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6:28 AM
Good morning! This question led us to 24,000 asked questions! Woohoo!
Q: Rounded corners not working in \mdf@singleextra using mdframed with TikZ

feculededentierI am creating new framed environments using the mdframed package (along with TikZ) based on the digression example given in mdframed-example-texsx.tex. My code is the following: \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{times} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage[usenames,dvipsnames,svgnames,table]{xcol...

@tohecz Oh no :-(
@MarcoDaniel sth wrong?
@tohecz my package
oh I see
well, than it can be your honour to answer the 24,000th question ;)
@tohecz I will do but later. I am at work without any TeX :-(
6:36 AM
1 hour later…
7:37 AM
@MarcoDaniel Wow I did not know you write packages! I only write chat messages...
10:11 AM
Is there an answer that would exmplain \ooalign throughout?
Is @Gonzalo medina here?
Well, found it here:
A: \subseteq + \circ as a single symbol ("open subset")

egregHere is a possibility: \newcommand\opn{\mathrel{\ooalign{$\subseteq$\cr \hidewidth\raise.225ex\hbox{$\circ\mkern.5mu$}\cr}}} \newcommand\cls{\mathrel{\ooalign{$\subseteq$\cr \hidewidth\raise.225ex\hbox{$\bullet\mkern.5mu$}\cr}}} The symbols will change size according to the context. They d...

(I was 100% sure it is an @egreg's answer)
Wow, somebody is using checkcites!
@PauloCereda nice edit :p
btw, Hi @Paulo!
@tohecz It's early in the morning, my brain is still bootstrapping. :P
@tohecz Hello! :)
10:21 AM
Tell me, how do one create a tag synonym?
There were multiple questions about , and now one question about another Springer-Verlag class appeared
I thought it would be nice to have one tag, and make its synonym
@tohecz Oh I don't know how tags work. :( I was so happy to create my very first tag (it was ), but then it was created before I had the chance. :) I'll create a new tag with . :)
I created sv-classes, but now I'm not able to "link" svjour3 to it
Hey guys, I thought my above message would get 10 stars already, but not even one...
@PauloCereda I warned you that you would be sad if you didn't create that tag:-)
@tohecz more or less any egreg answer will use ooalign if there is a half plausible excuse to include it.
@DavidCarlisle Indeed! :) My bad. :)
10:35 AM
@DavidCarlisle Amen.
@PauloCereda badger badger badger mushroom mushroom
@PauloCereda Now I think you have a reason to write another interesting package. Make some feature "hidden", tell me about it, I'll ask about it, and you can tag the question and answer it :) and +2 rep points as soon as you create the tag wiki.
10:57 AM
@N3buchadnezzar I just had a mushroom burger.
@tohecz In the tag page, there's a link called Synonyms, where you can suggest a synonym for a tag, given that you have > 2500 rep, and an answer score of at least 5 for the tag. The synonym page is for example tex.stackexchange.com/tags/svjour3/synonyms
@N3buchadnezzar :)
If one doesn't have enough rep, I suppose a moderator should be asked, or perhaps post a question on meta.
@TorbjørnT. Ok, the 5-scored answer is the barrier :)
but thanks for the explenaition
11:16 AM
@MarcoDaniel: no TeX in your machine?! The Dark Ages have returned! :)
@AndrewStacey ooh cool avatar! :)
@JosephWright: maybe we could lure Herbert to our interview room and interview him? :)
@AndrewStacey Maybe we will find that on the pstricks website!
@AndrewStacey: and the epic age! :D
@AndrewStacey How hard is that with TikZ?
11:18 AM
Q: Emacs interacting with MS Windows: how to minimize windows

DualinityTitle says it: Is there a way to hide MS windows windows from within Emacs? What I would like to do is create a function to: Hide all windows including Emacs Restore Emacs Restore SumatraPDF (which shows the PDF I'm working on) Show windows side-by-side (windows) Any ideas?

