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12:22 AM
Q: Fantasy movie with black and white queen

falsedotApologies for the probably unanswerable question. I've only seen a brief scene of the movie, on TV around 1993-2000, where the heroes (?) planned to travel from the realm of the White Queen to the realm of the Black Queen (which was presumably evil), probably to disrupt her plans. Uncovered (T...

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2:37 AM
Q: What will happen if something moves faster than the speed of light?

Liam MathewsI would just like if someone could simply explain what would happen if something moved faster than he speed of light?

3:14 AM
Q: In Star Trek Discovery why are they able to beam out Admiral Cornwell later - but not able to detect her earlier?

hawkeyeIn the Star Trek Discovery Episode E1:E6 Leethe, we see Admiral Cornwell go on a diplomatic mission to the Klingons. This results in her capture. In the Star Trek Discovery Episode S1:E9 Into The Forest I Go, they are surprised to discover Cornwell on the Klingon vessel, and beam her back with ...

3:28 AM
Q: Looking for a scifi story I read in middle school

White_outtI read this story when i was younger I don't remember much of it as it was a very long time ago. From what i remember the main character is female and she has a younger brother. They are with another traveler whom I believe was related to them. At one point in the book their consciousness were b...

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5:38 AM
Q: Was there any grander purpose to the first victim in Cube?

GGMGIn Cube, it's strongly implied that the participants in the Cube were chosen for a specific reason: Quentin McNeil is a competent but disturbed police officer who cracks under the pressure of the exercise. Joan Leaven is a mathematician who takes the first step to "solving" the Cube. David Wor...

6:24 AM
Q: Name of vintage Sci fi horror short story collection?

nagrom4I'm trying to track down a book that I had that borrowed to a friend that lost it. I want to say it was from the 50's or 60's. It had a red cover. I remember 3 stories. One about a blob that lands on earth and absorbs matter exponentially, the launch it into space and blow it up and now infinite ...

6:48 AM
scifi.stackexchange.com/review/close/117386 should be left open and duped the other way.
7:21 AM
Q: Crustacean humanoids

user93310Would it be possible for a race of crustacean humanoids to live as nomads in a desert environment? I want them to have crab-like faces and crab-like skin with humanoid bodies. Would they survive in that environment? What would they need to survive both biologically/anatomically and clothing/equip...

Q: Was the term 'final' a misnomer for the Gryffindor-Slytherin match in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?

Harry WeasleyThe Gryffindor-Slytherin match was referred to as the final in Prisoner of Azkaban. But was that the correct term to use? Wasn't it just one of six league matches? Note This isn't a duplicate of this question. That assumes that the House Trophy consists of six league matches, while my question ...

7:35 AM
Q: the paradox machine wouldn't be useful for the Doctor?

L. MiguelHe could save anyone and do anything he wanted to do, as the Master did, the paradox machine is powerful enough to let the Toclafane kill their ancestors without causing a massive paradox, so, why not?

8:08 AM
Q: How does the air traffic system on Coruscant work?

CharlesI'm currently watching Episode III, and when looking at the air traffic on Coruscant, it appears that traffic moves on level planes that differ by elevation, and so, I wondered: how are these elevations established? For example, is it based on the distance being traveled by the vehicle, or, is it...

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10:21 AM
Q: Short story about "the monster under her bed"

SecespitusI remember reading a short story on the internet, maybe a year or two ago, that was about a monster under the bed of a little girl. The story took about 10 minutes to read I think. Can you help me remember what the name of this story was and where I can find it? The story was written from the mo...

11:11 AM
Q: David Liebermann's surveillance cameras

ShreedharIn the Season 1 of The Punisher, David Liebermann's backstory is explained while he was tied up by Castle and was being interrogated. During his role as a CIA analyst, he receives a video of the illegal operations happening in Kandahar and he is stuck in a dilemma whether he should disclose it h...

