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11:18 AM
The Area 51 page isn't looking great in terms of views now
Under 100
12:00 PM
@BenceKaulics did you have any luck with the LinkedIn group?
I have successfully joined the groups with the most members. But have not posted yet.
Working on a good itroduction so I won't e thrown out as a spammer.
@BenceKaulics good idea, if you want a second opinion feel free to ask
Maybe I will ask for review.
"The most important one is that the ‘PROMOTIONS’ section has disappeared." Pinned post from last year. Unfortunately LinkedIn removed the proper way of advertising in a group.
@BenceKaulics I think it's less advertising and more sharing the site so people know it's there
If you want inspiration this might be helpful: reddit.com/r/homeautomation/comments/5hy0is/…
Looks promising.
12:07 PM
The trouble is that after about a day a Reddit post will be seen by pretty much no-one
Not like SE where questions/answers get bumped by various things
12:20 PM
@Aurora0001 How much should I rephrase your text?
It is quite good as it is now.
@BenceKaulics as much as you need to - probably best not to use it exactly the same because that will look like spam :P
I would get rid of the tl;dr bit for LinkedIn; it's mainly a reddit thing
Yes, I certainly will repharse it. And OK tl;dr is not necessary then.
12:58 PM
I have posted in one of the groups. Let's see what happens before I post in the others.
Yeah, good idea; hopefully it'll go well
Upvoted that
Updated my answer on IoT meta.
Also, might be worth keeping an eye on the tag on Stack Overflow for questions that we could migrate
Good idea.
It's not much use while we're in private beta but I can always comment on ones that might work well here
1:54 PM
I go and subscribe for that tag so I can keep on commenting about us.
This question could definitely be migrated if we were public:
Q: Turn Philips HUE Lights on When the Ambient Light is Below X

TrentI have Philips HUE Lights throughout my office and I've been trying to find a way to get them to turn on when it gets below a set lux / ambient light luminous so we don't have to wait till some realises its way too dark and turn them all on. It would be far better if they supplemented the lightin...

9 days left (at a minimum) though in private beta
1088 question tagged with IoT, wow.
But yes pretty much is about programming.
I don't understand how the suggested edit counter is supposed to work now
I submitted 2 tag wiki edits
and it's showing "3" on the edit counter
Well, I should say 'review counter', I think it counts everything
But there isn't anything for me to review at all
And now it's zero after my 2 edits were approved
2:14 PM
Did you read Helmar's meta post about it?
yeah, it just seems strange that it counted 3
I assume it might have been a reopen vote item that I'd already voted to reopen before so I wasn't eligible
That counter is just beyond useless^^
8.6 questions and <100 views
We neeeed to go public beta
@Helmar honestly I think January 2017 is most likely at this rate
The SE team will probably be inactive over the Christmas period
My bet is Tuesday 3rd January 2017
Because they like launching things on Tuesdays it seems
Yeah, otherwise they would be picking pro-tems and then just leave them alone because all the SE guys are on holiday :)
1 Like for my LinkedIn post.
2:25 PM
@BenceKaulics better than none!
At least there's no downvote equivalent on LinkedIn
Can you link it or is there a login barrier to see it?
I think you have to join the group first. But here is a link.
Yeah, login only
Yes, that is the other thing. So login and join the group, pretty complicated.
Meh, I don't think anyone will invite the fake account I just created^^
2:31 PM
I do not know if the admins approve all join request or it is enough a simple invitation by me.
But there are 93000 group members so maybe they do not care much.
So you can invite into the group?
That's my amazing fake profile
I see, and yes the name seems really fake. :D
"Alternative Medicine" hahaha
First in the list :)
If anyone asks you're developing internet-connected herbal remedies :P
2:37 PM
Exactly with residue free dissolving network modules on each tea leaf :)
Maybe you should be my connection.
Maybe, but I don't wanna spoil your profile if you are using an actual one
But if you do not mind I won't add your fake profile. ^^
2:41 PM
2:52 PM
So we need 2 votes for our ads on EE, Super User and RPi
And 4 votes for Home Improvement
Then we can take advantage of about 10 days worth of ads before the 2017 ad thread starts :P
3:16 PM
Holy shit, that was a fast up vote
Well, that was a good answer :P
Only 3 unanswered questions now as well
Yeah, the answer rate is very nice
1 of those is waiting for clarification from the OP as well
So answer rate has gone nicely above 90%, and views have gone annoyingly under 100/day
Questions dropped well below 10 as well
@Helmar yeah, I'll have to think of a couple for today if I can
Unfortunately I don't have an infinite supply of questions, so I'm trying to do only 1 per day to save my ideas
Fundamentally, the problem is this: we need more users :P
I could always share at the /r/amazonecho subreddit, but it might seem a bit spammy for my last 2 reddit posts to be promotions for the same site
3:26 PM
I can post there
That'd be pretty good - did you see the quantcast graph I posted earlier?
I strongly suspect the spike on December 12th is from Reddit
The only issue is the users came but didn't stay mostly
In more positive news, we're near 500 registered users
Likely, yeah. Combined with Monday mornings where nobody wants to work and everyone just opens SE :D
@Helmar hahaha definitely true
I never realised how much traffic SO lost on weekends
I hadn't seen it as graph either
Shows how many people are using SO for their job :P
AI Stack Exchange don't seem to be doing well - look at the 90 day graph:
1 massive spike
then nothing
3:35 PM
I'll adapt your reddit post if you don't mind
For the Echo reddit
Not a problem, just be aware some people may subscribe to both
So if they're too similar it may look like spam
Anyway, I'll be away for an hour or so, but feel free to ping me and I'll read things when I get back.
3:47 PM
Hopefully I didn't miss anything big with my first reddit post ever :D
4:16 PM
@Helmar it got caught in the spam filter
shows as [removed] to me
If you look on the sidebar
you should see a 'message the mods' option
you should be able to send them a message asking for it to be removed from the spam filter
Where do I see that it has been flagged for spam?
Or deleted for that matter
It's impossible for you (while logged-in) to tell
If you open an incognito tab and go to it, you'll see what I mean
It is almost certainly the spam filter, because it got my post too
Ok, I see
What do I write the mods? Are there magic words to mention?
Not really, just something like this will work:
"Hi, I just posted a thread recently but it seems to have been caught by the spam filter. Here is the link: ____. Could you take a look?"
Ok, I'll do that
4:34 PM
On a positive note, at least our beta isn't going as badly as Moderators
0.3 questions per day
27 views per day
That's pretty much just dying slowly
Yeah, the content that's there is good though
It's worth reading this:
Q: How can I promote my site/forum?

