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room topic changed to In the search of a question: When you are looking for a specific question [searching]
It often happens that we are searching for some particular question, which we have seen in the past or which we strongly suspect has already been asked and answered on the site.
Searching for questions is not easy. So this room was created for such situations - you can ask here for advice, maybe some other user will have better luck when searching the question.
Of course, this is not the only place where asking something like that would be on-topic.
If you are searching for a duplicate of some question, request for help might also be on-topic in c-r-u-d-e.
And things like this have been also asked on meta. (And I suppose they are legitimate questions on meta, but having too many of them would be annoying.)
However, the main reason that I started this room now is that recently there seem to be interest in this new search engine:
Q: Announcing a third-party search engine for Math StackExchange.

Wei ZhongApproach0 is a math-aware search engine. “Math-aware” means you can add math expression(s) as some of your keywords to have search engine help you find similar expressions. Check out here: This is my side-project, hopefully it can be useful in some cases to help Math SE use...

We are open-source project hosted on GitHub: Welcome to send any feedback on our GitHub issue page!
At least judging by number of votes and some comments there, it seems that math.SE users are interested in Approach0. This room should provide them possibility to discuss their experience while using it.
Several user also added some feedback in the CW answer on meta. (In fact, one of the reasons to start this room now was the fact that the answer has been recently bumped.)
If you post here something connected with Approach0, it is useful to keep in mind that you can also include a direct link to a specific search. (This might be good especially if you are asking why som particular search query did not work the way you expected.)
We should also keep in mind that it is a project which @WeiZhong does in his spare time. We do not know whether he will come to this room at all, but he might not have time to answer every question posed here. But other users can discuss here too and help each other with using this search engine.
I will add also message specifically @WeiZhong: By no means do not feel obligated to patricipate here in chat. But I will be grateful if you respond to messages in this room. (And if some users really start posting here some reasonable feedback, it may possibly be even useful for you.)
room topic changed to In the search of a question (using Approach0 or by other means): When you are looking for a specific question [searching]
So to summarize, the intention for this room is that any of the following should be on topic: 1) Asking for help with finding questions. 2) Discussing any issues connected with the use of Approach0 search engine.
And probably I should apologize for creating yet another chat room. I have been told that I create them too often.
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look, MartinSleziak has launched his 15th chatroom!
But I think that this room can be useful. In the short period simply because at the moment there is a lot of interest in the new search engine Approach0 - at least judging by the numer of the upvotes on the meta post. And possibly in the long run for users who are unsuccessfully trying to locate some question.
Since the main topic of this room is searching, I will add links to some posts which contain some tips how to search on this site.

Links about searching for posts on MSE

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Q: How to search math terms/notations accurately and efficiently? Could some experienced users summarize some tips here?

TCHuangHow to search math terms/notations accurately and efficiently? Could some experienced users summarize some tips here? I believe such tips will be helpful for inexperienced users looking for hints or solutions for their questions involving specialized math terms/notations and will also reduce the...

Maybe it is also worth reminding that when searching for deleted posts using built-in search, usually only mods can help you. (Although if it is your own post, you might be able to find it by yourself.)
A: Is there any way to see my deleted questions or answers?

user147263Recent posts Navigate to the question tab of your profile and click deleted recent questions at the bottom. For answers, go to answer tab instead. These lists only include the posts that were created in the last 60 days. Older posts If you have 10K reputation, searching for deleted:1 will bri...

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room topic changed to In the search of a question: When you are looking for a specific question (using Approach0 or by other means) [searching]

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