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12:00 AM
also getting an error of using multiple labels
12:24 AM
@BAYMAX -- On all but the last line, put the label just before the \\ and on the last line, just before \end{align} . You want to have one label per line.
@DavidCarlisle I want it to stop undoing my tabbing, and refusing to tab further in while I'm between begin and end
1:26 AM
@barbarabeeton oh nice! that was the catch!
@BAYMAX -- You might consider reading the user manual for amsmath. It's not that long, and it tries to be clear -- texdoc amsldoc at a command prompt.
@barbarabeeton oh nice! thanks! i will google it!
1:46 AM
@BAYMAX -- Yes. That's the current version.
5 hours later…
6:33 AM
@BAYMAX you will also have a copy on your local machine texdoc amsmath
6:52 AM
oh cool! actually am using Overleaf but that's informative as well! thanks
1 hour later…
8:22 AM
> Following an incident on a bus, Transport for Greater Manchester have stated that live snakes are not acceptable face coverings.
@PauloCereda I'm Samuel L. Jackson and I've had enough of those **** snakes on this ***** ~~~plane~~~ bus.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz ooh
@PauloCereda what was the mark up for strike throughs again?
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz three --- thingies
I'm Samuel L. Jackson and I've had enough of those **** snakes on this ***** plane bus.
@PauloCereda why didn't it work when I tried? :(
@PauloCereda ---test---without space, ah, doesn't work if you don't put a space after it. Stupid markup.
8:28 AM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz yay <3
> Giraffes Are Basically Fuzzy Lightning Rods, New Research Suggests
@PauloCereda do you know that awesome giraffes fighting video?
@PauloCereda haven't found the one with added light sabre sounds, but here it is:
8:46 AM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz oh my
@DavidCarlisle regarding the smashoperator vs bemaer issue, does it make sense to add \color{.} to the definition (aka into the boxes)? Not sure if that part requires specific packages.
9:06 AM
@daleif no it requires xcolor and isn't yet clearly the right fix
9:33 AM
@DavidCarlisle ok, thanks. I was quite confused where it came from, so the analysis on github was very illuminating.
3 hours later…
12:40 PM
You could run emacs in that piece of thingy
12:53 PM
Is there a quick way to list the BibTeX entry types for a given .bst file, or do I have to read the .bst file manually to figure this out?
1:10 PM
@PauloCereda Hola don Pato, Spix is is the younger brother of arara?
@PabloGonzálezL Hola, es un pajaro distinto. :)
@PauloCereda Interesante, no conocía Spix :-)
@PabloGonzálezL pero no es una arara :)
@PauloCereda It is missing manual pages to reach it :)
@PauloCereda Ask separately, how will they do it in your country for the national tests?
@PhelypeOleinik mail sent (no subject)
@PabloGonzálezL Reading it just now :-)
1:18 PM
@PabloGonzálezL I am sorry, what do you mean with tests?
@PhelypeOleinik :-)
@PauloCereda Vestibular
@PauloCereda It is the equivalent of PSU in my country (creo)
@PabloGonzálezL Oh I have no idea, I am not following the news. I knew some exams were postponed. Since school activities are probably suspended until next year, perhaps they will wait a bit to disclose more information...
@PauloCereda Interesting, here they will be given on January 4th (yes or yes) ...but they have not said under what conditions
@PabloGonzálezL There's a lot of pressure, it seems.
@PauloCereda The same here, many students "froze" this year, and to take up the next one more the new candidates and the handling of the spaces by the covid-19...it's all a theme.
1:25 PM
@PabloGonzálezL Schools and universities in here are not prepared for drastically changing their teaching methods, and not to mention the ongoing drop of quality in education...
@PauloCereda Here it is the same, even worse if it is about technical careers, not everything can be done/simulated from a computer...that is one of the main reasons why many students have "frozen ".
1:37 PM
@PauloCereda @PabloGonzálezL if you are interested I can tell you how we are managing here in ICAI, Spain to teach engineering ... But probably in a separate chat otherwise I'll be nagged for off-topic...
And a bit later, I'm on a bus now
@Rmano Jeje, es verdad...solo patos y TeX en este chat :-)
1:57 PM
@PabloGonzálezL You forgot cricket
@PauloCereda awesome!
Why does this counter not work?
\ifnum\filled=1 \noexpand\stepcounter{rowno}%
         \ifnum\first=1 {f\col/r\therowno/k\k,}%
            \else  {c\col/r\therowno/k\k,}    \fi%
            \else  x\fi
@cis assuming a weeks conversation thread to know what all the undefined commands do?
@cis presumably you are using it is some context where and edef isn't the right thing. assuming filled and first expand to numbers what you show would typeset (for example} the group {c\col/r\therowno/k\k,} but if you are expecting that brace group to be the argument of some other macro that can not work
2:18 PM
@DavidCarlisle Mmhh, difficult. I am at a dead end. I think I have to come up with something new.
@cis why are you putting it in an edef anyway?, as written above you could just not have the edef
2:43 PM
@DavidCarlisle Hehe, that's because the whole thing appears in a \pgfplotsforeachungrouped and there edef is wanted.
