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4:36 AM
Hey, I have a question here that hasn't been answered but I don't have enough reputation to post bounties, can you people on this chat thing look and see if you may have an answer? scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/191959/…
5:02 AM
Hey bud, just to address some of your concerns, no there isn't a re-ask button. Please don't post a duplicate question because it will just get closed, downvoted and deleted by myself and other users.

The easiest way to get a bounty is to post a couple of answers yourself and pay the reputation forward. You seem to be interested in DC, why not look at the [unanswered](https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/dc?sort=unanswered&pageSize=50) page and see if you can find anything interesting to answer.
Oh no links in multiline posts, ok.
Anywho, patience is key. I personally don't read the DC rebirth comics other than the HQ comics. But I'll have a quick search and see if my expert google-fu can source me up anything your couldn't.
5:18 AM
From a quick google there appears to be various kryptonians on Prime Earth, as well as the fact that Krypton was destroyed continues. The existence of New Krypton seems to be unclear.
Q: Should we be deleting late, incorrect answers to a story identification question which already has an accepted answer?

recognizerThis question: What anime features a boy with a gem or crystal that gives him powers to transform into an organic robot of some sort? has had an accepted answer for two years, as the asker of the question figured out the identity of the series described not long after originally posting the quest...

5:37 AM
@Marvin Another question specific meta disguised as a general meta... *sigh*
6:35 AM
@Edlothiad found this, from 2009 though, so not sure how relevant to the question. I haven't followed DC comics in years, only watching the TV shows atm. dc.wikia.com/wiki/Superman:_New_Krypton
@Hend That would be prior to Prime Earth, unfrotunately. I believe that started in 2011 as part of the New 52 reboot
so one answer is New Krypton is not on Earth anymore
then there's this about new krypton, but i guess the question is more about earth. screenrant.com/dc-comics-general-zod-new-krypton
The old Earth is totally unrelated to this Prime Earth
So anything before 2011 is a "different canon"
Or at least that's my understanding of it.
6:39 AM
i typically use duckduckgo.com, which also has a bang command !g that you can add to the query to search google if you're not happy with the results.
Or I can just use google ;)
"But Ed they're stealing your data"
"No worries youngling, they don't know anything I don't already know"
7:18 AM
@Randal'Thor thanks. Could you do as well? That should become .
@Lhurgoyf I'll bounty it for you.
But @SQB How will you know that one answer is of the quality @Lhurgoyf is looking for?
@Edlothiad I'll ask, or let it auto-award.
Fair enough.
@Lhurgoyf let me know here if there's an answer that deserves the bounty.
Q: Are there Kryptonians on Prime Earth and does/did New Krypton exist there?

LhurgoyfNote: Don't spoil anything past the Superman Reborn crossover. I've been reading Superman, Action Comics, and a little bit of Batman and just thought of something. I was surprised when I looked up New Krypton to see what had happened to it during The New 52 but found that the whole arc took plac...

