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1:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer (173): What would be the effects of warp collisions? by user106815 on scifi.SE
1:40 AM
@SmokeDetector That could possibly be construed as an actual answer to certain questions.
Q: Older scifi about marooned ship in medieval type area

BradSaw part of it in the 80's, think it was made in the 70's. A group is marooned and find an older saucer type ship stuck in a tree that has also been marooned but for a longer time. Someone is living in it and the ship is good all except for a power source. His comrade disappeared a long time ago ...

@Alex no no no no no no no no no
@Jenayah Why does this remind me of:
Oct 31 at 8:15, by Jenayah
> NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2:20 AM
Q: Where does Tolkein talk about hybridization of humans and other beings, in "On Fairy Stories"?

MalandyWhere does Tolkien talk about hybridization of humans and other beings, in "On Fairy Stories"? I just re-read it, and can't find the spot. Is it just a small mention, related to the Frog Prince or something? I got the info from TVTropes's info on the essay: Heinz Hybrid: He mentions this, ...

2:56 AM
Q: 1950's movie includes the line "How about Pi?"

uhoh1950's (?) black and white movie, husband and wife scientists have radio in their home picking up transmissions possibly from Mars. Their kid says "How about Pi?" (the number) while eating a piece of pie, suggesting that the number Pi be used as a code to check if the signals are intelligent by t...

3:29 AM
@Alex And I can now confirm from experience.
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6:11 AM
Q: Can the Doctor mentally manipulate his sonic screwdriver or otherwise remotely control it?

Linwood ShermanEssentially this. Having seen the Doctor seemingly need to use his hands to manipulate the sonic screwdriver, I was wondering if the Doctor could instead utilize it via just his mind or some other form of remote control to use the sonic instead, so he isn't so vulnerable if somehow denied the abi...

Q: Story about a vast, telepathic, amoeba-like creature that covers an entire planet

plasticinsectThis was a short story or novella I read in the 1980s, probably written in the 1970s. I think it was part of some sort of anthology. The story was written in the manner of a historical account, with the main focus on descriptions of events. There was comparatively little dialog or character devel...

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8:24 AM
Q: Is Klingon version of Google consistent with Star Trek canon?

Newt ScamanderThere's a Klingon version of Google in existence: https://www.google.com/?hl=xx-klingon It doesn't translate all words, but if I talk only about translated words, are they in accordance with Star Trek canon?

8:54 AM
Q: Which SFF movie or TV series first showed Hitler?

Newt ScamanderHitler is very famous in fiction world and SFF is no exception. For example, Captain America Comics has shown Hitler countless times since early 40s. But, I am only interested in the movie and TV series. Some examples: In the episode Let's Kill Hitler of Doctor Who (2005), Hitler was shown. In ...

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11:08 AM
Q: Who is this sexual fantasy of Wolverine?

Terry McGinnisI stumbled upon a YouTube video about weird marvel sexual encounters: Where he shows a panel where Emma Frost discovers Wolverine sexual fantasies: Correct me if I am wrong left to right these women are: Mystique, Emma Frost, Squirrel Girl, ???????? and Jewel...

@SmokeDetector fp
@SQB You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
Yeah, I know. Haven't seen Mith in a while, though.
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1:07 PM
Q: Book, short story

PytyI few years ago I was reading a lot of Poe literature and I think that this story may be written by Poe but I am not completely sure. Universe : Past or oresent Not future World is split in to two group : 1 immortal slaves 2 mortal masters with some supernatural powers. With this powers they can...

