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12:34 AM
@IsaacMoses Also an incomplete answer:
A: Is a Jew allowed to participate on Christianity.SE?

TRiGIt's important to highlight that Christianity StackExchange has a very different atmosphere to Mi Yodeya. Christianity SE is very much true to its mission of being a Q&A site about Christianity. It is not a Christian site. And that post on meta isn't just a claim. It's lived up to throughout the ...

1:30 AM
@MonicaCellio I didn't get your pun until this morning:
1:58 AM
@Shokhet thanks for letting me know. I didn't know if you hadn't gotten it or you were deliberately ignoring it. :-)
1 hour later…
3:03 AM
@MonicaCellio Thanks for asking the question -- I finally got my tenth vote on that answer, which means that I now have the werewolf hunter hat on MY :)
@Shokhet @MonicaCellio Ha! Thanks for pointing it out!
@IsaacMoses :P
@IsaacMoses See rev 3
@Shokhet Yarhar!
@Shokhet congratulations!
3:54 AM
@MonicaCellio Thanks :)
@Shokhet closely related at least. The new question asks about the origin of the practice; another asks if the idea is Jewish but doesn't specify chupah in particular (so could be any time).
@MonicaCellio The new question is about marriage; the other two I linked are both about engagement. I was a little unclear; I meant to ask if the last two are duplicates of each other.
@Shokhet ah. I thought you were asking if the new one is a dupe, since today we combine the two stages of a marriage under the chupah in one day.
Ah. I see. I read "engagement" as what we call engagement, today.
That's probably what the askers meant, yeah.
4:14 AM
@Meta-Man @Yishai Even if the votes there don't show it (because voting means agree/disagree on meta) I'd like to thank you for asking that question. Even if the answer ends up being no, it's worth thinking about and considering.
Agreed. @Yishai thank you for raising it, and @IsaacMoses thank you for your answer.
@DoubleAA ... and certainly worth considered response by people less bought in to things as they've developed for the past five years than I am
4:36 AM
Should we close this as a boat-shechita question? :) — Shmuel Brin 2 hours ago
10 hours later…
2:15 PM
@BSteinhurst, thanks very much for breaking your lurk to pen that insightful, complimentary, and complementary answer.
2:54 PM
Q: Shall we participate in the "929 – Studying the Bible Together" project? How?

Isaac MosesAt the end of Chanuka this year1, the Israeli Ministry of Education kicked off an exciting new project: "929 – Studying the Bible Together". The idea is very simple: each day, all different kinds of Jews study one chapter of Tanach together. It has some of the great features of Daf Yomi, such as...

^^^ A little bit excited about this.
3:06 PM
@IsaacMoses @IsaacMoses it was almost the least I could do but I hope it is of some use. Your answers are hard to add to add to so 'complementary' was the goal.
@DoubleAA @IsaacMoses @MonicaCellio Even if the answer is that everything is fine (which it may well be) I hope the question serves as a counter-weight for future scope changes and rules enforcement. It is a delicate balance and I primarily wanted to point out that we need to be conscious that it is a balancing act, where super-crisp highly-enforced rules aren't always a good thing.
@Yishai Definitely keep your eyes open for any future developments that you think take us down the wrong path. I will too. If there are any specific past developments that you really think ought to be reversed/tweaked, I encourage you to post your own answer.
3:22 PM
@Shokhet I didn't get it until just now.
@IsaacMoses oh cool! I don't know how we integrate with it either, but it sounds like a worthy and enriching project.
@YeZ left you something on another site (not related to Mi Yodeya).
@IsaacMoses That is an awesome video.
@Scimonster I agree, and the implied promise of one of those each week makes me happy. It's great watching for a Hebrew-deficient person like me, since I basically know the material and can certainly get the graphics, so that helps me understand the narration even when it uses words I don't know yet. I look forward to trying this out on my kids.
This year's calendar is awesome. It's like, happy new year! Enjoy the fast!
3:41 PM
@IsaacMoses oh that's great! Thanks for sharing that.
(BTW, does anybody know if that style of presentation, with the accelerated sketching, has a name?)
@MonicaCellio It must, but I don't know it. Here's someone who might:
Should be featured for tomorrow?
4:17 PM
@Meta-Man I posted two answers, designed to compliment each other, not be one-or-the-other.
@Scimonster Both great ideas.
4:30 PM
Using a blog to promote our content related to this sounds great. Unfortunately, SE has put a moratorium on new blogs, so we won't get their help with it. I don't know if an off-site, roll-our-own blog is practical, but maybe? Especially if we tweet links to each week's new post? — Monica Cellio ♦ 12 secs ago
@Scimonster thanks!
@Scimonster I responded to that already, thanks!
What was the first?
Anyone know what I should have done with this edit? ....see also comments on that answer.
@Shokhet I mean, the misspelling. ;)
@Scimonster I saw the misspelling :) .....you mentioned that it had happened once before?
@Shokhet Oh. I don't remember.
I just know it existed.
I see.
Was just curious; I don't remember that happening before
4:41 PM
@MonicaCellio If only we had done this last month!
@IsaacMoses Is it time to revive lo.yodeya? — Shokhet 7 mins ago
Oh, I see you responded there. Why can't we ping multiple people in comments???
@Scimonster last year, maybe -- another site (I forget which) tried to get one this summer. Since May (I think) they haven't created any new ones, and now they've decided they won't resume. :-(
@MonicaCellio I noticed that WB was trying, for a while
@Shokhet yup. And that led me to whoever tried before WB, but I don't remember who that was now.
A: Allow more than one @name notification per comment