7:51 AM
Poke @Edlothiad
no need to open another chatroom I think
(on that comment thread)
so I'm bringing it here
So yeah, indeed my comment is arguably poorly phrased, I generally add more "hello could you expand" icing
Nothing forbids the user to reply though I think? You can comment on your posts?
(general question)
@Mithrandir fearing that already.
No nothing forbids a user to reply on their own posts.
@Edlothiad ok, I didn't remember if it was the case
(and was lazy to check on main Meta :) )
@SQB parts of the melody sound familiar, and of course I have no idea where I've heard that
Great, gonna scratch my head for the whole day now. Thanks for nothing! :p
They named that song specifically to piss off DJs, who'd have to announce that song. Or so I've heard.
@SQB no, that's not it
No clue. Can't find it on any soundtracks (checked IMDb).
Fun fact: my music teacher in (the Dutch equivalent of) high school was the singer's brother. He was a twat, though.
@SQB keeping on throwing "I know someone who knows someone who is..." - six degrees much? :)
@SQB still can't wrap my head around it, it has an Eels feel but can't say for sure...
8:14 AM
as a noob i was able to comment on my own question
or answers. or something.
ok :)
You can always comment on your own posts. That way you can answers other comments.
I believe it is comment on own answers and own questions and answers on your own posts
@SQB ahah, true, now I feel stupid
Ah yes, of course. You can comment everywhere on your own question.
8:17 AM
@SQB I don't think it's a good idea to edit "it wasn't X" into an ID question after someone's answered with X. Kind of invalidates the existing answer (cc @Edlothiad).
What's this in reference to? Why am I being pinged?
If someone sees "it's not X" in the question, and then the answer suggesting X, they'll think it's a stupid answer.
@Edlothiad Your answer (Truman).
It's better in the question than a comment
Can always indicate it was added after the answer
Oh, Well it has close to 50 upvotes, sooo I don't really mind that much
I got my repcaps
I mean, I provided a possibly quality answer on a question that others searching for TTS might stumble on and get their answer.
Well quality is subjective, I think it's pretty poor.
8:19 AM
That Jekuul arc couldn't possibly be in 2017
Time doesn't flow that fast, does it?!
It was March 2018 I believe
If I'm not being lied to
@TheLethalCarrot I know we usually recommend keeping useful information in posts rather than transitory comments ... but we're also against invalidating answers by edits to questions. It's a tricky one.
@Edlothiad oh God your answer scared meh
I mean, you could say "X is the correct answer" is also information to be edited into a post, if the OP doesn't accept. But we never do that.
@Randal'Thor should I make it clearer that it's a post-answer edit?
8:21 AM
@Edlothiad your answer could be edited then
@Randal'Thor ehr... we don't? Because I do that.
@Randal'Thor we should, since the "tell us what it's not" is part of the guide
My answer doesn't say 2017.
@Randal'Thor Sure but it's critical info in that people should know it isn't that, it's even one of the guide points... same as we like people telling us what research they've done
At least I don't believe it does. It says I believe the cross-over to be March of 2017
8:22 AM
@SQB Yeah, information about the correct answer belongs in the answer section, not the question post. And that would make all but one of the answers look silly.
@Jenayah As you wish (make sure it's the right image, I don't know DC comics)
Woah bumpety bumping posts when ed posts an answer, I see how it is...
@Edlothiad wait which crossover are we talking about then?
Hi all
Hi B!
8:24 AM
Oh yea Superman Reborn cross-over
Or whatever he's talking about in the Question. I googled it, got Superman/Action comics crossover March 2017, my info is newer, so it's in spoiler tags.
@b_jonas it's indeed Raven :)
There's also the issue that if the comment is now deleted as obsolete (and it's been flagged as such), then no non-mod will be able to see where the "it's not X" info comes from.
@Edlothiad oh ok, that one
That's an issue we have more often (and usually don't care about) when info from comments is edited into a post, BUT it's more important when the info invalidates an answer.
@Jenayah Sure, but is he Raven from the right universe? There's at least two comic universes and one TV series.
8:25 AM
@Randal'Thor Don't worry, as the answer being invalidated I got the fix.
It does at least show the "no irises" that the question mentions
Especially on requests, I like to preserve both comments rendering answers incorrect and comments accepting an answer in lieu of proper acceptance. Of course, I leave a comment to the querant, asking them to accept the answer, in the latter case.
> The Truman Show has been suggested, but it's not that.
This seems like an excellent way of doing it. I see nothing making me look silly in this comment.
@b_jonas there are a bit more comic universes than that ahah :D but yeah, even though that one's is one of the newest it still applies
@Randal'Thor Did you delete the Bohemian Rhapsody comments?!
Does this site allow no fun at all...?!
8:28 AM
@Edlothiad You going to delete the answer then? :-P
^ not a serious suggestion, but others may think so when they see it's clearly wrong according to the question
@Edlothiad What comments?
On Eds answer
@Edlothiad didn't you know? We hate fun.
@Randal'Thor HA!
It would take a lot of "recommend deletion votes" to delete that answer.
If my maths isn't wrong, it'd be close to 20.
@Edlothiad Oh, is that what they were? No, I didn't, but another mod did.
BOOO other mod
8:31 AM
Meh, no points for guessing the flagger.
So, does that mean we can start a Sylvia thread based on Elvis now that the coast is clear? :D
Off you go, but someone needs to start with the first line. Although it being planned makes it less amusing
@Randal'Thor Cool, thanks.
@Randal'Thor Update the meta as well, please.
8:37 AM
@Edlothiad Nobody you know.
@Edlothiad kidding ;)
Ah I would've joined in
@Edlothiad now you're temtping me
Is this really too broad?
Q: What do the images of the system in the Jurassic Park (the book, not the movie) actually mean?

