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6:25 AM
@cfr Not really. I just want a bit of a gap.
Is \hspace a reasonable all-purpose thing to use for horizontal spacing? That's what I normally use.
1 hour later…
7:37 AM
@FaheemMitha yes except of course you should always feel bad if adding explicit spaces:-)
@DavidCarlisle Why?
@FaheemMitha because it's better to use \section{Introduction} than \vspace{5ex}\textbf{1}\hspace{2em}{\large Introduction}\par\vspace{3ex}
@DavidCarlisle agreed, but in this particular context there doesn't seem to be a natural spacing command. Context:
@egreg I was just thinking I need to schedule this: probably you are right
I wanted a little bit of space between the filename and the date.
@JosephWright do you use any of the KOMA classes?
7:42 AM
@FaheemMitha Not routinely: @NicolaTalbot does
@JosephWright Ok.
They are quite impressive. Clearly a lot of work has got into them. Not the mention the documentation. If it is a German thing, that would go some way towards explaining it.
@FaheemMitha yes you're let off, anyway setting up the page head is not really any different from setting up section headings, you have to specify the space somewhere but if you were routinely adding hspace after filenames in the document it would be an indication that you are missing a \newcommand defining some structural filedate thing...
@DavidCarlisle well, if you can suggest a better, more LaTeXy markup way to do it, I'm all ears.
BTW, I get the impression that scrlttr2 is ignoring the regular spacing commands, e.g. oddsidemargin, evensidemarge, topmargin. Is that possible/likely?
@FaheemMitha no you have to use hspace at that level, but that's Ok you are not typing explicit \hspace on every page, you are setting up the page layout.
@DavidCarlisle ok. thanks.
7:57 AM
@DavidCarlisle Think I've tracked down the texsys.cfg issue (why it's not appeared in the TDS-style zip)
8:48 AM
Does anyone have suggestions for a good, decorative font for a letterhead?
@JosephWright btw, if that is a platypus, why a platypus?
I am using New Century Schoolbook in the form of fouriernc. Could I switch to a different version of that font?
9:02 AM
@JosephWright were you also getting the runaway * prompt or was that something I had locally?
@DavidCarlisle Probably was but didn't worry about it :-)
@DavidCarlisle Am trying to track down why texsys.cfg doesn't get kept to transfer to TDS-zip: I've got the general issue isolated
@JosephWright users of non hierarchical and extension-less filesystems will be grateful for the fix:-)
9:14 AM
@DavidCarlisle Problem isolated: we need to avoid doing any searching at all (even local dir) when unpacking base as texsys.cfg is extracted strangely
A: Why is LaTeX3 taking so long to come out?

Jonathan FineWhen Don Knuth wrote TeX he wanted to create "just a typesetting language" but in response to user demand the macro language grew and grew. He also said that, if at the time he wrote TeX there was "a universal simple interpretive language that was common to other systems, naturally I would have ...