... or needed
@cis well you have been here long enough to know that a fragment out of context is next to useless for debugging, so I have no idea:-)
3:07 PM
@DavidCarlisle I will create a simple MWE.
@PhelypeOleinik I'm not sure I understand where exactly stuff has to be added to l3debug and how...
3:26 PM
@PhelypeOleinik seems like I can't get it to work :(
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz I think adding \__kernel_tl_set:Nx where \tl_set:Nx is should suffice (didn't try though)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Want me to do it?
@yo' ooh
(don't ask how difficult it was to convert some of the tikzducks gadgets to outline
@PhelypeOleinik no, won't work as it isn't patchable by that code (it doesn't grab its arguments). But I figured what the issue was (I think) currently running the test suite.
@PhelypeOleinik so far only one test is failing (I'm half way through) -- and that one is m3fp002...
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz But the patch does make it grab the argument
@PhelypeOleinik I'm doing a \cs_gset:Npn \__kernel_tl_set:Nx { \tl_set:Nx } instead.
3:53 PM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Isn't that a loop?
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Or \tl_set:Nx doesn't depend on \__kernel_tl_set:Nx?
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz I still think this would work:
diff --git a/l3kernel/l3debug.dtx b/l3kernel/l3debug.dtx
index cbb8978..ebe1f14 100644
--- a/l3kernel/l3debug.dtx
+++ b/l3kernel/l3debug.dtx
@@ -803,6 +803,7 @@
+      \__kernel_tl_set:Nx
@@ -866,6 +867,7 @@
+      \__kernel_tl_gset:Nx
@PhelypeOleinik no, I reverted that to use \cs_set_nopar:Npx directly instead. The issue is that if you don't you'll get \tl_set:Nx which will call the tests and after that you'll call \__kernel_tl_set:Nx which would call the tests again...
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Ah, okay, using \cs_set_nopar:Npx should do
@PhelypeOleinik I fail the m3fp002 and m3tl-build001 tests, will have to take another look...
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Odd... I'd expect either a ton of failures or none at all... This TeX thing is weird :-)
@PhelypeOleinik yep. When I first ran the test suite I got like every one failing because I totally forgot about adapting l3debug... :)
@PhelypeOleinik it's most likely a single macro I've forgotten to revert to \cs_set_nopar:Npx... (well I haven't looked yet)
4:01 PM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz :-)
@yo' I'm very sorry!
@samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz don't be! You probably never intended to make them as outlines, so we are basically misusing tikzducks at Overleaf I think :-)
I consider making some corrections at least though; I think it might be useful.
4:16 PM
@PhelypeOleinik ok, the m3build001 test is now working again (it isn't save to use \cs_set_nopar:Npx there directly, so I put back \tl_set:Nx into all the \tl_build_... functions).
@yo' why does each come with one half coloured and why isn't there an outline of an oven ready duck ?
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Ah, yes, l3tl-build itself uses some dark Bruno magic to minimise argument-grabbing :-)
@PhelypeOleinik yep, I took a quick look and backed out of it for now :)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Spooky code :-)
@PhelypeOleinik now I have to understand why \fp_set:Nn \l_boom_fp { 123 } throws the uninitialized variable error twice...
4:20 PM
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz (spooky in a good way)
@PhelypeOleinik Maybe I'll read it some day, but not now.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Once for \fp_set:Nn and once again for the \tl_set:Nn inside it... probably
@PhelypeOleinik well, I changed the definition from \tl_set:Nx #1 { \exp_not:f { \@@_parse:n {#2} } } to use \__kernel_tl_set:Nx instead, which expands to \tl_set:Nx if debug is on. So it should've had that behaviour already, but somehow....
@PhelypeOleinik turns out I'm stupid.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Odd, I just looked and \fp_set:Nn is not in l3debug (which makes sense, since it uses \tl_set:Nn anyway)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz That's usually the reasonable explanation for errors in code :-)
@DavidCarlisle the 2nd question aim at @PauloCereda I think :-) The first one: There's some "suggested colouring" and then the blank one, but you're not forced in any way to follow the suggested colouring :-)
4:25 PM
@PhelypeOleinik yes, but I had a left over \__kernel_tl_set:Nx in the patching list, which funnily enough didn't make any other test fail but that one...
@PhelypeOleinik my forehead is red...
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz I believe you, but... weird?
@PhelypeOleinik YES, very!
@PhelypeOleinik that happens if you make too many edits in parallel...
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz That happens if you listen to my suggestion of adding stuff to the patch list :-)
@PhelypeOleinik well, in that case I can blame @PhelypeOleinik :)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz :-)
4:29 PM
@PhelypeOleinik I think the last half hour costed me at least a 5 words of my English vocabulary, that's how hard I face palmed myself.
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz /duck hug
@PauloCereda aww
@PauloCereda <3
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Happens a lot to me :-)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz That's when I learned the magic of git reset HEAD~1 --soft :-)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz That is, as long as I don't push to the remote
@PhelypeOleinik I'm evil, I haven't even stashed yet...
