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3:34 AM
anyone know where the gamoro is with regards to a tanna and his 2 sons davening for moshiahH, and they were stopped because they would bring him if they would precede davening?
4:32 AM
@Menachem, oh, heh, I guess this is a duplicate, no? — msh210 32 secs ago
I was wondering if this is a bug... in my list of flagged posts is the question that was asked about whether phoenecians are related to jews which was later deleted
I can still see a vote tally in the last of flagged posts
^ [=my last post here] @doubleaa @MonicaCellio @MoriDoweedhYaAgob too (since you commented there)
even though the question was deleted
furthermore, it looks like it might have received some votes since it was deleted
should i be able to see that?
@Daniel Where do you see a list of flagged posts?
@msh210 On my profile, where I can see the list of all of the posts I have flagged
When I click on my number of helpful flags
4:39 AM
@Daniel Hm. I can, but I didn't know you can. And the list I see does not include the Phoenicians question.
@msh210 Did you flag it?
Votes to close do not appear on that list
@Daniel I don't recall. Likely.
I flagged it for deletion, so that's why it appears for me
@msh210 what last post
but if you voted to close, it wouldn't be there
4:40 AM
@Menachem, oh, heh, I guess this is a duplicate, no? — msh210 8 mins ago
@msh210 no this one
@Daniel Ah, yeah, it is there. Do you see the page I linked to?
@msh210 no
@Daniel Okay, then I'll delete the link from the chat room. :-)
@msh210 Should I be able to see that vote tally?
4:43 AM
@Daniel I don't think it can have gotten any votes since deletion.
when I click on the post, I get the 404 message
@msh210 Not even from mods?
@Daniel I doubt it. And I don't see a bug report for it on MSO.
@Daniel Not even.
@msh210 Ok, I guess I'll post one
@Daniel Do you think you could link to it here, please, once you do?
@msh210 sure
4:46 AM
@Daniel Thanks. Good night.
@msh210 good night
4:57 AM
Q: Able to see deleted question vote tally from flag-summary page

DanielI believe that this is probably a bug, although I am not sure. When I go to my flag-summary page, I am able to see links for questions that I have flagged that have since been deleted. If I click the link, I am directed to the 404 page, as I should be; however, I am still able to see the vote tal...

3 hours later…
8:13 AM
May 8 at 15:24, by Charles Koppelman
....I'm starting to miss Ali....
4 hours later…
12:35 PM
@Daniel, @msh210 could it just be a caching or refreshing issue?
@Ali context is everything.
@Daniel, thanks for posting that bug report. To answer a question you asked earlier, nobody can vote on deleted posts, not even mods. In principle a mod who really wanted to weigh in could undelete, vote, and immediately delete again, but that did not happen here. That post picked up downvotes pretty quickly on the road to deletion.
1:20 PM
@SethJ I don't think so. As someone noted on that MSO post, it is highlighted in red to indicate that the page is deleted, and I would expect the vote tally to go away at the same time that the red highlighting shows up
2:07 PM
@msh210 Well that question was given the status-bydesign tag, so I guess that's how it's supposed to be
Seems weird to me
2:23 PM
@Daniel huh, ok. I don't understand the philosophy, but I guess seeing the vote count on a post you've already seen (necessary if you flagged it) isn't that harmful. And I agree that you want some record in your flagging history.
1 hour later…
3:24 PM
@Daniel What's bothering you about it?
3:51 PM
@SethJ Normally I wouldn't be able to see anything about a deleted question
but because I flagged this one, I can still see the vote count
I don't really care either way, it's just surprising to me
Wow, turns out that in the reputation leagues, we are among the only sites whose leaders in reputation for the week, month, quarter, year, and all-time are all different along with Biblical Hermeneutics, Anime & Manga, and Poker
And, assuming the sites are listed in order of site-activity by some measure, we're the highest ranked among those 4 sites
I think that shows that we have a bunch of really solid contributors here
@Daniel Wow. Unix & Linux, TeX, Drupal, and Cross Validated could do with some variety. :-) Oh, and Computer Science, too.
4:07 PM
@Daniel Is this your first flagged post?
@MonicaCellio Yeah it seems like some sites just have one user who is by far the most prolific/consistent
@SethJ No, it's my most recent
4:23 PM
@Daniel yes, I think it's great that we have a different person in each slot.
4:33 PM
@Daniel That means the current biggest user isn't the past biggest user. Which can mean more users are joining or more users are dropping out (or a combination of those). It's not necessarily a good thing.
@msh210 that's true; however, since we are a site with a strong group of regular users, I think it is a good thing
@Daniel yeah, most likely for the most part. But -- I didn't check the leagues, but am guessing Alex is the all-time leader?
@msh210 Yeah he is
Although I think the all-time leader doesn't really tell much
about the current state of the site in either direction
For example, the fact that the leader for the week is different from the leader for the month, which is different from the leader for the quarter is significant
@Daniel Fair enough.
1 hour later…
6:08 PM
Why do we say shalom aleichem when addressing only one person?
Q: Why is "Shalom Aleichem" always plural?

shlomoWhy do we say Shalom Alaichem to one person if Alaichem is plural? Is it saying you and all of the Jews? Is that why it's plural?

I'd argue that none of these are really very convincing answers, though
7:00 PM
Q: 0 rep change summarized as +1

msh210On Alex's reputation list: What gives?

Q: Merge balak tag into parashat-balak tag

Lee FogelIn keeping with the tags for other parshiot (search for 'parashat' on the tags page), can the balak tag be merged into the parashat-balak tag?

7:39 PM
@msh210 do you still see the +1 on Alex's rep page?
@Daniel I see it. I wonder if other people's rep histories are governed by the checkbox for "show negative" (or whatever it is) on your own page too.
sorry, "show removed posts". I don't see that checkbox on Alex's page, but I have it checked on mine and I see the entry for June 9. @Daniel, do you have that set for yourself?
@MonicaCellio I have it checked
I just tried unchecking it, and nothing changed
@Daniel huh, weird. (Well, weird if nothing changed for yourself and your reputation history includes removed posts...)
@MonicaCellio I meant after I unchecked it, I still did not see the +1 on Alex's rep page
@Daniel ok, I guess it's not that, then.
7:56 PM
@MonicaCellio Hello, Monica :)
@Daniel Hi, Daniel :)
@Charlie Hello :)
@Daniel how are you doing?
@Charlie I'm doing well
how are you?
@Daniel I'm fine, thanks
I suspect that using earphones is causing me headaches
8:14 PM
@Charlie oh hi! I didn't notice the ping.
@MonicaCellio no problem :) how are you?
@Charlie doing ok. Sorry to hear about your headaches. :-(
@MonicaCellio ah, it's not intense
@Charlie oh good. Do you need different headphones, or to not be wearing headphones?
@MonicaCellio maybe different ones
8:21 PM
@Charlie good luck. I've no advice to offer; I don't wear headphones much. (For me, music coming straight into my ears makes it harder for me to work, though background music in the room doesn't have that problem. But background music, like from a stereo, isn't practical in a cube farm...)
@MonicaCellio it would be nice to not wear it, but people don't usually like my type of music
@Charlie yeah, getting people to agree on a type and volume of music doesn't work, so if you don't have a private office (or work from home) it doesn't work. For me, headphones with music are worse than just putting up with the noise of my coworkers (though I still wish they would shut up already and let me work, you know? :-) ).
@MonicaCellio heheh yes :)
9:05 PM
@Daniel Yes. [Just catching up on back-read.]
10:00 PM
@Charles your avatar reminds me a Star Wars character

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