Could one really implement something like TeX in Python?
Though I'm not sure exactly what that answer is suggesting.
@JosephWright idea was you'd only have initex and no docstrip or latex or anything else, so it's a bit primitive...
@FaheemMitha JF's idea is to implement the input parser in Python and then create essentially plain TeX code for typesetting
@FaheemMitha latexml implements pretty much all the tex macro language in perl. Just not the typesetting bits
@DavidCarlisle Understood
9:18 AM
@JosephWright do you think that makes sense?
@DavidCarlisle Oh. Did you write it (latexml)?
@FaheemMitha no but I know a man who did;-)
@DavidCarlisle oh, ok.
@FaheemMitha The question is whether it can do the tricky stuff that one does in TeX by dropping down to the primitive level. The broad brush stuff is fine.
@JosephWright Ok. So you don't know the answer to that?
@FaheemMitha it makes sense in the abstract but it won't happen in that form. It is not really any different to what topskip is doing with lua, using lua rather than the normal tex input parser to construct all the document and just using the tex typesetting engine to typeset text once everything is assembled
9:21 AM
@DavidCarlisle Ok. Is that luatex you are talking about?
@FaheemMitha yes but most people give tex documents to luatex, Patrick gives it a lua program extracting database fragments so the tex macro expansion isn't used at all, he constructs paragraphs in lua which are then typeset.
@FaheemMitha The back-compatibly problem is large, the stability issue is there [Python 2/3 :-)], ...
@JosephWright yes, Python isn't exactly stable, that's true. Something like CL might be better from that perspective.
@DavidCarlisle I don't follow. Who is Patrick?
Oh, topskip?
@FaheemMitha user topskip's real name:-)
So he is doing something special with luatex? In what context?
9:27 AM
@FaheemMitha He has some answers on site somewhere, I haven't used his system myself, but the point is that in luatex to typeset a paragraph you need to pass a lua linked list of nodes to the paragraph builder, you can construct that list using tex scanning input text as normal but you don't have to you can build a lua linked list programatically in lua, the paragraph typesettimg routines don't care how the list was built.
@FaheemMitha see for example wiki.luatex.org/index.php/TeX_without_TeX
@DavidCarlisle I see. Thanks.
That's an interesting writeup. Thanks.
He's probably right that handling things programmatically is easier with lua than with tex.
The link there is broken.
in "(or get the source here)."
@FaheemMitha the answer is making a pitch for his approach
@FrankMittelbach Oh. Ok.
9:53 AM
So, could this latexml thing be used as a better html converter?
latex -> html, I mean.
@FaheemMitha the reason that LaTeX3 has taken its time (and still does) doesn't have to do with a choice of coding approach (whether that being TeX internal based, or Lua, or Phython or what have you) but with the problem it intends to tackle - solving those is the issue and they aren't solved by dropping in a different interpreter. Have a look at latex-project.org/papers especially "E-TeX: Guidelines to future TeX extensions", or "The stony road to complex layout" and a few others
10:09 AM
@FaheemMitha latexml and tex4ht have different strengths, have a look at dlmf.nist.gov for the output of latexml
@DavidCarlisle Ok, thanks. But is tex4ht being maintained now? Its creator died.
@FrankMittelbach Yes, I was not implying that language switching would make any difference to a schedule. Nor was I suggesting any course of action.
@FaheemMitha seems like it was taken up by River Valley, @michal.h21 seems to be the one with most tex4ht knowledge here:-)
@DavidCarlisle Oh, the Indian people? Ok.
@FrankMittelbach Jonathan certainly is very keen on this plan
I haven't used it for a long time. I once used it for some classes. That web page is still up I think.
10:14 AM
@JosephWright Jonathan's always been keen on plans, just not always the same one.
@DavidCarlisle Indeed
@DavidCarlisle Oddly, though, he's been rather quiet of late on the committee list
I think I used tex4ht for some of these. stat.unc.edu/students/faheem/teaching.html
It was not an unqualified success, but it worked.
Dr. Gurari was quite helpful with bug reports, I remember.
@DavidCarlisle this seems to be using MathJAX.
Is MathJAX usable with LaTeX, I wonder?
Hmm, is this up to date?
Q: Convert Latex to MathJax-HTML

Jukka SuomelaIs there any tool that can convert Latex documents to HTML documents, so that all math is presented with MathJax? (Obviously, it is fairly easy to hack together a quick Perl script that is able to do a crude conversion, but I am interested in a bit more robust solutions — at least it should get ...

