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6:00 AM
oops :)
that one IS homogeneous
@Rubio yeah
I was going to make a clue for the same word :p
i take it Alconja is the same
6:00 AM
..we can synchronise better next time and get all three of us at once
Bisexual grid?
I'm off now
Bye Anko
Um... Contact @Tech But...
6:04 AM
@Techidiot contact (...but stretching both meaning and my confidence on actual existence of words)
No problems until its solved
No idea. passing.
My guess is HOMOGRAPH. Because grid=Graph. I don't think bisexual is same as "HOMO".
i had homograph
6:06 AM
yeah that's kinda terrible. :)
You both got it. So, it worked :-)
Rubio defending: H O M O G E
Verb of Ankoganit's previous clue
processing cows milj
6:07 AM
contact @tech
processing cows milk
close enough. the word is HOMOGENIZED
Ah.. I'm on cell. Its rough
you're up, @tech
I ll be AFK for a couple of hrs..
You guys continue
6:09 AM
I'm about to go to bed, so
i'm off in 10 too
My time is up. Good day(Or night,whatever) all.
Should I schedule this time next week?
7:15 AM
boboquack has added an event to this room's schedule.
9 hours later…
4:35 PM

The defender is thinking of a secret word. This word must be Scrabble-legal - see https://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/53490?m=39476634#39476634. They reveal the first letter of it (and will later be forced to reveal more).
Their goal is to last as long as they can by "defending" against people guessing the word.

Everyone else in the game is an "attacker".
They give clues to words starting with the revealed parts of the word. For instance, if the defender has given up COM so far, clues may be for COMPUTER or COMA.
@Deusovi Couple things otherwise I think it makes sense to me
Shouldn't it be: Once the defender gives up on a clue, if any attackers have 'made contact' with the clue, they can say the answer. (Each attacker only gets one guess.)
If any of the attackers' guesses are correct, then the attack "hits".
[attackers] give clues to words or phrases
Well they're still attackers aren't they? They haven't become the defender?
(from the quora post)
The [attackers] can use any word they want, including phrases and proper nouns. They are welcome to give obscure clues that the [defender] [...] is expected to know, but doesn't for some reason. No advanced math if you're playing with 8th graders! And no asking me about Pokemon if you've already used two Pokemon clues and have established that I know nothing about the subject.
I think those points are really worth mentioning. The attackers shouldn't give clues that are merely objectively difficult, as then nobody contacts anything and the game grows stale quickly. They should give clues that they hope other attackers will guess, but the defender won't.
That's helpful.. but still doesn't answer my question XD
4:49 PM
Oh. Yes, you're right about that; "defender" should be "attacker" in a couple places there huh.
Okay I just wanted to clarify.. because you all confirmed that you don't just swap positions when 'contact' is made
that and guesses up on a clue just made no sense, I figured it was supposed to be gives up
@n_palum Yep, that's right. Fixed, thanks!
But not the gives up bit?
5:03 PM
Clearly he doesn't give up, only guesses up (not down or left or right)
Oh my mistake
5:33 PM
...Whoops, fixed that too
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