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12:00 AM
I decided what to have for pre-fast snack. Apple and honey, of course!
Huh, high load right now on time.is/UTC :-)
@Scimonster ah, good call!
@Scimonster :)
@Scimonster Come on over to TOTM; they've gone mad
DYK, you only get the Mistletoe hat if your message gets starred? < hint, hint >
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 34 secs ago, by Scimonster
Whoever didn't have Sumo Judge yet probably got one now.
You guys have one more minute by my watch to post.
12:04 AM
@Scimonster wow, I didn't know you could see all of chat like that!
OK. Party's over. Go home, everyone.
@IsaacMoses I will, thank you. I need to set the alarm for pre-fast wakeup now...
@Scimonster good night
@Scimonster TZT :)
And yes, i think i will have apples and honey. :)
12:08 AM
@Scimonster 'night!
This just in: hat #27!
(Wonder where @Shokhet's is)
Problem is, it's not really a hat, and looks terrible on me.
@Scimonster Wear it like you wore "I voted Today"'s bow tie
Looks terrible on me too, but it has a shelf in the closet.
I will replace it with a giant frog.
@Scimonster Got it! :)
12:11 AM
OK, changed to bowtie.
Mistletoe and Tam-O-Shanter on MSE with the same posts. :P
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 29 secs ago, by Wrzlprmft
Ah, Sumo Judge, Tam o’Shanter and Mistletoe for five minutes of madness. What am I going to wear?
12:26 AM
@MonicaCellio I'm not often on chat, although I have made some forays. It's certainly fun (and less restricted than J.SE in terms of topicality)
@mods feel free to check the comment moderation queue...
@Daniel You have one extra bronze badge...
@NoachmiFrankfurt definitely less restricted. :-)
@Scimonster I...noticed. But it's time to make dinner now, so it'll be a little while before I tend to it. Meanwhile, keep piling it up.
@Scimonster cool, exactly 6000. :-)
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 7 secs ago, by Scimonster
How about i get someone to come in and star mine and @Shokhet's?
hint, hint
4 way hat tie!!
@DoubleAA is left in the dust...
12:58 AM
@MonicaCellio You're already wearing your resolution hat! that was fast!!
@Shokhet I don't have mine yet?
@Scimonster Did you delete ten comments?
@Shokhet I think so.
@Scimonster I'm working on it, not done yet
Yay, my hat!
1:05 AM
@Scimonster "my hat!"
Now, decache the leaderboard...
@Shokhet Took me a moment.
Having retaken first place, i will go back to sleep.
@Scimonster I should have that low-res hat shortly
TZT for now!
@Scimonster Gnight! Have an easy fast!
@Shokhet Thanks, you too!
1:39 AM
@Scimonster hmpf. (Looks to see what Scimonster has that I don't have...)
Oh right, the iOS hat.
2:11 AM
Nice -- @Shokhet is in line for a 500-point bounty on MSE.
2:26 AM
@MonicaCellio @Scimonster and I won some sort of raffle in TOTM :)
A: How do hats modify users' behavior?

Monica CellioResolution This hat encourages people to delete no-longer-relevant comments, which is good. However, it also encouraged them to remove their side of a conversation and then flag the other side for moderator handling. One comment at a time. All over the place. And only moderators can handle t...

@Shokhet ?
2:53 AM
@Shokhet yeah, I didn't quite realize what I was signing up for when I said to go ahead and flag. :-)
(But it's not just you guys, and not just this site.)
3:26 AM
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2015

Grace NoteThe dawn of a new year, 2015, now approaches, or has already approached, either way it means that it is now time to reset our Community Promotion Ads! What are Community Promotion Ads? Community Promotion Ads are community-vetted advertisements that will show up on the main site, in the right s...