@FaheemMitha I don't understand the question, mathjax has input parsers for latex-like math, mathml and asciimath, and converts them all to mathml, then renders using html+css, or svg or the browsers native mathml
@DavidCarlisle Let me rephrase. What is the pipeline? LaTeX -> mathml -> MathJAX?
@FaheemMitha As David said, MathJaX understands a subset of LaTeX-like math, that's about it.
10:22 AM
Or, to be even more explicit. Can I write everything in LaTeX and convert it to something a web browser can understand using mathml?
@PauloCereda No, I meant mathml.
@FaheemMitha mathjax only does math
@DavidCarlisle yes, I understand that.
@FaheemMitha yes tex4ht or latexml could do that or you could leave the math as tex syntax and rely on mathjax's tex parser.
I would like to get from a LaTeX file to something I can stick on the web, that is all.
@DavidCarlisle ok
Is mathjax built in to a web browser, then?
@FaheemMitha No
10:25 AM
I think tex4ht used to rely heavily on images. See e.g. stat.unc.edu/students/faheem/11/hw/hw1soln.html
@JosephWright ok
@FaheemMitha it's written in javascript
@DavidCarlisle Ok.
10:47 AM
Does anyone have a good link for changing fonts on the fly?
@FaheemMitha You mean, mid-document?
@PauloCereda yes. Actually, I was thinking of using some fancy font in the header. Like a letterhead. Entirely frivolous, of course.
11:02 AM
@DavidCarlisle, @FrankMittelbach LaTeX2e update sent to CTAN plus l3build (as I had to make some adjustments)
@JosephWright thanks:-)
@FaheemMitha you can configure tex4ht to output mathml, or to keep LaTeX which is then processed by mathjax, or you can produce images in various formats, which is not preferable, but svg is not that bas
@michal.h21 Hi. Thanks for the information. Are you working on tex4ht?
@FaheemMitha Fixed, thanks for the notice!
@topskip: Pat! :)
11:10 AM
@topskip Thanks. Appreciate it. Good writeup.
@PauloCereda Hi!
@FaheemMitha Old, but still valid, I think.
Hello, everybody!
@yo' Tom! <3
@topskip I'll try your example. My browser is a pain about cutting and pasting.
@FaheemMitha All browsers suck.
11:12 AM
@PauloCereda btw, the song is great, but I think you made one mistake :-)
@yo' Oh no! :) Do tell. :)
@PauloCereda there's wrong phrasing in twelve and eleven, you have "twelve" for two notes, but it's one syllable, and then eleven squeezed somehow
@yo' uh-oh!
@topskip But some suck more than others.
where does the main tex4ht repo live, does anyone know?
@yo' Sorry. :(
11:17 AM
@PauloCereda don't worry :)
@yo' <3
other than that it's soo cool, I couldn't stop laughing :D
@yo' :)
So, if I do
11:26 AM
And the party begins, Daumen drücken.
it looks from en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Fonts#Font_families like it should change the font, but nothing happens. Maybe I'm misunderstanding.
Anyone got a simple guide to switch fonts in the middle of the document? Right now I'm just trying to change the letterhead.
@FaheemMitha have you issued \rmfamily or \normalfont afterwards?
@FaheemMitha \fontfamily{iwona}\selectfont is for changing the family locally.
@yo' no
@yo' Oh, is that all I need to do?
@FaheemMitha locally? Yes.
@yo' Ok, trying now. Thanks.
Ooh, that works! Nice. And how do I switch it back to the default?
11:30 AM
@FaheemMitha \rmfamily or \normalfont or \fontfamily{\familydefault}\selectfont
@yo' Oh, that's all? Don't I have to specify the font family?
@FaheemMitha there's always a default
If I was previously using fouriernc, could I do
@FaheemMitha I am fixing bugs mainly, and writing some helper scripts and documentation
@yo' Oh, any of those three will work? Ok, trying now.
11:32 AM
@FaheemMitha yes, but you shouldn't. If fourier is your default font, you should choose it by telling LaTeX to choose the default font.
@michal.h21 ok. how's it going?
@yo' ok, and the default is chosen at the beginning?
Or you can use groups: {\fontfamily{iwona}\selectfont In IWONA} Not In IWONA.
@FaheemMitha yes.
@yo' That's good too.
@yo' that's great! Thank you very much for your help.
Oh, I see this one has it. I can't read -> ee.iitb.ac.in/~trivedi/LatexHelp/latexfont.htm
12:17 PM
@michal.h21 Yes, I saw that.
And is River Valley working on tex4ht now?
Any idea what happened to Dr. Gurari's work with Braille? Sounds like useful work.
@FaheemMitha it seems only CVR is working on support for biblatex, he seems being really busy latety
@michal.h21 does biblatex have anything to do with tex4ht?
@FaheemMitha tex4ht does have configurations for biblatex support
@michal.h21 ok
12:46 PM
@JosephWright ok so we can now wait for the next rounds of errors/wishes
@FrankMittelbach :-)
1:04 PM
When people confuse the internet with the Oracle.
Q: Will my ticket wl 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in 2AC kamanyni express will confirmed on 24 April 2015?

