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@DukeZhou You approved a tag edit which is factually incorrect, see: https://ai.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/5551 (I rejected that edit personally and you can see my description in there as to what is wrong about it).

I tried to correct it through an edit of my own, but apparantly Douglas (who wrote the incorrect tag info) somehow has the privilege to single-handedly reject these edits, which he did: https://ai.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/5608

I'd recommend looking into it if we don't want incorrect tag infos on the site
If I recall correctly there were also a few other edits in his recent long spree of many tag edits which I also rejected due to incorrectness, I also added descriptions to all of those. Most of his edits I skipped or accepted if I were 100% sure they were fine, but a few I was 100% sure they were NOT fine
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1:25 PM
I think what is going on can be summarised by this XKCD:
Unfortunately it makes some texts inaccessible. This is a problem for tag descriptions. If there is a desire/need to add breadth and context covering all of AI to tag descriptions, it should go in the longer descriptive part of the tag wiki, and not in shorter advice part that pops up to help new users decide if their tagging is correct
1:45 PM
Q: Is the Artificial Intelligence stuck with its current out-facing description?

Douglas DaseecoAfter two years of effort and patience in developing a sensible consensus about the AI SE sub-site's description, taking care to be respectful of other established SE sub-sites and insuring a faithful representation of the content contributions and voting choices of members, we seem to remain onc...

@AIMetaQuestions if someone (coughs, pokes @DukeZhou) emails the team, then that'd be a good start

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