@Scimonster back up already?
@IsaacMoses Fooooood.
And we were out of apples. :(
I, for one, have reversed my downvote on this question. I think it's in decent shape now. — Isaac Moses 1 min ago
If we get 929 going here, that can also be a community ad.
@Scimonster ... or if we think it'd be valuable to the community here, independent of interaction.
3:35 AM
@IsaacMoses But it's currently all in Hebrew...
@Scimonster That's an issue
@Scimonster This guy wants to create an American counterpart. I told him we're getting into that space, and he expressed interest in participating
@MonicaCellio Oh, I didn't start flagging yet; thus far, I've been deleting only my own stand-alone obsolete comments :)
@Shokhet ah. :-)
@MonicaCellio I'm not quite sure either. Someone wanted to get rid of some repz, and chose @Scimonster, me, and one other to give it away to.
@MonicaCellio Be afraid. :P
@Shokhet that's nicael. I don't know what his story is, but he's posted a lot of bounties, and if there's a pattern to the questions he chooses I haven't discerned it yet.
3:50 AM
@MonicaCellio In TOTM, they say he's "allergic to rep" ....he boasted that he gave away 10K rep in bounties.
@Shokhet he does this a lot and sometimes they're large, so it's possible. If you wanted to find out you could go to his profile and add 'em up.
@MonicaCellio You don't need to add them up -- it says right there that it's over 10K
Looks like the hat-induced bounties on Mi Yodeya are fading fast -- one left. A few days ago I saw 12 questions in the bounty list.
@Scimonster oh, ok. (Haven't looked; can you tell? :-) )
@Shokhet We've had behavior like that here, before.
@IsaacMoses that's true. And if one is concerned about making the torah a crown (meaning rep), that'd be a good reason to do it.
3:55 AM
In a matter of minutes, I went from first on the reputation by year list to not even ranked!
For the newer users in the room -- no that's not my insight:
Q: Does "reputation scoring" make "the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with"?

Avrohom YitzchokI apologise in advance if this is not the place to ask this question. Is "reputation scoring" against the spirit of Pirkei Ovos 4 (5) "Rabbi Tzaddok would say: Do not make the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with, ...."

@YeZ I hope you took a screenshot a few hours ago. :-)
@IsaacMoses Oh really? That should be fun.....who should I hit up for bounties? ;-)
@Shokhet I haven't seen the behavior recently, here.
@Shokhet I think the user took a long break after divesting lots of rep.
@MonicaCellio I'm not the screenshot type. I tried to take a screenshot of exactly 21k, but I forgot to paste it anywhere before I copied something else!
3:56 AM
@YeZ You are first!
I'm last. Totally last.
@MonicaCellio Somewhere on MSE, someone claimed to have given away all of his 20K account on Travel before he had to delete his account
With -2.
@Scimonster :P
@YeZ :(
@IsaacMoses Oh well :(
@Shokhet wow.
TZT everyone.
3:57 AM
@Scimonster TZT
צום קל
@Scimonster I didn't cache fast enough I guess.
@Scimonster fast tov!
@MonicaCellio I probably won't be able to find it; IIRC, it was a comment, so not searchable through SE
@Scimonster Same to you, but maybe Mashiach will come before I have to.
3:58 AM
@Shokhet please don't go to effort on my account.
(although I recall checking his profile, and I found that he currently had a 20K account on Travel....he probably came back after or something)
Preserved for posterity for all time here
no screenshot necessary!
@YeZ A coupla thousand "yeyasher kochacha"s right there
@IsaacMoses And quite a few "get back to what your supposed to be working on!"'s
@YeZ You have higher 2014 rep than total rep? Did you start the year with -30?
4:01 AM
@IsaacMoses I asked about this in a meta post.
I just opened the newsletter (late to checking my email), and found something about a cutlass in the top question. Weird.
Q: I seem to have some phantom reputation

YeZThis is pretty innocuous, and I'm more asking out of curiosity, but I seem to have more reputation for the year than I have reputation total. Specifically at the time of this posting, 6012 total and 6032 for the year. Month-by-month, I gained 15 reputation for the year over my total in January,...

A: I seem to have some phantom reputation

YeZAnswer can be found here - downvotes and deleted posts are not counted in your monthly (and I assume yearly) score, but are factored in to the displayed total score.