vivekWill my ticket wl 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in 2AC kamanyni express will confirmed on 24 April 2015? or shoudld I look for other alternative

@AlanMunn LOL
@AlanMunn nice, haha!
Another gem (posted on 01 April of course) I noticed this morning:
Q: What's the best way to dispose of a body in the backcountry?

ShemSegerSuppose you needed to dispose of a large carcass for one reason or another while in the backcountry... what would be the best way to dispose of it in the woods so that it wouldn't be discovered? You always hear stories of people burying bears that they've had to shoot, but I can't imagine digging...

@FrankMittelbach Dear Mr. Mittelbach, there is a new exciting question related to multicol :) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/236468/…
@PaulGessler Sadly this one: ux.stackexchange.com/questions/75688/… has been removed. It was fantastic. Background here.
@PaulGessler I'd suggest watching Hitchcock's movie “The Trouble with Harry”.
1:11 PM
Q: Can I kill everybody?

ManaIn Deus-Ex, I'm trying to play a run wherein the main character is a cruel, merciless cyborg who cannot distinguish between friend and foe. Basically, everybody dies. Things seemed to be going well in the first mission, where one of my comrades greeted me after I annihilated the enemy's leader a...

@egreg you could leave that as an answer there, might get you well on your way to 300k on Outdoors.SX. ;-)
@PauloCereda I think we have the Cookie Monster in disguise: read the question's first line. :)
Q: PGFPlots (format number)

Queue OverflowMe need to get the following converting when PGFPlots will render the table: 0.01 -> 0.1 * 10^{-1} 0.121 -> 0.121. 1.843 -> 1.843 10.1 -> 1.01 * 10 124 -> 1.24 * 10^{2} I know about a format option sci, but it doesn't help, because it convert, for example, 0.121 to 1.121 * 10^{-1}. For ex...

