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12:28 AM
Time to hit the bed, I get up early tomorrow. Good night!
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4:06 AM
@PauloCereda @samcarter Amog the TikZducks friends, you forgot duckuments :):):)
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6:53 AM
@DavidCarlisle Did come up ...
I need your opinion for my question
Q: Scanned Books Vs Write them in Latex Format

EducI would like to digitize my Maths books to be able to access them from anywhere since it's too heavy to carry them everywhere, therefore, What is the best way to digitize a book: Scan or Write them in LaTeX Format? Justify your answer, please? and what is the advantages and drawbacks of each one ...

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8:04 AM
@Educ If you have the rights of those books and if that is OK with all the laws of the country you live in, you could perhaps use djvu. Notice that nowadays many libraries of universities and research institutes allow their affiliates to downloads ebook of many titles. Of course, that only helps if you are affiliated with such an institute.
8:20 AM
of course, I won't share them since it's going to take me a lot of time whether I scan them or write them in Latex so it's impossible to share them due to these reasons. I'm looking only for an opinion about what is best scan/ latex in terms of quality, time, etc
Scanning is fastest.
@Educ it's off topic, and inmost places copyright restrictions mean you should not do either.
@DavidCarlisle It's for my personal use not to share them I wanna be able to access them from anywhere I wanna go to study them of course
for example how can I bring with me 20 math books when I want to travel to countryside It's hard to do that
@Educ most copyright statements explictly ban copying or "storing in a retrieval system" irrespective of personal use.
what if I live in the third world country?
8:31 AM
yeah, it's like speeding, everybody does it...In a third world country you're less likely to get caught
What is the XeTeX way to define `\pdfimageresolution=100`?
I only found this: https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/325084/pdfimageresolution-with-luatex-0-95-texlive-2016
But it doesn't work
@Educ If you buy a printed book, the words on the copyright page do not change depending on where you are.
@BrainStone why would you need this, it is only a fallback for images that fail to specify their size, and you can always scale the image anyway?
@DavidCarlisle yes, I understand, I won't scan or rewrite any book even if it's for my personal sake due to the copyright that hold even in the third world country, I will carry at least 15 kilograms with me everywhere I go. Besides, I won't use the DjVu books that already exist on the internet.
Because I'd like to avoid having to manually specify the size of every image. And I let the files compress beforehand, which also strips all metadata
@BrainStone strips metadata? that sounds wrong.
8:37 AM
I mean I have put in place some macros that automatically scale the image to the page width if they are too large already to allow to just put an image without worrying about it
@Educ Well, if you travel certain countries the custom officers are allowed to look what's on your hard disk...
@DavidCarlisle it's actually common practice to do that when minizing images. For example I use optipng to reencode my PNGs to be as small as possible without losing any data.
@BrainStone you but you can include the image and scale it to textwidth if it is larger that textwidth without \pdfimageresolution
@marmot I meant by traveling is to travel inside my country; for example: From city to countryside and vice-versa
@Educ I am not a lawyer, just a marmot, so I can't say much except that you may want to double-check that you do not do anything illegal.
8:40 AM
@DavidCarlisle that is correct. My macro does that for me. My issue is that smaller images are way too large.
@Educ you ask for an opinion and get the opinion that what you want to is likely to break copyright, but if you don't want people's opinions then you shouldn't ask. Also of course only you know the copyright on your books we have not seen them, perhaps the books are out of copyright. or allow copying for personal use, it all depends.
@marmot Thank you but I won't do anything illegal I will study in physical copy and carry them with me
@BrainStone I'd fix the png:-)
@Educ Given how crazy our world has become, can you be sure of that? ;-)
@DavidCarlisle I didn't say that I don't want your opinions it's useful thank you I just said that i will only use the physical copies to study on them
8:43 AM
@Educ ah OK:-)
@marmot :p
As long as you don't redistribute them you should be fine in practise. @Educ
Legally speaking it highly depends on where you live. For example Switzerland allows private copies. Most countries don't though
@DavidCarlisle I'd like to avoid having to edit hundreds of images when I could just set a single value in my target document
Also if I want to experiment with the resolution, editing all images is really a massive waste of time
@BrainStone unfortunately, I don't live in that great country I live in the poor country most of the people are poor and uneducated. and there are a lot of unemployment.
I just used it as an example. In short what I'm saying is that as long as you keep the copy to yourself you should be fine, while legally speaking it's still illegal though @Educ
I understand thank you :)
8:50 AM
@BrainStone looks like xetex always believes the image info with no over-ride: vvv
	if (check_for_png(fp)) {
		struct png_info	info;
		err = png_scan_file(&info, fp);
		if (err == 0) {
			bounds->wd = (info.width * 72.27) / info.xdpi;
			bounds->ht = (info.height * 72.27) / info.ydpi;
		goto done;
  /* Read PNG info-header and get some info. */
  png_read_info(png_ptr, png_info_ptr);
  width      = png_get_image_width (png_ptr, png_info_ptr);
  height     = png_get_image_height(png_ptr, png_info_ptr);
  bpc        = png_get_bit_depth   (png_ptr, png_info_ptr);

