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8:00 PM
@JG Hi!
Hi all :-)
@StefanKottwitz 'ello!
@JosephWright You told me we can talk about MikTex: "If you can wait until around 1900 GMT I will check, or we could see if @ulrikefischer is about (she's a MiKTeX expert)"
@JG Yes
In the meantime, did you sort the issue?
@JosephWright No! :(
@StefanKottwitz You and Joseph are my LaTeX Heroes!
@JosephWright I think I downloaded the l3kernerl package though
@JG I'm just a humble LaTeX user.
8:07 PM
@StefanKottwitz You and Joseph are both too modest.
@StefanKottwitz Someone with a name that stars with T still gives me nightmares
@JG Positively thought, it's one reason why some users are here, not there.
@JG @TorbjørnT.?
@Canageek No!! @TorbjørnT. is super cool.
@Canageek Shouldn't hope so.
@Canageek better don't guess, no, not he
@PauloCereda Hey, btw. tried to teach my baby daughter "duck", but she learned "fish" faster from my girl friend.
8:09 PM
@StefanKottwitz When did you have a baby?
@StefanKottwitz awww :)
@JG Last october and next February :-)
@StefanKottwitz Wow that is great! Congratulations!! :)
I mean, October 2011, not some weeks ago :-D
@StefanKottwitz :)
8:11 PM
@JG thanks!
@PauloCereda She speaks already some sign language, such as fish :-) and lamp, on and off
@StefanKottwitz How sweet! :)
@PauloCereda and "hello", and "tree" and some more
@StefanKottwitz I'm glad that and not \begin{document} \end{document}
@tohecz There is an automata library for tikz but haven't used it myself -- unless it was to answer a question here.
@JosephWright Ok, issue kind of sorted :P
8:13 PM
@PeterGrill ooh I recommend automata! It's the best library to draw them. :)
@JG she learns the "sign language" faster, I don't know control sequences in that one :-)
@StefanKottwitz :D
My problem is that I'm trying to do: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/60160/…
I got the code to compile
@PauloCereda Fascinating: she cannot not speak any word yet, but showed "turn the light off" when she wanted to sleep, in sign languages (two gestures, "light", "off")
I use Adobe Reader X
I have a slide that is effectively a black screen
When I try to get the music started, nothing plays
8:15 PM
@StefanKottwitz Really? Awesome, children have a very complex sign language.
No sound, nothing starts
@StefanKottwitz smart girl like papa
@PauloCereda That's the native language of my girl friend, no wonder
@StefanKottwitz what is her native language?
@StefanKottwitz so you have bilingual baby?
@JG sign language
@JG she will grow up with both languages
Anybody know much about getting music playing in Beamer?
@StefanKottwitz german and english and sign language and probably more!!
@StefanKottwitz and you can't forget latex!
8:18 PM
@JG I did not try English yet :-) I hope for the first German words
@StefanKottwitz Is she walking?
I'm at home at the week-end to teach speaking
@StefanKottwitz as opposed to during the week?
@JG nearly, she's standing pretty stable
@Stefan: how's your cute dog, BTW? :) I miss him. :)
8:20 PM
@JG yes, my girl friend is deaf, so it's my job
@PauloCereda he's great! and a good friend to the kid
@StefanKottwitz I thought so. :)
@JG Seems like your connection is quite unstable. This may be the real cause of all issues.
@PauloCereda Yep, I'd recommend it too - just haven't needed to use it... But then again, I would recommend anything tikz...
@StefanKottwitz what i meant is she has the baby during the week and you have her on the weekend?
@Speravir i guess so but i got the package!!!!!!!!!
@JG I'm working in another city, so I'm at home just at the weekend, well I managed to always return on Thursday already
8:25 PM
@StefanKottwitz: How many time until we see a new user "Finola Helena" registered here? :)
@StefanKottwitz OH! Ok, that was the part I didn't know.
@StefanKottwitz Do you skype with your daughter while away?
@PauloCereda So you want to meet my dog again? :-)
@JG Yes, sometimes we skype
@FaheemMitha what??:-)
Nobody knows about adding music to beamer?
8:30 PM
@DavidCarlisle I meant to say one of the LaTeX developers.
