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12:15 PM
_Is the following one a question for tex.stackexchang:_
I am interested in a printed version of the documentation [TikZ & PGF][1].

After a small discuss about this topic on the mailing list of the German LaTeX Community [DANTE e.V.][2] I want to inform you. (Maybe someone else is interested)

I contacted [H₂O Books][3](Taco Hoekwater) to make an offer.

Taco Hoekwater replied that I am not the first person who is interested in the manual. He make clear that one book can't handle so much pages, so it would have to be split up in two volumes.
2 hours later…
2:00 PM
@Marco how about printing it on lulu with a private project?
I've done that for manual PDFs before
2:11 PM
hi @PauloCereda
@Raphink I don't know lulu. H2book is a project of ConTeXt (a little bit familiar)
@Marco lulu is a print-on-demand system
you can upload your PDF there and get it printed
it will cost you roughly $10 for a 150 pages book
createspace or lightningsource let you print books, too
but they don't let you do that in private
you have to distribute them
so lulu might be more appripriate unless you have the right to sell the book
2:45 PM
@Raphink I tried it and the final price is 88,32€ ;-)
2:58 PM
oh my
how big is it?
@Marco what options did you use?
@Marco oh, you tried in color
yes. the pgf manual should be printed in b/w
color printing is very expensive
4 hours later…
6:31 PM
We're allowed to brag about our reputation here when it is an interesting number, right? In that case, I'd like to mention my reputation on Maths-SX. At time of posting, it is 1066.
@Raphink Oh hi (sorry for the delay!)
@AndrewStacey Is it interesting because it's a palindrome in base 3 representation?
6:48 PM
@AndreyVihrov I'll give you a clue. It's historical, and is related to the country I was born in and the country I'm now living in.
@AndrewStacey This is more than enough for a clue :-)
(Save me, Wikipedia)
1 hour later…
8:14 PM
Yay, I wrote my first \whiledo loop!
@PauloCereda Now implement a while loop!
@AndreyVihrov hehe take it easy, I'm still in the learning process. =)
I still think of catcodes as a feline plot to take over the world.
9:06 PM
Q: How do we choose TeX.SE members for representing SE in the TUG?

Stefan KottwitzThanks to all for the great support for this question: Do we want Stack Exchange to become an institutional member of the TUG? Stack Exchange will join the TUG! SE can name up to eight TeX.SE members for individual membership. Each of them will: Get a subscription to the journal TUGboat...

9:21 PM
@AndrewStacey 1066 and All That?
1 hour later…
10:31 PM
hmm, that's between France and GB afair
that's all I know that happened in 1066 :'(
@Raphink That's when France started to become a property of the English kings. :) Which they didn't succeed to accomplish.
errr no
that's when the Normands (from France) began conquering England
Oh, I fail at european history (amongst other things).
the Britons conquering France was 4 centuries later, at the time of Joan of Arc
Hastings is when Guillaume le Conquérant got to seed some French words into English, like theatre :-)
@PauloCereda I fail at American history if that makes you feel better
I'm French, so Hastings is kind of mandatory to know
Andrew is probably pointing out something between GB and Norway.
10:39 PM
@Raphink I said "started to become". Henry II Plantagenet, in the 12th century, married Eleanor, so bringing Aquitaine to the English kingdom.
@PauloCereda We know almost nothing about Brazil history. Only that Garibaldi fought against Brazil for some time.
well there, you know something @egreg
I was almost born in Brazil, but that doesn't make history
@Raphink How can one be "almost born" somewhere? :)
@egreg my mom was pregnant of me and chose to come back to France to give birth
so had she not been able to come back, I would have been born there ;-)
p. 12, the marginpar notes overflow in the bottom of the page
how could this be done in TeX?
10:44 PM
@egreg Cool! Garibaldi lived in Brazil and fought the Guerra dos Farrapos, in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina. And he married Ana Maria. =)
That's the only thing I remember. =P
@PauloCereda you who cares about good names, what would you call a program to run unit tests on configuration files, checking their syntax and parameters?
@PauloCereda so far, my boss chose to call it "Deputy", but I'd love to find a better name ;-)
@Raphink hm I like the approach, let me think.
@Raphink hehe
the code is there if you like the approach github.com/raphink/config-augeas-validator
@PauloCereda Well, I remember it now, because I recently read a book about Garibaldi; I studied about him at school, but it was so many years ago! :(
@Raphink: houston, checkcfg, confsquealer ...
10:52 PM
we have a problem.
in our configuration file...
bonus point for finding a link with augeas
10:54 PM
maybe if someone had checked the augeas' stables before hercules cleaned them
the name of such a guy would be proper
some greek/roman name.
Eurystheas is the one who told Hercules to go clean the stables
but that makes for a complex name for a program
Phyleus, Augeas' son, was also witness of the mess
@egreg I can't remember most of Brazil's historic references, probably only 7th sept (independence day) and 15th nov (republic day). I was bad at history in school. =(
a woman's name
yes, but it doesn't have to do with augeas
oh true
11:02 PM
I think phyleus could do
I mean, Phyleus wasn't the owner of the flock, he was just the son
so he witnessed of the mess, he could point it out, but he didn't actually do anything about it either
easy to spell
he could just say: hey, it's messy here
@PauloCereda So was I. In my final three school years, the history teacher was also teaching philosophy; since I was good in the latter, he didn't bother if I didn't study the former.
@Raphink epic line!
@Raphink "Distinctive headlines". True: ugly is quite distinctive.
@egreg sorry?
@Raphink The 20 fonts in the first page you mention are terrible.
oh that
They are for "distinctive headlines", the title says.
11:10 PM
oh, not all
Fertigo is ok, and so is Museo
depends on your needs
I'm going to use RBNo2 for a cover, too
as a counterpart to Tulpen One
wouldn't use it for the text for sure
11:22 PM
I like Exlijbris fonts
Calluna is nice, too
I like the ligatures.
what's specific about Calluna is the angled serifs
which give it a kind of dynamic
I can't think of any ligatures in Portuguese.
Only "fi", I guess.
11:39 PM
Ah, some answers are really funny:
A: With dual monitors, one rotated 90 degrees, how can I get windows to line up correctly?

Taylor YoungYou can use a book or stack of papers to make one of the monitors sit higher, thats how I do the fine adjustment when I am getting my monitors setup. Before: XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX X X X X XWWWW X X WWWX X W X X Mon1 W X XWWWW X X ...

@PauloCereda No "ff" and "fl"?
@egreg Oh I forgot "fl", but no "ff".
We have lots of "ff" and "ffi"; some "ffl", also: "affliggere" (afflict, in English); actually "fl" is not very common, but it exists in words borrowed again from Latin after the language had already evolved into "ancient" Italian, mostly starting from the 15th century.
11:57 PM
Interesting. Though Portuguese is a Latin-based language, we have few "double letters", only "rr" like in "carro" (car) and "ss" like in "pássaro" (bird). Now that you mentioned, we have "fi", like "final" (end), and "fli", like "afligir" (afflict).

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