Now that I've been here a few years, one thing I've come to appreciate is that warm glow when questions I asked on the parsha last year, or the year before, get tickled because they're current again. Torah is cyclical here too, not just in our offline studies.
@YeZ Gotcha. Thanks.
4:03 AM
@Shokhet Also something about being able to see when you do shechitah.
@IsaacMoses I missed this when it happened. Can I assume that little editing mark appeared post Yishai's comment?
....and this unanswered question on the bottom.
@YeZ It turns out that I'm a shoteh.
@IsaacMoses Chortle
@IsaacMoses I've been noticing over the course of Winterbash that you've had some of the niftiest hat placements I've seen around the network. Nice job! And I'm finally remembering to tell you.
4:07 AM
Alright. Gotta get a move on. This is the one chol night of the year that I try to be asleep before midnight. TZT, everyone, and may we all merit to see Jerusalem rebuilt in its proper glory.
@MonicaCellio What about me?!?!
@MonicaCellio :) thanks. I try to buck convention. See my previous message.
@IsaacMoses Amen!
@IsaacMoses TZT and amein!
@YeZ I thought we'd talked about your impressive millinery feats enough for you to have seen my appreciation, but if I've neglected you I do apologize.
@MonicaCellio No I just wanted to be belligerent about it. Mine is probably more the opposite of "nifty placement" and closer to "haphazard placement"
4:15 AM
.....one thing that I'll have to get used to is seeing posts with "'14" on them. ....having only been here less than a year, I got used to deciding that anything with a year number on it was old .....things from yesterday, even today now have a year marker on them!
I'm slightly annoyed about this.
What do I need for that New Year's starred comment hat?
@YeZ Post a message within five minutes (+/-) of UTC New Year's that gets a star
@YeZ Did you post any messages in those ten minutes?
@Shokhet Nope.
@YeZ :(
Now I'm retroactively understanding all the jokes about how much chat activity was going on.
UTC new years was 7:00 pm on east coast?
4:18 AM
@YeZ Yup.
@Shokhet ich bin nisht a hat chaser.
@YeZ Tavern on the Meta was insane -- I got a hat, and a silver badge from that conversation
@YeZ it's true that Isaac's placements are often nifty because they're understated, and that's not something we could accuse you of. :-)
@YeZ I understand the comment, but in the context of Yiddish, the English "chaser" looks too much like "חסר," no?
@Shokhet I'm certainly not חסר hats, now am I?
4:20 AM
@YeZ No, not at all :)
@Shokhet wow, clearly I missed an opportunity. :-)
@MonicaCellio I got the Outspoken badge :)
Also, I found out that there's a daily limit to chat stars -- before now, I wondered why there wasn't :P
@Shokhet limit to how many you can give, or get, or how many comments can get starred?
@YeZ How many you can give; like votes
I think I knew that, but only from hearing about it. :-)
4:24 AM
@MonicaCellio I just flagged 10 legitimately obsolete comments (some of which from deleting my own genuinely obsolete comments). Just pointing it out in light of your meta post. (And to possibly pique your interest enough to go handle some flags :-P)
Looking through old comments:
+1 for a great answer....wish I could give another one for "a parselmouth, בלע"ז" :) — Shokhet Jul 6 '14 at 23:30
@YeZ :P
@Shokhet that annoying year counter, again! :(
@YeZ thanks for the heads-up. I did have the flag queue down to 1...
@MonicaCellio Just curious (possible mod appointment) -- is there a "skip" or "come back to it later" button on the flag queue?
4:27 AM
By the way, a general note: if you find a post where all the comments should go away, or all of them from a certain point onward, then instead of flagging them individually, please drop one flag on the post itself and tell us what's going on. That's a little easier to handle.
@MonicaCellio Never knew that. Will keep in mind.
@Shokhet we can skip around freely within it, yes. It's not like the review queues where you only see one at a time; we can see the whole list.
@MonicaCellio Good to know, thanks! ....a custom flag, right?
@MonicaCellio Got it. Thanks.
@Shokhet yes -- you need to be able to type a message to us.