@PauloCereda Soon, I guess, she already fights to get my iPad, Blackberry and Laptop, whatever I have in my hand when I think I just keep her company in her room ... but she usually throws away her toys and goes straight for my devices, same for the mouse and cables on my desktop
@JG I'm curious. I have TH, Thorsten, topskip, tohecz, Tobi, other Thorsten, Todd Lehman and then it goes on and on. Which one is the naughty boy and care to share the reason?
@StefanKottwitz Oh my, soon she will read your CISCO certification guides. :)
@DavidCarlisle Ok, so now the secret is out. You were one of the tikz developers!! Is that why you stay away from it, or is that the documentation (700 pages).
@PeterGrill He reads the .dtx file it's much cheaper computationally.
8:32 PM
@percusse I don't know his name on this forum. Just his real life first name and his name on Stefan's other forum.
@JG ah there = Latex-community I see.
@StefanKottwitz wow, you've got a real tech genius in the crib
@FaheemMitha see I knew there was a secret tikz conspiracy trying to take over latex
@percusse maybe he uses this forum too. i don't know.
@percusse Ahhh, that makes sense. That way David can really say he does not read the documentation as he is really reading the code... Very tricky...
8:33 PM
@percusse he is the meanest. one of the meanest people i've ever encountered in the planet
@percusse i used to think that only terrible humans used latex because of him
@percusse it was so discouraging
@PauloCereda still some time to get the Cisco guides written in LaTeX and TikZ
@JG I hope you don't mind if I say it's just a forum. Don't take it that serious.
@percusse learning latex was painful. it was like to learn, i had to be utterly berated.
@percusse and then stefan came along and he was like an angel
@JG Hmmmm.... This is the second time I am hearing this so perhaps there is some truth behind it -- will have to do some detective work to figure out who...
Well a little S&M won't hurt :P Did I just make a pun?
8:35 PM
@PeterGrill second time you are hearing what?
@JG about such a person...
@PeterGrill There is s&m in LaTeX?
@StefanKottwitz :)
@PeterGrill It is true. I read other postings he writes to others and I almost cry.
@PeterGrill Someone once gave me the advice that he's just german and that is how he expresses himself.
8:36 PM
@JG Yes, there is S&M in LaTeX - they are usually referred to as "expansion" issues. :-)
@JG I mean we all suffer time to time to learn things and not everybody with an online persona are willing to be patient. So in that sense you should keep your cool anyhow. For example, every time a font issue pops up I drink 5 coffees before I install a font.
@JG You know that is entirely possible -- might just be a cultural thing.
@percusse I know that LaTeX is hard.
@percusse :-)
@PeterGrill But he just berates you for how bad the question is.
8:38 PM
@JG Still you don't need to get frustrated.
@PeterGrill Most of his posts, I'm just like if you hate what I'm writing, then just don't respond. It is not much help to insult me without at least adding some LaTeX knowledge to the post. LaTeX knowledg ewith an insult is at least helpful
@percusse I would cry over it. It was so awful.
@percusse But then Stefan saved everything
@JG Stefan saves.
@JG I'm sure some bad things aren't meant this way. And on the Internet there are many bad things said, sadly.
@JG But, not trying to defend this person, it might just be a wording issue. I think the thing to do is just ignore that portion of the text that is not helpful, and only comment on the the useful part (asuming there was any). If nothing useful, just ignore it and move on... I know how it feels to have your question closed, etc, but you have to get over it...
@percusse he da man. :)
8:40 PM
@PauloCereda ehue
Yep, that happens even in person. People say things that re misintrepreted...
@StefanKottwitz What do you mean?
oh i need to find that picture.... it was my avatar for a long time in some music forum....
there you go :)
@PeterGrill My question would not get closed. That was not the issue. He would just berate me. On the forum. To my inbox. To other people.
@JG I think that people feel that they are not interacting with a real person on the internet gives them the freedom to more openly say things that they would probably not say in person.
8:42 PM
@PeterGrill I'm trying to focus on the positive that Stefan is just amazing.
@JG I was just using that as an example that sometime things feel personal. It's MY question that got closed -- I put a lot of effort into it but some others close. Feels personal, but it really isn't...
@percusse Wow that is awesoem..