  info->xdpi  = png_get_x_pixels_per_meter(png_ptr, png_info_ptr) * 0.0254;
  info->ydpi  = png_get_y_pixels_per_meter(png_ptr, png_info_ptr) * 0.0254;

  if (info->xdpi == 0)
    info->xdpi = 72;
  if (info->ydpi == 0)
    info->ydpi = 72;
note in particular
  if (info->xdpi == 0)
    info->xdpi = 72;
that is a hard coded literal 72 in the source @BrainStone
I see... Thanks for pulling that out
I guess that means LuaTeX it is
@JosephWright which reminds me, where are we with getting changes into xetex????
Would you mind another hopefully quick to answer question?
I currently do something like this:


\title{\titlesize{Title} \\ \subtitlesize{Subtitle}}


% ...
Is there a simple way to define a macro that will set the font sizes of the title and the subtitle automatically?
Simpler example


\title{\titlesize{Title} \\ \subtitlesize{Subtitle}
9:26 AM
I think you should use \fontsize{50}{60}\selectfont (I'm not sure now whether \selectfont is needed here)
@yo' :) I don't know why, I always sound different than the way I think I should sound!
@PauloCereda You mean recorded English does not sound the same as the "quack" you are thinking of?
@TeXnician probably. :)
@BrainStone why \@setfontsize ????
@BrainStone normally (always?) the titles should be in a size that comes from the main named size sequence so why not just use \Huge and have your class define \Huge to be 50pt ?
9:42 AM
Quite simple: I don't want to change any default sizes. And \Huge is not big enough according to my boss @DavidCarlisle
@BrainStone and \title{\titlesize{Title} \\ \subtitlesize{Subtitle}} looks complete;y wrong, size commands do not take an argument, and \title should as far as possible not have any markup in it at all, it is the metadata for the document, not a formatting command the sizes used should be in the class definition of \maketitle
That's exactly what I'm trying to change
@BrainStone then as @yo' said. \setfontsize is only designed for defining named font sizes, that is why it takes a font command name as an argument
@BrainStone well the change needs to be in code you haven't shown so hard to offer any help
Ah I see. I just stumbled across that snippet. Still learning TeX
I essence all I have is a memoir document and the title you see
I'd love to just have \title{Title \\ Subtitle} and have them be different sizes (and bold, because boss wants it bold shrug)
@BrainStone so it's all about memoir (which you hadn't even mentioned before) memoir will have commands to define the title formatting but any such commands are always class specific. Others here know memoir better than me.
9:48 AM
Didn't know that. my apologies
Thanks for your help though. Much apprechiated!
@BrainStone \title{foo} is just \def\someinternaltitlecommand{foo} and \maketitle is not defined at all by default but a class file can define some formatting using the data saved by commands such as \title so latex core has no control over that at all.
Well to be quite frank I'm currently building a custom class for company documents that is based off of memoir. Like it's just memoir with a few changed default settings and additional commands and packages includes and configured by default
Ah ok. I always thought \maketitle was built in
@BrainStone texdoc memoir section 4.1
(How do you format code here in chat? code doesn't work)
@DavidCarlisle will have a look!
@BrainStone backtick for inline x+\foo for multi-line write it elsewhere paste it in and a "fixed format" button appears (which just indents by 4 spaces actually)
9:54 AM
Weird... all my prevvious attempts to use backticks just displayed them...
Or I'm imagining this.

