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@PaulGessler So do you mean that it should be like that?
y'=y+4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t)y \Rightarrow y'=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t))y \cap
\Rightarrow \frac{dy}{dt}=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t))y \cap
\Rightarrow \frac{dy}{y}=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t)) dt

@evinda look at what you have immediately before \end{multline}. Hint: it's an empty line. Remove it.
@PaulGessler Ok, I changed it.. Shouldn't \cap break the line? It doesn't in my case... :/
12:29 AM
@cfr: At the time @percusse's question, I was the one that had downvoted the post...
...my motivation was that it was a regular -type post, but it had already received +3 votes.
I know some posts garner a lot of upvotes, while others don't. I tried to make it a little more neutral.
1:15 AM
@Werner Sorry. That's what I get for coming in in the middle of comments. Do-it-for-me questions seem to get a lot of votes, I know. Often, anyways. And I've-really-tried-questions sometimes get very few.
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@cfr Good luck today with your course
7:25 AM
Morning @FrankMittelbach
same to you
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8:37 AM
Q: How to draw many crossroads?

Malipivo(April Fools' Day joke) How do we draw something like this? I enclose a picture and a detail of it. Actually I could provide the code, if somebody would be interested to look at this chaos. :-) This is one of my early experiments which should serve as a background to a book cover.

This question is so cool. :)
9:14 AM
This might be a dumb question, but can one use multirow with the p{} syntax?
Oh, I see someone already asked this. Let's see.
9:54 AM
@PauloCereda, @StefanKottwitz I think I will be calling on you for help with a CTAN mirror
10:23 AM
Who is webmaster@latex-project?
@Johannes_B The team
@Johannes_B Why?
@JosephWright Ah, so nobody specific.
@Johannes_B No
@Johannes_B Some of the addresses go just to Frank, I think, but most are general
@JosephWright latex-project.org/help.html lists goLaTeX, since 2011 TeXwelt was added to the german family of helping sites, also in the hands of @StefanKottwitz
Might be worth adding.
10:47 AM
@JosephWright Sure, I gladly help out. Just this and next week I'm pretty busy with project work
@FaheemMitha The simplest thing is never using \multirow. ;-)
@StefanKottwitz Cool: I have to raise the cash first
@Johannes_B Added
@JosephWright Nice, thanks :-)
@Johannes_B Will appear once the appropriate cron job runs
11:02 AM
@StefanKottwitz Seen that you are busy right now, but since you are a pgfplots fan, you might be interested in golatex.de/pgfplots-kein-richtiges-3d-plotten-t14955.html in you spare time. :-)
@egreg Suppose I want to use \multirow? :-)
I'm trying to make sense of:
A: How to use multirow inside a multicolumn with p attribute?

David Carlisle[2nd attempt] something like this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{multirow} \begin{document} \begin{table} \def\arraystretch{3} \noindent \begin{tabular}{|c|l|l|c|p{9cm}|} \hline 1 & \multirow{2}{*}{Lorem Ipsum}& Lorem Ipsum quia & no & \multirow{2}{9cm}{Ut just...

Which seems similar to what I am trying to do. But I don't understand how the effect is achieved.
Oh, never mind. It looks like @DavidCarlisle simply used the same parameter (9cm) as argument to \multirow.
This is a bit clumsy, but I guess I can live with it.
11:22 AM
@JosephWright: poke me any time. :)
@JosephWright so you order a new server?
@JosephWright you would not use my server? would be possible (I got two hardware servers, one doesn't have real load on his resources - most migrated away)
@Johannes_B I tested it, it wasn't possible to open that external link over the Hotel WiFi
If that raises any copyright concerns, please delete it.
@Johannes_B I saved the image, you can delete it if you like
@StefanKottwitz done
well the link is there anyway, just that WiFi may have a https protocol issue
11:29 AM
@StefanKottwitz The link is not clickable since it contains the mathematical formula inside.
@Johannes_B know I made copy and paste anyway with that unclickable link
got to return to work :-o see you
@StefanKottwitz See you.
12:19 PM
Hello please how can write this:
12:36 PM
@Vrouvrou Out of interest, what kind of answer are you looking for?
@StefanKottwitz At the moment I'm at the 'ask the committee for money' stage
@StefanKottwitz Well the idea of a mirror is it needs to physically be in the UK :-)
12:47 PM
@Vrouvrou Use multline