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3:00 PM
for that unaccepted (but confirmed in comments) story-id answer to rise to the top: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/194369/98028
3:13 PM
@Jenayah It's already at the top.
Scratch that. It's a tie.
Now it's at the top.
@Alex :P
@Jenayah But now I'm all out of love.
already used the daily 40?
@Jenayah No. Don't think I ever have. But I can be out of love without being out of votes.
3:28 PM
Which is kind of strange, because I remember once being unable to vote on Meta posts because I had already used up my votes, but I don't have the badge.
During the JMHPblablabbla whatever you called it.
3:49 PM
:P (again)
You might soon run out of :Ps.
4:15 PM
Nope :P
Or worse, (expelled) you might get me to start using them.
We'll see!
4:40 PM
Wow Jor-El is alive now
So who left to come back now Uncle Ben?
And wow wolverine have weird love interest, I was searching for spiral but got way more then that
Reading Oz Effect?
4:55 PM
Watching short summary of Superman rebirth arc
It's too weird don't know why people like it
5:15 PM
People liked Oz Effect?
It was absolute garbage
Absolute Garbage is a greatest hits album by rock band Garbage, released on July 23, 2007. The album was compiled and released by Geffen's imprint Almo Sounds through Universal Music Enterprises back catalogue division in North America and by A&E Records throughout the rest of the world. It was released while Garbage were on "hiatus" following the band's one-off reformation to perform at a benefit concert early in the same year.The album includes remastered versions of 16 of the band's singles which run chronologically in the track listing, as well as a brand-new track, specially recorded for the...
@Alex partially related, actually
@Jenayah Really? I just googled "absolute garbage" and that was the top result.
@Jenayah No I mean peopel liked rebirth and I am tryin to find why
well Garbage is actually pretty much garbage
Hey some Rebirth titles are good
Some... Aren't
5:22 PM
@Jenayah which
There are three joker
batman is god
So many superman I lost track
first Wonder Woman run was pretty good
Flash is irregular but still good
Superman's father is more powerful then mizfix
Superman is shit
Green Lanterns is meh
Batman/Detective Comics are the best
5:23 PM
But atleast superman is married so DC's no one will marry rule is broke
@AnkitSharma Batman #50... -____-
@Jenayah did they resolve three joker arc ?
not yet
as far as I've read at least
I'm one month behind, something like that
And did Batman is married to catwoman ?
She f*cking ran away
For the same old "Batman can't be Batman if he's happy" trope
5:26 PM
So Wonder Woman/Superman love story is non canon now? As uncle supermna merged with current superman blue/red light shit?
Issue #50 was teased for so long and they effing pulled this trope out of their rear ends again
@Jenayah They ruined Batwoman due to it and still didn't learned lesson
@AnkitSharma canon doesn't mean much anymore
And who was that fake fire superman?
which one?
(sorry, watching something else at the same time)
5:37 PM
@Jenayah some guy with supernova power claim to be superman and who helped Clark White location get reveled when new 52 superman died figting this supernova superman
Superman from another Earth
Ohh expected that
Such a disapointed crap arc I watsed my time on
Zod had a good son, new 52 zod don't have son, rebirth zod son is evil and from alternate timeline
Green arrow rebirth is normal
Time for flash
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7:10 PM
Why are there so many instances of "Deathly Hollows"?
Q: Was there hope for these characters in The Lost Boys?

Sophie the Jedi KnightThis question has been tearing my family apart so I'd like some help. In The Lost Boys, Michael is turned into a vampire by David and his crew. It is revealed that, like Star and that little kid, Michael is not a full vampire yet as he has not committed his first kill. His brother Sam reads a ...

1 hour later…
8:34 PM
Q: Story identification: science fiction novel with forced sex change

Stuck in my headI'm trying to identify a book I read somewhen in the 90s. It was a far future story with spaceships, interstellar travel, a rebellion and similar generic sci-fi elements. What made it somewhat unique was the use of partial or full sex changes during the course of events. People were sex-changed ...

Q: Help me find the name of a book series about a boy bonded to a phoenix

Exact ChangeIt was about a boy who is sort of bonded to a Phoenix. He can communicate telepathically with her. He goes on some sort of quest and meet some other kids who are bonded with these other magical creatures: a sabre tooth tiger, a winged wolf, a giant snake. The kid bonded with the snake was not qu...

8:49 PM
Q: From where is this scene of black goo escaping a lab container?

toddmoThere was a scene from a sci fi horror video, not animated, don't know if it's movie or TV series, where there was this black goo in a glass container and some scientists were looking at it in a microscope. The pitch black goo grew and grew so fast, eventually breaking out of the inner box and ...

9:12 PM
@Marvin you'd thought this'd be easy...
Boy has some relationship to a phoenix and there's an evil guy with a giant snake? Harry Potter and the Camber of Secrets? :D (just kidding) — Jenayah 21 secs ago
@Jenayah The boy with the phoenix is Dumbledore, the one with the snake is Voldemort, the one with the wolf is Lupin, and the one with the sabre tooth tiger is Hermione (It was either a very big cat or quite a small tiger.) Also, the tiger could be Mrs. Weasley (Mrs. Weasley was marching across the yard, scattering chickens, and for a short, plump, kind-faced woman, it was remarkable how much she looked like a saber-tootheed tiger.)
Yeah, it's definitely CoS.... :D
That makes the second such story-identification in the last week:
Oct 28 at 21:32, by Alex
@Jenayah Well just going by the title, the answer could be Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
oh look I spotted a ":P"
@Jenayah Where?
9:29 PM
Just here ^^
oh look there's another one!! :P
I'm confused.
You're referring to your own ":P"s that you're deliberately writing just to say you saw a ":P"?
Yeah :P
I thought that I had somehow used one without realizing.
9:34 PM
Q: Amazing Fantasy 15 homage covers

Kurt MasseI've been collecting AF 15 homage covers after reading your article. Are all the covers shown actual comics? I can't find the Concrete or LOP covers anywhere. Thanks for your help.