(off topic)
@JosephWright The secret moderator ping!
@PauloCereda Yes, IMHO. Is there any windows.SE site?
@JosephWright ooh thanks! :) (you want to run away from your interview!) :)
@tohecz Maybe SuperUser. :)
@PauloCereda Yes, looks like SuperUser or something
11:21 AM
@PauloCereda Indeed -- voted to close.
@PauloCereda LOL -- this is herbert
Got my third downvote ever, this time for:
Q: Guidelines for customizing biblatex styles

lockstepSuppose I've just made the switch to biblatex. I have chosen one of the built-in styles (numeric, alphabetic, authoryear, authortitle, verbose) or of the custom styles available at CTAN, and I've figured out how to sort/compress citations. The bibliography and the in-text-citations look approxima...

@lockstep Why would anyone downvote you?
@JasperLoy Don't know. My only answer downvote was for a biblatex answer that used \addbibresource when it was pretty new, and possibly didn't compile for the downvoter. The two question downvotes ... no clue.
@JasperLoy Probably visitors from outside of 'our world'
11:26 AM
@lockstep Well, the downvotes here are pretty rare, so I was surprised. I would not be surprised if it was ELU!
@JosephWright Damn Curiosity robot! :)
@JasperLoy Oh, it's gone
@lockstep don't be too sad. I got a downvote for a question that - as had been already said in the comments - should have gotten closed. I know I cannot be 100% sure, but 5 minutes later one newcomer got the Critic badge, maybe he just wanted the badge and was searching for a victim.
My second answer here got a downvote. :)
and now someone downvoted an already-closed question...
I really don't understand why people do this
11:30 AM
@tohecz Some would say "A downvote troll is on the loose!"
But this one deserved the downvote really...
@tohecz Maybe the downvoter viewed my question as "too broad" ...
@JasperLoy not in my point of view. He's been around for only 3 weeks and this was his 1st question. I do not trust in negative motivation...
@lockstep Or maybe he wanted to upvote but clicked wrongly. You may laugh but it happens!
btw, there are users with <200 rep and 2 downvotes :-/
11:34 AM
@tohecz You mean they downvoted others?
@JasperLoy That's right -- I did that too a few times (but corrected it immediately).
@lockstep We have a very different approach to for example the main SO site, so possible
@JosephWright Yes, because we feel that "wiki" allows "summary articles" :)
@tohecz I got a severe telling off because we allow what they call 'shopping list' questions :-)
11:40 AM
@JosephWright On the other hand, if they allowed them, they would have simply too much of them, regarging the traffic there...
@tohecz Possibly. What they call a 'shopping list' is pretty broad
@JosephWright Well, most of the rules are defined but not well-defined! :-)
Sometimes people think that something not well-defined is well-defined but that is because they have not thought hard enough.
I quite like list questions. They can prove very useful.
@JasperLoy If one asks a (possibly too) broad question, one should add some focus (exemplary sub-questions, so to speak). Otherwise closing as NARQ might be in order.
11:48 AM
@lockstep Yes, moderation in all things. If the string is too tight, it will snap. If it is too lose, it will not play.
@lockstep See my comment about you in the following :P
Q: Fun unicode characters with pandoc

tutucaSilly question: I want to use a heart (♥) character in my presentation. I'm already using xelatex as engine so it doesn't complain for the character itself but it doesn't render it. Just a blank space where the character should be. Here is the snippet of the offending code: (Celery + Rabb...

Apparently in SO, people are desperate for rep points. It's like suburbs of the cities futuristic movies.
You know the terrible place where the hero is forced to enter then picks up the girl, makes out somewhere then saves the world.
@percusse "edit/tag master" is nice. I also liked @Werner calling me a "retag daemon". ;-)
@lockstep bah Werner's is much cooler.
@lockstep If you're a "retag daemon", then @Werner is an "edit daemon" :D
Oh dear, I received a "Great Answer" badge ...
12:00 PM
What is the difference between a daemon and a demon?
Can anyone write up a blogpost on the Android counterpart of Andrew's iPad blog post?
@JasperLoy I'm not sure, but something like a difference between being from York and from New York...
@tohecz In that one, the difference is a "New", so I guess in this one it is an "a".
(I mean, I believe "daemon" is UK and "demon" is US)
@percusse Sure. I'll need your email to send you the delivery address for the Android tablet.
12:01 PM
If I don't get killed first for blasphemy, that is.
@AndrewStacey Haha, I should have seen it coming.
Mind you, looks like I might have to update that post!
A: Is there a (La)TeX distribution running on iPad?