    \lvert \nabla u_{n}\rvert^{p-2}
    \nabla u_{n}\cdot\nabla(u_{n}-u)
  \diff x
  - \lambda_{1}
    \lvert u_{n}\rvert^{p-2}
  \diff x
   \diff x
   \diff x
\le \varepsilon_{n}\lVert u_{n}-u\rVert

@Vrouvrou If you really need an upright “d”, use \mathrm{d} in the definition of \diff instead of the simple d.
1:34 PM
@egreg thank you
but what is "d" ?
@Vrouvrou The “d” in the differential “dx”
Ahhh ok thank you now i know something new
1:49 PM
@JosephWright Sure, that's the geographical reason. Other reasons are redundancy and load sharing, besides the shorter way in miles.
@StefanKottwitz Yes, true
@StefanKottwitz UK-TUG have money so if the committee agree I think something inside the UK would be good
@StefanKottwitz Am currently looking at our website hosts: m247.com/business/hosting-and-servers/hosting with a few add-ons
@PauloCereda @SeanAllred check out the most involved April Fool's prank I've seen this year: github.com/hut/ranger/commit/…
@PaulGessler LOL
@StefanKottwitz If the committee go for a new domain for this, we could perhaps set up two mirrors, one physically in the UK, one on your system, both as subdomains
2:03 PM
@PauloCereda I almost want to clone/install it just to see if it actually works, lol.
@PaulGessler :)
2:39 PM
@JosephWright There I see that dedicated servers are expensive
@StefanKottwitz Dedicated yes, not so cheap (though not actually that expensive)
@JosephWright compare m247.com/business/hosting-and-servers/dedicated-servers with what I pay at my hoster:
On of my servers is hetzner.de/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex60 59,- per month, 48 GB RAM, 4 TB disk, huge bandwidth
@StefanKottwitz I was thinking of the rather cheaper virtual hosting with the data transfer and storage upped a bit
@StefanKottwitz Clearly this is much cheaper in Germany: M247 are pretty representative in the UK
for UK users, such a virtual server may appear slower than one with 1 Gbit/s uplink (200 Mbit/s guaranteed) in Germany ;-)
@StefanKottwitz Perhaps
@StefanKottwitz I'm going to see what the committee think: it seems a bit odd to host in Germany but perhaps it's a better plan
2:48 PM
@JosephWright Sure, show them some options
@JosephWright price and value is both important
@StefanKottwitz Of course
@JosephWright that German provider delivers a server usually the same day, and the contract isn't yearly or so, it be cancelled within 4 weeks, this makes changing easy, you are not bound
@StefanKottwitz I'm surprised by the price difference, given the fact you can move sites around the world easily enough
@StefanKottwitz I've pointed out the situation to the committee
@JosephWright fine
BTW, just in case people are interested, the new Health SE site opened its doors. It is technically in private beta, but you can get in via the Area 51 page. You'll need a SE account, obviously.
Hi @StefanKottwitz. How are you?
3:09 PM
@FaheemMitha much work, but all is fine :-)
From a question: “I'm using plain TeX with AmsTeX”. Oh, dear!
3:22 PM
@egreg Oh no!
@StefanKottwitz that's good.
@egreg why oh dear?
@FaheemMitha Look at the start of amstex.tex:
%%   filename  = "amstex.tex",
%%   version   = "2.2",
%%   date      = "2001/10/04",
@egreg So, unmaintained? Or just old?
There are possibly less than 100 users in the world, I believe.
@egreg Oh, that few? How do you make that out?
3:28 PM
@FaheemMitha It's a dead format. It was a very nice addition at the time it was released, because it added several nice things for typesetting mathematics, but it also lacked important features like cross references and automatic numbering. When amslatex (later amsmath) was released for LaTeX there was no reason any more for not switching to LaTeX.
@FaheemMitha This happened around 1994 IIRC
@egreg I see. Thank you for explaining.
@egreg that may even bogus (as part of amsmath update ... we wrote amslatex (based on amstex.tex) 1990 or 91 and since 94 it is part of standard latex as "amsmath" and I doubt that Spivak did any updates on amstex afterwards (or the AMS) really
@FrankMittelbach I seem to remember a maintenance update in 2001. But I can't recall the changes.
@egreg maybe at that time Michael Downes was still alive but even so it must have been something really minor matching whatever update was done to amsmath perhaps
@FrankMittelbach And, yes, I was switching around 1992/1993. I remember well when amsmath removed all the @>>> arrows, forcing me to change them to \xrightarrow. ;-)
3:40 PM
@egreg oh well :-)
@FrankMittelbach Probably @barbarabeeton remembers better.
@egreg sure or can look it up
my email archives only go to something like 1993 anything earlier is more or less lost
or only in hard copy
3:59 PM
@egreg -- amstex is unmaintained. two main changes in 2000-2001: accommodation to recognize the 2000 math subject classification, and removal of "copyright notice and restriction from message printed on terminal and in log for every run. This restriction made AMS-TeX "not free software" for purposes of TeX live." reported in file `amstex.bug' which should be part of the documentation on tex live. (i'll send more info to @FrankMittelbach and you in mail.)