blahdiblahFor the sake of documenting the official response for later visitors, the reasoning behind the decline appears to be Jeff's comment on Pekka's answer: there's no valid case for "I need to notify a large number of people" -- at least not one I will support by writing software for it. – Jeff At...

4:44 PM
@IsaacMoses I was just looking for that.
WE WB would have actually been able to sustain it, I think.
@IsaacMoses fastest search in the room. :-)
I knew there was an MSE request somewhere
@IsaacMoses Thanks!
@MonicaCellio Not to be a downer, but I think that's an open question. We're a small community, we pretty much all have non-related full-time occupations, and it's difficult to keep turning out specific content on a schedule, as various of our projects and initiatives to date have demonstrated.
@IsaacMoses oops, typo! I meant "WB".
Mi Yodeya is a small, busy community, so I don't know how well we would sustain it.
@MonicaCellio Oh. <hangs head> :^}
4:51 PM
The 929 program would give us a good shot at it, as the weekly post could be compilation rather than full-on original material, but it's still a lot of work.
@IsaacMoses what? Why are you hanging your head? It was my unfortunate typo...
Which I've now fixed to avoid confusing anybody else.
@MonicaCellio I reacted to it as a pump-up for MY (all-caps "WE"), and it turned out to be a more dispassionate observation about another community. "Oh."
Ask a rabbi who knows you and your particular situation, if this applies to you. — Shokhet 9 secs ago
.....it's not quite a request for psak, but feels a lot like one
@Shokhet No reason not to answer it in the general way in which it's phrased. Your comment is totally appropriate, and could well be echoed in answers.
@IsaacMoses Okay; thanks for the confirmation.
@Shokhet No problem. A comment like that is IMO nearly always appropriate for Halacha questions, unless there would be an unfortunate implication, like if the question is, say, about halachot of adultery, and doesn't give any hint that it may be lema'aseh
5:04 PM
@IsaacMoses @MonicaCellio @Shokhet I updated this answer in response to your comments.
@Scimonster Thanks for letting me know; I'll take a look
@Scimonster thanks. Alternate implementation suggestion: the meta post functions as the blog entry, meaning it's posted when the content is ready (not as a place to hang content in answers). Reason: there's an RSS feed for meta, and I'm pretty sure there are per-tag RSS feeds, so if we do it that way then posting the "question" pushes it out to feed readers.
@user813801 I rejected your edit, because it conflicts with the author's intent. If ray wants to remove that from his post, he can do that himself. — Shokhet 21 secs ago
IOW, if we're going to do something blog-like, let's take advantage of the blog-like publication mechanisms that are out there.
@MonicaCellio That makes sense.
@MonicaCellio RSS feed is on the dropdown for every tag. Here's the one for : meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/feeds/tag/discussion
5:17 PM
@Shokhet thanks for confirming. I knew it was possible to get email for new entries in subscribed tags and I thought there was RSS too, but I hadn't yet gone looking.
@MonicaCellio That's actually what i meant, i was just really unclear.
@MonicaCellio I set up an IFTTT recipe that emails all new questions to my phone as a text message :P
@MonicaCellio Scroll to the bottom and get the feed. ;)
@Scimonster ah. Anyway, I saw no point in trying to have a discussion in comments there when you're in chat here. :-)
@Shokhet of course you did. :-)
(I don't know what an IFITT recipe is, but I assume Google can tell me.)
@MonicaCellio ifttt.com
very useful service, IMO
5:22 PM
What can go in featured events? Is it just tags, or can it link to other things as well?
Cause we could then link to each week's blog post from there. That lets it be seen from most of the site (except review)
@Scimonster That's a good idea.
@Shokhet Assuming it's possible. (@Monica, the mod currently in the room)
I'm taking a break for mealtime.
@Scimonster We currently use those for some other things, and too many uses could crowd each other out.
@Scimonster that makes sense (as space is available). Featured events can point to any URL on the site.
@IsaacMoses One event per week would crowd out other stuff?
5:27 PM
@IsaacMoses One more event a week makes such a big difference?
@Scimonster Jinx!
@Shokhet Jinx!!
@Scimonster Double Jinx!!!
@MonicaCellio What if we use an offsite blog?