Bret LeeIf you can live comfortably with Plain TeX, here you go: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tex-notebook/id552717222?ls=1&mt=8 This app can compile TeX files on iPad without a cloud server.

Finally, a reason to learn plain TeX.
@N3buchadnezzar I am now.
@AndrewStacey Or rather, a reason to get iPad.
@JasperLoy No reason can convince me to get it.
@JasperLoy Since I already have one of those, plain TeX is the barrier for me.
12:14 PM
@tohecz Same here.
@AndrewStacey I have neither, yay!
Isn't there a rule about not migrating mediocre questions?
Q: How to reduce text width while keeping margins unchanged?

ssnI would like to reduce text width while keeping the right and left margins at their current size. The header should span over all available space (delimited by margins), but the main text should be narrower. My main goal is to have different widths for the header/footer and for the body. How can...

Btw, is it wrong to change a question title when it is really bad?
Q: Using \usepackage{amsthm}

user32259I'm very new to latex (a couple of days ago I didn't know how to use \newtheorem) and was hoping someone could help me with the following problem. If I'm using \usepackage{amsthm}, how do I obtain control over the vertical gap between Theorems, Propositions etc and their respective proofs? In pa...

@tohecz No, changing in such cases is acceptable.
@lockstep Yes, but does not always happen
12:24 PM
@lockstep Funny, I got "question with such title already exist, please be more specific" error :D
@JosephWright That question and its answers made me flag three times.
@AndrewStacey you only have to learn enough to \input latex.ltx
@lockstep anyone lurking for the Critic badge?
@tohecz I got it long time ago!
@JasperLoy Same here: early days before we decided to limit downvoting
12:32 PM
@JasperLoy I find my iPad indispensable in my work.
@JosephWright there's a downvote limit?
@tohecz Only the total vote one. I mean the 'voting should be broadly positive' approach we've got
@JosephWright At the very least, we should be able to close that as a duplicate of a better one with a good example of the geometry packag.e
(Reminder to self: try not to hit more than one key at once.)
@JosephWright Ok, so it's about motivation, not rules :)
@AndrewStacey I've TL'd. It's old (> 2 years) with no obvious value
12:37 PM
@JosephWright That sends it back, doesn't it?
@AndrewStacey Only I think if we 'off-topic' it. TL simply locks it here.
@AndrewStacey would you feel that would fit to your recent question?
@JosephWright yep, it remained closed there: stackoverflow.com/questions/3319720/…
@tohecz Phew
Did you see it? Herbert was here. (It sounds nearly like Fantomas was here.)
@tohecz No, but I did ask him earlier about an interview
12:52 PM
@DavidCarlisle One for you:
Q: Caption at foot of long tables ('longtable' package)

Vicent Giner-BoschI would like to ask a question about 'longtable' package. I've already posted it in other forums. I have a long table (a several-pages-long one) using 'longtable' package and I would like to add a table caption at the bottom of every piece of table, but a different one in the FIRST page. 'Long...