@barbarabeeton Thanks, but it's not that important.
@egreg @barbarabeeton thanks barbara .. as egreg said, don't bother that would be too much detail :-)
Ich mach ja einiges mit, aber irgendwann hört der Spaß auf.
Die Ente ist sehr cool.
@PauloCereda Das Ente ist sehr cool. We don't want the poor ducky to die, right? :-p
4:04 PM
@Johannes_B <3 I wub you. :)
@PauloCereda :-)
hello! My stomach finally arrived! :-)
@yo' where is the rest of you?
@FaheemMitha in Prague. But the stomach got lost mid-way.
@yo' Stomachs are annoying like that.
4:27 PM
	If the Tao is great, then the operating system is great.  If the
operating system is great, then the compiler is great.  If the compiler
is great, then the application is great.  If the application is great, then
the user is pleased and there is harmony in the world.
	The Tao gave birth to machine language.  Machine language gave birth
to the assembler.
	The assembler gave birth to the compiler.  Now there are ten thousand
	Each language has its purpose, however humble.  Each language
@FaheemMitha I just checked: We were landing with 28-38 kt headwind.
@yo' Are you going home?
@FrankMittelbach Is there anything else to do versioning-wise for LaTeX2e or am I OK to upload again tomorrow?
I was just having an argument with people in the new health.sx. My thesis was - let's hear it for the professionals! Everyone else was - we don't need no steekin professionals. I pointed out that on most sites I was in, most of the high rep people were professionals in the relevant area, and I included this one. Just curious, would most here consider themselves professionals or not?
Of course, what the TeX professional is, is a nebulous term, since so few actually get paid to work on it.
@FaheemMitha I was about to say almost exactly that
4:34 PM
@JosephWright so you don't consider yourself a TeX professional?
@Faheem I have the same complaint about music.SX. Since I am a professional musicologist and musician. But I use TeX every day.
I guess @barbarabeeton could consider herself to be one...
@AndrewCashner what complaint?
I am a macro-loving duck! :)
@FaheemMitha I am at home
@yo' that's nice. How does it feel?
4:36 PM
@FaheemMitha mixed
@yo' cold?
It must be spring even in Eastern Europe now.
@FaheemMitha not really
@yo' ok
@FaheemMitha it's a mixture of briight sun, rain and snow today.
@Faheem The need for a professional presence on the site, and respect for that. A recent question asked "What was the role of congregational singing after the Reformation?" Well there are several recent scholarly books debating this topic. Obviously none were cited. Other questions are more like "What is a scale?"
4:37 PM
@yo' picturesque.
@AndrewCashner you're saying the people there don't respect professionals enough?
@JosephWright I'm good I think - all seems to be done
@Faheem Probably not. Actually there I think the problem is the lack of a well-defined domain. Here we can say, look at lshort first. There, no one ever seems to say, look in the New Grove Dictionary of Music or a standard textbook.
@FrankMittelbach Cool
@AndrewCashner I thought musicology was a well defined area.
@Faheem That's probably more due to the lack of professional participation than a lack of respect for professionals. But professionals won't join in when the level of questions is so low.
4:40 PM
It's a well-established academic subject.
@AndrewCashner Yes, I see.
Couldn't they cherry-pick?
Or is it a case of infra dig?
@Faheem No doubt, but the stackexchange site is about "practice and performance" not musicology. Musicologists could answer many of the questions on the site but many of them probably don't know the site exists.
@AndrewCashner I see.
Sounds like more advertising is required. :-)
@Faheem Yes, and a willingness for experts to speak to beginners and vice versa. Which is what makes TeX.SX great.
@AndrewCashner true.
Aug 23 '12 at 14:09, by David Carlisle
@AndrewStacey nah nah na nah nah: my pool is bigger than your pool
4:43 PM
Well, part of what makes it great.
@PauloCereda Fortune of the day?
@Johannes_B Yep. :)
@yo' Don't forget this ducking wind.
@AndrewCashner i wouldn't consider myself an expert, but some questions are just ...
@Johannes_B about music, you mean?
@AndrewCashner No, users who don't seem to invest any time in learning and ask the same simple level of question over and over again.
@AndrewCashner TeX.SX
4:57 PM
@Johannes_B Agreed.
@Johannes_B That's why we have duping, etc., and why the 'powers' are rather keener on closing questions than some people like
55 mins ago, by Johannes_B
http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/236320/add-a-space-in-latex wasnt even closed when http://latex-community.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=26154&p=89290#p89290 was opened.
@AndrewCashner @JosephWright Today it was this one, that upset me a bit.
Hello!!! I wrote the following:
&y'=y+4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t)y\\
&\quad\implies y'=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t))y\\
&\quad\implies \frac{dy}{dt}=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t))y\\
&\quad\implies \frac{dy}{y}=(1+ 4 \pi \cos(4 \pi t)) dt\\

