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8:12 AM
Yo @TheLethalCarrot I suggest you get rid of the Daven thing here since that's a book only thing
Q: Are there any other wardens like Ned Stark?

KDeogharkarNed Eddard Stark is the Warden of the North. Are there any other warden besides Ned Stark? or It is a special post given to Ned Stark by Robert Baratheon (like Warden of the East, Warden of the West)

You could just add the bit from the wiki that says "Cersei and Tyrion are disputing it"
8:51 AM
Mornin' and okay done that
I forget about MTV answer though haha
Well he did need credit :P
9:08 AM
hey, congrats on 10k @TheLethalCarrot
Thanks Mith :)
@TheLethalCarrot Tomorrow, bump it with a link to his profile, then bump it with a link to his answers page
and alternate every day
Hahaha I don't like that it's my top answer but I might as well get gold out of it :P
@Edlothiad In case you hadn't seen it...
Q: How much usage guidance is required for a tag?

MachavityI had this suggested excerpt rejected A well known children's book series featuring the lovable bear Winnie the Pooh, his various companions in the Hundred Acre Woods, and their human friend, Christopher Robin. Use with the [disney] tag if referring to the more modern works using the characte...

@Null We could use mod powers to override the rejection and approve it anyway. But I'm curious to hear from the rejectors first (both of whom are reasonably meta-active, I think) about their reasoning for rejection. — Rand al'Thor ♦ 15 hours ago
You and @amflare were the rejectors by the looks of it
@Null your point is entirely moot, because if that was the case, what is the point of a tag wiki excerpt? The edit did not make it clear how we should be using the tag, and also held incorrect usage information for the Disney tag. The new tag wiki excerpt is much clearer, and without tooting my own horn, a good example of how excerpts should be laid out. — Edlothiad 44 secs ago
@Randal'Thor you are now fully aware of why it was rejected as is highlighted from reading down from here and should make the relevant edits to your answer. — Edlothiad 18 secs ago
I ain't taking flak from no one
tbf, my new excerpt is far better
9:26 AM
Fair enough haha
I just saw it so thought I'd make you aware
Yeah thanks, I hadn't seen it. Although we'd had the discussion after the post.
9:45 AM
Watch out HNQ!
Q: What would Harry's life be like if he turned out to be a squib?

Elisa ElisijaWould that make him any less popular in wizarding world?

9:58 AM
POB tho
I know, /r/thatsthejoke...
10:56 AM
Who would have guessed my seven hells answer would be the most popular of my recent ones
Just been in a meeting and I'm now working on back end again, thank god for that
Is that a good thing?
I’m waiting to get back from lunch to terminate some front page!
Yeah I hate front end work
Haha you still trying to kill it?
11:38 AM
Well I'm trying to fix tags
24 hours ago, by Edlothiad
They're necessary edits to standardising our tagging system
Oh I thought you was on about your work ahha
Oh I'm still trying to kill this UI, but can't be bothered doing that.
I hate Thursdays... Thursdays is when I go to the gym, and the flood gates open for amf and his first posts...
Hahaha oh well
In case you haven't seen it GRRM talking about the "real" Iron Throne
Posted July 2013 though so you may have done (I believe that version is in TWOIAF too)
11:47 AM
Great use of the word brouhaha
Oh yeah
> . It's a throne made by blacksmiths hammering together half-melted, broken, twisted swords
Wasn't it made by dragonfire?
I think the original was but it got added too over the years?
Also that post is only semi-canon :P
Yeah sure, I dunno though. Sounds like he himself is unsure of how Aegon I could've made it if they're not all fire-proof
He probably is, we all know he loves to change his mind on things
The songs said it had taken a thousand blades to make it, heated white-hot in the furnace breath of Balerion the Black Dread. The hammering had taken fifty-nine days. The end of it was this hunched black beast made of razor edges and barbs and ribbons of sharp metal; a chair that could kill a man, and had, if the stories could be believed.
So sounds like blacksmiths and Balerion made it
12:02 PM
@Edlothiad The Dragonfire was used to provide the fire for the Forge. Smiths did the shaping
Ah I see, now that sounds familiar.
Still dont understand why the blacksmiths couldnt just shape the sitting and armrest bit smoother so it didn't kill anyone, *cough* Maegor *cough*
Or just dull the blades
Even after three centuries, some were still sharp enough to cut.
@Edlothiad Implying Maegor actually died that way
Viserys I however had a near-fatal brush with the swords in the Iron-throne.
Well he's believed to have died that way
@Edlothiad And besides, Blame Aegon I. He is the one who designed the thing, proclaiming that a King should never rest easy
@Edlothiad Belief doesn't make it true. More likely, his followers killed him and placed him on the throne. Nobody wants to be called the Kingslayer
Even though it's a really cool nickname
12:08 PM
> Early the next morning, he was found dead on the throne, his robes sodden with blood, his arms slashed open by the barbs of the Iron Throne.
@Edlothiad And what happened the night before?
Maester whoever wrote TWorldOIAF seems to think it's more likely he died himself
> But perhaps even likelier is the suggestion that the king killed himself rather than suffer defeat.
Not saying that's not the official account
I dunno how he died, I like to think he was trying to brood like Jon and died
While shuffling around
Wasn't there someone who was found with a barb sticking out their mouth?
Kinda hazy on TWOIAF, but I think the Maester also considers the possibility of mruder by disgruntled followers
12:12 PM
Yes he does, but then he says "perhaps more likely"...
After suggesting KG, followers or Mason who survived
Idk why but I don't quite see Maegor pulling a classic Adolf-Hitler
But eh maybe, He was dumbstruck when Rhaena fled KL. Seemed like he was losing his nerve
Maegor the Cruel was murdered in that chair. By that chair, to hear some tell it.
Again implying either way
I like to thin he did it by accident, angry fella he is
12:30 PM
I thought this was hilarious
Lets see if it oneboxes
Nope, click link above
Haha that's awesome
Elf is best christmas film too
1:03 PM
Trying to speed run a game to finish all the achievements, to get the last one you need to complete it in under 4 mins and I just got 4:02 -_-
Which game?
It was on sale for 60p I think
Just a short speed run/puzzle game
1:42 PM
Of course I know the answer but is this worth a question?
Inspired by ["Is Needle’s portrayal in Game of Thrones faithful to the books?"](scifi.stackexchange.com/q/77145/58193) and more recently ["Are the swords shown in Game of Thrones faithful to those in A Song of Ice and Fire?"](scifi.stackexchange.com/q/172558/58193) comes the question:

Is the Iron Throne as depicted in Game of Thrones faithful to George R. R. Martin's vision of it for A Song of Ice and Fire?
Meh I don't know, it seems like it'd just be a copy paste job and very common knowledge. Go ahead and self answer if you please though
I may do, partially for answer count/score and partially to keep the tag bobbing along
I'll see if I can add anything else other than just copy pasta from his blog
No more info on Seven Hells...
@CarrotLethal Nothing more than what you've got. Good work pulling together the quotes.
Wait can't look at the tweet right now
Well book quotes is the only other thing
Aye I know
When doing self answers like this though I like to compile the answer first and see what it looks like to see if it's worth posting
2:16 PM
I asked it, I found another version of it from a later calendar and added some book quotes to my answer so seems worthwhile, to me, to post it
I'm still finishing my answer though so I suppose it's open still for one of you to jump on it
Post a stub and then build it up, lol
I'm going to say the research effort is significantly lacking
I'm going to make a cuppa anyway so you've got 5 mins there if you want to jump on an answer :P
Q: Is the Iron Throne in the show faithful to the books?

TheLethalCarrotInspired by "Is Needle’s portrayal in Game of Thrones faithful to the books?" and more recently "Are the swords shown in Game of Thrones faithful to those in A Song of Ice and Fire?" comes the question: Is the Iron Throne as depicted in Game of Thrones faithful to George R. R. Martin's vision of...

I need to figure out what's wrong with my code
2:23 PM
Of course, now you chose to ask a question
totally unrelated:
@Aegon Well he did warn you about 10-15 minutes ago
I have to go to a colleague's farewell party
I just saw the window
kahwdjk uakhduql dy u8923yeoufkajsk,k
He's self-answering anyways @Aeg, so really no point.
2:27 PM
You guys love my self answers
@Edlothiad Is the frame rate actually terrible in this or is it my net not loading it well?
Thought as much
@TheLethalCarrot you better drop your answer, skooba's gone for the Stub and improve...
I saw haha
I was gonna wait for 30 mins but I've posted now haha
I think I like the 2016 version better than the 2013/2014 one
@Edlothiad ya darn skippy i did
i know how @TheLethalCarrot operates
2:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot was that mention about 5 hours ago about that winnie-the-pooh tag again?
Just letting you both know about the meta post was all
already explained myself
2:40 PM
@Skooba You know you love it
@TheLethalCarrot oh it is much more complete than my answer for sure. but then again i knew i was up against a clock
bu now it should go hnq
so your welcome.... maybe i get a few votes
You probably will at some point and yeah but I had found the Not A Blog link this morning that's why I thought about doing it
@Skooba I was waiting for either someone to answer or 30/60 mins haha
Oh and can you add the book quote comparing to the show quote? I want to upvote yours but can't bring myself to as it is at the moment
ive got the same one as you
which seems to be the only time the "thousand blades" are mentioned.
It does I've just looked too
Though lots of quotes imply it's height by saying the three feet, climb its steps, looked down, Joffery could see over everyone etc
And seeing as it's made of swords higher means more swords
okay make comment go away now
2:47 PM
`Her prince—no, her king now!—took the steps of the Iron Throne two at a time, while his mother was seated with the council.`

`"You let my father die," Joffrey said accusingly from atop the Iron Throne. "You're too old to protect anybody."`