@lockstep ah well someone emailed me about 10 minutes ago asking for that I said no but they could ask on c.t.t or tex.sx and see if anyone had made an extension. Looks like he did what I suggested...
@DavidCarlisle TeX.SX propaganda! :D
@tohecz Not really sure about that one. I don't want to create a tag but it doesn't really feel like I'm asking for documentation.
@AndrewStacey is about creating material, not searching for it
@tohecz Didn't realise that. Yes, that would fit.
@DavidCarlisle I don't understand enough about the difference between a format and a file-in-the-texmf-tree. Would that actually be sufficient?
1:05 PM
@AndrewStacey And you can add the tag too
sorry you cannot, it's linked to
@tohecz Ah, except that that is a synonym for osx and this isn't osx.
@AndrewStacey well it might be. Probably they built a tex engine with plain preloaded and a dozen or so cm fonts enough to get by. So if you load latex it sould all work (if you stop it trying to load more hypenation or \dump, except probably the fonts are not all there. It maybe you could load the fonts onto the device as well (I know nothing about ios)
or sometime circa 1988 the first ever format I made was a latex 2.09 restricted to the fonts in plain tex (picture mode looked particularly funky) so that my friends in maths could use the DOS (pre emtex) sbtex dvi viewer which could not load fonts at all but just knew about the fonts in plain tex.
@DavidCarlisle "LaTeX must be made using an initex with no format preloaded."
@AndrewStacey DONT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! (or error messages)
@DavidCarlisle I didn't. That was the error message. Actually, that's just a warning and it did get a bit further, until it complained about a missing texsys.cfg file.
1:13 PM
@AndrewStacey yes there are a couple of .ltx/.cfg it needs to input at the same time and your document, It is probably necessary to undo a few plain things before inputting to avoid all errors eg that one comes from \ifnum\catcode`\{=1 so if you set the catcode to anything other than 1 before inputting the error will go
@DavidCarlisle Next problem. The application allows Dropbox syncing, which is great, but it only syncs files with suffix .tex. I'm trying a different method of getting files onto the device to see if I can get round this.
1:29 PM
@AndrewStacey didn't kaveh get latex running on an iphone years ago? river-valley.tv/media/conferences/tug2009/0101-Kaveh_Bazargan
@DavidCarlisle Would have to look through the whole video to see. My suspicion is that either the phone is jailbroken or the actual compilation is happening off-phone.
@AndrewStacey A quick math trivia, W is a bilinear (Mobius) transformation (conformal mapping) $z-1/z+1$, $z\in \Complex$. G is a rational function of z. It is a ..... group?
No definitely the compilation ws on phone (I remember discussion about it at the time) may well be jailbroken though:-)
@percusse The set of all Mobius transformations is a group (with composition as the operation). A particular operation is an element of this group.
@AndrewStacey Ah wrong formulation of course. This is an element of the set. That's good to hear :) Does that group have a special name?
1:42 PM
@percusse Try the Mobius group (check Wikipedia).
@AndrewStacey Thanks a lot. Good to have some confirmation from the authorities. :)
@DavidCarlisle Gotta love David's sentences. :)
@DavidCarlisle Okay, looks like I can't \input a file from an \inputted file. Is there a restriction in TeX on how deep \input can go?
Please: What is the wat to make all paragraphs un-breakable? I know I have to use \raggedbottom, but there must be some penalty I have to set.
@tohecz Have a look at
Q: How to avoid page-breaks inside paragraphs?

themetisI would like to know if there is any global command that would prevent any page-breaks inside paragraphs. I'd rather have the whole paragraph on the next page instead of having it cut in the middle. I tried the \nopagebreak command but it doesn't do the trick. Any idea?

(Could well be my shortest answer.)
1:51 PM
@lockstep thx \@M times
@tohecz A tip: It is the highest-scoring question featuring both the and tags.
@AndrewStacey no (well yes there is an input stack but it should be more than 1) look at the *i number in the last bit of the log my tl2012 says ` 70i,13n,73p,255b,851s stack positions out of 5000i,500n,10000p,200000b,50000s` so can stack inputs 70 deep (if I remember correctly which of those numbers is which)
@lockstep this was faster ;)
@tohecz But what if I hadn't written a short answer and therefore remembered the question? ;-)
@lockstep then someone would surely say it here ;)
1:57 PM
@tohecz In any case, it's a good example why one should care about proper tagging. :-)
Yep I know. Often helps search intersection of two tags and sorting by votes :)
@DavidCarlisle Right. So this is a bit crippled in that regard. In which case, if I'm to load the latex format file, I'll need to include those inputted files into one massive file.
And now a "Great Question" badge, too ...
It seems today's my badge day. :-)
@AndrewStacey on a normal TL2012 Im just trying this