@PhelypeOleinik All checks passed :)
@Skillmonlikestopanswers.xyz Yay! :D
4:51 PM
@yo' :) I had similar troubles for my tikzducks tshirt. To make the stencils for the different colours I also had to convert all the elements into outlines.
and please tell to whoever had the idea: A very funny contest!
@samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz meanwhile, no arara support. :(
Hi experts. Can I ask any question here?
ooh a context free grammar
@C.F.G fire at will :)
oh no
/quacks in despair
5:00 PM
I have modified extbook.cls to a thesis template. There I have 10 newif. when I compile it using XeLaTeX, it takes almost 2 min. What is the problem?
@C.F.G Background tasks, font stuff, slow computer, aliens, and probably a million more options. :) Without more details, little to nothing can be said. :)
but it is more that 1000 lines.
Seriously, there can be a lot of reasons, but without an actual MWE, we cannot infer, unless @DavidCarlisle uses his crystal ball.
@samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz it is! I'll tell it to Kate.
My computer is good. I compile similar files around 30 seconds.
How it is related to font stuff? What is the aliens?
5:09 PM
@C.F.G \newif is definitely not the problem. Are you using TikZ? Are you including large graphics files? These are usually the slowest parts in a document
@C.F.G it is quite easy to add something that slows down compilation. See e.g. tex.stackexchange.com/q/122116/2388. But without more info it is quite impossible to say what slows down your document.
I have inserted TikZ for future usage but I have not used it at all.
This is a small part of Cls file:


@C.F.G when I started latex 15 minutes per page was common, so 2 minutes sounds quite good
@DavidCarlisle ooh you are old experienced
@UlrikeFischer \def\z{\z}\z
5:22 PM
@DavidCarlisle: You are talking about 1970?
@C.F.G 85 or so
@DavidCarlisle What was your first computer?
@DavidCarlisle @DavidCarlisle I opened a questin here:
Q: foreach, groupplot: foreach-loop works normally but goes wrong in a groupplot-environment

cisI have a loop, that gives a stair-shaped schema of "filled" and unfilled parts. · In in section 1 is all as wanted. The edef-stuff is not really neccessary here, but in section 2 he wants so, so I let it in as a test. · In section 2 should come technically the same, but in a groupplot-environmen...

@C.F.G first one at home was many years later first one I used (an ICL 1900 at Nottingham University which would have been about 1975-77, we had access to it from School)
@DavidCarlisle :)
5:27 PM
@DavidCarlisle ooh you are very old very experienced
@DavidCarlisle loops were not allowed.
@UlrikeFischer loops are for the uncouth, recursion is a more refined technique
5:46 PM
@DavidCarlisle JZ
More chocolatey...
@PauloCereda you shall include the #TeXLaTeX tag...
@yo' oh no
@yo' done, take 2
@PauloCereda artistic ;-) but your link doesn't work I had to search on your account.
@UlrikeFischer Ah yes, I had to remove and add a new one, as Twitter does not allow editing tweets. :)
6:35 PM
@PauloCereda I love how Knuth's head is painted differently above and below the glasses <3
@yo' ooh :)
I already have plans for my $50, so they better give me teh money. :)
@PauloCereda oh
@yo' <3
@yo' in other news, the secret is on its way to Czechia. :)
@PauloCereda Oh no!
@samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz oh no
oopsie keyboard shift
1 hour later…
8:03 PM
@PauloCereda don't dare ask how your contest submission is taken by the folks here at Overleaf :D
8:49 PM
@yo' ooh more money :)
@yo' ooh tell me
user image
@PauloCereda ^^
@yo' Oh, Hypnotoad :-)
@PhelypeOleinik yes, indeed! (said by Rowan Atkinson voice in a Monty Python style)
@yo' I could almost hear it :)
@yo' -- The one on the left loos like it's packed in a pumpkin.
@yo' Oh, Rowan Atkinson is excellent! :-)
@PhelypeOleinik all the short scenes he did with any of Monty Pythons is so great!
@yo' -- Still looks like he's packed in a pumpkin. (Well, it's getting to be that time of year.)
@barbarabeeton Oh no, the CTAN thing
@barbarabeeton oh right
@PhelypeOleinik oh left
@PhelypeOleinik Speaking of British comedy, do you know Whose Line Is It Anyway?
9:22 PM
@yo' No, never heard of it
@yo' Listening right now
9:59 PM
User support. Grumble grumble.
10:13 PM
@yo' awwwwwww <3
@PhelypeOleinik ooh everybody loves Hypnotoad
@AlanMunn oh no
@AlanMunn what happened?
@UlrikeFischer Me: I need to see some code. User: sends screenshots of editor. Arrgh!
10:28 PM
@AlanMunn it could be worse: is it a Windows editor? :)
10:39 PM
@yo' ooh
@AlanMunn Is the screenshot sent as a Word document?
@yo' ooh spooky :)
11:00 PM
When using biblatex option refsection=chapter do you need any \begin{refsection} ... \end{refsection} commands?

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