Quick test: *italic* **bold**
Or so no full markdown, I see
italic and bold
I give up xD
@BrainStone \_italic\_ and \*\*bold\*\*
italic, bold
Ok it's _ instead of *
@BrainStone quoting not quite right^^ but italic is _ and bold is **
9:56 AM
bold is a double underscore for me...
@BrainStone not you can use a singe * for italic as well see zzzz ^
bold does not work, neither does italic
Why didn't it work before?
@BrainStone blame @PauloCereda
*Multiline issue*?
Multiline issue
@BrainStone multiline paste gets quoted as code
9:57 AM
Makes sense why my
`` never worked before. Always was using multiline befoer
Kinda makes sense now
there is a manual
--- is strikeout
I mean I'm not new to SE or markdown. Though every site has it's pecurilarities
@BrainStone the odd thing about SE is that the chat markdown is different to the comment markdown on the main site which is different to the markdown in main answer posts. eg --- only works in chat.
@DavidCarlisle that is what's throwing me off too...
10:14 AM
@DavidCarlisle oh no
I'd guess that strikethrough is available in chat only because it is typically used for rhetorical effect, sometimes a bit inflammatory, and so it is a better match to the informality of chat. Just a wild speculation guess, though.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen yes but you'd think there back end processing would be easier if they used each markdown parser in more than one place:-)
@DavidCarlisle when do you expect LTv5 to be finished? The longtable support is one of the few things missing in my templates.
@DavidCarlisle Indeed. Perhaps they do, just with different parts enabled? Or are the differences too large for that?
Erm what's the best way to debug a ! Missing number, treated as zero. <to be read again> error? The line it's pointing to is a makro. And when I type it out it points to commands that definately don't need a number like \newpage. I can't for the live of me figure out where exactly I went wrong
10:29 AM
@BrainStone put \errocontextlines=\maxdimen in the preamble and get more error context
@DavidCarlisle and for LuaTeX?...
I get
! Undefined control sequence.
l.17 \errocontextlines
@BrainStone you're missing an r, it should be \errorcontextlines
@BrainStone do what I mean not what I type :-)
Thanks. Did not notice
@DavidCarlisle ooh
11:00 AM
@DavidCarlisle thank you so much for your help! Though do you know how I could achieve the effect that the first line of the title is larger than the rest?
I am not likely to hit a palindrome on tex.se for a long time (due to mod 10 issues), but I accidentally found I have one on math.se … 'cept for that darned comma.e
According to the docs the title is wrapped between \pretitle and \posttitle, which are defined like that by default:
\posttitle{\par\end{center}\vskip 0.5em}
So to use my huge font size, I'd redefine it like this
@HaraldHanche-Olsen Well done!
\pretitle{\begin{center}\fontsize{50}{60} \selectfont}
11:02 AM
@HaraldHanche-Olsen yay
But how can I get all following lines to be smaller?
@BrainStone ? Are you saying what you did leaks the enormous font size into following text? You'd think the \end{center} in the \posttitle takes care of that.
And how'd I throw bold in there?
@HaraldHanche-Olsen, no I'd like to have the first line of the title be 50pt and all follwing lines 25pt (and both bold)
@BrainStone \bfseries?
Lines in the sense of separation by `\\`
11:08 AM
@BrainStone I would not use that input but \title{main thing} \subtitle{subtitle} and specify the fonts used separately but if you really want to stick to \title{main thing\\subtitle} then presumably something like \pretitle{\begin{center}\fontsize{50}{60} \selectfont\def\\{\par\tiny}}`
Hm. Yeah, I could redefine the \maketitle command
Seems like the most reasonable idea
@TorbjørnT. Ah. I only knew about \textbf{}. And didn't find that command while searching
@BrainStone As @DavidCarlisle said. If you did want the line break to be automatic, you'd have to work much harder. This question might contain some insights.
markdown meta: I thought I could underline text with __ or ___. Doesn't work.
Hey everyone, I'm currently working on my thesis and noticed something odd: LaTeX apparently puts empty vertical spaces of various size into the manuscript. That sometimes looks weird, but its definitely bad when there is just empty vertical space at the beginning of a page (between the header line and the first line of text, caption, image). Does anyone have an idea what causes this?

I suspect it has something to do with float placement, but it even happens when I use \clearpage and continue with \subsection{...}, resulting in some weird empty vertical space above the subsection title on
11:28 AM
@snurden it puts spaces as instructed by the commands in your document, which you haven't shown... One possible guess is that you (or the class you are using) has \flushbottom which says the last line of each page has to be at the bottom of the page, so if you have a page with only two lines it is forced to have a big gap between them, you may want \raggedbottom which is teh vertical analogue of \raggedright
A: unwanted vertical spacing

Heiko OberdiekProbably you are using \flushbottom or a document class that uses this as default (book). This usually happens, if there are large objects (figures, images, tables) that do not float and TeX cannot break them accordingly. Then the large object has to be moved to the next page and the previous pag...