\input latex.ltx
\input sample2e
which sort of almost works but says
! Infinite glue shrinkage found in a paragraph.
which is a bit odd, not sure why yet
@DavidCarlisle Ah, good. I'd gotten to the \newtoks being the next issue.
TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [pool size=4182]
2:09 PM
@AndrewStacey nah nah na nah nah: my pool is bigger than your pool
@DavidCarlisle You are my hero! :)
@AndrewStacey actually you are almost big enough, I get
4289 strings out of 497973
@DavidCarlisle So what is the "pool size" (the results when searching for "latex pool size" are something I'd rather not find out). Is 4182 particularly small?
@DavidCarlisle But that's not going to leave me much for anything else, is it?
@AndrewStacey It's the size of the array used for all strings (in particular all command names) emtex if I recall was 50000 max which meant latex2e+amsmath and 2 cross references and you were out of space.
@DavidCarlisle No TikZ then.
2:14 PM
@AndrewStacey That's why Frank and I spent weeks going through the latex2e kernel removing a bracket here and there and redefining \newif so it took about 2 less tokens etc, i
@AndrewStacey you could build the latex auto-load version
@DavidCarlisle I could what the what?
@AndrewStacey I was just wondering where that is documented:-) But on small machines you can configure latex so picture mode and tabbing and other things that I forget now are not loaded initially and are loaded on demand if used. It more than doubled the available space for user macros on emtex if I recall
Another Heiko Oberdiek answer destined to become Nice, Good, and Great:
A: Caption at foot of long tables ('longtable' package)

Heiko OberdiekYou can try the following example. That adds \endfirstfoot. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[a6paper,showframe]{geometry} \usepackage{longtable} \makeatletter \newbox\LT@firstfoot \def\endfirstfoot{\LT@end@hd@ft\LT@firstfoot} \newdimen\LT@footdiff \def\LT@start{% \let\LT@start\endgraf \e...

@DavidCarlisle Sounds promising.
@AndrewStacey l3svn/latex2e-public/base/autoload.ins
oh which says and dropped in December 2003. :(
2:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle :-)
@DavidCarlisle Still in the sources, thought. It's just a question of DocStripping appropriately
Who put the shut-down key next to the delete key!
@DavidCarlisle Found it, thanks. Unfortunately, still not small enough. I run out of pool at line 1611 with \DeclareTextAccentDefault{\^}{OT1}. I'm wondering if the pool is for strings or string characters. Doing tex on my test file from my laptop gives me 4193 strings but 72356 string characters.
@AndrewStacey plan a then: use plain tex
2:42 PM
Exact duplicate:
Q: Headings in report documentclass

CostiI am working with report documentclass. I have this in my preamble: \documentclass[11pt,a4paper,oneside]{report} \pagestyle{headings} I would like to get lower case headings (except for the first letter of each word), like this: Chapter 1. Literature Review What I have so far is: CH...

@N3buchadnezzar Unfortunately I have to leave now for some hours. In aprox. 7 hours I'll be back.
3:10 PM
@DavidCarlisle Seems to be. Not even enough space for eplain or tugboat. I can load your miniltx though.
3:35 PM
I should have thought of this before:
Resolution is horrendous and for some reason it is upside down and mirrored. Still, it makes it harder to guess what it is.
@AndrewStacey of course that document looks better as source, the typeset version is rather lame.
@DavidCarlisle The point was that it works, not what it ends up like.
3:50 PM
@AndrewStacey also you can use it as a teach-yourself-plain-tex guide.
@DavidCarlisle Except that if I wanted to do that, I could think of easier ways to do it. And I doubt that the market would be very big for "people who want to learn plain TeX but only have an iPad".
@AndrewStacey so is it clear how they made an ios ap? I thought you had to use apple flavoured C to get it into the appstore thing? was the web2c C output hand modified or...
@DavidCarlisle I don't know. I've made enough of a nuisance of myself on their announcement forum that I have an email address now ... I'll ask.
4:18 PM
My recent project: Making a book of poems, where each of them is a seperate Word file. Solution: wvLaTeX, many tweaks by bash, sed, tr and grep, and pdflatex as the final typesetter. Everything automated :)
4:54 PM
Tell me, shouldn't he edit the first answer instead of posting a new one?
A: How to get TeXnicCenter to remember the last page viewed in output PDF (as done automatically by TeXworks)

KurtIn addition to @akk's answer: add an -reuse-instance in the viewer tab where the complete path to SumatraPDF is defined. Then your reverse search should run.

