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7:41 AM
@DavidCarlisle weirdly freaky coincidence of the \* question there!
7:55 AM
And if you labeled your axes, I could tell you exactly how MUCH better.
@tohecz Hi Tom!
@egreg Does anybody remember such an image? tex.stackexchange.com/q/179904/13304 I'm almost 100% sure having already seen it here.
8:29 AM
@Johannes_B your life history?
@DavidCarlisle Sometimes feels like it :-)
@Johannes_B my wife was a high school math teacher I'm sure she always labels her axes:-)
@FionaSmith yes but my answer was economical with the truth, so I deleted it :(
1 hour later…
10:00 AM
@ClaudioFiandrino It rings a bell, but that's all.
4 hours later…
2:16 PM
Is this on topic?
Q: Pandoc: Markdown to PDF, how to change the size of the images?

pimpampoumI'm converting a Mardown file into a PDF with Pandoc like this: pandoc input.md --latex-engine=xelatex -V geometry:margin=1in -o output.pdf; It works well, except for the images. In the PDF, they appear to be scaled-up, and they take the whole width of the document. Is there any way to specify...

@denisbitouze I'll write up an answer to your question, as I see it, later on (will need a bit of time)
@egreg Probably not
3:03 PM
Hello all
@MarioS.E. Hi
3:24 PM
@DavidCarlisle You haven't been contributing anything to MikTeX specifically lately, have you?
4:07 PM
Is anyone else now hearing Marvin Gaye? tex.stackexchange.com/questions/179988/whats-going-on
@cgnieder I can't understand certain answer by HV. Why on earth should anybody load libertine?
The problem is clearly what @DavidCarlisle pointed to.
@egreg because they like the font? :) I don't see how libertine is relevant to the question, though
@cgnieder Not only it's irrelevant! It hides the problem under the carpet.
4:45 PM
@egreg so you copy my comment and I vote for you, I suppose you need some way to keep ahead.
@DavidCarlisle Already rep capped; thanks anyway. ;-) If a bad answer is provided, it's necessary to add a good one. ;-)
5:11 PM
@egreg in your experience does a user ever need to use \endgraf (i.e. \par the primitive)? (The suggestion came up that it can be used to smuggle a \par in a short argument and I argued that it'd be better to use a macro that expands to the LaTeX macro \par, sth like \newcommand*\fakepar{\par})
I am not entirely sure that \endgraf actually could do harm somewhere then... or at least produces unexpected results
@cgnieder Better avoiding it, as a general rule. In some cases \par is redefined to restore another definition for it and \endgraf will not comply, of course.
@AdultPicHosting thanks for retweeting my #LaTeX tweet! I am not sure your followers actually are interested in typesetting but who knows?
@egreg that's what I thought, too. An example where \endgraf wouldn't be such a good idea would be nice... I'll keep looking
@cgnieder Look for \@setpar and \@restorepar in latex.ltx
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6:26 PM
barbara as we know her :)
when knuth created tex, he was intending it for use by himself and his secretary, and he designed the language that he thought was most appropriate for its intended use -- typesetting. he didn't foresee its adoption by so many other users. one must simply accept the fact that knuth doesn't think the same way that most other people do, and vice versa. — barbara beeton 20 mins ago
6:54 PM
@egreg I know it has something to do with eigenvalues, but at that point I arrive before Mordor, and the Black Gate is closed to further understanding..
7:24 PM
@Brent.Longborough Ask your fellow countrymen Arthur Cayley and William R. Hamilton.
You may have met them. :P
Hi @Brent, could I have a language question, please?
Any tikz pro's here? Is there a way to use the intersection of two graphs as a minimum value to fill the area under the graph? Drawing a line is peanut with \draw [red, thick, name intersections={of={first and second}}] ({rel axis cs:0,0}-|intersection-1) -- ({rel axis cs:0,1}-|intersection-1);, but I'm lost as to how to fill based on a value from intersection ?
8:09 PM
Hey, when I go hiking I use my slippers!
Q: What is the point of hiking boots, versus any comfortable walking shoes?

jmusserI've always used any old shoes for hiking. Are there any real benefits to using specially made boots?