@Shokhet I had a flag that was hanging around for a few months. For all I know, it still is.
4:29 AM
@MonicaCellio Okay. Thanks!
@YeZ Go to your flag history page and search the word "active;" if it still is, it will show up that way
@Shokhet apparently it was dealt with at some point.
@YeZ here? If so... oops. Sometimes we do let something linger for a little while, particularly if we've taken some action and need to see what followup happens (e.g. asking for an edit), but I don't think we've let things go for months. I hope...
(I've had flags linger for months on some other sites, though.)
@YeZ If you remember the name of the post you could search that also
@MonicaCellio It was a flag that we actually discussed, and no one was sure how to handle it.
@MonicaCellio Someone had responded to my post in another post, but they didn't have enough rep to comment, and their response to my post really was a sort of answer, but they misunderstood my post. And they may or may not have been the author of the work I was quoting in my post.
@YeZ ah. That sounds familiar, yeah. Still, I hope it wasn't really months, even if it might have felt like it. :-)
4:33 AM
Question: are flags kept private for the benefit of the flagger, or for the benefit of the flag handlers? .....IOW, if there's a flag I'd like to discuss openly, and I don't mind discussing it, should I hold back from doing so out of concern for the moderator?
.....been meaning to ask that for a while, but was reminded of it now that flags are under discussion
@Shokhet I think the former.
@Shokhet you are free to reveal your own actions if you like. Mods will not "out" a flagger (we won't say who flagged something), for the same general reasons that the SE software won't show you who downvoted.
@MonicaCellio Okay. Got it.
Wabt when it comes to discussing how a flag was dealt with?
.....I remember a Meta WB post where I asked a question but didn't link to the post in question out of concern for revealing something that shouldn't be revealed
We also want as much stuff to be handled by the community, rather than just us, as is practical -- so if discussing a situation with other users will help make that happen, we all win. Sometimes, for example, the community rallies close or delete votes before a mod even sees it. Or if there's an edit that's needed but you can't make it, bringing it up increases the chances that somebody else will do it.
@Shokhet if you want to publicly ask "why was my flag for such-and-such reason on thus-and-such post declined", you can do that.
@MonicaCellio Okay. When I asked the MWB question, I didn't. Good to know that I could.
Thanks for clarifying that.
4:38 AM
@MonicaCellio @Shokhet but make sure to be as belligerent, rude, and presumptuous as possible.
On Mi Yodeya in particular I think we all also want to be mindful of the flagee here. If there's a problem then we need to fix it, but we want to minimize embarrassment for the person whose problem is about to be fixed.
@YeZ Oh, that goes without saying.
@MonicaCellio That's also true. That's a good point.
gnite y'all. Meaningful fast and whatnot.
@YeZ you too!
4:40 AM
last observation - my weekly rep is creaming my yearly rep!
@YeZ :P
5:23 AM
@YeZ No - @Yishai and @DannySchoemann are also.
5:40 AM
@Scimonster As is sabbahillel ;-)
3 hours later…
8:52 AM
Thief!‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪‪ — Scimonster 22 secs ago
Too much work to write a 6 character comment.
@MonicaCellio @IsaacMoses Except that double parashiyos get two links. (There's a way to link to the list of questions that have two specific tags, but no way AFAIK to link to the list of Qs that have either of two. Do you know differently? That'd be nice for this.)
@Scimonster yep: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Christmas_Story#Subplots cc @MonicaCellio @YeZ @Shokhet
@Scimonster Wow. Thank you!
@Scimonster I've just combined the Vayakhel and P'kude events into one.
9:31 AM
@msh210 You've got those queued up already?
@Scimonster Yep.
9:52 AM
Could anyone help add some specific examples of the Gemara using Greek in interpretations to this question?
Q: Linguistic relationship between Hebrew and Greek