hichris123As a moderator on a young Stack Exchange site, I've been wondering how I can promote my site. This is a general question, so it shouldn't be Stack Exchange specific. Many forum moderators face this question, too. I don't want to go to places like Reddit and just spam links all over the place. Bu...

They went almost a week without any question between Dec. 06 and 13th
Yeah, we don't want IoT to be like that
This one's also a good read:
Q: How to attract experts of the field to my community?

bluefeetI'm a moderator on a brand new site, how can I help drive expert users to it? This will help grow the community as well as improving the content on the site.

@Aurora0001 since we've got both those questions on our meta, would you like to write up additional answers citing the best of those two linked?
4:39 PM
@Ghanima can do, just reading some other relevant threads as well
I am on mobile, everything is cumbersome
5:06 PM
A: Where can we get more Subject Matter Experts?

Aurora0001I've done some further research around this question, because it is almost certainly the most important question of this beta. I can summarise almost all the sources and opinions I've read into three simple words, though, despite this being an enormously complex topic: content is king. The arti...

@Helmar looks like your post got removed from the spam filter
Apparently mod restored it about 5 minutes ago according to my inbox
I've upvoted it though so let's hope it goes well
Yeah, we need tons of biased upvotes
There's also a Smartthings subreddit where we can post something in another week ;)
Yeah, it might be best to wait a little bit in between
I'm a bit hesitant to post there because one of the new users who joined seems to be a mod there
5:21 PM
Well maybe we can ask him in a while if he'll make a post there.
@Helmar yeah, hard to contact him though unless he comes on chat
That's true
Could always message him on Reddit though
Yeah, of course, that's possible
The 'greatest hits' are looking... not great
In other positive news:
- the lowest voted answer is 0 (which means no-one has a negative answer score)
- the Community user nuked some of the worst questions
plus one more upvote until I get the totally useful power of synonymising
except you need 4 others to upvote your synonym proposal
and only Helmar has that privilege at the minute
5:29 PM
Eh, no voting on synonyms is not based on 1250
It's worse, it's about score in the tag
Which means that functionality is basically useless
You have to have some rep in that tag and have 4 others upvote the suggestion
Yeah, on ELU almost all tag synonyms are created by mods because even for clear cut synonyms with lots of questions we can't find enough eligible people to vote on them
It would make much more sense to scale it down to 2 users approving (or just not bother) for beta
Just look at that barrage of diamonds: english.stackexchange.com/tags/synonyms
Mostly diamonds, yeah (but there are a few of yours)
After tag synonyms, there's another useful privilege: protecting questions
Something I'll never need to do
5:49 PM
Protecting questions is not as cool as it seems
Doesn't Community just do it anyway when it's really needed?
Other than that it just deters new users
Which is not what we need :P
Community does after a certain number of answers has been deleted
Sometimes it is useful though
Hoooray! 1251 rep now
I had my moment of being ahead of Helmar, but he's now nearly 100 rep ahead
I'm winning in badges though
The sad thing is I'll probably just get near 2000 rep by the time we leave private beta
then the rep requirements will double
Oh well, it's worth it :P
@Helmar looks like your post had 2 upvotes and 1 downvote on reddit so far
And on reddit you upvote yourself by default
6:07 PM
@Aurora0001 Oh no!
Although it's hard to earn badges right now
Nothing gets enough votes really
@Helmar yeah, I'm not really far ahead anyway
