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3:13 AM
@marmot marmot do you know how to add a label in one of the corners :D?:
I tried with label={[anchor=north]above:$\pi\qquad$t}]{text here} but pi is moved to the left :(
2 hours later…
5:33 AM
@manooooh I am traveling now but you could use the path picture as in the answer that I gave you. Does that work?
@egreg All crocodiles have a bit of natural radioactivity.
5:47 AM
@marmot what path? And how will you respond to the question you mentioned a while ago if you are traveling (I thought that @CarLaTeX was going to respond quickly since she had responded very well in her suggestion link)? hahaha
Guys, how can I make equal margins using the geometry package and article?:
Is it enough with \usepackage[a4paper,margin=1in] {geometry}? Because I am getting some issues, is margin=1in correct?
Margins must be the same for all pages
Even with margin=0in all the text is moved to the right:
(showframe is enabled)
6:07 AM
@manooooh Sorry, no time in this period...
@CarLaTeX :) no problem. The 50 rep will go to another user (?
@manooooh I see what I can do but I thought marmot would answer with his usual quickness
@CarLaTeX maybe he is not interested
@manooooh I mean
\begin{tikzpicture}[pi cloud/.style={draw,cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff
\node[pi cloud,path picture={\node[anchor=north east]
at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};
}]{text here};
@manooooh What do you mean with Add new lines in entity's #1 parameter (label).
Do you want to name the node or put a label near it?
6:13 AM
If I had a nice key board now, I could write an answer for your bounty question, but I don't...
@CarLaTeX look the first image: Entity A\\for\\Entity B
@manooooh Ah, ok, so you don't want the list of the attributes in the entity but only its name, do you?
@DavidCarlisle This sounds suspiciously like the packages of some very respected user: sometimes it will work, sometimes it won't. ;-)
@CarLaTeX hm, yes (like the first image), but only if you know, if not it's okay
@manooooh It's not a problem, it's even easier!
6:20 AM
@CarLaTeX lol how would you remove the borders below the entity's name? You are a genius!
@marmot oh, you made changes, let me think about the new code
leave out `rectangle split,
rectangle split parts=2,` and `\nodepart{second}` and use a simple `rectangle`
@CarLaTeX yes yes (er er)... when you have it, you will be rewarded hahaha
@manooooh OK, However you want the list of the attributes under the entity, don't you?
@CarLaTeX yes, but if possible without borders (and the other changes)
@manooooh Of course it's possible!
6:25 AM
@CarLaTeX hm, if we were not able to draw some not really unusual words in Pinturillo, idk... xD
Ok, I have to assume it, with TikZ everything is possible :)
@CarLaTeX I would actually not use the multipart node is suggested in @manooooh's question. After all, the arrows only attach to the upper node part. I would make it a separate node and then draw the table below either as a separate node below or in a style.
@marmot That's what I'm doing :)
@CarLaTeX @marmot wait 1 min, forget delete the borders. If we do that then we have to move some relationship to not collide with attributes
@manooooh ?
I know you were able to move the relationship in your suggested answer, @CarLaTeX, but then I will have to look what is the best position
6:29 AM
@manooooh We can use relative positions, don't worry
@manooooh I guess you might want first to clarify for yourself what you want, update the question, and then it will be easier. At the moment you have two contradicting screenshots for the desired output, and an orthogonal message on the chat. (Moving the vertical line is straightforward, though.)
@CarLaTeX if we remove the edges I, in my final document, I will have to move these relationships manually, and it takes me a long time to think about what position should be placed (if it is not millimeter correct I am not satisfied)
@marmot for me it is not straightforward
The diagram I want to make is quite bigger than the one in the question
@manooooh Hence I leave the entities as they are?
I will update the question, thanks for the suggestion, and sorry @CarLaTeX this problem came to my head
@CarLaTeX yes, please
6:32 AM
@manooooh Ok
@CarLaTeX please focus on how to create one to oone, make optional modality white and move the labels is in to the outside edge of the entities
@manooooh Ok
@manooooh e.g.
\begin{tikzpicture}[combox/.style={draw,text width=4cm,text height=1.5ex}]
\node[combox] (A) {A};
\node[below right=1pt and 2mm of A.south west,anchor=north west]{\begin{tabular}{l}
\node[combox,below=3cm of A] (B) {B};
\draw ([xshift=-1mm]A.south east) -- ([xshift=-1mm]B.north east);
@marmot the key is using xshift?
@manooooh see tex.stackexchange.com/a/463027/121799 ... but then @CarLaTeX's friend appeared on the scene ... @CarLaTeX may be able to tell you what happens after he's on the scene ....
6:44 AM
@marmot too many new things for me!! Forget shifting the relationships please, my mistake
tex.stackexchange.com/questions/462914/… I have removed some old changes and put the first image in agreement with the last one
@CarLaTeX added a general consideration (the last one)