At the right side of each equality there is a number? How could I get rid of it?
@wipet: ahoj! :)
@evinda add a *, I think.
I mean align* gets rid of the numbering. Is that what you want? Of course, you can't use labels then.
5:02 PM
@PauloCereda ahoj
@Johannes_B Not great
@FaheemMitha Nice, they diappeared :D What do you mean with labels?
@evinda You can't label those equations, if you are using align*.
Because you took out the counter.
@Johannes_B The user learned. In the next topic, he used code markup and provided a proper minimal working example: Line up at the left-center all the variables and names
@StefanKottwitz Already saw that. Let's hope it stays that way.
5:16 PM
Okay, here's my non-expert question. How do I put a newline in a section heading when using hyperref? \texorpdfstring{\\}{} doesn't seem to do it.
@AndrewCashner doesn't \section[something]{this\\break} work? (or do you want the linebreak in the toc as well?)
@AndrewCashner so, how do you like the U of C? And how are you coping with the weather?
@DavidCarlisle I have to run but will try that when I get back. Thanks.
@Faheem Just finished there actually. Will be at the University of Southern California next year, so the weather will be better!
@AndrewCashner Congrats. tenure-track?
@JosephWright Thanks!
5:27 PM
@cfr How was it?
@AndrewCashner I like your "Prelude on a Mozarabic Sanctus".
5:49 PM
@DavidCarlisle Ready to work on the LuaTeX/LaTeX issues next :-)
@Johannes_B Exhausting ;). I think it went OK. Some people found I went too slow and others seemed to have trouble keeping up, but most people seemed about right. A couple seemed to have difficulty understanding English, which can't have helped. It would have been better if I'd learnt the trick of being in three or four places at once. Or if I had a twin or so.... Also, Overleaf is slooowww....
@JosephWright Does TUG teach a follow-up course? I saw a directory for something on github but wasn't clear if there was any content.
Some people have strange ideas about math notation. :(
6:05 PM
@cfr We've been asked and tried to get some ideas down
@cfr It's hard to really be sure what an 'intermediate' or 'advanced' course would cover
@cfr @NicolaTalbot has tried this in the past!
@cfr Sounds like it went well
@cfr Can I feed back to the committee that our material is useful? Also, where exactly the course was?
@cfr Yes, Overleaf is slow. :-/
@JosephWright Do you have standardised/centralised material that gets taught over and over?
@cfr No Welsh? :)
6:23 PM
@JosephWright Thanks, i'll take a look at it.
6:34 PM
@JosephWright Definitely!
@JosephWright Yes. Well, I've been given a list of topics....
@cfr Where did you do the course?
@JosephWright Under the licence, I'm meant to share the modified version of the materials I used? What's the best way to do this?
@JosephWright Cardiff University. For the University Graduate College which runs a training programme. [I guess you're not interested in the fact that it was room S27.]
@JosephWright sure, why not:-)
@cfr License just applies if you are redistributing
@JosephWright I don't object to sharing my changes. I'm not sure how useful they would be. Except that the originals had a spurious 'this' in them, and produced handouts for letter paper.
6:38 PM
@cfr If you just want to report typos, a pull request on GitHub or indeed just a direct mail would do :-)
@JosephWright so have you pushed to ctan again?
@DavidCarlisle As agreed, not today: will do tomorrow morning
@JosephWright OK that's what I thought, was just the luatex q I thought you meant it was all done:-)
@DavidCarlisle All bar the shouting :-)
If I want the same legend at the top of the 2nd and following pages, is fancyhdr the standard way to go?
6:47 PM
@FaheemMitha perhaps or just \pagestyle{headings} if it doesn't need to be fancy
@DavidCarlisle ok.
How fancy is fancyhdr, really?
@FaheemMitha :-) not very, but do you need three part (left,right,centre) and rules and things, on the other hand it's there no harm in using it even if you don't need it all
@FaheemMitha Thank you! Yes, I'll be assistant professor of musicology starting in the fall.
@DavidCarlisle I just need it on the right, I guess.
@FaheemMitha And technically not quite finished at U of C, am making final post-defense revisions to the dissertation. As @DavidCarlisle predicted, no one asked me about my hboxes at the defense. But I still want to fix them.