Doing 1 review (your first one in each queue) gets you a bronze badge
And getting 10 upvotes on a question gets you a bronze badge
Seems like a bit of a disconnect to me
But the second is awarded multiple times
That's true
There are two types of bronze badges
The ones that nudge users to try site functionalities and the ones that honor minor contributions
Yeah, I've noticed a lot of the 'easy' ones
Like reading the tour
6:11 PM
Autobiographer ;)
@Helmar that too, yeah :P
6:49 PM
1750 protect questions :)
Totally useful with about 100 visits a day
7:00 PM
Is edge-device a sensible tag?
Aren't all IoT devices edge-devices
Not sure what the point of it is - one user seems to tag all their questions with it
@Helmar thanks for the edit, no idea how I wrote that :P
I think your link on /r/amazonecho may have worked since a lot of users who joined recently have no other SE sites registered
"Both of them are pretty common, so finding sensor would be a problem IMO."
Are they common or uncommon? If they are common, why is finding a sensor a problem?
@Aurora0001 Yeah, at least 6 1 rep users
The Quantcast stats tomorrow will be the best indicator
Oh dear... "7.6
per day"
Here's an interesting idea
Can IFTTT be connected to the Stack Exchange API?
7:15 PM
Might be an interesting question
Or at least part of the process will make a good question
There's been a lot of voting activity recently
I'm pretty sure these are from new users
Well if the new users are from the Echo subreddit, they are not voting on my Echo related stuff ;)
My echo question seems to have got a lot of votes for what it is
@Helmar Forgot to add a "not" fixed it.
7:36 PM
@BenceKaulics I thought so, wasn't entirely sure though
7:53 PM
@Helmar I think you broke reddit...
"2 points (76% upvoted)
4 votes"
It's impossible to have 76% upvotes with 4 votes isn't it?
Should be 75 surely
It's a shame though, they used to show vote totals properly (e.g. 1000 up, 500 down)
Now they don't for some reason
Wasn't that the new algorithm that Randall Munroe suggested
Oh no, that was the sort algorithm
It used to be a Stack Exchange-style order by score
now it's the "hot" sort
8:09 PM
Going for Strunk & White @Helmar?
@Aurora0001 Not really, that's just an ancillary effect
Fair enough, they're good edits nevertheless :P
Also, 3 questions until we hit 100!
Nice, 100 is a good milestone
Q: How to instruct Google Home to play YouTube videos from *my* playlists

SlavEverytime I ask Google Home to play a YouTube video, it searches for (seemingly) random playlists that may contain that video... sometimes it doesn't. I have my own playlists, with a specific video. How do I instruct Google Home to play a video from my YouTube playlist? Edit: Requests I've tri...

That question is only very implicitly about chromecast, is it?
I would keep it to be honest
Or, if you do remove it, make it more explicit in the post body
since it doesn't actually mention Chromecast
I think I'll not edit it out for now
Questions is back to 8.1
8:25 PM
That's not so bad
My question keeps getting buried by all these edits :P
I'm done for now
I'm actually a bit surprised that you could still create the ifttt tag
Why wouldn't I be able to?
No, I mean we are on day 10 and nobody before asked an ifttt question
Oh, I see what you mean
Yeah, doesn't seem as popular as I expected
I can't help but feel like IFTTT want you to store passwords insecurely :P
8:39 PM
I haven't really looked into it yet
8:54 PM
Great you crashed it
ifttt is down
Just as you said that, my browser crashed...
9:23 PM
You need to stop
10:12 PM
Uhm. Just in case that someone reads the transcript later on. I was of course referring to Helmar and Aurora to stop answering as they make it impossible for everyone else to ever catch up.
@Ghanima I wanted to, but the last answer to Auroras Echo question was just plain wrong
10:30 PM
Well then, have fun und gute Nacht

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