\node[draw,cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff
arc=31.4,align=center,label={[anchor=north]above:$\pi$}]{text here};
%%%%%% vvvvv Not use paramters in tikzpicture, like ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
\begin{tikzpicture}[pi cloud/.style={draw,cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff
\node[pi cloud,path picture={\node[anchor=north east]
at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};}]
@marmot ^^^^^^ I do not understand your changes
Look at this MWE:
6:59 AM
Which changes? I just defined a pi cloud style and added a label via path picture. You could also add the label to the definition of the style:
\begin{tikzpicture}[pi cloud with label/.style={draw,cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff
path picture={\node[anchor=north east]
at (path picture bounding box.north east){#1};
\node[pi cloud with label=t]{text here};
Wait a min, see

\node (2) at (4,0) [shape=cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff arc=50,draw,text width=2.7cm,align=center,label={[anchor=north]above:$2$},path picture={\node[anchor=north east]
at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};}] {EXAMPLE\\EXAMPLE\\EXAMPLE};

From you prev comment I only add: ...,path picture={\node[anchor=north east] at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};}
Till now I did "Add new lines in entity's #1 parameter (label)." and
"Make white circle instead of transparent in optional cardinality.". I'm working on the rest
@marmot but now see where is t lol
@manooooh It is a little bit like whale watching. It is only fun if you actually see a whale. ;-)
@CarLaTeX nice!! Take your time, no pressures
@marmot ... that's right, I am not able to see the whale :(
7:05 AM
@manooooh which whale? ;-)
@marmot your last MWE, I am not able to adjust it to your first MWE
You have added new things to tikzpicture parameters but I really understand your first MWE (no parameters in tikzpicture)
It seems that path picture={\node[anchor=north east] at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};} is doing the work pretty well, since north east should position in the northeast of the cloud shape and add the t. But for some reason the t is not there
@manooooh Well, as I said it is a pi cloud. So if I add pi at the right places:

\node (2) at (4,0) [shape=cloud,cloud puffs=4,cloud puff arc=40,draw,
text width=2.7cm,align=center,label={[anchor=north]above:$2$},
path picture={\node[anchor=north east,text width=3.14mm,align=left,text
at (path picture bounding box.north east){t};}] {EXAMPLE\\EXAMPLE\\EXAMPLE};
Explanation: path pictures are a bit tricky in that the nodes that you are using inside inherit properties from the ambient node. (It is a bit similar to the problem of nesting tikzpictures except that here you know very well what properties the ambient node has.) So I "reseted" the relevant keys to get the desired placement of t. The super clean solution would be to define a new shape, but if you look at the crow foot you see how messy this can get. And 50 also works...
@marmot yes yes, I tested with 50 and it worked. I have noticed that you added text width=3.14mm,align=left,text height=3.14ex :), it worked 100%. Thank you for the explanation, see what I am really doing with your huge help:
178 lines only for this diagram, other diagrams are missing :)
7:32 AM
@manooooh Could you tell me which image is "one to Optional one" and "Optional one to Optional one" relationships respectively?
@CarLaTeX ^^^^
@manooooh Optional one is the circle with the cross?
We do not have the relationship that is on the top right
@CarLaTeX look at \pgfarrowsdeclare{...}{...}
@manooooh Ok, the circle with the cross
@CarLaTeX yes
Compare this two images:
7:38 AM
@manooooh OK, understood
You have to replicate the first image having already the second
Except for attributes with \scriptize font size, not considering vertical dots and taking care that if two relationships overlap the thickness in that part increases, when it should be the same thickness as the rest
@manooooh Indeed, looks very much like a whale. ;-)
@marmot I forgot what "look for whale" means xD
@manooooh Just make sure that you do not look like a whale when you go to the beach. Otherwise green peace may drag you to the open ocean. ;-)
@marmot hahahahhaaha, then I should lose weight a little :D
"Basketball man"
8:20 AM
@CarLaTeX I LIKE IT!! You have made the rectangles the same size, I like that, I had not noticed it! It seems that the only thing missing is to reduce the font size of the attributes (\scriptsize). Either way, I will look at the code much more carefully in a few hours, but it has been excellent
@manooooh Ok, I will manage also the font of the attributes
8:31 AM
@DavidCarlisle, @egreg chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/86783/… ... if you have any thoughts
@manooooh Done
9:09 AM
Yay, arara reached 210 stars in GitHub!
9:22 AM
@PauloCereda Great!
@CarLaTeX <3
10:07 AM
@JosephWright all roads lead to Rome including expl3
3 hours later…
1:32 PM
People trying out tlshell?
@JosephWright Well, it has an interesting error message for me: /usr/bin/env: ‘wish’: No such file or directory. Probably incorrect for christmas time when there should be many wishes ;)
@TeXnician Ooops
@JosephWright After correcting some TCL/TK dependencies, it works. That's the problem of Vanilla TeX Live there are no "optional dependency" warnings…
@JosephWright Seems to work for me. But TeX Live Utility is much prettier
@egreg Yeah, I guess it's still a work-in-progress
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
@ShreevatsaR I think I fixed that issue now, but double check ufile.io/hkiuh
LuaTeX really wants all font glyphs loaded at once, I finally gave up and did just that. Let me see how slow things will be once HarfBuzz starts supporting CFF glyph extents.
4:26 PM
@KhaledHosny Yup: that's how TeX works, after all
@JosephWright Not much about TeX (loading glyphs on demand works fine there), but on the backend. Namely when multiple fonts are shared (because the underlying font is the same), and the backend assumes that all shared fonts has all the same glyphs loaded, so it ends up getting some glyph info from the the font that didn’t have them loaded.
@JosephWright Shouldn’t be hard to be fixed (I already fixed it for tounicode), but I suspect there will be more hidden bugs like this and thus gave up on this approach. A more systematic solution, may be a callback to get glyph info, is needed.
@KhaledHosny Got it
4:56 PM
@KhaledHosny Can't find any errors, everything looks fine!
@ShreevatsaR Great!
5:25 PM
Burger King is running an interesting deal on its iconic Whopper sandwich right now. You can get one for just a penny — provided you’re willing to order it from McDonald’s.