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1:33 PM
Q: Short story where two aliens were having a philosophical argument regarding humans, and they develop a rift as a result of the argument

jaepΙ read this short story many years ago as it was briefly popular on the web at that time. Τhe short story involves two aliens who were described as large and Ι think, immobile. Τhey are observing humans from orbit when something like a philosophical disagreement occurs regarding the humans. Τh...

2:21 PM
Q: Story or theory about us people ultimately becoming god

arminbI read a story on the internet about a theory which said, that some of us can become god ultimately. People get born, die and get reincarnated. The crux of this story was, that whenever a human dies, he takes some of his knowledge/experience into his next life until he gathered enough to create/...

3:07 PM
Q: Did Molecule Man really recreate the universe in Secret Wars (1984/1985)?

alfvaenI was recently rereading the original '80s Secret Wars comic on Marvel Unlimited, along with all (or most of) the other comics that were going on at the time. It's quite clear that, for the people who didn't get yanked off the Earth, there was no discontinuity in their existence at all. And yet...

3:25 PM
Q: Trying to find title of novel where Earth people are taken on board an alien ship

Capt SlogAn alien ship arrives (Rama like) at earth and issues an invitation to take people on board. They must be standing within so many feet of water at a certain time in order to go. They're told it's a one way trip I think, and are beamed(?) up. I think it's set in contemporary time. A scientis...

3:39 PM
Q: Is there evidence that George Lucas intentionally introduced similarities between ep VI and VII

William LedbetterFor example is Rey Kylo Ren's sister? I feel like this follows from the first films (IV,V,VI) and the fact that George Lucas says the films "rhyme". Does anyone else feel this way or have evidence of this? There is a youtube video out there where it is mentioned that Ray's character sat betwee...

4:01 PM
Q: Can it be safely assumed that the sorcerers in Doctor Strange could, with enough time and practice, master each of the six infinity stones?

Avant GuardI heard someone claim that it was definitely possible for (MCU) sorcerers to master individual use of each of the stones, but gave nothing to back that up other than the fact that sorcerers were able to develop ways to master (or at least control pretty well) the powers of the Time Stone. Is ther...

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5:03 PM
Q: Short story: ship for first contacts, species most like those contacted would seem to be in charge

M. A. GoldingThis story was from the 1960s or earlier, read in a hardbound collection of stories, possibly all from one magazine. The spaceship was large and sent on first contact missions. It had several different environments for different species of intelligent life in the crew. When they met a new spec...

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7:15 PM
@amflare @Edlothiad Just wondering why you rejected this edit?
@Randal'Thor Most of it should have been tag wiki, not tag excerpt.
> A well known children's book series featuring the lovable bear Winnie the Pooh, his various companions in the Hundred Acre Woods, and their human friend, Christopher Robin.
That isn't tag usage, that's a tag wiki
I would have edited it, but I was eating and willing to return to it later.
What usage guidance does this tag need?
When to use the tag.
Like every other tag has...
I mean, what usage guidance that isn't obvious from the tag name.
Clearly it's for questions about Winnie the Pooh.
7:19 PM
But does it need a tag wiki except then? Seems like a use of the 'circular tag definition' reason...
Wow I agree with Mithrandir... BRB going to be sick
That said, this tag wiki should have been approved, because it included usage about the tag.
So you don't have to be sick.
Is that how we actually use the tag?
Sigh, the tag wiki excerpt has no usage guidance.
Pfft, that's not usage guidance for the tag, that's additional guidance to match our guidelines
And no, that's not how we've been using the disney tag.
Otherwise every star wars, Marvel, DC etc. needs a tag
We also don't tag anything else with the channel. Winnie the Pooh is the universe tag name.
It was just a bad edit.
@Edlothiad That doesn't tell anyone anything though. Why do you think it was a bad edit?
Or more constructively, what would a good excerpt look like for that tag?
7:23 PM
@Randal'Thor Needs to specify between the series and the character at the very least
Okay then. If it added incorrect usage guidance it should have been rejected.
@Randal'Thor Lack of usage guidance
@Mithrandir Back to being sick?
@Edlothiad sure.
Hold up, is it called "Disney's Winnie the Pooh"
Because that's how wer're doing it apparently
Q: From which Star Trek TNG episode/movie has this famous facepalm image been taken?

