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1:58 AM
@Caramdir I love the tl;dr version of your answer. =P
I'll probably get killed if I write the following comment: "Thumbs up if you like koalas!".
6 hours later…
8:04 AM
I have a great question title going for free if anyone can think of a good question for it. (I thought I had the question, but then realised that things didn't work quite how I thought they did and the question didn't make sense. But the title's good, so if anyone can think of a question to fit it, feel free.) The title is: How do I swallow glue?
I've had a look a time or two at the "My security advisor is an idiot" question. I love the final line of the last update: "The company is based in the Birmingham, UK area so I'd highly doubt anyone here will be affected.". I love the inference that anyone in Birmingham, UK won't be tech-savvy enough to be on the SE network.
2 hours later…
10:21 AM
@AndrewStacey: glad to see your answer is finally treated as a consistent one. I love your comment, "restore the faith in programmers". =)
A: Is there a better way of writing v = (v == 0 ? 1 : 0);

Andrew StaceyThe wording of this part of the specification: If it's 0, I want to set it to 1, else set it to 0. implies that the most accurate solution is: v = dirac_delta(0,v)

10:43 AM
@PauloCereda It was your comment that got me thinking about this mathematicially. At first, I was thinking of all the possible ways of writing the interchange function {0,1} -> {0,1}, but when I read the actual question and some of the disputes, I realised that the Dirac delta function was what was asked for here! The first comment was just priceless - almost worth posting the answer for.
@MartinScharrer But what possible advantage does that have over just specifying the path? I don't understand... Is it basically asking how to specify a \inputpath that works like \graphicspath? Because that makes sense as a question, but that is not what was asked...
11:13 AM
Do we have a "How to install a package" faq question?
@Seamus: Completely agree! (With your comment on the SO question.) Let's embark on a down-voting spree. The rules: if you don't understand it, down-vote it. If it uses something you've never heard of, down-vote it. If it might just teach you something, down-vote it. I'm going to start on cooking-SX, which site would you like to cover?
No wait. I'm going to downvote everything on philosophy.sx. All questions and all answers.
Just learned some new words: minuend and sunbtrahend. In x-y, x is the minuend and y is the subtrahend. Utterly, utterly useless. but still...
11:30 AM
I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike!
I just got the "revival" badge for a question that is 5 days old. And I wasn't the first to answer... And so did @MartinScharrer !!!
12:28 PM
@Seamus It's 35 days old. You confused Jun and Jul.
@MartinScharrer huh. Good point. Even so, we shouldn't both get it, right? It should only be the first answer...
Will you guys laugh at my funny english accent? =P
"Answered more than 30 days later as first answer scoring 2 or more. This badge can be awarded multiple times. "
@Seamus: It seems so.
"as a first answer" only means "If I answer the same question again,, I won't get hte badge again"? Not, "if someone else answers the same question, they won't get the badge"
@Seamus No idea, the badge descriptions are all very vague!
12:41 PM
@Seamus, @MartinScharrer: Certainly the impression I have is that it is the first answer that you write, not the first answer on the question.
@PauloCereda Of course!
@AndrewStacey I knew it! =P
3 hours later…
3:45 PM
@AlanMunn: Are there detailed rules on when a TeX software related question is considered offtopic and when it is not? After all, the site FAQ says: If you have a question about […] (La)TeX related software and tools like BibTeX, LyX, LaTeX editors, viewers, and converters ... then you're in the right place to ask your question! (Also you wiped out some changes when you approved the suggested edit :-)
Q: using excel2latex in Excel 2010

SlavaI just installed excel2latex in Excel 2010. I do see it in add-ins. However, I cannot find a way to operate it. That is, there is no change in the Ribbon after the package is installed. Please help! Thanks in advance.

4:06 PM
@AndreyVihrov I don't think there are detailed rules, although this really does seem to be a generic Excel question IMO. (It was hard to figure out a tag for it). And that's what close voting is for. If people don't agree, the question won't be closed anyway. As for the edits, I think you and Werner must have been editing at the same time, and so my approving his edits overrode yours. There's not much to be done about that, I think; it's the way the site works. Sorry about that.
We do have a tag. That could be generalized to
@Caramdir Sad, but true.
And I rolled back to @AndreyVihrov's version (since it also fixes more of the text). It is annoying that the software sometimes doesn't display that some edit has been done.
@AlanMunn See it as a way to get people to move from Office to TeX.
If we help them convert their documents, they might be more willing to use TeX.
4:29 PM
@Caramdir Unfortunately I think most of the questions are asking about going the other way, given that more and more publishers (at least in non-math/physics fields) allow only Word submissions.
4:41 PM
What do \llap and \rlap do? My google-fu has failed to turn up a simple explanation of their funciton...
@Seamus just try first\rlap{middle}last and the same with \llap.
With mathtools loaded, you can also use \clap.
Ah I see now. And smash makes the box have no height, right?
Or, with \smash[b]{...} (from amsmath), you can just remove the depth.
Neat. So \llap{Foo \quad} at the beginning of a paragraph puts Foo in the margin. Getting something in the right margin is slightly trickier...
You'll probably need a \leavevmode before that. However, I'd use a \marginpar.
4:57 PM
Yeah I was trying to see if I could recreate the basics of what marginpar does...
4 hours later…
8:56 PM
@egreg I think you're missing a 'not' in item 2 of your \null answer.
9:23 PM
@AlanMunn Where?
"so it's not exactly like \hfill, as it adds a null kern after it, but quite" should be "not quite", I think.
@AlanMunn It's quite similar to \hfill, but not exactly.
@egreg Right, so you're missing a 'not' before the 'quite' (which here = 'exactly'.)
9:38 PM
@AlanMunn OK. "Quite" is quite a difficult word. :)
@egreg I would have just made the change, but I wanted to check to make sure that was what you meant. And yes, 'quite' is a difficult word. (There are even subtle differences between American and British English in its meaning.)
@egreg I made one minor change to your new version; for some reason the dangling conjunction phrase didn't parse well.
9:57 PM
@AlanMunn Thank you.
@egreg No problem. Sorry for being so coy on my original suggestion; I just thought it was an oversight on your part, otherwise I would have spelled out the problem more clearly in the first place. (Your English seems pretty native-like most of the time.)

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