SpyridonasIn Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park, a system was created by Dennis Nedry to operate the park almost autonomously with minimum staff. Now my question is: Do the abbreviations in the menus actually mean something and if yes what? Additionally, I would like to know if the structure of the men...

More so than those "identify all these objects" questions which we're fine with?
Given they don't mean anything specifically and there's like 70+ things... It's closed for 1 of 2 reasons
8:39 AM
> You want to know what each thing in the little boxes mean?
> Yes!
What Ed said
@Edlothiad In the comments it looks like someone already has the start of an answer, and the knowledge to put together a decent one.
There's no need to be vague in such a circumstance and me spending less time reading things I don't really care to read would be nice.
Nice direct links, no time wasted, nice and efficient. Instead I have to ask for links
Its too bad this is closed I know what you are asking because when I read this book at 18 I wanted to make sense of it. Now after 20 years of programming experience I can make a start. This is a combination indicator lights and menu choices. Only the end of the trail is an actual menu choice, the other boxes are indicators (red = bad, transparent = good). You can quickly see what is bad by which indicator is bad from the hierarchy of boxes, then look up the steps in the correct manual by using the hierarchy. (I.e. in the Startup ABO book look up "Access TNL" is red) — Frank Cedeno Aug 6 at 20:34
When I was a RADAR tech in the military before computers were big, we had indicator light boards. Some of them were buttons, others were just lights but the all looked the same. The buttons were stacked this way so that each column was a category, for example IFF->Power Supply ->Altimeter->Radio. The IFF button was a light to show it was available, the power supply status, whether or not the altimeter was set and transmitting local atmospheric pressure and you could hit the radio button to turn the transmitter on or off. The IFF is a component of the big RADAR — Frank Cedeno Aug 6 at 20:42
There we go, thanks Jenayah :)
@Edlothiad wouldn't want you to waste Youtube-watching time by opening a new tab and scrolling down to the comments :D
8:42 AM
Cf. for example this question. Loads of different things to identify.
Exactly. Speaking of which, I haven't watched my daily youtube yet... oh well
And in the Jurassic Park question, all the different things are part of the same system, so it might be possible to answer it without actually having 70+ different bullet points.
@Randal'Thor yes but they supposedly exist since it's a tribute thingy. The JP one could very well be stuff thrown at random to sound nerdy, which is what I think startled the "too broad"
It is more than just an id question though, they want to know the full name of the buttons, what they do, why it's structured like it is and a few other side questions
Also that ^
8:45 AM
"they're just random letters" would be an answer though, even if not the one the OP wants.
@Randal'Thor Someone has knowledge of what their system in the Navy (or whatever) looked like, they don't reference this system in anyway, however somehow are able to distinguish box 1 from box 2 due to the colour. Now I have pretty poor eyesight, but I'm pretty sure none of those are coloured.
But from Frank's comments it sounds like there's more to it than that.
@Randal'Thor how do you prove that, though?
Meh hammer it open, I won't lose sleep over it.
should also poke that Frank guy for him to answer
8:47 AM
@Jenayah I guess it's like the "we don't know" answers. You can't prove it rigorously, but you can try to justify why you think no better answer exists.
@Randal'Thor works with "expanded" universes (Star Trek/Wars, HP, GoT, etc), but aren't we talking about just one book?
Or two
"Isn't Global Warming great? We uncovered a plane that's been buried for 74 years" - Swiss farmer who has Americans visiting his hut by the glacier that buried the plane.
Which do not really expand, for what I know, on software engineering, rather on giant lizards trying to eat you
And the author has kicked the can, and afaia disliked interviews.
Checking the revision history, it looks like the OP changed their question from "what do all these things mean" to "do these things actually mean something or not", which does make it less broad, inviting yes/no answers rather than scores-of-bullet-points answers.
@Edlothiad Which meta? Can you update it, I need to go soon.
8:54 AM
What if I've already gone?
How can we see if our eyes aren't real
But yes, I can.
Ed right now...
Oh never mind, the meta doesn't seem to be a recording of them.
@Jenayah RE: your dupe CV I might be missing something but the answers are different books as far as I can tell
@SQB medium imgur images aren't doing anything right now.
@Edlothiad Seems like it.
9:00 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I flagged wrt this meta but agreed, it's a bit more complicated in hindsight
At least not when they're stack.imgur, works if they're just imgur...
I expect that to be fixed at some point, though.
That meta is not the meta for duplicates in story-ids.
@Edlothiad It's a meta for duplicates in story-IDs.
Oh wait I mis-read it
Sure it is, it's not the policy though...
9:03 AM
To be honest I'd ignore it, not clearly voted and it makes no sense. If you're looking for 1 book don't close as an answer to another book in the same series
Just because it's an answer on meta, doesn't mean do it.
@Edlothiad That's the main meta post about it, but there's also a later one to clarify the policy further.
... not everything has to reduce to one single meta post, you know ...
@TheLethalCarrot yes, but I think this one could have been answered by looking at the one I targeted
@Randal'Thor I do know, thanks for the reminder though.
Others can't, which is why there are at least 3 potential dupes I know, but didn't flag as such :)
9:05 AM
But yeah, looking at that specific question ... @Jenayah aren't "Herbig-Haro" and "The Road Not Taken" two separate stories?
Makes no mention of Herbig-Haro or either the series
And the one you VTCd is certainly the much better Q/A
@Randal'Thor Is that the point where I say I didn't read them? :D
14111's answer mentions "The Road Not Taken", but it doesn't seem to be really relevant to this question.
@TheLethalCarrot can be switched then
I'd VTC the other way round myself, makes much more sense
9:06 AM
@TheLethalCarrot yeah, if anything we'd want to VTC the other way round.
(if anything)
At least the current dupe mentions the targets answer
I voted to Leave Open and removed it from the queue.
Alright :)
VTC'd the other way around
VTC the other way if you want, but I'd say that falls under the "answer tangentially mentioned in another answer doesn't make it a dupe" policy.
9:09 AM
Well it's story id and the other answer is good and mentions the whole series and some other detail. So is more of a special case though I'm not bothered if it stays open or not
I don't think they're the same story, and I will therefore vote to leave open.
Story-ids have a unique close vote policy.
And retracted it.
I'll admit lazy reviewing on my part. Man's got trust.
I was also referring to the new vote in the queue.
9:12 AM
bans Ed from review queue
Disappearing stars.
@Randal'Thor Go ahead, it'll take people years to catch up.
@Randal'Thor Finally some very good moderation!
You can be banned from review queue?
9:13 AM
I mean, there's a trend in reviews, that wasn't seen before. But now I guess I've left my print and others can carry it on.
Q: Why can't I review posts anymore?