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm currently trying to make a MWE, but its very inconsistent across the document and seems pretty random...

I'm using the report class which should have \raggedbottom by default, correct? Is there some way to see what "type" of empty space this is? That atleast would give me some idea where to look for?
@snurden thinking it is random is always a mistake, latex never does anything randomly, it is following the commands in the document.
@snurden you should ask yourself what you would like on that page instead of the space. If there was a page break and the top of the next page just has normal running text but the first line of that didn't go to the bad page, you could ask why but 9999 times out of 10000 the thing that did not go on the bad page was a big unbreakable box that would not fit.
@snurden for example are you using \begin{figure}[H] ?
@DavidCarlisle what's your opinion about "TeX, LaTeX; and Friends"?
No, but [!h], might that be an issue? I have a sequence of figure/text/figure/text/... where the "explanation" of each figure should directly follow the figure.

As for the empty spaces: I realize that there are typographical rules which LaTeX uses, but do not really know which those are. But having empty space at the beginning of a page rather than just shifting the whole page content up to have it at the bottom seems strange
11:46 AM
@user1732 I would write it as TeX, LaTeX and Friends"
@snurden [!h] is a request to move the figure to the end of the docuemnt:-) it means not top not bottom and not on a page of figures (not t b or p) latex will usually warn and change it to ht to give itself a chance. Also you should not regularly use ! that is just for emergency use.
@snurden a page with just a figure? that is a float page figures are vertically centred by default
latex never puts space at the top of a text page (and by default it discards space that the user adds there, you need to use \vspace*{1cm} where the * forces it to stay.
@snurden report class is flushbottom if two column and raggedbottom in one column
@snurden in that case the image should be part of the text flow, not in a float so you should not be using figure at all
12:25 PM
As I'm unsure what is correct practice in the German language, the following question: Are half spaces (\,) mandatory in abbreviations consisting of multiple letters (e.g. d.h. or d.\,h.)? Normally I'd say the latter is correct, but found a source (PDF) which states "Abbreviations always without spaces" (translated, orig. "Abkürzungen bitte immer ohne Leerzeichen schreiben")
The PDF is hosted on the homepage of the Bundesanzeiger
12:52 PM
@CarLaTeX True - but unfortunately I had to make a selection which things to show, otherwise Paulo might still be talking... Especially in the showcase section it was too hard to decide which of the many ducks I saw from various users over the last year should be included. But I learned that a dice is really helpful for preparing such a talk :)
@samcarter <3
@Skillmon I don't know, but the recommendation may be based on the unavailability of thin spaces. If the choice is between no space and a regular space, the former may be better.
@HaraldHanche-Olsen think so, too. I found another German resource (which knows about TeX) and that one advises to use the thin space.
@samcarter I was devastated that you did not show my picture mode duck
1:08 PM
@DavidCarlisle But it did show your picture mode plane ...
@UlrikeFischer it did?
@samcarter some talks should have used such a dice too ...
@DavidCarlisle yes, in the video, on the large plane there is a smaller plane ...
@UlrikeFischer I'll have to check:-)
@UlrikeFischer I did wonder why my name got in to credits at the end (@samcarter, @PauloCereda:-)
user image
@DavidCarlisle ^^^^
OOh I missed that!
@UlrikeFischer no wonder it got voted the best talk.
1:14 PM
@DavidCarlisle I wonder if it count as unfair: all other had to make their talk alone ;-)
@DavidCarlisle That was self protection: if I would have show picture mode ducks, everybody would use them and not the tikzducks! That would have invalided the purpose of the talk :)
@samcarter well that is true
Is there a statistic in how many talks @DavidCarlisle was mentioned?
Infinitely many?
Hi again. How exactly do I create the \subtitle command so that it can be used like the \title or \author commands?
1:29 PM
@BrainStone Normally that would be the class writer's job. And it would work along the same lines as \title. If you use a class without the \subtitle command, you would have to mimic what the class does with \title, then patch \maketitle to incorporate it. (Possibly, there is a package doing that for the common classes.)
@HaraldHanche-Olsen I found these two:

  \vskip 2em%
  {\@bspretitle \@title \@bsposttitle}
  {\@bspreauthor \@author \@bspostauthor}
  {\@bspredate \@date \@bspostdate}
  \vskip 1.5em}
So I tried this:
  \vskip 2em%
  {\@bspretitle \@title \@subtitle \@bsposttitle}
  {\@bspreauthor \@author \@bspostauthor}
  {\@bspredate \@date \@bspostdate}
  \vskip 1.5em}
I tried wrapping these two in \makeatletter and \makeatother, but it won't make a difference
@Skillmon Do you know Duden? It uses full spaces, so a thin space is a good compromise ;)
When compiling the document, I always get the compiler complaining that the control sequence \subtitle is undefined
And I'm trying to create my own document class which is an extension of memoir (includes corporate design and lots of utils which I use a lot)
@BrainStone Don't forget these lines from latex.ltx. They need to be mimicked, too:
\def\@title{\@latex@error{No \noexpand\title given}\@ehc}
@BrainStone Added before the \addtoiargdef, of course. And arguably, the subtitle should not be mandatory the way the title is. So \def\@title{} looks better. And check for the empty case in \@maketitle.
@BrainStone chat really isn't the best place for code level questions I suggest you make a small complete memoir example and ask on the main site
@BrainStone don't put \makeat... in a class file you will break all the following code in the class if you use \makeatother
1:55 PM
@HaraldHanche-Olsen thank you so much! Do you happen to have a good resource for empty checks? I did some research but only could find pretty complex examples
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for that advice!
So \ifdefempty or \ifcsempty when using \@subtitle?
please don't hate me for my myriad of questions. I always search before I ask, but yet again I couldn't find an answer
@BrainStone it depends on your layout, if is initialised to empty you may or may not need to test for that, depending on what space you want in that case
@BrainStone it's not the questions so much as where they are asked:-)
is there a simple way to have text be 50% smaller than before?
A: Chat's etiquette regarding questions

David CarlisleIt's OK to ask on chat but you should not expect an answer (although you may get one anyway). The Q&A site is designed for asynchronous help, you ask a question and it stays visible and can be answered by anyone at any time that they feel convenient. If you ask in chat then although the archive...