`The height of the Iron Throne gave Joffrey a better vantage point than anyone else in the hall. He was the first to see her. "Come forward, my lady," he called out, smiling.`

To name a few
And of course the formatting fails, oh well you get the idea
@Skooba I'd already deleted it
on the show they just made more step to get up to it
just a large dais
Yeah they went for it on a raised platform
And I guess they also went for a smaller one so it's easier to take it to promotional events
@TheLethalCarrot Because they didn't have the budget, I'm pretty sure that's quoted somewhere
Probably that too aye
But they can't be lumping a 20ft chair with them everywhere they go haha
@Edlothiad If you find that quote that as an answer would probably be fine too
35 mins ago, by Edlothiad
2:56 PM
@TheLethalCarrot this will give me my silver ASOIAF badge as well. so thank you
Awesome :) I'm 4 answers away yet
Do we close this next question? I dunno what to make of it
It's effectively asking for any evidence towards a theory being true, in that sense I'd say no. But it relies on a lot of information that hasn't been confirmed yet so in that sense I'd say FWP
3:11 PM
I don't think it's asking anything besides "check out my theory, probably true right?" So unclear
So closeable right?
I'd link the user to here if they really wished to discuss it on this site but they don't have enough rep
@Edlothiad << this
I'll probably VTC off-topic
I've VTC'd it now anyway
Q: To whom is the "Prince that was Promised" promised? The Night King?

Dumb ideasNote: what follows is wild speculation, and based mostly on events in the Game of Thrones TV Show which did not happen (yet) in the Song of Ice and Fire novels. (Note: I am completely caught up on the TV show, but not the books, although I have often read ahead.) Question: Is there any evidence ...

@TheLethalCarrot I just send them to reddit, lol
3:14 PM
That's a better place for it indeed
i did see a semi convinving video that claims the Others built the wall
and that whole "it was a treaty" theory
They built the Wall to keep themselves out and their descendants are now pissed at them so are coming to tear it back down again?
yeah because the humans have broken the truce. esp with craster not being able to give more sons
Broken what truce? The Others attacked first?
(I don't know the theory so you'll have to fill me in :P)
:grabs popcorn:
3:25 PM
but grrm squashed it
wait tho thats no the right one
too short
And too crap :P
I like the idea of it but all the evidence points away from it
i think this is the right one
there are bunch floating out there all of differing levels of detail
3:40 PM
Interesting read, I don't think it's true but it is kind of plausible
yeah all those theories are squashed by grrm saying the wall is man made
unless he was lying
@Skooba unreliable narrator?
@amflare he is his own unreliable narrator? maybe.
Interviews are semi-canon too, if the books contradict the interview the books are the true version
@Skooba We're in the HNQ now by the way
2 more upboats to the cap, if I get it that's 4 days in row :)
4:01 PM
@TheLethalCarrot woot woot. get on the gravy boat
I'm gonna miss out on most of the ride now
4:20 PM
The HNQ were kind at first but the last 100 views have been proper tight
4:53 PM
@Edlothiad Someone is undoing your work
Or at least not doing it the same as you were (I think)
If I'm wrong just ignore me :P
5:34 PM
I think he’s doing the same thing just less carefully
2 hours later…
7:30 PM
@TheLethalCarrot #2 on HNQ
7:47 PM
Should’ve stubbed and answered while TLC was getting tea...
8:14 PM
lol--I love the question about Arnold's performace
@Edlothiad hahaha that's funny because he is british
8:34 PM
Oh amflare, you’re so easily amused
9:00 PM
Thats why I enjoy hanging out with myself.
Did you see the GoT winter special? That cracked me up haaaaaard
is it a canon thing or a publicity thing
IT's on the star board man
Oh it's a shitpost from a subreddit
9:07 PM
The choice was deliberate in nature :P
lol wtf
Did you see it now?
How good is that
I have, yes. It was pretty good.
9:37 PM
@Skooba Smashed it
@amflare Tea is the best hot drink though
@TheLethalCarrot nah man hot cocoa
or spiced cider
Not having it
You'll be telling me pumpkin spiced lattes are the best thing next
oh hell no
The toffee nut one is better, I don't know why that one and the ginger bread one get all the attention
TLC loves a good nut
Mulled wine is amazing
So is Hot Cocoa. So his spiced cider
but ain't nothing ever going to beat good ol' hot water
9:41 PM
@Edlothiad but.... why?
With a tea bag in it and some milk :P
ew no
A good ol' cuppa
Well you don';t have your tea black, that ain't right
@amflare It's really nice!
Saw that earlier haha
9:48 PM
@Edlothiad but its just water
You don't like water?
Water blows my mind
@Edlothiad Oh I like it well enough, but its so... plain
And not hot
10:01 PM
Why is it when I cap people upvote my old answers?
10:21 PM
Murphy's Law
Ugh this phone company is impossible to deal with
Might it be because its like 10pm where you are at?
Perhaps try working with them during business hours
10:37 PM
I mean, i'm using there online service, have gone to have my account set up 3 times and every time it's failed...

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