@egreg Oh my, you found him! :)
1:38 PM
@DavidCarlisle Doesn't come close to you though. ;-) vvvv
Hi and welcome, excellent Paint-foo. — Johannes_B 3 hours ago
@Johannes_B that's why I closed it
2 hours later…
3:51 PM
Hello. I'm having trouble getting LaTeX to see fonts.
If I do e.g. \fontfamily{uuni}\selectfont should it just find the font file? I have a file:
for example, but I'm getting errors saying stuff like:
LaTeX Font Info: No file T1uuni.fd. on input line 104.
I do have:
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc} in there.
@JosephWright we don't make an unpacked.zip?
@FaheemMitha The file name of the .fd file refers to the U encoding, not to T1.
Ok, I guess I need to actually load the relevant package. If I can figure out which one.
@FaheemMitha \fontfamily{uni}\selectfont is the right command. With ONE u.
@FaheemMitha not necessarily but \fontencoding{U}\fontfamily{uni}
3:55 PM
@egreg I don't follow. So it is Ok as it stands?
@FaheemMitha no you have the wrong family name
@DavidCarlisle oh
@FaheemMitha family is {uni} as above.
@FaheemMitha The family name is uni, available in OT1, T1 and U encoding.
@DavidCarlisle ok
@egreg Ok. What is a good way of looking up families?
3:58 PM
@FaheemMitha There's none.
@egreg bummer.
The only one I have got to work so far is iwona. And LaTeX finds:
The others don't have that t1.
I have to wonder why people post on Google+ instead of actual proper blog or something. Are they mental? Or do they see the word Google and lose their minds?
locate texlive/2014 | grep '/[tT]1.*\.fd$'
@FaheemMitha what have you against g+ ?
@FaheemMitha I get 473 files with the command above
@DavidCarlisle The urls are a mile long for a start. The thing has no discernable structure. Why would you want to use it? It's like Facebook.
@egreg Oh, those are the ones I should use?
@egreg I see. The first u. Got it.
4:07 PM
@DavidCarlisle Not at present, but isn't that really superseded by the TDS-style zips
@egreg are those the three different types of encoding? And I can use any one of them?
@FaheemMitha ?
@egreg "OT1, T1 and U encoding". Quoting you from above.
And is T1 the best?
@JosephWright well we have (had?) a lot of documentation saying that you could unpack stuff or get it unpacked...
@FaheemMitha Not really sure to understand. If you default encoding is T1 and you ask for \fontfamily{uni}\selectfont, then the Univers font in encoding T1 will be selected.
4:14 PM
There is something called tug.dk/FontCatalogue.
@egreg Will this work for any font in TeX Live?
Actually, \fontfamily{uni}\selectfont is giving me an error here. Maybe the T1 version is not available?
@FaheemMitha The catalog specifies if the font is available in TeX Live (it may not be up-to-date, though).
@JosephWright hmm seems like we got rid of most of that documentation (the old step by step install instructions) I suppose we could drop unpacked? team list I guess:-)
@egreg ok
@DavidCarlisle Indeed
@JosephWright although the links to docstrip in the readmes go to unpacked, and also if you wanted someone to get (just) latexrelease.sty to update an old setup, unpacked would be useful....
4:18 PM
@FaheemMitha Here's what the t1uni.fd file says:
        [1998/08/01 v2.0 Non Standard LaTeX font definitions]
\typeout{WARNING: universal font not avaliable in t1 definition.}
\typeout{WARNING: exiting, correct your source.}
@FaheemMitha ^^^^ seems clear
@egreg So, you need to switch to U encoding locally?
@FaheemMitha No, to OT1. But note that the font is only available in bitmap form, not PostScript Type1.
Normal text and {\fontencoding{OT1}\fontfamily{uni}\selectfont Univers}
@egreg ok
@FaheemMitha After seeing the result, ^^^^, I don't think I'll be using the font in my documents.
@egreg typographic excellence, to your usual standards
4:21 PM
@egreg It hurts, it hurts so much!
@DavidCarlisle LOL
@egreg I don't know. It looks pleasantly old-fashioned.
@FaheemMitha that's @egreg, the font just looks horrible.
I want something that stands out in a letterhead. Maybe something with lots of whorls.
@DavidCarlisle Um, not really following. You mean @egreg is a typographical snob?
Or you mean the font sucks?
@FaheemMitha No I meant he is pleasantly old-fashioned.
@FaheemMitha and that:-)
@DavidCarlisle Good for him.
I don't think it is that bad. Though I'm not going to choose it for the letterhead.
4:27 PM
@DavidCarlisle I can upload something: just a question of taking the existing TDS zips and reworking
@JosephWright yes or we delete it but if we delete it that should probably be a conscious decision, it's been that way a long time....
Now trying urwchancal, but it's not cooperating.
{\fontencoding{OT1}\fontfamily{urwchancal}\selectfont doesn't work. Nor does
@FaheemMitha This font is just for calligraphic letters in math mode.
@DavidCarlisle CTAN nowadays avoid unpacked stuff, so that might not be a bad thing
@egreg Only in math mode?
4:41 PM
If that isn't pleasantly old-fashioned, I don't know what is
*not a real suggestion* :)
@AndrewCashner I'm a pleasantly old-fashioned kind of guy.
That might be a touch too old-fashioned for me, though.
@Faheem Alegreya looks interesting, but not too interesting, at large sizes, which could be good for a letterhead. Depending on what you're going for.
@AndrewCashner sample?
I was thinking of cursive thingys, but haven't found one I like.
@AndrewCashner hmm, not bad.
4:49 PM
@Faheem Another interesting one, in a different way: tug.dk/FontCatalogue/librisadf
Trying to try out tex gyre, but haven't found the right incantation.
The example usages are all to set it to default.
Ok, I had to look in the sty file to get it to work. I might go with tex gye's qzc.
What do you think, @AndrewCashner?
@Faheem Is that Zapf Chancery?
@Faheem Yeah, that's a copy of Herman Zapf's Chancery font. Could be nice, depends on how you use it, of course.
I'm sorta looking for curly fonts. I think that is traditional, and I am just a slave to tradition.
@AndrewCashner Copy? I don't follow.
How does the original differ?
I've heard of Mr. Zapf. He's a famous designer.
4:57 PM
@Faheem It's a clone of Zapf's font, like TeX Gyre Pagella is a clone of Zapf's Palatino. Zapf and Knuth worked closely together.
@AndrewCashner Clone? So where is the original?
@Faheem Have you looked at the other "old handwriting" fonts like these? tug.dk/FontCatalogue/uncialfonts.html
@AndrewCashner no, I hadn't.
uncial fonts. I wonder what that means.
@Faheem In blocks of iron type somewhere or something. Like Times Roman, Garamond, Baskerville, there are many pre-digital fonts that have spawned many copies.
The tex gyre chorus looks quite good printed. I'll probably go with that. It looks boringly conventional, but what the hell...
4:59 PM
@Faheem It was a style of medieval handwriting. Chancery was another style of handwriting. Modern lowercase is based on medieval uncial script.
@AndrewCashner Oh. So wouldn't a better term be implementation? Since the original doesn't actually exist as digital type.
@AndrewCashner I see. You seem to know a lot about this.
I guess I should go and eat. It's late.
@AndrewCashner thank you for your help.
@Faheem I'm just a dilettante. take care.
Actually, those uncial fonts look positively stone age.
Or very early medieval.
Yes, like 8th-10th century, based on even earlier Roman writing styles.
I think.
@AndrewCashner yes, ancient monkish. Not really that appealing. I guess I could experiment a bit more.
5:05 PM
@Faheem I would try Alegreya, italics, large. Its curvy but with some nice sharp corners too.
@AndrewCashner Ok, I will. Thank you.
It's in TeX Live?
@AndrewCashner ok
5:36 PM
Hi guys. Just a rapid question. I need to send my school report in 24min. And I'm experimenting an issue with tabu.
The code :
    \multicolumn{2}{l}{Some title}\\\midrule
    Foo & Bar\\
    Foo & Bar\\
    Foo & Bar\\
    Foo & Bar\\\\
    Foo & Bar\\