@PeterGrill oh i wouldn't take that personally
@JG Ah, I thought you meant his code was scary. Every time I see some advanced LaTeX code I worry that I'm going to cause my computer to catch fire, or summon a demon or something, and @TorbjørnT. is easily good enough to evoke those feelings.
@TorbjørnT. Sorry, that wasn't meant to be offensive.
@JG Oh, yikes. I thought you were joking. That is scary.
@Canageek Yes it can be overwhelming
@Canageek I'm not joking at all.
@JG I try not to, but there is always the initial WTF??
8:44 PM
@Canageek I'm so computer illiterate too.
@JG I mean, cold and careless comments just technically related to content, without thinking of the human behind, can hurt, even if not meant personally.
@StefanKottwitz Nobody or nothing on this forum has ever bothered me. Even when people give me minus points.
@JG Did you ever consider that he's making fun of you in his way? There are some characters out there. Also please don't take it personally but we are only having one side of the story, hence computer is a device don't think that the rest of the world is reading what you write (unlike what some bloggers think :P)
@percusse I disagree, I have done a lot of work to make myself into an intellectual, including taking classes in multiple disciplines, reading history books, and contemplating the ideas behind science.
@Canageek Hmmm.. Haven't seen that scary of code -- well except any expl3 code..
8:45 PM
@Canageek You spoiled the awesomeness of it :)
@JG The site here is a friendly place. It's a small community and full of intelligent people.
@Canageek Yes, but the more you learn, the more you know how little you really know.
@StefanKottwitz and me
@JG Could you not just tell him to drop dead / get lost? Or would that have no effect?
@percusse I get minus points all of the time here. Threads closed all of the time. Somehow, nothing here bothers me. Ok, there is one exception. I once went to the stack exchange with all fo the computer programmers and they are intense.
8:46 PM
@JG The bigger a site, the higher the change to see not so kind people. So I guess the SO main site is much harder.
@FaheemMitha No, he is very active on the forum. It was the only way to learn LaTeX
@PeterGrill True, and I'll never be a true Renaissance man, but I can try
@StefanKottwitz What is SO?
@percusse That's funny.
@PeterGrill Browse the TeX Core tag?
8:47 PM
@JG Not any longer. :-)
@JG Stack Overflow
@Canageek Oh yea, those people are intense.
@JG Stack Overflow, the parent site of this site, with a huge amount of users
@Canageek at least the few i spoke to once.
@StefanKottwitz The SO people were not like the guy on that latex forum. He did not make me want to cry
@StefanKottwitz But the SO people can be a little too sarcastic
@JG I think you should go back to the forum and don't bother with negative comments just as you do here. It's also a very informative place.
8:48 PM
@StefanKottwitz But they do it in a way that I knew they are being sarcastic
I didn't mean that you should leave here :)
@percusse Um, every time I find a post there he writes to other people I cry for them too
A forum with Stefan and Joseph like this without that guy? I see no need to leave this one and go there!
@JG Come on. It's only TeX .... a sudden knife out of nowhere slashes...
Unless Stefan and Joseph asked me too. I learned sooo much from three
@JG The best thing about TeX.SX is how friendly it is. I've never been afraid to ask either a dumb or hard question, and never felt like an idiot when the answer was posted.
8:53 PM
@Canageek Oh my gosh, I have no idea how we got on this tangent
I was just SOOO elated to see Stefan and Joseph in this forum at the same time I could contain my excitement. That is all I hda wanted to say
Do you think the site got harder and faster after the new review mechanism was implemented?
@Canageek Don't worry, I wasn't offended. (I know who he was referring to anyways.) Me writing scary LaTeX code though? Seriously?
@StefanKottwitz Are you talking to me?
Just generally.
@StefanKottwitz Bit more tricky to prevent quick closing, I find
8:54 PM
@StefanKottwitz what review mechanism are you talking about?
I guess closing became faster.
@StefanKottwitz what do you mean by harder and faster?
@JG Only visible if you have lots of rep
@JG The review button at the top of the page.
@Canageek Not everyone can see it!
8:54 PM
@JosephWright Ok, I have no rep.
@JosephWright I did not know that.
