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8:00 PM
@JasperLoy Yes, age doesn't matter, quality does.
But old questions can be edited and improved.
Even new users can suggest an edit, so it will be edited and becomes active, bumped up.
Oops, might have jumped the gun on this.
@boothby81 Might want to rethink asking the new question - take a look at the old one.
@JasperLoy that was a joke (knowing that @StefanKottwitz is here for example)
@AndrewStacey Wow, thanks for your help!
@PatrickGundlach Oh OK. I am quite bad at jokes. When I fail to get one, the people in the other room will say "whoosh" to me, which is the sound of a joke flying over one's head.
+300 @AndrewStacey, nice "present" for @boothby81.
8:05 PM
@boothby81 Did I get the focus right with the message? Do add a comment to the question to explain what would be important in an answer.
@PatrickGundlach I tried to think what a proper answer to this would entail. It's not trivial to work out where the boundary anchors should end up, so I figured 300 was about right. It's really a present for the community.
(After all, what did you think I was going to do with my rep? Buy a Raspberry Pi?)
@AndrewStacey Oh, Raspberry Pi also has a Debian version!
@AndrewStacey I thought the exchange rate to US$ is 1:10?
... are you saying that I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITH MY REP IN REAL LIFE?? WTF? Why am I here???
@PatrickGundlach Sell bounties on ebay.
@PatrickGundlach Well, if it is high enough, it amounts to some rep in real life too...
@JasperLoy Yes, you did. I'll add a comment that using 'rounded rectangle' is not an option for me.
8:10 PM
@JasperLoy I noticed that. I'm sorely tempted ...
@boothby81 I'm guessing that was meant for me ...
Once more: Thanks to all of you, especially Andrew.
@AndrewStacey There were three victims of "the moving target".
@PatrickGundlach With 50k rep and $35 you can buy a Raspberry Pi
@AndrewStacey It was, sorry.
@boothby81 No apologies - just being silly
8:12 PM
OK then. See you maybe next time. Bye.
@AndrewStacey oh, then I have to wait a few years ;-)
@StefanKottwitz @JosephWright Maybe we should add a segment to the "Answer the unanswered": "Donate bounties to the unanswered"
@AndrewStacey Good idea! It would just be good to distribute bounties over time, I guess.
By the way @andrew do you have problems with Chrome in chat on Debian if you use it?
I find that Firefox loads chat much better on my Debian machine.
8:15 PM
Bounty to the unbountied!
If this is English somehow :-)
@PatrickGundlach Maybe you can change them to Linden Dollar?
@StephanLehmke or to bitcoins?
8:48 PM
@StefanKottwitz I wonder what'd happen if someone earnestly tried this. Rep seems to be in really low supply on SO proper...
@StephanLehmke I've never seen it, and google doesn't show something at first sight.
Somebody has to be the first ;-)
9:09 PM
@JasperLoy I only use Chrome if I'm bug-fixing and someone's reported a problem with a site I run using Chrome. It's lack of MathML-support rules it out for me as a proper browser.
Is there a way to say 'No linebreaks from here to here'?
@Canageek \mbox{...}?
@PatrickGundlach Problem is, it doesn't move the box to the next line when it needs to
Compound [Dimer]: \mbox{\SI{1.2}{\mL} (1.92 mmol, 1.1 eq.)} of \SI{1.6}{\Molar} \textit{n}-butyllithium was added to \mbox{\SI{0.247}{\gram} (1.71~mmol, 1~eq.)} of phenylimidazole at \SI{-78}{\degreeCelsius}, under nitrogen atmosphere over a period of 15~minutes.
gives me one giant line, not two lines that don't break at certain points
Sorry, it breaks AFTER The long box, not before as it should
@Canageek I'd way your experimental needs to be written slightly differently, for example '\textit{n}-Butyllithium (\SI{1.2}{\mL}, \SI{1.92}{\mmol}) was added to ...', i.e. bracketed amounts after compounds.
9:26 PM
@JosephWright Thanks, I'll fix that
~ means non-breaking space, right?
@Canageek You might still have awkward breaks
@Canageek Yes
@JosephWright I'm just doing the latex to show someone how much nicer the same thing looks in word, but yes, I wanted to avoid ugly breaks, so I manually inserted a number of ~. Anyway, done now. Thanks for your advice, that does look a lot better.
@Canageek Oh, definitely. I have a demo final-year report in LaTeX (based on some published postdoc work from 2004), if you want a copy.
@JosephWright They don't like computers, so are unlikely to switch. I just bodged it together quickly in LaTeX after doing the word; Didn't even use the NMR typesetting package as I couldn't remember its name.
@JosephWright She just wants to write up the methods section of the successful experiments we did, to save her time later. Last week, so not much point in starting new things.
10:05 PM
@AndrewStacey Hmm, OK. I know nothing about MathML though.
10:16 PM
@JasperLoy I will NEVER understand why OO.o decided to pick MathML over LaTeX
1 hour later…
11:41 PM
@Canageek Maybe it is too hard to implement? I dunno. Anyway switch to LO already!
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