    \multicolumn{2}{l}{Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line }\\\bottomrule
The visisble issue --> goo.gl/zoJR6S
(sorry I haven't the badge to upload images on the chat, yet)
@wget without looking, your long line is in an l cell such cells never break over a line
@DavidCarlisle The solution?
@wget >{\hsize=\dimexpr2\hsize+2\tabcolsep\relax}X instead of l, problably
@DavidCarlisle Where do I need to put that code? Instead of the l parameter?
5:56 PM
Fonts galore -> 1001fonts.com
@wget yes
en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX/Fonts#Using_arbitrary_system_fonts talks about using something called the fontspec package. Is that good?
@FaheemMitha it's needed to load fonts with lualatex or xelatex
@DavidCarlisle Oh. So I would have to switch to one of these. Do they have any advantages font-wise?
I mean, using them.
@FaheemMitha they use system fonts so there is a vastly larger set of fonts available
6:03 PM
@DavidCarlisle Oh! But that is not the case for plain pdflatex, I guess.
@DavidCarlisle I'm still fighting with the syntax. -->
\multicolumn{2}{>{\hsize=\dimexpr2\hsize+2\tabcolsep\relax}X}{Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line Some very long line }\\\bottomrule
Your syntax is still not compiling.
@wget yikes, you're trying to do this against a deadline?
@DavidCarlisle can't he just use one of those p{} things?
@FaheemMitha Nope I've sendtit as-it. And provide an errata afterwards ;-)
@wget probably a wise choice. Debugging TeX formatting is bad enough. Debugging TeX formatting against a deadline doesn't bear thinking about.
@wget you could ask a question...
6:20 PM
@wget looks OK to me (although I don't use tabu:-) That would work with the original tabularx X column
\section*{\texteAssignment Numerical Solution of Differential \\ \quad \quad \quad \quad Equation \\ First exercise }
Name: ....
I wrote this but there is no space before Equation
What could I do?
@evinda Not have a \section inside an align. Why have you done that?
@evinda why are you putting a section inside an align?
@TorbjørnT. @FaheemMitha I did it like that in order that there is space before Equation.. How else could I do it?
@evinda What exactly are you trying to do?
6:32 PM
@evinda you can add space wherever you want. Maybe a MWE?
@TorbjørnT. I want that the word Equation appears at the middle of the second line..
@FaheemMitha I tried it with / / / / / / / / but it failed :/
@evinda you could use \vspace{}, possibly. But I think you'll need to give an example. And maybe ask a question.
@FaheemMitha When I use \vspace{ Equation } then the word uatio appears :/
@evinda So you want \section titles to be centered? Or just this one?
Only this one , because it doesn't fit at the first line @TorbjørnT.
6:37 PM
@evinda \vspace{<length>} is for adding vertical space (e.g. \vspace{1cm}). Not what you're after here.
@evinda I'm not sure I fully understand what you're after. I'd recommend asking a question with a proper MWE, where you show what you have now, and explain what you want to achieve.
@TorbjørnT. he/she wanted extra vertical space. As I understood it.
@evinda avoid having explicit line breaks like \\ avoid having explicit space like \quad and don't put section headings inside math displays!
@FaheemMitha \quad is horizontal space, centering implies horizontal space.
@TorbjørnT. That's true. I misunderstood.
Anyway, I think an example is needed.
6:53 PM
@TorbjørnT. Ok, I used \vspace... Now it looks better... An other question.. How can I add a picture?
@AndrewCashner actually, it looks like Debian has both something it calls the Zapf chancery as well as TeX Gyre Chorus. See
Q: Size of calligraphic number

