15 AM
Q: If there is no Jedi order, will the number of force sensitive increase significantly?

AlicefateBecause the Jedi cannot marry and have children, just like a monk. All new Jedi were born in non-force sensitive homes. For example, it's like in the world of Harry Potter, all wizards come from Muggle families like Hermione. Do they appear only through invisible inheritance and genetic mutation?...

9:36 AM
Q: How much responsibility should the trolls bear for the events in Frozen

BatpersonAfter the accident in the ballroom, Grand Pabbie counsels Elsa that there is beauty in her magic, but also great danger. Then he shows her a vision (it's unclear whether the other see it) of a woman performing a magical display who is abruptly lynched. The king, queen and not least Elsa appear to...

10:17 AM
Q: Real long shot... trying to remember old anime tv series

LouiseTheres an anime series I watched late 90s on weekend kids tv in the UK that I can visualise but can't remember the name. It was the same time as sailor moon but not dragon ball z or yu-gi-oh. I think it was another realm and was a fantasy/magic style story. There might be a flying mechanical ship...

10:58 AM
Q: Why did Grewiskha mention about "fate" here?

William RockIn Alita Battle Angel (2019), Grewiskha wounds Alita, who is about to kill Vector, and says: Grewiskha: I knew you wouldn't wait for your fate to find you, little flea. Why did Grewiskha mention about "fate" here?

11:52 AM
Q: Was Flashpoint timeline bad enough to be reset?

MichaelI'm not sure I understand the reason for Barry to reset Flashpoint timeline in The Flash season 3 episode 1. There were several negative changes in Flashpoint: Barry was losing his memory; Joe West became a drinker; Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon had different jobs; Wally West got badly wounded b...

12:21 PM
Q: What happens when more than one person with the same initials joins the Men in Black?

AptAspieAs seen in the film, Men in Black (1997), when a person becomes a part of the Men in Black organization their name is erased and they are given a code name which is the first letter of their birth name. E.g. In the 1997 film, James Darrell Edwards III becomes "Agent J" (or "Agent Jay", depending ...

12:42 PM
Q: Are we supposed to have some universe knowledge before watching HBO Watchmen?

Nathan HI've just watched the first episode of HBO's Watchmen, with lots of confusion. A little of online search brought to my attention that the story happens in a sci-fi universe I am unfamiliar with. Does this show assume I have prior knowledge of any other movie, comic, series, etc. ? Or is it just...

1:02 PM
Q: Have there been any other women in Anakin's life or is Padmé his one and only?

CharlesHave there been any women in Anakin's life that he's had an intimate/sexual relationship with other than Padmé? In Episode II when Padmé and Anakin are having a picnic in the fields of Naboo, the scene begins with Anakin asking Padmé if she's ever been in any relationships, followed by her mentio...

1:23 PM
Q: Where do jedi keep Sith artifacts that they confiscate?

faustI was looking into jedi archive.I was wondering in which part of the Jedi archive do jedi keep the sith artifacts such as holocrons(sith),talisman etc.

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3:27 PM
Q: How did Bobbi figure this out in season 4?

KaiI just finished watching season 4 of The Expanse. In the last episode, Bobbi is suspecting something is wrong with the last job she and her co-conspirator were offered. Then there's a scene where she's looking through a list of military personnel including the one guy they had been working with t...

4:08 PM
Q: Story ID - Planet where giant manned machines travel in convoy across surface, tracking some astronomical phenomenon

Fredsie... and a girl runs away from her family to find someone (her brother?) who's travelling on one of these machine "caravans". There are elite experts on board who know how to identify the celestial target, whatever it is, can't remember. The machines follow specific routes and someone on board has...

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5:10 PM
Q: Vampires: Typically superhuman intelligence?

releseabeOf all monster types, vampires are the ones who tend to be articulate and cunning. I think that was the case in Dracula (but perhaps not necessarily in folkloric vampires) and maybe Stoker attributed this to wisdom acquired over many centuries. I think in Rice's books, vampires are physiologicall...

5:31 PM
Q: Which was the first story to feature force fields?

PabloIn science fiction series and movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, The war of the worlds, Independence Day (1996) , Macross (1982) , spaceships and/or robots use force fields to protect the mechas from being damaged. The concept is very popular and widely used in many stories. But where does this co...

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6:53 PM
Q: Are all red twi'leks dark jedi Twi'leks and vice versa?

DJ Spicy DeluxeThroughout several works of Star Wards media, I have seen red twi'leks who are Dark Jedi, and I don't think I've ever seen a red twi'lek who wasn't a dark jedi. So my question is 2 fold: 1: has there ever been a red twi'lek who wasn't a dark jedi? 2: has there ever been a twi'lek who was a dark...

Q: Vampires: What is the first instance of superhuman intelligence and to what is it attributed?

releseabeI believe Dracula in Stoker was portrayed as clever -- not sure anywhere in the book this is explicitly discussed: wisdom acquired through the centuries or supernatural cunning. In Salem's Lot, King has characters talking about what a good chess player the vampire Barlow would be and I believe th...

Q: How much of werewolf "folk lore" can be attributed to the invention of Curt Siodmak?

releseabeI know the poem about "a man who is pure at heart" turning into a wolf was written by Siodmak but I am not sure, like Stoker, how much Siodmak himself was inspired by European folk lore. It may be that silver bullets and other things all come from his imagination.

@Stormblessed Doesn't work if you need Hebrew dates as well.
8:13 PM
@Alex that sucks
Yeah everything would be in the wrong place
I wonder when it would be the same
@Alex you only need to wait 251,827,457 days XD
So yeah that would be a very useless website
The calendar would decompose by then, maybe
8:36 PM
Q: Movie ID: An Angel hits a satelite and falls to Earth

KnightDWFI only remember the opening scene of this movie. From what I remember, an angel hits a satellite and falls to earth, ending up in a guy's back yard pool. The pool area is strewn with stuff like there had just been a party. I think it is from the 1980's but I am not entirely sure.

9:18 PM
Q: Need help finding this manga

NanaSo I read this manga on manga rock but it isn’t there anymore. It’s basically about a guy who I think works in this organization where if you get arrested or are a criminal you are given the choice of working in this virtual reality simulator or die I think. The main guy chooses to work in the s...

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11:01 PM
Q: Why didn't Voldemort just switch back to his old wand?

AlexIn the final battle between Harry and Voldemort, Harry apparently wins because the wand Voldemort is using is actually under Harry's allegiance: Harry saw Voldemort's green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the enchanted ceiling lik...


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