There are four slots available. Events go first, then featured meta posts, then other stuff. I don't know if all four slots can be consumed by events. (I think they probably shouldn't be, though; the meta exposure is important.)
@Shokhet Sandwich!
5:28 PM
@MonicaCellio SE Blog posts take up one when they're current, right?
@Scimonster Never heard that one before. Where I am, we usually go for "you owe me a soda," though that usually isn't taken literally.
Simultaneous parsha and holidays can take up 2-3, depending on the mods' conventions for lead time.
@Shokhet Neither have i. We're having sandwiches tonight.
@Scimonster Enjoy!
@MonicaCellio Is 4 built in or configurable?
5:31 PM
@IsaacMoses I think so, yes.
@Scimonster built in.
@Scimonster I just tried to create a test event linking to hebrewbooks.com and it didn't appear in the list. It also didn't give me an error message (oops); it just disappeared into the void. So I think the answer is: on-site links only, based on minimal testing.
@IsaacMoses yup. We try not to overlap parshiyot, but holidays can add to the list.
2 hours later…
7:10 PM
Ah, i see hot meta posts just decreased to 2.
Did I do the right thing, here? ....I think so, but should I have commented before editing (the second time)?
@Shokhet No, it's fine to comment right after.
@Scimonster Aright; thanks
And the new question has been asked as a new question.
7:25 PM
I have a problem. On the one head, there's a hat to be gained by being up at 2am. On the other head, i need to be up at 4am. One the third head, i do want some sleep tonight.
@Scimonster Wake up at two, and do MY for two hours. Then daven vasikin, and sleeeeeeep ;-)
@Shokhet But then i have to be up at 10...
And davening isn't until 6 or so. :/
Hm. That's a puzzle.
good luck!
Speaking of hats, I'm ahead of you, @Scimonster :P
No, we're tied. :P
@Scimonster No, I'm ahead of you :P
^^^ See?
7:29 PM
@Shokhet Blame random ordering. :P
How is it ordered anyways?
Weird. Clearly not alphabetically
Maybe in order of receiving the hat?
Could be.
....I have to say, I think the way you're wearing the voting hat looks great :D
I'm still lacking a certain hat...
yesterday, by Isaac Moses
@MonicaCellio I am the instrument of my own undoing.
@Shokhet My avatar lends itself to nice wardrobe additions.
@Scimonster And the one you could get this morning :P
7:31 PM
The one someone could give me right now...
@Scimonster Mine doesn't. You guys need to tell all new users about hatz, before they choose avatars that don't work with hats!
@Scimonster ?
@Shokhet I've only been around a couple months longer than you!
@Shokhet The one for a starred chat message on 12/31?
@Scimonster "you" != @Scimonster; you = all of you
@Scimonster Hm. That could be a problem.
@Scimonster, @YeZ solved our problem for us.
@Scimonster say something star-worthy. Apparently, million messages don't count.
@Shokhet oops was there some ongoing discussion about this that I missed?
@YeZ Just in the comments.
7:34 PM
@YeZ No, just what you saw in comments to that question
Jinx again?!
@Scimonster Sandwiches!
@Scimonster Have a hat :)
@Shokhet Sand witches!
@Shokhet Ah, thank you. :)
You know, I've only just realized that that "answer a bountied question" hat that I've been unable to get here on MY is not a crooked lamp. Sure looks like one to me!
7:36 PM
@Shokhet Which hat is that?
@MonicaCellio I thought so too! Then I was wondering if it's muttar to wear.
@MonicaCellio I thought so also. What is it?
@YeZ The one you're currently wearing -- get a chat message starred on 12/31
@Shokhet oh go me!
@Shokhet down at the bottom I see something that looks like a high-heeled shoe. I thus infer that it's a leg and the bottom of a too-short skirt.
* the one you're currently wearing that is actually a hat
@Shokhet lady with a short skirt.
7:37 PM
@MonicaCellio @YeZ Ah.
I got that one here (though I didn't get the bounty), but I never wore it.
Thus, my reply to @MonicaCellio
How about a leg with a lamp on top?
What it looks like to me.
@Shokhet our bountied questions are all too hard for me. :-(
@Scimonster That's exactly what I thought it was. Then I realized it was just a skirt.
@YeZ But there's a light shining through the lampshade
7:38 PM
@YeZ Doesn't look like a skirt...
That's a very weird hat.
@Shokhet a valid point.
26 secs ago, by Shokhet
@YeZ But there's a light shining through the lampshade
@Shokhet It''s not a hat, it's a leg.
Either way, I think it's assur to wear.
7:39 PM
I haven't worn the one I got on another site.
@Shokhet Thought about it.
@YeZ Better or worse than Saint Lucia?
Q: Is there a problem 'wearing' a virtual Saint Lucia hat?