Is this correct: "You asked the 24.000th question."
@MarcoDaniel I believe so, but I'm not the one to judge that.
5:10 PM
@MarcoDaniel We need a linguist! :) (/me pokes @AlanMunn)
Meanwhile, say "You asked our question #24k!". :)
5:22 PM
This should be a pretty simple question, and I guess it's already answered somewhere, but I didn't see it: how do I (without any special packages) change the prefix used only for a section, so I get a section structure like "Prefix 1", 1.1, 1.2, "Prefix 2", 2.1, 2.2.
@MarcoDaniel No. It would be "You asked the 24,000th question.". You could say "Du spurte det 24.000. spørsmålet." if you were insistent on the period.
@AndrewStacey Or in the case you love dots, you can say: "Položil jsi 24.000. otázku tohoto fóra." This 100% correct Czech sentence has even one extra :)
In Portuguese, it's easy too! :) I'd say "24.000ª questão" (ª instead of º because questão is a feminine noun). :)
@PauloCereda but still, we use dots for ordinal numbers, which is the extra one :)
@tohecz ooh! :)
5:34 PM
The mess between comma and dot can be quite funny with money amounts: 4,000 milionů korun \llltr 4,000 milion koruna
Is there any native speaker around?
@tohecz I think if you count correctly the Norwegian has the same number as the Czech.
@PauloCereda Why do you need a linguist?
@AndrewStacey Morover: billion [en] = miliarda [cz] and trilion [en] = bilion [cz]
@AlanMunn I need to know if one sentence makes good sense
"This is to certify that Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic do not charge their doctoral students any tution fees, and Tomáš Hejda has no obligations in this manner."
@AlanMunn Oh, to help us with our doubts on how to proper use ordinal numbering. :) And because we miss you too. :)
@tohecz Isn't billion US/Canada different from billion UK? (don't know about other Commonwealth countries).
5:41 PM
@AlanMunn I'm not sure really, I only know that when US releases "3 trillions dollars", everybody here read newspaper the next day and freaks, because the journalists write there "3 triliony dolarů" = 3\cdot 10^{18} \$
@tohecz Should be: "This is to certify that the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic does not charge their doctoral students any tution fees, and Tomáš Hejda has no such obligations."
@tohecz "the Faculty", "does not charge", comma after Republic.
What Alan said.
(Note, I've changed the plural agreement to singular, but British English speakers may prefer the plural there.
does not charge their students? sg + pl ?
shouldn't it be "does not charge its" or "do not charge their"?
@tohecz "its"
5:44 PM
@tohecz You could change that to 'its'. That would probably be better.
@PauloCereda Awww. Thanks. What's the ordinal number problem?
Well, I need it for a French university, so details probably do not matter I think...
@AlanMunn :) Marco asked if this sentence was correct: "You asked the 24.000th question." Probably the comma as a thousand separator. :)
@PauloCereda Yes, English uses the comma not the period for a separator. But the 'th' is right (even though I wouldn't want to say 24,000th out loud (too hard!). Even English doesn't like a syllable with that many consonants at the end. That's a job for an Eastern European @tohecz :)
@AlanMunn LOL, yep, we are proud of our consonants :)
@AlanMunn Oh! :D
5:50 PM
On the other hand, we don't have these the and 4 th sounds. One has to learn to stick his tongue between his lips :)
Just checking: did my message make it through? Please confirm so I at least know that much. I haven't used this chat forum before.
Hi @Mark !
Ok, thanks.
@Mark You're welcome. How are you?
@tohecz Actually it's between the teeth. The lips are merely bystanders. :)
5:53 PM
@tohecz Just fine - I guess that it makes the most sense to create a new question instead of asking it here (as I did previously)?
@AlanMunn no difference, still we do not do that in Czech. One of my teachers - native speakers taught us that you don't say it right unless you're able to hold your tongue in your fingers :)
@Mark it depends. If it's something small that you feel people here can answer in 5 seconds, ask here. Otherwise ask in the main site.
As well if you want to discuss it rather than get a definite answer, ask here ;)