KyloRenI went to review queue and I was confronted with a message: Obviously it says I have been selecting No Action Needed, which I have, b/c on all the questions or answers it only provides No Action Needed or Skip. I didn't want to skip the post as I was there to make a review, so I just selected ...

@Edlothiad Yeah, I tend to unstar things that were part of a discussion and make no sense out of context.
@Jenayah Careful, I'm always watching
Stars aren't upvotes.
Why is unstarring an issue for you?
@Randal'Thor HA! Sorry this amuses me.
But this room isn't the place for that discussion.
9:14 AM
@TheLethalCarrot wasn't that robo-reviewing?
@Randal'Thor Is me mentioning when I see stars disappear an issue for you?
@Edlothiad Well, I also star "for out-of-context hilarity" at times, but being funny OOC =/= making no sense OOC :-)
@Jenayah That and not understanding the queue but I think it was a manual ban too
Though I haven't re-read the post, just showing an example where someone was review banned
@Edlothiad Well, the fact that you keep mentioning it suggests you have a problem with it, and I'm kind of here to address users' problems.
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, SFF doesn't have automatic review bans.
@TheLethalCarrot ok
9:16 AM
I do have problems with it. But not ones that can be solved. As I said before:
2 mins ago, by Edlothiad
But this room isn't the place for that discussion.
@Randal'Thor I have a problem in that I don't have have enough money, could you address that please?
Those only come with review audit systems, which only exist on the big sites (now that I convinced them to get rid of it again on Puzzling).
@TheLethalCarrot I can give you one piece of advice: don't become an SE moderator. 'Cos we don't get paid for this sh*t.
I'm already on the site too much so don't think that matters much haha
ugh. i was gonna ask the following, but I think time doesn't matter, so I'm just gonna shut up.