user6641Is there any prohibition, perhaps related to lo teileichu b'hukat hagoyim, in "wearing" a virtual hat which celebrates Saint Lucia day? Related

@Scimonster Jinx!
@Shokhet That's the third time!!
7:40 PM
Someone give me a link to the picture of the hat and I'll ask it.
@Shokhet Not in color for some of us.
The truth is I'm really not so interested in asking it. It's just a shticky version of the virtual non-tznius question.
@Scimonster Same here, actually. I'd need to log in to the site to open the "hat box" :P
@Shokhet You're not already logged in? I'm ashamed.
7:42 PM
@Scimonster I'm logged in now. Happy? :P
takes literally less than two seconds to log in
OK I need 39 rep in the next 4 hours.
@Shokhet Yes.
@YeZ Why?
@YeZ That should be easy.
@Scimonster Great! I'm so glad :D
7:43 PM
@Shokhet Consider my current rep, and when the Secular year ends in SE time.
@YeZ Gotcha
@YeZ You mean 29
Actually 4:16...
@Scimonster I shouldn't have given you that hat. Give it back!!
@Shokhet I was a math major, after all.
7:50 PM
@Scimonster :) :)
....I was wearing it earlier, took it off for werewolf hunter
@Scimonster I knew I was going to regret not getting my hands on an iOS emulator. Or iOS-app emulator. Or whatever.
@Scimonster Relevant:
Around 10 years ago, did Sesame Street start with "Monster Time"? I seem to remember it vividly, but can't find anything on Google.
Just... random question.
7:55 PM
@Scimonster I've never posted over there, but would that be on-topic on SciFi and Fantasy? Maybe TV and Movies? ....I don't know
Not SciFi. Maybe Movies & TV.
@Scimonster talking blue monsters who subsist entirely on cookies aren't SciFi? :-)
@YeZ ^^^
(the picture, not the blue monster :P)
@MonicaCellio He was eating vegetables at one point also.
M&TV doesn't have , so not sure. Maybe they just haven't had any questions about it yet.
7:58 PM
@Scimonster Go for the trial by fire; why not?
@Shokhet Guess so.
While we're on the subject, i felt so nostalgic reading muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Journey_to_Ernie ...
@ShmuelBrin I keep getting confused by the blank icon.
Hat's don't show everywhere (except for @YeZ)
@Scimonster Stealth :)
Q: Did Sesame Street used to contain "Monster Time"?

ScimonsterI feel like when i was a child (not that many years ago), Sesame Street had something called "Monster Time" towards the beginning of the show. If it existed, it was dropped around 10 years ago, i think. I tried Googling, but couldn't find any info on it. Did this exist, or am i imagining it?