Re the starred message by Heiko: the current build of the pdftex binary seems to have fixed the issue. I tried it just a couple of hours ago and it seems to work. :)
2 days ago, by Heiko Oberdiek
The current pdfTeX of TL2014 seems to be broken, details:
@egreg Not surprising: Karl really wants to fix this asap given the timing
I really don't feel like posting another question: @egreg is apparently already rep capped anyway ;-) Anyone got any opinions about what to do if I have a column to align containing numbers like 101.1, 1.0, 2x10^6? Should I convert them all to exponential format? Or just right align? It looks rubbish at the moment.
@egreg Updating my rig now
@FionaSmith Heterogeneous data need no special alignment.
@egreg so do what? right align the column? Centre align?
8:24 PM
@tohecz Sure!
@FionaSmith Right or center, that's my idea. Perhaps centering will underline they're not homogeneous.
@FionaSmith How did you guess I'm rep capped?
@egreg you mentioned it above!
@FionaSmith Do you have a screenshot?
@egreg As the answers fail to explain, you are doing the right thing
If I use S for a column containing text, how does it work out where to align the text? I have a couple of "N/A"s
and it looks a bit odd.
@FionaSmith Brace the non numeric entries: {N/A}
8:30 PM
@FionaSmith Wittgenstein said it: ' @egreg is permanently rep-capped'
@percusse I am not sure how to attach a screengrab
@FionaSmith Just hit printscreen ?
:) nevermind
@percusse no that wasn't the problem - the upload button wasn't working for some reason
8:32 PM
@Brent.Longborough I have only a regret: that Martin Scharrer became Legendary shortly before me. ;-)
I need to sort out alignment in pretty much every column. Ick. Will try the braces next
@FionaSmith Did you try {N/A}? It will work! Or we can blame @JosephWright.
Do you have that data copy/pastable? I mean, A &B &C....\\.. format
I can try something
@egreg Jealousy, the green-eyed monster
@Brent.Longborough :) But I can be satisfied that I became Legendary before @PauloCereda. :P
8:34 PM
@egreg Great
@egreg I lost all my appetite after you passed me on the voters thingy. Why can't you just rep cap and leave mortals alone ? :P
@percusse you mean post my code?
it's very hard multitasking trying to convo here and try things out at the same time!
@FionaSmith Just the tabulated material inside the table. We can try out the other things
@percusse currently looks like this


  \begin{tabular}{  l  S  c  c  S  S c  }


  \headrow{Channel Selection \\ Details} & \headrow{NChan} & \headrow{Jacobian} & \headrow{\Rtrue \\ matrix} &  \headrow{DFS} & \headrow{DFS \\ per chan} & \headrow{Condition \\Number}\\