@Canageek You need a certain amount of rep to do reviews
By the way, I am downloading TeXLive. Can I stop now?
I was only doing it to get 1 package
But it is taking up sooo much space on my computer
@StefanKottwitz It's surely easier to look at what's in stock waiting for review.
and I evetnaully got what I needed from the MikTeX Manager
8:55 PM
@JG About 2 Gb: on a modern disk, not usually an issue!
@JG In that case, you don't need TL
@JosephWright yeah for you. i am not modern i guess
@JG Does vary. A lot of it is documentation
@JosephWright I haven't updated my copmuter in ice ages
@JG Difference in philosophy: MiKTeX aims to install only what you need, TeX Live installs everything by default as that is in many ways easier
@JG The whole computer? There could be a threat of viruses and trojans, without updating OS or scanner.
8:57 PM
@JosephWright One of these days, I will free up a few more GB to do this download again
@StefanKottwitz I don't know.
@StefanKottwitz I hate computers. They make my head spin easily.
Without computers, I'm sure my job would be mathematics. That would make my head spin more.
@StefanKottwitz I'd rather do math all day
@StefanKottwitz Except for anything geometric
@StefanKottwitz I don't like going beyond 2D. 1D is best.
@JG There's geometry which cannot be drawn. That's hard.
@StefanKottwitz Let's not go there
Does anybody have a guess how I can uninstall the texlive that got installed so far?
I need that GB space back
@JG Just delete the folder it is in
9:03 PM
@JG I'm intrigued. Link, please.
@JG Probably C:\Program files\TeXlive
@JosephWright I think the default is C:\texlive.
@PauloCereda It is, which I don't like, but I don't know how well LaTeX will do if I put it in C:\Program Files (x86)\ due to special characters and spaces
@PauloCereda Might be: I tend to like things 'tidy'
@Canageek Works fine inside Program Files
@Canageek I have a special C:\paulo\softwares folder specially for this. It's like my Windows version of /opt. :)
9:07 PM
@PeterGrill David has answered questions I've asked without reading the documentation...because he skimmed the source code and saw what it was doing.
@PauloCereda Yeah, I need to set one of those up. Probably C:\FakeProgramFiles\
@JosephWright How do I know which folder it is in?
@FaheemMitha Link for what?
@FaheemMitha If I remember one then I'll send one over
@JG Well, if you started the install and went with the defaults, as @PauloCereda says it will be directly inside C:
@Canageek Yes but reading the source code is cheating. One should read the documentation as us mere mortals have to do!! :-)
@JG Just look for a texlive folder :-)
@JosephWright I can't find it!!
@JosephWright I have a TeXNic Center folder
9:09 PM
@JG Then it did not start the install
@JosephWright Yes it did
@JG Nothing to do with installing TeX Live
Now I suddenly have 2GB less than I had the other day and I did not install anything else
@JG You used the advanced installer, so should have had an option about where to install
Is there a way to search my computer by date of things installed?
9:10 PM
@JG Yes, you have an option in the Windows Search system. However, you'll need some kind of name. I'd just search for texlive across the whole disk
@JG Windows?
@JG Search for tl-cmd.bat it is a file TeX Live will install
@Canageek Yes windows. That is like all i know
@JG: can you open the command prompt?
@Canageek You can search for folders
@JG What version? If you don't know, I can tell from a screenshot of your start menu
@JosephWright He might have renamed it if he changed the location, I couldn't remeber of TeXLive let you do that.
9:12 PM
@JG Did you check inside Program Files for the folder?
@Canageek It will, but I'd guess @JG would know that
@JosephWright He didn't know that he moved it. Ergo, he has no idea what he entered in that field, so I'm not assuming he knows what he renamed it to.
@Canageek Could search for something like texmf-local, which is created automatically and therefore will have that name
@JG Your evil guy. On the forums.
@JG Any luck?
@JosephWright I just looked up the first file I saw that I knew couldn't be unselected when installing.
9:14 PM
@FaheemMitha Just go to that forum and you'll find a post of his in 5 seconds and you'll see something evil I'm sure
@Canageek Reasonable plan
@JG You can relax here; This is the most evil we allow
Q: How do I make my document look like it was written by a Cthulhu-worshipping madman?

