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7:39 AM
Q: "Your culture will adapt to service us" - has it ever?

Petersaber We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile. Have they ever made good on their threat, and actually force a species to service them, rather ...

7:55 AM
Q: Missing Dune book

Danny3414A friend was telling me about an alternative Dune book he's read a few years ago (but now he can't remember the details) that he says wasn't fan-fic, it was Frank Herbert. He says that Paul Atreides walks into the desert to die at the end. I've looked online but (very unskilled in google-fu) I c...

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10:38 AM
Q: The Triangle movie

murugesh kWhy Jess should be a victim of time loop ?and who is the driver and what's goin on between Jess and driver ?

11:30 AM
@Jenayah :-(
@Jenayah Yes, sadly most of our internships at my previous job were like that too. The problem is that the internship is short: either it's one day a week during college classes, and that's too sparse to do anything useful, or a short time span during the summer. The real value for the company is that these serve as extended job interviews, and some of those interns that seems competent to us later start to work with the company part-time or full-time.
@Jenayah Part of the problem is that in most of our projects, we work with a lot of sensitive data, including both large source code projects we're developing ourselves, and input data we got from our clients and are legally limited in how we are allowed to use them. Any part-time or full-time worker necessarily gets technical access to a lot of that data. There are a lot of interns, and we want to limit the sensitive data so not many people get access to them.
So we give interns standalone tasks that don't really connect directly to our normal projects, but are standalone research they can do at home.
We do have some boring data entry tasks, but we don't give them to interns, partly because they always involve such sensitive data sets, partly because they don't work as job interviews.
Note though that the internships help some people with MsC college degrees that require them to do some actual research work at some company or research institute or whatever, and then give a short presentation talk in college summarizing what they did.
That's why they're usually willing to do the internship real cheap.
So in this way, getting new workers to the company, and helping people satisfy a college requirement, internship helps both us and them. It's just the actual work that sucks.
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1:40 PM
Q: What happens to Spiderman's webs?

XantecA favorite view of Spiderman (at least in movies and games) is of the hero web-swinging his way through the streets of New York City. But what becomes of all the web ropes that Spiderman discards as he moves from building to building? We don't see them hanging around the city, so presumably someo...

2:27 PM
Q: Has Thursday rescuing Mycroft from Sherlock Holmes showed up in a book?

FuzzyBootsIn Lost in a Good Book, it's established that Thursday's Uncle Mycroft traveled into the Sherlock Holmes series, probably via his Prose Portal. “Item three: Interloper in the Sherlock Holmes series by the name of Mycroft—turns up quite unexpectedly in The Greek Interpreter and claims to be hi...

Q: Comic about mutant(possibly) soldier with a partner attempting to avoid a sniper/enemy

ChrisI was watching Clive Barker's Nightbreed, which stirred a memory I had of a comic I read when I was a child. It seemed to be a compilation issue of a few comics, involving the first bit of Akira, a bit of the first Nightbreed comic involving Dr. Decker/the button-faced mask guy (https://comicvin...

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4:34 PM
Q: What side of the road/sky do vehicles drive on in Star Wars?

BooleanWithin Star Wars, it has been shown that motorways exist for landspeeders and other hovercraft as seen in Episode II: Although the vehicles that are seen in the film are all left-hand drive, there is no shot or scene where traffic is traveling in opposite directi...

4:51 PM
@b_jonas yeah, we had no access to such data
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8:02 PM
Q: What did Lupin want Harry to use against Stan Shunpike in Deathly Hallows?

MallikaIn the chapter The Seven Potters in Deathly Hallows, we see that Lupin is aghast when he learns that Harry used Expelliarmus against Stan Shunpike (who was acting as Death Eater). Despite going through the conversation that follows, I'm still unclear about what Lupin actually expected Harry to ...

8:49 PM
Q: Star Trek the next generation

Alex JonesJust watching The Arsenal of Freedom, and wasn't La Forge a bit arrogant? I mean usually I like the character, but he was acting like Logan's superior rank meant nothing! Can a junior grade lieutenant assume command when there's one person of superior rank (the chief engineer, no less) on board?

9:22 PM
On a partially related note...
Q: Is todays flip phone based on original Star Trek's communicator?

MuzeThe communicator are so close in design with speaker phone technology and wander if the flip phones of today in any way based on that prop? Is there any connection to them?

For anyone wondering, the song above is about someone getting away from his home, hoping for big things with the youth's innocence, then discovering that it's not what he expected, grow tired of the place and just thinks of going back, until he eventually does and could not feel better, finally knowing that's where he belongs.
That fits so well right now... Anyways, I'm back home, safe and all pumped up with energy :)
9:55 PM
@Jenayah \o/
I broke the lens in my glasses. Then I got a hole in the exercise ball I'm sitting on it, probably from a splinter of the lens on the floor. I thought this year I finally won't have to buy new glasses, but I always knew there's a chance that I'll destroy one and then I will try to buy a new pair, and it happened.
@b_jonas Fun... one of my lenses fell out Friday because of a missing screw, so I'm wearing an old pair for now.
Have to replace the screw. Again. (It's the second time for the same lens.)
@b_jonas would counting in school years improve the statistics? ^^'
@Jenayah Hmm. I ordered the last pair (which isn't the one I broke) on 2017-07-10, which is in the 2017 summer vacation, so I count it for the 2016/2017 school year. In that respect, yes, it would. But it just makes it more school years when I bought two pairs.
10:47 PM
@b_jonas we're on to something. Just have to tweak the rule enough so that it's subtle but flawless.

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