ScimonsterIn the modern linguistic school of thought, are Ancient Hebrew and Ancient Greek related? Hebrew is classified as Afroasiatic->Semitic, while Greek is Indo-European->Hellenic. However, in Jewish tradition, they are considered related. A Sefer Torah (special scroll with the 5 Books of Moses) is a...

@Scimonster "in Jewish tradition, they are considered related"? The facts you quote in that question don't support that assertion AFAICT.
3 hours later…
1:22 PM
I download the pdf from hebrewbooks, but I'm not sure how to find Igros Moshe Yoreh Deah 2:63.
2:02 PM
@Scimonster @msh210 We forgot b a
4 hours later…
6:04 PM
@YeZ Right.
@Scimonster Cool! I always wondered if I could do that. Thanks!
@RobertS.Barnes I don't know if there's a better way to do it, but if I was looking for it, I'd just scroll randomly and guess where it is; you should be able to find it after a bit of trial and error.
Good luck! :)
6:28 PM
@Scimonster yes, @msh210 was very industrious and queued up all of sefer Sh'mot -- thanks! I noticed when I went to test whether external URLs work.
@Scimonster thank you!
7:05 PM
Should this be reclosed as a dupe, then, instead of as unclear, @Shokhet? I think it is now clear. — TRiG 47 mins ago
What do y'all think? @msh210 closed the question, so I guess he deserves a ping.
@TRiG ^^^^
7:27 PM
@Daniel Do you mind if i mess up your perfect 6k?
Let him take a screenshot, first
7:44 PM
@Scimonster Be my guest. I already took a screenshot
@Scimonster you should specify in which direction. :-)
@MonicaCellio :P
It appears that @Scimonster has taken the lead in hats
@Shokhet hey let's not forget @IsaacMoses, also sharing the #1 spot.
8:00 PM
@MonicaCellio I know; @Scimonster and I have been fighting over who's listed higher on the list -- right now, he's taken the lead in our personal competition ;-)
@Shokhet ah. Sorry; I'd missed that.
One of you just needs to earn another hat to settle the question deterministically. :-)
@MonicaCellio :)
@MonicaCellio I might set myself up for the Bill Lumbergh hat over today and the next; we'll see
whine if only there were a bountied question I could actually answer... :-)
Or I knew how to fake up the iOS app, I guess.
(Obviously j/k on both.)
I could always delete one of my answers and undelete it; however, I already said I wouldn't do that :P
Yeah. I went looking and found something that truly did deserve to be deleted, and got the hat thereby, but even if hats can be gamed I don't see the point of actually doing so.
8:17 PM
I'm still planning to get treasure hunter.
@Scimonster on the last day, right? Good luck! Don't mess up. :-) (You're shooting for Fanatic, right?)
@MonicaCellio Yup.
I lost the streak on meta MY 9 days ago. It had been in the 40s.
Currently 97 on MY and MSE.
I thought i had it on SO also, but it seems to have died 13 days ago. :(
I didn't think to do it on meta when I was doing it on main. Nobody's gotten it on meta yet.
8:45 PM
@MonicaCellio I did manage Enthusiast though.
Is this offtopic?
8:58 PM
@Scimonster it's "Jewish life", but it's pretty localized. On the other hand, haven't we had questions about finding camps, learning programs, and maybe other services in specific locations?
@MonicaCellio Could be. I'm really not sure any of them belong...
You could check meta. Or ask, if checking doesn't turn anything up.
@MonicaCellio @MonicaCellio I got the Major Award hat for finding a safrus teacher in Boston
@Shokhet oh right, that was recent! (Hadn't noticed your answer and award; congrats.)
@MonicaCellio Thanks :)
9:03 PM
@Shokhet I know, but i'm still not sure about those. Gonna bring it up on meta. Right now i'm going for my own Major Award. :)
@Scimonster Good luck :)
Q: How can i make the link in my question/ answer open in a new tab/window when clicked on?

hazorizIn mi yodeya, How can i make the link in my question/ answer open in a new tab/window when clicked on? Probably i am asking in the wrong place. What is the right place to ask?

@Scimonster Here, have a hat ;-)
@Shokhet Thanks!
9:40 PM
@Scimonster grumble, grumble :P

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