@BrainStone yes but you should not need that in a class file, if you know you just set something at 50pt, set this thing at 25pt
@DavidCarlisle Yeah. Some of them would have been better off on the main page I agree. And I know not expect an answer. I'm just happy when someone answers ;)
I am a supporter on a fairly big Discord server, so I certainly know the struggle
@DavidCarlisle yeah I know. Though out of experience i try to avoid having hard coded numbers. Like I'll define the title size relative to the document font size. And the subtitle should just be half the size.
Also the user should be able to use a custom font size and the subtitle should still be half the size
If that makes sense
2:12 PM
I wouldn't fix the ratio, just define commands \titlefont and \subtitlefont that you predefine to be \fontsize{50}{60}\bfseries and \fontsize{25}{28}\bfseries or whatever then if a user wants to \renewcopmmand\subtitlefont to be \color{red}\tiny, they can
@BrainStone The simplest is \ifx\subtitle\@emtpy.
\ifdefempty (from etools, which I have already included) works like a charm
@BrainStone Typographically speaking, a decrease in font size by half seems quite extreme to me. </opinion>
I also found \f@size which is the current font size. Is there a variable for the document font size (in memoir) and the lineheight? (Like if I use \fontsize{1}{2} I want the 2)
@HaraldHanche-Olsen I agree, but you know bosses...
I played around with different ratios and he went for the 50pt/25pt style shrug
@BrainStone That's fine too. One could argue about whether class files really should load other packages. I don't know what people think about that. At least, the practice should probably be somewhat limited.
@BrainStone Well working in academia insulates me from such concerns, at least partially. I do have bosses too, but they usually keep their distance.
2:21 PM
I know why I want to go into research or academia in the long run...
And the class file is not for regular use. It's essentially a template
@BrainStone \f@baselineskip but as I say it's the wrong approach
The wrong approach in what sense exactly?
You mean I should use hard coded numbers instead?
14 mins ago, by David Carlisle
I wouldn't fix the ratio, just define commands \titlefont and \subtitlefont that you predefine to be \fontsize{50}{60}\bfseries and \fontsize{25}{28}\bfseries or whatever then if a user wants to \renewcopmmand\subtitlefont to be \color{red}\tiny, they can
@BrainStone Either that, or fontsizes that you define in your class.
I missed that, my bad!
Can I make these measures relative to the document font size?
Anyways thank you two @DavidCarlisle and @HaraldHanche-Olsen so much!
2:32 PM
@BrainStone it's your class you can make the 11pt option (if it has one) do anything you like it is just a name that happens to look like a length it isn't really a "document size" the options could have been called small, medium,large, they just happen to be called 10pt,11pt,12pt
Ah ok. Thanks for the insight
At least my layout/template is finally finished! Now on to debug why longtabu doesn't like my footer xD
3:03 PM
looks like tables that stretch across multiple pages don't like ` \\ ` in the footer
The more you know
@BrainStone longtabu is a more or less thin wrapper around longtable and \\ should work in the foot.
I already use longtabu @DavidCarlisle
When the table breaks across a page and a \\ is in the footer I get an error about \cr
@BrainStone not normally (or longtabu has broken something that works in longtable, which is not impossible)
oh you mean the page foot not the table foot from \endfoot ? I seem to remember that longtabu does break that there is a fix on site somewhere
A \linebreak works fine though.
@BrainStone \\ is \newline not \linebreak
3:16 PM
Weirdly enough a \newline messes up the centering. Didn't feel like spending too much time on it, so i just used what works
@BrainStone tabu isn't my favourite package:-)
@TeXnician of course I know Duden, and I build the strong believe that Duden does things wrong (not everything but some things, e.g. Laptop should be neutrum in German, not masculine)
3:40 PM
@Skillmon That might be a regional thing. "Das Laptop" sounds very wrong to me.
3:56 PM
@samcarter and "Der Top" sounds right? After all, if you look at the word from a German grammar point of view, it is a Kompositum of "Lap" and "Top" and in German grammar the genus is the one of the latter word in a Kompositum, so it should have the genus of "Top" which for sure is neutrum not masculine.
@Skillmon I totally agree that "der Laptop" does not make sense - however this is what sounds right for me.
@samcarter yep, and it proofs that Duden uses what "sounds right" and not what actually is or should be right :(
@Skillmon Are you sure about the Kompositum here? For me these are just two syllables of one word as neither of them is a proper word (required to form a Kompositum).
@Skillmon "Sounds right" sounds like for a good definition of correct grammar
@TeXnician both of them are proper words in the origin language, one (the latter) is a proper word in German and English.
4:03 PM
Where are our linguists if we need them?
@samcarter Good question.
@Skillmon Yes, but foreign words are always a bit special and really the question whether the German "Top" does relate to the one in English is at least for me arguable. But I'm no linguist…
1 hour later…
5:08 PM
Just discovered a bug in soul, as described in the addendum to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/443156/…. Not sure how to contact package maintainer.
5:35 PM
@StevenB.Segletes You find a possible email address in euro.dtx; the Web page seems active.
@egreg Thanks. I'll have a look.
@StevenB.Segletes if you get contact, could you also ask him to correct this old bug: tex.stackexchange.com/a/48502/2388
@UlrikeFischer Sure thing.
5:52 PM
@UlrikeFischer Done.
6:35 PM
@DavidCarlisle On the XeTeX/primitives business, I guess I need to prod JK again
6:52 PM
@JosephWright was interacting with him and Khaled in harfbuzz gh this afternoon, so he's around @WillRobertson may be amused by the U+2262 issue too github.com/harfbuzz/harfbuzz/issues/1092
7:27 PM
@Skillmon but the composition was done outside German, so applying German rules for "Top" sounds like a nonsense. Just my two cents, now I head to the beach for the last time :)
2 hours later…
9:36 PM
@yo' have fun at the beach. Imho, calling it "Der Laptop" is nonsense, we have very strict rules for almost anything it seems (except plurals, that one is a mess, and genus of some words) :) We don't say "Der Notebook" do we? The reasoning for saying "Das Notebook" seems like the same for me.
@samcarter One resident linguist agrees wholeheartedly with ""Sounds right" sounds like for a good definition of correct grammar".
10:47 PM
Reading tex.stackexchange.com/questions/443130/pstricks-or-tikz , I cannot get rid of the feeling that it's an instance of the comparison of apples with pears.
@MdAyquassar Maybe for this particular question, but not in general, because for a vast majority of drawings people want to do, both can be used. This means that it makes sense to compare the tool from the perspectives of people that know neither of them (yet).
11:01 PM
@AlanMunn funnily enough, I bet 20 bucks that "Cizek" surname is of Czeck, Slovak, Polish or Slovenian origin. (I'm convinced it's Czech, but I prefer to be sure)
11:12 PM
@yo' One might argue that for the vast majority of fruit that people would want to eat, either of apples or pears will do. Otherwise, I absolutely agree that if you know neither apples nor pears, it does make sense to compare them. Absolutely. Absolutely.

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