6:52 PM
@AndrewCashner That's the spirit. Hmm, USC is in LA. Not heard good things about LA. But I guess it depends on the location. It is anywhere close to UCLA?
Are LaTeX-using musicians common?
@FaheemMitha Well the weather is 70-80 deg. Fahrenheit all year long, and there's the ocean. There are lots of different communities in the area (Pasadena for example) that feel smaller than the big city. As far as I can tell most of the urban problems are the same as Chicago, so it's nothing that new. UCLA is on the other side of the city, I guess.
@AndrewCashner Ah. Big place.
@Faheem There are a few of us that I know of. The music scholars using TeX tend to be music theorists, so more on the analytical side of things and generally more friendly to technology. But "digital humanities" is a cool thing now and people are starting to get interested in HTML and Markdown. Otherwise Word rules.
@AndrewCashner Ok. Can one write music using TeX? I've heard rumors.
@FaheemMitha there's been a long history of tex based music typesetting systems, musictex, musixtex, LilyPond (not tex anymore) ..
6:59 PM
@DavidCarlisle Oh, ok. I think I have heard of lilypond.
Which is not TeX?
@FaheemMitha There is MusiXTeX. I met one person who uses it, and the interface doesn't look great to me.
@Faheem There is also Lilypond, which originally descended from MusiXTeX but then went down the road of C++ combined with Scheme. It is getting more and more use, especially from music theorists. My diss. includes about 200 pages of editions of 17th-century Mexican and Spanish music done with Lilypond.
@Faheem Like using plain TeX you have to do a lot of things yourself but once you set them up you can reuse them. It can be a headache but the results can be extremely attractive and it has all the benefits of version control, plain text source, etc.
@AndrewCashner So you just use TeX for regular typesetting then?
@AndrewCashner Interesting.
@FaheemMitha The dissertation is in LaTeX with a customized class based on memoir.
@AndrewCashner So Lilypond hasn't met its Leslie Lamport? :-)
@Faheem Exactly!
7:02 PM
GNU Lilypond. Hmm.
@AndrewCashner so you write scheme for it, then?
@FaheemMitha For example, let's say I want to be able to put a repeat indication at the end of a piece with variable text (like "D.C. al Fine" for repeat from the beginning)
I have to set up this scheme function: RepeatMsg =
(parser location msg) (scheme?)
\once \override Score.RehearsalMark.break-visibility = #end-of-line-visible
\once \override Score.RehearsalMark.self-alignment-X = #RIGHT
\once \override Score.RehearsalMark.padding = #5
\mark \markup \bold \fontsize #-1 $msg
Now I can write \RepeatMsg #"D.C. al Fine"
@FaheemMitha But many other things are much easier to do.
@AndrewCashner That doesn't look terribly LISPy.
It needs more parens, I think.
@Faheem Probably not (I haven't actually learned Scheme yet). You can use #{ #} and put Lilypond syntax in between.
@AndrewCashner ok. Just kidding about the parens.
@Faheem You can make a basic file with just \version "2.18.2" c'4 d'4 e'4 f'4 g'1
7:08 PM
@AndrewCashner and compile it how? And what file extn?
Oh, ly
@FaheemMitha Get lilypond executables from lilypond.org, save file as .ly and compile lilypond file.ly.
@AndrewCashner Ok. I don't need to get executables from lilypond.org. I run Debian!
@Faheem So do I and I learned this the hard way. Lilypond is constantly updating its syntax, so you really do need the most current stable version (even for basic stuff), not what is in the repository.
Need to get 252 MB of archives.
Good grief.
@AndrewCashner Oh, bummer.
Will 2.14 suffice for your example? I'd rather not try a backport.
@Faheem That's mostly documentation (the offline version of what's on their site). It aims to be comprehensive. It's very good, but like other things in the project, would benefit from following more of a community-based, TeX-like model.
7:12 PM
@AndrewCashner oh. Well, it's all one package, so...
Oh, lilypond depends on lilypond-doc. That's daft.
@Faheem You can always install to /opt/local or something like that.
@AndrewCashner It's ok, I'm downloading now. Would 2.14 work for your example?
@Faheem I hope so, change the version number obviously
@AndrewCashner ok
@Faheem Here's a more interesting example, by Mozart:
\version "2.14"