CanageekI want to type up some spells from the RPG Call of Cthulhu and give them to my players. I could just type them up in Word or LaTeX, but that seems too...neat. I'd like to make these things look like they were scrawled by a gibbering madman, unhinged by the horrors he has witnessed. Bonus points i...

@JG Which forum is that?
@JosephWright Yes I looked in Program Files. I only see TeXNic Center and TeXWorks
@FaheemMitha I don't know. Stefan's other forum. They should call it that.
@JG Read some Youtube comments you'll feel like Richard Feynman in no time :)
9:16 PM
@PeterGrill Off to sleep in a minute. So was my edit Ok? I see that you still have one of your original pictures there. Is that intentional or an oversight?
@JosephWright What is the plan?
@FaheemMitha latex-community.org, I believe.
@percusse What do you mean?
@JG Ah: did you run without Admin rights? Could be inside %appdata% (hidden inside your user folder)
@FaheemMitha I saw your posting here after I made the edit -- will go back and have a look.
9:17 PM
@JG I mean some people don't think when they are online. I suspect that you take things a little too seriously.
So if someone is evil here, what you guys do, exactly?
@JosephWright I have no idea
@percusse I take everything seriously
@JosephWright By the way, as a mod you might want to look at this, I was unsure if it is a good answer or not, so I hit skip
A: LaTeX for netbook OSes

Manuel SarmientoI just downloaded a small app for android, called VerbTex from Verbosus (verbosus.com) I allows to write/compile tex documents. Those documents can be stored locally (for free) or in verbosus host (small or unlimited -for a charge-). local documents can be edited locally but compilation is done o...

@JG OK, which version of Windows do you have?
Take them aside and tell them to be nice or else?
9:17 PM
@FaheemMitha I'll have a look to the arrow thingy later this evening.
@JG Maybe you shouldn't do that.
@JosephWright I dont' know. An old one. Windows 2000 ?
@percusse Thanks.
@percusse Maybe people shouldn't be aholes either.
@FaheemMitha But please keep the expectations low :)
@JG That's wishful thinking by definition
@percusse Maybe people should mind their own business sometimes (Not you, but those are usually the aholes in life)
9:18 PM
@percusse Heh.
Hey, can I be part of the nice mafia? I can be menacing too.
@percusse Only people that I ever have beef with is someone who wouldn't leave me alone.
@JG It's a 5000 years old ethics problem so I wouldn't hope too much. Just keep your cool :)
@JG So what is the user name of Mr. Evil?
@JosephWright I find a folder called texlive when searching windows
@JG Ah right: where?
9:20 PM
@JosephWright Just under c:
@JosephWright hahahahaha
@JosephWright it was sitting right there, not tucked away anyuwhere
@JG :-)
It would be a great Agatha Christie plot if that user was me. Damn, I suck at being mysterious. :)
@percusse who is mysteroius?
@JG So you should be OK to just delete it
@percusse If you were Mr. Evil?
9:21 PM
@FaheemMitha Yep wouldn't it be nice? :)
@JosephWright I should be! It is taking forever sinc eit is over 2GB!!
@percusse There is a song called "Wouldn't it be nice?" By the Beach Boys, maybe.
@percusse are you talking about my favorite latex friend at the other forum?
Does he post here?
@JG Everybody could find out himself ;-)
@JG Yes.
@FaheemMitha hahaa off to youtube
9:23 PM
@percusse So he's nice in this forum but not nice in the other one?
Yes, beach boys
@percusse What's on youtube?
@JG Wait. It's getting out of control
I meant imagine me being that bad user in the other forum pretending nice here... That would be a evil plot. It was a joke
didn't work.
Good song. Ok, off to bed. Take care, guys.
@JosephWright SHouldn't you check that it is no longer in his path, or is that too much work?
9:26 PM
@FaheemMitha Good night
@Canageek Did occur to me
@FaheemMitha I think both images should be there, so decided to leave 'em as is.
@Canageek Probably sensible
@JosephWright I'd need to know the version of windows he has to give instructions on how to edit it though...
@Canageek Much the same: Control Panel - System - Advanced - Environmental Variables
9:28 PM
@Canageek Are you talking about this issue I was having still?