@TheLethalCarrot why did you mark a 2013 question as a duplicate of a 2016 questions? https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/33341/short-story-where-ftl-travel-is-very-simple#comment528449_33341
See above discussion...
9:18 AM
there's no rhyme or reason to that duplicate process
@Hend That is correct, time doesn't matter. It's a matter of the quality of both the question and the answer.
Also age shouldn't come into it when closing posts
@Hend For duplication, quality matters more than age.
Q: Should we always close the newer question as the duplicate?

SQBPreferably, when closing a duplicate, this happens before any answers have been given to the dupe-to-be. However, it can happen that only after editing of the question and multiple answers, it turns out that it's actually a duplicate. Should we then always vote to close the newer question as a d...

There is plenty of reason. An older post may say
"It's book A"
While a newer post may say
"It's Book A, here are the bits that match, here's a cover, here's a synopsis, here's some more details" etc.
9:19 AM
maybe there should be a merger tool
Also, in this case, the answer to the older question is mentioned in the newer question but not vice versa.
The better answer and the one you want people to see is the new book.
There is a merger tool.
@Hend There is, but it's mod-only and rarely used.
perhaps i'm too brainwashed by wikipedia policies
For Mods.
9:22 AM
@TheLethalCarrot i had a hard time following the above conversation
or i should just read all 2600 meta questions
Nah don't, you get to 500 then decide this is a waste, then everything changes, and people don't believe you and everything goes to crap.
btw - it's not bad etiquette to go dupe-hunting is it?
No, but don't do more that like 20 in a day, because then I'm capped out of closing questions so I can't vote on them anymore.
(That is a joke^)
Well you don't want to use all your CVs on old questions
9:33 AM
I serve the people, not myself.
the CV ratio is per day?
Ye 20 per day
Up to 100 flags per day
Up to 20 Delete votes per day.
ok ok
Hey with whom was I talking about crows and ravens yesterday?
Napoleon and Rand I think
oh okay
I have a good thing on crows ahah
Six corbeaux, spécialement dressés pour le ramassage des mégots et des déchets, participent depuis lundi au nettoyage du parc de loisirs du Puy du Fou. #AFP https://t.co/leKtERhQLK
9:38 AM
@Jenayah Oh yeah, I've read that.
Crazy good idea.
"Six crows trained to pick up cigarette butts in a medieval entertainment park"
Hey, I understood that. My French ain't half bad.
So yeah Crows > Ravens
And I didn't have to rob the bar car to learn it, either.
9:39 AM
Poke @Randal'Thor @NapoleonWilson see above ;D
Dirty smokers
Also, I'm into lockpicking. Corbeau lockpicks.
@TheLethalCarrot This one looks like a Game of Thrones cast-off...
@SQB they look more like ibises...
9:41 AM
@Jenayah Heh, that's awesome!
Told ya they're super smart!
(Or maybe I didn't, but they totally are.)
@NapoleonWilson Pretty sure you were vouching for ravens :p
Well, they're quite similar. But sure, ravens are even cooler.
On est les plus forts. On nique la planète et les animaux et apres on les dresse pour ramasser nos merdes hahaha 😂😂😂 https://twitter.com/afpfr/status/1029445301210435584
"We're the best. We fuck up our planet and the animals, and then we train 'em to fix our shit ahah"
(in response to the above tweet with the crows)
or is that post too old too
Well, in the sense that it's irreversible maybe.
9:49 AM
@Jenayah cool logo, though.
But, it leaves a definite history of the merge and doesn't delete the old question (well, not right away, it might get auto-deleted later).
@SQB agreed
@Hend Uh...doesn't that very same post already say how they made it less dangerous?
Reminds me of that crow skull Cuthbert Allgood used to carry around with him in the worst part of the Dark Tower series.
yeah. but it seems like it nukes comments to the victim of the merge
i guess "preserve all info" and other ideas have some conflict
audit trail on wikipedia merges isnt great either. there was a site revamp on memory-alpha and i lost credit for a bunch of stuff i did
but oh well
Meh, comments. ;-)
10:05 AM
Comments are only useful when you're able to bellow rock classics with your fellow users.
10:19 AM
@Edlothiad Yeah, seriously, why would people try to point us towards things and stuff? We've been there for quite a time already. We don't need no education.
10:34 AM