Melody = {
\clef "treble"
\time 4/4
c''4 c''4 g''4 g''4
a''4 a''4 g''2
f''4 f''4 e''4 e''4
d''4 d''4 c''2
\bar "|."

Bass = {
\clef "bass"
c4 c'4 e'4 c'4
f'4 c'4 e'4 c'4
d'4 b4 c'4 a4
f4 g4 c2

Lyrics = \lyricmode {
Twin -- kle, twin -- kle, lit -- tle star,
how I won -- der what you are.

\score {
\new StaffGroup
\new Staff
\new Voice = "melody" { \Melody }
\new Lyrics \lyricsto "melody" { \Lyrics }
\new Staff
7:23 PM
@AndrewCashner I didn't know Mozart used lilypond
@DavidCarlisle He also used Vim :)
@AndrewCashner explains a lot.
@DavidCarlisle This worked for me: First line \texorpdfstring{\newline}{} Second line
@DavidCarlisle Ooh, except the section heading looks very ugly with the \newline. Hm. Maybe better leave well enough alone.
7:39 PM
@DavidCarlisle he was ahead of his time.
@AndrewCashner I'm pretty sure Bach and Beethoven used Emacs; and Haydn as well: he tried to convert Mozart and would have succeeded, if only Salieri…
@AndrewCashner goddam cut and paste is being more than usually flakey. Can you gist paste it? gist filename.
@egreg It's all Salieri's fault. We learned that from Amadeus.
@egreg And Schubert's 8th is the first open source symphony.
@AndrewCashner never mind, I got it. And it compiled too. Cool.
@AlanMunn how so?
@FaheemMitha Puškin and Rimskij-Korsakov spread the hoax.
7:51 PM
@egreg You mean it wasn't all Salieri's fault? And he didn't frighten Mozart into an early grave? Damn, how could I have had the wool pulled over my eyes in this way?
Still, Amadeus is a fun film, even if you don't want to take it seriously...
Apparently based on a play, which I have never seen.
@FaheemMitha Yes, of course. You don't have to take it seriously. ;-) No, Salieri and Mozart were not enemies; Mozart's son Franz Xaver studied with Salieri, for instance. After Wolfgang's death, sure.
@egreg Learning one's history from Hollywood films is rarely a wise idea.
Though I suspect many Americans do, and others too. Thus ending up with some very strange ideas.
@FaheemMitha :) Ben Hur is a great example.
E.g. the wicked Muslims are out to get us!!! HELP!
@egreg I don't know that film.
@FaheemMitha And science too. But sometimes they get it right.
7:56 PM
I've heard of it, of course.
@egreg That dude is like an ancient MacGyver. :)
@AlanMunn That's what happens when physicists think they are funny.
Apparently Disney is going to make more Star Wars films. Like the world hasn't had enough.
Anyone know how to prevent page breaks in minted code listings?
@JosephWright l3build doesn't build for me since texsys.cfg went :(
8:09 PM
@DavidCarlisle No?
@DavidCarlisle Which one?
@JosephWright just trying to make a reproducable test but ltdirchk.log is 26000 lines long consisting of y being piped to TeX's * prompt
This is TeX, Version 3.14159265 (TeX Live 2014) (preloaded format=tex 2014.7.15)  1 APR 2015 21:04
** Using the existing texsys.cfg
\openout15 = `texsys.aux'.

./texsys.aux found

\@currdir set to: ./.



.... 26000 lines omitted..


! Emergency stop.
<*> y

End of file on the terminal!

No pages of output.
@AlanMunn Yes, the announcement was by the famous scientist Ben Kenobi!
@AlanMunn @PauloCereda What about confirming the existence of “the Schwartz”? I heard that research is ongoing.
@PauloCereda :(
@egreg ooh
@cfr oh no! :(
@PauloCereda babel is workshop 2...
8:17 PM
@cfr ooh cool! :)
@egreg It was discovered on Broadway.
8:36 PM
@AlanMunn Schwartz on ice. :)
8:55 PM
@PauloCereda bugs in your code again?
@DavidCarlisle On screen this time. :)
00:00 - 21:0021:00 - 00:00

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