however, I gotta go now, I leave my PC at school, so I'll be back again in rather long time, something like 16 hours :D
@tohecz So, my question is in post chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/5892610#5892610 - do you think it warrants a regular question?
@Mark I'd say ask in the main site, it's quite interesting question :)
Even though the answer is probably pretty simple
try \makeatletter\def\section{\@startsection{section}{1}{\z@ }{-3.5ex\@plus -1ex\@minus -.2ex}{2.3ex \@plus .2ex}{\normalfont \Large \bfseries Prefix\ }}\makeatother in the preamble
@Mark ... and add \noindent before \normalfont
6:04 PM
I tried it for subsection (replacing all 'section' w/ subsection), and get an Undefined control sequence.
what did you try?
oh stupid - I also substituted in startsection..
don't forget to change {1} to {2} for subsection
original \subsection is
\@startsection {subsection}{2}{\z@ }{-3.25ex\@plus -1ex \@minus -.2ex}{1.5ex\@plus .2ex}{\normalfont \large \bfseries }
Ok- it looks like it should work. Now I wish I had asked a "real" question since then I could easily go back to it when I forget, which I certainly will...
you can still ask it, but do it fast or I leave soon ;)
6:08 PM
I also wonder if there's a way to just use the defaults for section/subsection without needing to specify them in @startsection...
no. They are only written in the definition of \section and similar
now I really gotta go. So good bye
@PauloCereda This is the easiest way ;-)
@AndrewStacey Thanks. I forgot that the different meaning of comma.
@tohecz Ok, I posted the question. Maybe you can add your answer later...
6:52 PM
@MarcoDaniel ok :) I'd like to see an answer with a standard TikZ approach; as soon as I see anything with a frame I automatically think of mdframed
@tohecz I can change the first answer, If you want. I thought it is better to make a new one because the question is a few days old ...
1 hour later…
8:12 PM
@DavidCarlisle I see you have a 'full house': all of the starred questions I see on my screen have your name on them :-)
9:12 PM
@leo Hello
did you remember how to align a tikzpicture?
respect to the text
@leo What do you mean?
@leo Normally I have them in floats, so this is not an issue
when you do something like: text \tikz \draw (0,0)rectangle(1,1);
the rectangle is aligned at the bottom
Hello guys!
9:16 PM
@Dox Hello
I'm tempted to put it in a \raisebox, but I remember something in the manual to handle this. I just can't find it right now!
@Dox Hi
@leo Well, as far as TeX is concerned it's just a big letter. How do you want to align it?
text  TikZ
@JosephWright ^^
what I want is in page 565 of the manual
@leo I'd probably cheat an use \vcenter :-)
The baseline of the bounding box p. 565 :-)
9:25 PM
Or a coffin
9:36 PM
@JosephWright Do I get an "assist" for those? (Actually, on my list I still have the one about the anti-Paulo)
Ouch. Got a downvote with no explanation for the iPad question. That hurts (though I'm not all that surprised).
@AndrewStacey we manic android supporters can be very aggressive
there is an option baseline
9:52 PM
Help! I'm stuck on the mobile version of the main site. How do I get back to the proper one? (Clicking "full site" does nothing)
menu/full site is supposed to work (and did for me just now)
@AndrewStacey oh it's different on the main site here it is menu/full site on the full site all the other links are styled like links (cursor changes on hover) but the last one doesn't change on hover but does switch site on click
@JosephWright it can be done by doing: cool rectangle: \begin{tikzpicture}[baseline=(current bounding box.center)] \draw (0,0)rectangle(1,1); \end{tikzpicture}
10:16 PM
@MarcoDaniel have updated my solution to tex.stackexchange.com/questions/68482/… .... is that what you meant? :)
voting to close a too localized
Q: Having trouble making my labeling flexible

M DavoloAs I am relatively new to Latex I suspect there is simple solution to this, however I can't work it out. Here is an example of the problem I'm facing: Say my code looks something like this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsthm} \newtheorem{thm}{Theorem.}[section] \newtheorem{prop}[thm]{Pr...


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