  VAR Bands 1 and 2  & 127  & $\Hmat_{}$   & \Nmat   &  65.3 & 0.51 & 157.8   \\
  Collard            & 269  & $\Hmat_{}$   & \Nmat   & 105.5 & 0.39 & 179.8   \\
  Full Spectrum      & 5116 & $\Hmat_{}$   & \Nmat   & 160.9 & 0.03 & 429.4   \\
@egreg you prefer my current table to my previous "spreadsheet"?
@FionaSmith :)
8:42 PM
@egreg not sure what I was expecting with the braces - didn't seem to do much. I was in the middle of trying to work out whether I could put a fake underscore something by my H's to make that column align the H's (only one has a subscript). What a mess. I have loads of these tables.
@percusse by the way, the \Hmat commands are just \mathbf{H} etc.
@FionaSmith Define abbreviations for the symbol, to use in tables. For instance \newcommand{\tH}[1][]{\ensuremath{\Hmat_{#1}}} and use \tH for the single H and \tH[pc] for the one with the subscript.
@percusse Yes, sometimes \ensuremath can be used. ;-) ^^^^^
@egreg Heheh
@egreg, \Hmat is actually already \ensuremath'ed
@FionaSmith Anathema!
8:48 PM
@FionaSmith What do you gain? Nothing, I assure you.
Well, I don't have to type a lot of $ in my text... is there another way to avoid doing that?
Why is my question being marked as duplicate ? I'm asking something fundamentally different from the question I've been linked to.
@FionaSmith What's the problem in typing $\Hmat$ when you need it? I see none.
@egreg OK you got me, I am lazy. But I do have a lot of these matrix symbols. I'd say on average 15-20 per page of text, and I've got about 80 pages. I'm not about to change it now anyway, it's nearly finished
@1010011010 Maybe you should better clarify the difference.
@FionaSmith Define the “table abbreviation“ as \newcommand{\tH}[1][]{\ensuremath{\mathbf{H}_{#1}}}
And for the tilde variant, \newcommand{\ttH}[1][]{\ensuremath{\tilde{\mathbf{H}}_{#1}}}
Or a better one:
You can then do \tH (simple H), \tH* (for the tilde), \tH[pc] (for the subscript) and \tH*[pc] (for both the tilde and the subscript).
8:58 PM
Prof. Otten zwaait af met de lifetime achievement voor gebruik van lettertype Comic Sans van @3FM @coenensander http://t.co/nwYpuMkMxv
Ahem :)
@egreg your \tH didn't seem to align any different from what was there orignally? I seem to have the behaviour I want with a phantom command.
I am sure that is a violation of everything though!
@FionaSmith It's supposed to do what you wanted.
@egreg OK will try again. probably just getting confused.
it's getting late ;-)
@egreg what's the difference between NewDocumentCommand and newcommand?
@FionaSmith With \NewDocumentCommand you have much more features.
@egreg I've included that difference. I'm not sure why it was still marked as duplicate...
9:07 PM
@1010011010 Somebody has to vote for reopening.
@1010011010 It isn't closed any more.
@percusse He's the guy to blame for CS?
@1010011010 And now it has also an answer!
@egreg it looks like it did before the new command... i.e. everything is centred. What I wanted (for better or worse) was to get all the H's under each other. I seem to be able to do that with $\Hmat\phantom{_pc}$
@egreg I like your command though - wish I'd had that sort of thing at the beginning, would have made everything much neater.
for what it's worth, I see what S is doing with the text now!
not sure how to get it looking nice though. Hmph. Probably one for another day.
thank you all for all your help today by the way.
@FionaSmith Not really the best, but that will do. You should do $\Hmat\rlap{$_{pc}$}$ for the subscript entry.
@egreg I would ask why but I suspect the answer will be beyond me. I googled "rlap latex" and there is pretty much only things that assume you already know!
@FionaSmith \rlap typesets its argument as if it had no width.
@egreg sorry I see what you mean, forget the phantom rubbish on the other lines and do the rlap only on the line that needs it. That is better. THanks again.
9:21 PM
@FionaSmith It's not a documented LaTeX command, but for some quick and dirty hack it's handy.
9:42 PM
@percusse @egreg hurrah! I have sorted it out with some [table-format=xxx] commands I have things aligned much more nicely
@cgnieder There is a question with answers from (at least) me an Frank on that, basically you need to use \par if you want to simulate a blank line and \endgraf if you want to access the end of paragraph primitive, sometimes you need one, and sometimes the other
@egreg unless you are using yesterday's pdflatex:-)
@DavidCarlisle :) Now the bug seems fixed.
@egreg I think Heiko induced some "activity" :-)
@DavidCarlisle Well, it would have caused some disasters.
@egreg yes, I was surprised new primitives were being added to pdftex at this time, I thought all development had moved to luatex and pdftex was in stable maintence mode
9:53 PM
@DavidCarlisle They are for complying with that absurd thing that's PDF/A.
@egreg yes sure but they could have said luatex makes pdf/a compliant stuff, use that
10:47 PM
What does this error message mean?
pdfTeX error (setup): \pdfminorversion cannot be changed after data is writte
n to the PDF file.
\Hy@OutlineName ...utline goto name{#2}count#3{#4}

l.1 ...MARK [1][-]{section.4}{Week 1 - Intro R }{}
% 1
@1010011010 well it means \pdfminorversion can only be set at the start of the file, but why are you setting it?
@DavidCarlisle I've decided to sin and try that accessibility package for tagged PDF . . .
@1010011010 well accessibility is good, but the pdfversion is a global property that constrains the pdf commands that can be used in the generated file so pdftex doesn't let you change it after it has started.
@DavidCarlisle You're aware I'm referring to this? babs.gmxhome.de/download/da_pdftex/dok_pdf.pdf
@1010011010 no why should I be?
10:53 PM
It's the experimental package that supposedly allows for creation of lowstructure/highstructure/tagged PDF files
@1010011010 but even if I knew the package not much can be said about a fragment of error message with no source, you know the rules by now, make a small complete document that generates the error
@DavidCarlisle Your answer was sufficient. :-) If pdfminorversion is rooted in place there's no workaround to this.
@1010011010 well why would you need to change it, just set it to whatever value you need at the start?
@DavidCarlisle I suspect it relates to setting the correct values for conversion to the required structure for tagged PDF format...
@1010011010 yes but if you know you want to generate tagged pdf and that needs to be version 9.56 or whatever you know that at the start you don't discover the needed version half way down the first page.
10:59 PM
@DavidCarlisle The package has to be loaded after hyperref so it'll be a nightmare. I'll stick with untagged for now.
11:25 PM
Does anyone know a site where I can upload EPS images? (imgur doesn't accept the EPS format).
@GonzaloMedina upload for what purpose? ctan, github, googlecode, dropbox,...
@DavidCarlisle For a user to download it. I don't want to use Dropbox. I'd rather use a public site such as Imgur but accepting the EPS format.

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