JanaI asked in this question Calligraphic numbers how to write a calligraphic number and got an answer. Now I need a notation for k-subsets and use the answer as follows: \documentclass[a4paper,11pt]{article} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{xspace} %%% for caligrap...

% family qzc: Font TeX Gyre Chorus (package tgchorus)
% family pzc: Font Zapf Chancery (package chancery)
I don't know where the poster got his/her info from, but these are indistinguishable, at least to my eye.
@FaheemMitha It's in TL.
@PauloCereda what is?
@FaheemMitha I think I quoted your comment.
@PauloCereda perhaps, but I'm still not sure what "it" refers to.
7:09 PM
@FaheemMitha Here:
[paulo@cambridge Downloads] $ grep "pzc" `kpsewhich chancery.sty`
I wrote at the beginning this:
\graphicspath{ {shm/} }

shm is the folder where I saved the picute that I want to upload and then this: \item \includegraphics{ask2}

(I called the graph ask2) but the picture doesn't appear... Have I written something wrong?
@PauloCereda Right. And qzc appear to be that tex gyre chorus thingy.
@FaheemMitha Yes:
[paulo@cambridge Downloads] $ grep "qzc" `kpsewhich tgchorus.sty`
  \PackageInfo{tgchorus}{The qzc family is scaled by \qzc@scale}
@PauloCereda Ok. They appear to be effectively identical, but there may be subtle differences.
Possibly dumb questions - are such things as ligatures encoded into a font?
@PauloCereda I found this, for example.
Q: Zapf Chancery and placing a k next to a g

jonalvSo, I was playing with fonts and found one really nice. It's just that I ran into trouble trying to write the word Background (quite a common word, eh?) using it. The k and the g extend into each other. And if I add space between them I have to add very much space indeed. (actually way too much) ...

So, if you place a k and a g next to each other, you may see a difference. :-)
@FaheemMitha @PauloCereda @TorbjørnT. Do you have an idea?
7:26 PM
@evinda If you want help debugging, I think you'll need to provide a complete self-contained example. I sugges asking a question.
suggest, sorry.
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