@JG Yeah
@JosephWright Ah, that works. I don't do it much, so I wasn't sure how long it had been the same for, and the method I used to use seems to have changed. (Right clicking on the my computer icon...Lazy, I know)\
@Canageek I thank yo ufor your help.
@Canageek We figured it out
Thank you @Canageek!
Thank you @Joseph
@PauloCereda Well, that's taken me 2.5 hours what with all the interruptions, but I've finally finished watching your video :-)
(You were mostly interrupted by Zorro)
The 1950s version :-p
@NicolaTalbot Oh! :) Sorry for my funny accent. :P
@NicolaTalbot LOL
@PauloCereda It's a pre-bedtime treat for good behaviour
Not mine, by the way
9:40 PM
@NicolaTalbot Oh! :)
@NicolaTalbot speaking of bedtime, good night everybody!
@tohecz Good-night!
@PauloCereda I'm usually quite well behaved.
@NicolaTalbot I think David tried to sabotage my presentation. :)
Just a (cauli)flowew for good night:
@PauloCereda you keep saying that but honestly your accent is very good
9:44 PM
@PauloCereda Least he didn't charge about the place with a sword and a black cape ;-)
@DavidCarlisle You are too kind. :)
@NicolaTalbot ooh! :)
@PauloCereda I liked your comment about commenting :-)
Does anybody know much aobut Adobe: Adobe Reader on Linux has support for Flash and media playback up to version 9.4.1. It was dropped thereafter. The built-in Flash player of AR-9.4.1 supports Flash content up to Flash version 9. However, the media players shipping with media9 require Flash Player 10.

player_flv_maxi.swf is Flash Player 9 compatible and can be used with media9 and AR-9.4.1 on Linux. Its FlashVars for configuration are documented here. The most important FlashVar is the one for setting the video source. Here it is called flv=....
@NicolaTalbot :)
@tohecz tikz?
9:48 PM
@JG You want AlexG, author of media9
@NicolaTalbot no way, tikz would take ages to make that (approx. 5 milion points). It's made in gnuplot
@tohecz \usetikzlibrary{healthyfood}
@PauloCereda :-)
@NicolaTalbot :) Speaking of which, we have a top secret project named crocodile/broccolli/debroglie (/pokes @JosephWright). :P
@JosephWright Where is he!!!?????!
9:50 PM
@JG in the UK I think ;)
@tohecz Why isn't here HERE?
@JG I don't know, try to ask him ;)
but I have to really go, so good bye
@tohecz Bye, Tom! :)
Bye, @Paulo!
@tohecz If you are regularly plotting 5 million points you should look into ROOT.
9:52 PM
@PauloCereda: I think you are the master of the ducks?
@tohecz Night
@Canageek I'm happy with gnuplot, I need it only occationally, but thanks
and bye
@PauloCereda debroglie as in wavelengths?
@Kurt Me? :) Far from it. :)
@NicolaTalbot Good question! :) I blame @JosephWright for that one. :P
@PauloCereda: I just wondered whether there is a special duck for duck-typing? :)
9:54 PM
@Kurt ooh I need to think about it. :)
Because if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it must be certainly a duck. :)
@PauloCereda :-)
Be one with the duck, young grasshopper.
@JosephWright You don't know anything about Adobe?
@PauloCereda My grandfather apparently won a stuffed crocodile in a bar in Salvador (Bahia as it was then) when he was drunk. He didn't know anything about until the next morning when a couple of men delivered it to his office.
Or was it Recife?
@JosephWright I don't really understand what he is saying in plain english
9:55 PM
@NicolaTalbot Oh my! A crocodile is usually very huge!
Is AlexG saying that I need to get an Adobe that is before 9.4.1 ?
P.S. Canageek, I just finished deleting the 2GB!!
@PauloCereda: I see you know duck-typing. There must be a special duck, I think.
@PauloCereda Or was it an alligator? Can't remember now.
I saw some of the smaller variety (can't remember the name) in the Amazon lying on some giant lillies.
@Kurt I'll think about one. :)
@NicolaTalbot There are a lot of species. :)
@paulo: I'll nearly can't wait :)
9:58 PM
Speaking of alligators and crocodiles:

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