@Scimonster I am כל כולו hat.
@YeZ For the 21,001?
8:13 PM
@Scimonster I'll go downvote one of your posts to make it nice and even. Is that better?
For the lulz, i'll upvote another of your posts when you hit it. :P
@Scimonster I don't speak new-age-internet-language. Is lulz somehow related to lol?
@YeZ Yeah.
@Scimonster That's ironic to have a slang version of the internet slang.
@Scimonster as an aside, 20001 would mean 20000 for the year, since Stack Exchange was nice enough to give me the first rep point for free.
8:21 PM
31 mins ago, by YeZ
@Shokhet I was a math major, after all.
@Scimonster that is Just Wrong. The real cookie monster eats cookies and eschews actual nutrition. Vegetables? What were they thinking? (In unrelated news, childhood obesity in Sesame Street's viewing area is on the rise...)
@MonicaCellio I agree. They cancelled it quickly.
@Scimonster you owe me an upvote
@YeZ Take a screenshot. :)
Can't find anything. I must have voted too much already. :P
darn it. I messed up my comment by editing and now it's too late to fix it.
@Scimonster You found a question to vote on?
8:30 PM
@YeZ Yup.
@YeZ Ask a mod.
@MonicaCellio would you mind adding an opening parenthesis to my in-line link in my previous comment?
@YeZ The opposite of this:
@MonicaCellio [Please not that again.
{I can't take it.
@MonicaCellio Do (not) read words in parentheses.
A bounty and a Necromancer -- thank you, @YeZ!
8:41 PM
@MonicaCellio two hats!
@Scimonster the rest of your "whole day" isn't that long, right? :-)
@MonicaCellio Well, if we go by the Hebrew day... it just started.
@YeZ I had both on MSE already, but nice anyway.
@Scimonster let's be lenient and say that Randal Munroe does not go by the Hebrew day.
Dec 17 at 22:33, by Scimonster
@HodofHod (That. Is bugging me.
All good.
Thanks for cleaning that up.
8:43 PM
Wait, wait wait. One left.)
And now it will not stay with you all day.
Whatever "all day" is.
Or perhaps, it needs to look like this to match it:
Oh yes, much better.
Did you just... no, I don't want to know. :-)
@MonicaCellio @Scimonster no, now you have an extra ")" which you can never fix.
Unless we edit...
8:48 PM
@YeZ It's OK, extra closing doesn't hurt.
Never say never.
Except for when it causes syntax errors.
Unless you ask @MonicaCellio to use her mod powers and go add an "(" before this all started.
Extra closing is still unbalanced, but it's only d'rabbanan.
@YeZ No, then it'll be out of order!
8:49 PM
}[}{[{])({{)({}{)][)[)(} !!!
and just for good measure, <
I'm not even going to try. >_>
(see what i did there?!)
@Scimonster No, I'm trying to figure it out. I think its a wincing face made with closing arrows.
ok my new goal is to get 15 more rep in the next 3 hours and get one more day towards epic
@YeZ That should be easy.
8:54 PM
@Scimonster I feel like you've said that before. But I don't have time to spend any more time posting, so I'll have to hope more traffic passes through MY before UTC sunset.
@YeZ That's in 3 hours.
@Scimonster right.
1 hour ago, by Scimonster
@YeZ That should be easy.
Okay, bye guys. I suppose i'll be back in 3 hours. :/
@Scimonster I need you to vote on another question before you go! :P cya
9:22 PM
@Scimonster TZT!
1 hour later…
10:24 PM
@YeZ ?
11:07 PM
@Scimonster I'm in the lead again!
11:25 PM
@Shokhet I am entirely hat. Well, there is a small bit of frisbee still peeking out. But mostly hat.
@YeZ So I see.
@Shokhet I just performed my first intentional hat-seeking action.
Somehow I misread that comment as referring to a specific hat.
@YeZ Cool! What was that?
(or not cool; depends on who you ask :P)
@Shokhet used all my votes. I voted for 7 or 8 questions, then realized if I use up all my votes, with 2 or 3 questions included, I'd get a hat.
It hasn't come in the mail yet, but it's on its way.
@YeZ voting is good :)
....major understatement in your "about me", @YeZ:
> That is a Discraft Ultrastar 175g disc (a frisbee) (now wearing a football helmet from WinterBash 2014).
11:28 PM
Tada! (Press refresh)
@Shokhet I know - after WinterBash, I plan to remove everything except the helmet.
....."wearing a football helmet" -- really!?
ok refresh didn't help. Wait for cache, then refresh.
@YeZ I still see the peyos ....on your profile page also
profile page updated, actually
OK tata for now.
but not chat, yet
11:29 PM
Ya me either. Still waiting for chat to cache.
@YeZ TTFN! TZT! :)
@YeZ But you look good in peyos ;-)
11:51 PM
@Shokhet Egad!
@YeZ Oy gevalt
That started early. On my 5-mile drive home just now I passed two accidents and narrowly avoided being hit by someone weaving at >20MPH over the limit. Nobody hurt, B"H, but I'm just as glad to be staying home on amateurs' night!
@MonicaCellio Oy!
@YeZ wow, more? Nice. :-)
@MonicaCellio unsurprising, particularly in my neck of the woods, people drive rather poorly
11:57 PM
@YeZ maybe just for tonight you should add some of these:
@MonicaCellio "It's midnight somewhere," eh?
Happy New Years, Mi Yodeya!
@IsaacMoses apparently, but only (approaching) 7PM here, so I figured it'd be a few more hours before the craziness started.
Is my clock off? It's only 1:58.
@MonicaCellio Everyone's in here for the Mistletoe hat
11:59 PM
@NoachmiFrankfurt Noach, hi! I don't think I've seen you in chat before; welcome! (Doesn't mean you haven't been, of course.)

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