Q: Reference to a 'haunted asteroid' in Rendezvous with Rama

wcullenIn Rendezvous with Rama, Commander Bill Norton makes the following comment: “The Haunted Asteroid”: why had that phrase popped up from the depths of memory? Then he recalled a silly story he had read years ago, but thought it best not to ask Rodrigo if he had ever seen it. He doubted if the o...

scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197935/98028 good catch by a new user, worthy of an upvote.
@Jenayah That clip looks very familiar. I think there might be another question/answer about this.
@Alex dunno, but hard to search for [story-id] species is:a... bunch of results
@Jenayah Well I know I've never seen the movie, yet I knew what would happen at the end of the clip.
Conclusion: it was linked in another post here.
oh nevermind
I thought you had found it
9:45 PM
No, but I remember seeing it.
I dunno, searching for sil species doesn't return anything
Sil is the mutant woman
so you'd thought she'd be mentioned in the answer/question
even just sil doesn't yield much
I don't even know what sil is.
The mutant woman, main character of the movie
It appears in Movies though
Q: Looking for a movie about a beautiful shapeshifting woman that seduces men

ashura91There is a beautiful woman who can shapeshift into a monster. I think she was created in a lab or something. She has blonde hair, and is tall and slim. There were a group of people looking for her. One of them has supernatural powers I think. In other scene, I remember she was seducing men to ha...

@Jenayah Interesting. I've rarely visited there, and the answers there don't have the clip, so that wouldn't have been where I remembered it from.
I have no idea but I'm curious now
9:49 PM
I mean I could be losing my mind.
But as soon as the clip started I recognized it and I knew the guy would say "I have to follow protocol".
And that's what he ended up saying.
Then again this scene is so cliché you can bet a kidney someone will say something about having to follow protocol
(not necessarily one of your kidneys, but you can bet a kidney)
@Jenayah Yeah, but I wasn't predicting it; I was remembering it.
you sure you might not have stumbled upon the movie some day?
Aug 20 at 21:30, by Alex
Perhaps another English question: How far apart are very,very, very, unlikely and almost certainly not?
Somewhere in that range.
9:55 PM
Besides, I had no idea what was actually happening in the movie.
alien mutations
people die
sexy scenes
lab experiment gone wrong
I mean just by reading a blurb I think you've already seen all that there is to see in the movie :D
Q: Looking for YA Horror Anthology Title(s) [2010s or older]

theredchrysanthemum I'm looking for a horror anthology book that is aimed at young adults or older. Not really sure when it was published but I would say before or around the early 2010s. Among the stories was one with a group of kids that go camping but their camping site has a serious mosquito infestation. Unfort...

10:34 PM
Q: Do the Dragonlance Gods really want balance?

Rick KSo the cataclysm was sent by the gods because the king priest demanded the power to destroy evil. Because of his arrogance and ignorance of the need for balance its posited that all the gods did this. So why does Takhisis keep trying to rule the world? Wouldn't that throw the balance out of whack...

for that very good catch on a story-id: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/197927/98028 (it's buried down under John's answer now... :/ )
11:03 PM
Q: What was Stilgars Sietch name?

SeamusthedogWhat was or did Stilgar have a Sietch name? Was the fact he was a Naib mean he did need or use one? I don't recall other character being referred to with their Sietch name other than Muad'dib.

11:48 PM
Q: How spells work in terms of aiming in Harry Potter

Aud-YerkzyDo you all think spells follow an object/being or do they go in a straight line. I am strictly talking about spells that are a jet of light coming out of the wand. I know some spells (Stupefy for example) Are a jet of light that go in a straight line (unless maybe manipulated or rebounded) but do...

@Jenayah Argh, now I have disproved myself.
then don't give love, give kudos
apostrophe is messing with your tag
still messing
Oh. I thought it was the length.
11:53 PM
nah it's the apostrophe
And now I can't spell...
Oooohhhh, another experiment!
Oct 16 at 22:26, by Jenayah
It's for SCIENCE!

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