At first glance, this sounds like something that’s going to be obnoxious to execute and not really worth it, but it’s actually pretty simple. To score the deal you have to place your order through Burger King’s mobile app and give the app access to your phone’s location. As long as you’re within 600 feet of a McDonald’s the price of that Whopper will drop down to a cent.
1 hour later…
6:32 PM
@JosephWright I don't think I ever used the old graphical interface
@DavidCarlisle I've looked at it but not used it
@samcarter some of the overleaf staff seem to enjoy your tikzlings :)
@Skillmon ooh source
@PauloCereda the private Slack channel?! I don't think I can link you to it.
@Skillmon ah sorry
6:41 PM
@PauloCereda pshh, don't shout it out too loud.
Mar 6 at 12:20, by Paulo Cereda
We ducks are not good at keeping secrets
@Skillmon oh no worries, we ducks are good at keeping secrets
@DavidCarlisle oi
@Skillmon ((((oh a private channel))))
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ooh Lisp
@DavidCarlisle ^^
@PauloCereda I'm faster at being you than you are
6:42 PM
@DavidCarlisle ooh
we are getting evacuated on monday ;-)
@UlrikeFischer Huh?
@JosephWright they found a (world war) bomb and we are living in the 300m radius: moenchengladbach.de/de
@UlrikeFischer Oh, lucky you
@UlrikeFischer ooh eine Bombe gefunden! Sounds serious. Hope defusing it will go well.
6:48 PM
@JosephWright we could defuse it with a pointed stick
@UlrikeFischer oh my
@HaraldHanche-Olsen normally it does, we have quite some experience with it - they still find regularly bombs and we had one a few years ago a kilometer from here. The main problem is normally the evacuation.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen and as it is at a central point of the city, they will be quite some chaos and traffic problems (they have to shut down the bus and train station).
@UlrikeFischer That's good to hear. And I learned a new German word today: entschärfen. According to the dictionary, it can be done to movies as well, though it means something different then.
@UlrikeFischer Oh, what marvelous fun!
@HaraldHanche-Olsen ;-).
2 hours later…
8:48 PM
@UlrikeFischer Let's hope it's not one of these ones: xkcd.com/1168
@AlanMunn ;-). I think it is too old to know unix.
@UlrikeFischer :)
@AlanMunn xzf, surely
@JosephWright :D
@UlrikeFischer Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well on Monday!
9:04 PM
Two nights of peaceful sleep until Monday in that 300m zone. :-o
Nobody defuses bombs at the weekend.
@StefanKottwitz ^^^^ we are already preparing ...
if \noexpand doesn't work, use \protect
@StefanKottwitz :)
9:12 PM
@StefanKottwitz that didn't work in this case, as sunday all shops are opened. The impact would have been much greater.
@Skillmon Oh :) But how are they able to use them, I thought overleaf would still run TL2017?
10:16 PM
@ChristianHupfer Hi! Nice to see you here!
@ChristianHupfer How's the Black Forest going?
10:32 PM
@CarLaTeX hi, how are you?? After resting and having assembled the Christmas tree it's time to test your answer :)
11:00 PM
@UlrikeFischer In case you need more fashion choices for Monday, try \duck[viking] with the development version from github (github.com/samcarter/tikzducks/blob/master/tikzducks.sty)
11:45 PM
@CarLaTeX I want to make the following diagram:
Do you think that the position of their entities and relationships is optimal? I will suffer for a few hours, then I come back hahaha

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