We don't, especially not thought control. But I guess some people don't realise we want no dark sarcasm in the classroom...
Kind of agree that they might think of us as kinds and themselves as teachers, but hey, teachers, leave them kids alone.
Ah well, all in all, it's just another brick in the wall...
11:05 AM
Yeah we kind of ended this one didn't we
Soooo... We're leaving ‚Äčtogether?
Ask me to dinner first... sheesh
I don't think we're talking about the same song... ;D
It would probably have been a more appropriate response to call it a farewell still.
Eh, maybe we'll come back
Hard to tell, though. But it's not like that's anyone else's fault anyway.
11:17 AM
Well yeah, but I don't know if the situation will ever be the same again.
Look, I know you'll miss Earth. Who wouldn't? But you have to see the bright side of it. The people on Venus are probably already expecting us and preparing a nice welcome.
But it's so far away! We're talking so many light years!
But think of all the awesome things to be found there!
TO BE FOUND THERE, for god's sake! \o/
So when are we leaving, do we have a deadline or something?
Yes, the final countdown is almost up!
Why do you think I'm pressing you to a decision so much?
11:39 AM
Damn, like, today? I can't believe the news. Today...
@Jenayah Also, that post isn't available as a duplicate choice because it has no answers. You should get a message that says: This question does not have an upvoted or accepted answer.
Yes, today. Closing your eyes won't make that go away either.
@Alex Yeah, this sucks. Usually have to issue a custom moderator flag when that happens.
But... How long do we have to repeat that? I mean, we could be united, just tonight...
(Wow, that's quite a depressing one.) ;-)
@NapoleonWilson What would a custom flag do?
11:45 AM
@Alex Tell the moderators to duplicate-close. They're not bound to that stupid restirction with existing answers.
@NapoleonWilson well sure but it's a classic :p
Sure sure.
I...admit I had to google the words, though. I'm not that firm on U2. ;-)
Don't know them by heart either, and the proper lyrics + Thesaurus tab make for a funny story ahah
@NapoleonWilson I didn't know moderators could bypass that. But it would seem odd for a question to be closed, with a message saying: This question already has an answer here when there isn't actually an answer here.
@Alex True. But it's even odder to have two independent but equal questions without answers.
11:51 AM
I wouldn't put too much focus on what the message actually says
@TheLethalCarrot I would think it would be pretty important. A new user asks a question which gets closed and it tells him that his question has an answer somewhere else. When he follows the link he finds no answers. What exactly is he supposed to think?
If you can find an example, we can begin to worry about it.
@TickerFeed Well, do they even have an air force?
Although what is he to think?
"Guess this has been asked before, guess they didn't have an answer then either"
@Edlothiad I could create an example by following @NapoleonWilson advice to issue a custom flag.
11:55 AM
On a question that's already closed as a dupe?
@Alex I think he means find a question that's a duplicate of an unanswered one first.
They'd follow the chain in that case
The case under discussion (if you scroll up about 100 comments) is where potentially A is a duplicate of B and B is a Duplicate of C but A is not a duplicate of C.
And B has no answers.
The flag would say that the duplicate should be switched from C to B.
Well, I was more talking about the general case. Of course in practice this site's...special...duplicate policies come into play, too.
I know what the case is. I've read the discussion.
11:58 AM
Your letter example already looks like I don't really want to know what's going on there. ;-)
I closed A as a duplicate of C. Seemed to cover the details sufficiently when I read it.
The duplicate can be switched from C to B, sure.
@Edlothiad Permalink for those who haven't
12 hours ago, by Alex
This is not asking what the room's limits are, but asking why Harry doesn't frequently use it. How is this a duplicate of a question that asks what the limits are when this question explicitly states that this is not what is being asked here? None of the answers to the other question address why the room isn't used more often for the things that are within its limitations. — Alex 1 min ago
The user will be like "Ok the dupe is at B"
The user would then go to B
Then the user would see "This is a dupe of C"

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