Bat This Picard Facepalm image is very famous. You can find it in countless memes. Everyone keeps using it on social media. Even Fortune.com has used it. It is that much famous outside its dimension that when I do a reverse image search, Star Trek is nowhere to be found. This is actually funny. F...

7:25 PM
I think that this tag wiki should specify that it's about the books and the movies and the TV shows etc
But maybe exclude the stuffed animals sold as merchandise ;P
No it's A.A.Milne
Wait I'm on it.
@amflare Well, the proposed excerpt said "book series" - that makes clear that it's not a character tag.
I'm going to drop out of this conversation for the moment because I can't discuss this while on mobile at the moment.
Fair, though it could have been clearer imo. "Use for/not for" rather than implying in the should-have-been-wiki part
> For questions about Winnie the Pooh, the honey loving bear created by A. A. Milne. Use this tags for all questions about the original 1926 book, any subsequent books, poems and any theatre, radio, tv and film adaptations.
7:28 PM
@Oscar Wow, why was this downvoted?
@Edlothiad That first sentence makes it sound like a character tag.
> For questions about any of the stories featuring ... ?
> For questions about the world of ... ?
yes, much better, hence why I didn't post
> For questions about the world of Winnie the Pooh, the honey loving bear created by A. A. Milne. Use this tags for all questions about the original 1926 book, any subsequent books, poems and any theatre, radio, tv and film adaptations. Add this tag to any questions related to these works, not only those about Winnie the Pooh
> For questions about the world created by A.A Milne containing...
Revised (added last sentence too)
@Edlothiad removing "te honey loving bear" I think this is good
7:31 PM
@Mithrandir Is the Riker one from the same episode?
@Randal'Thor Lack of research effort
@amflare Why?
@Randal'Thor I don't know.
It's not illegal to include some information about the subject in the excerpt, as long as you have usage guidance as well.
@Edlothiad But the research effort is clearly described in the OP?
its an excerpt
7:33 PM
@Randal'Thor Except the first hit on google is Know your meme?
@Randal'Thor that user should have done better. Maybe I could let it slide for a new user, but not them
Q: Which episode is the "double facepalm" image macro from?

TimwiThere's a Demotivational-style image macro that features Picard and Riker facepalming at the same time: I believe the person in the left of the picture may not be Picard in the original scene: the picture of Picard that you see here was probably photoshopped from another scene. But what is the...

@amflare See, loads of people downvote that user just for being them.
There's plenty of other poorly-researched questions from high-rep users with dozens of upvotes.
There's plenty of poorly-researched questions from high-rep users with dozens of upvotes from before they came up as new questions when I was around.
@Mithrandir Huh, that' actually not a dupe, since it's only asking about the Riker part and assuming knowledge of the Picard part!
7:36 PM
@Randal'Thor Its not so much who it is, but the bar set for users of higher rep. If Slytherincess asked "What was Dumbledore's full name" I'd be a lot more harsh than if a new user did.
@amflare I'd downvote that as hard as possible even by a new user.
You get the point I'm trying to make though
No, really, I don't.
Vote for the post, not the person.
The single exception is gibberish. If that's posted by a brand new user, it's R/A; if it's an established user we flag as NaA, because we assume compromised account or whatever.
I try to vote on questions according to whether or not they're useful content for the site.
@Mithrandir Its still a poor question no matter how you slice it
7:39 PM
If you're asking a question which a lot of people are going to wonder about, then you get an upvote - that will help to make our site more useful and bring more people here.
@Mithrandir Yep, 100%
Even if the answer is easy to find by some research on the internet.
Not everyone knows how to do research on the internet.
The mission of SE is to accumulate a source of information. We want to be the top Google result, not sending that traffic to other sites.
It's not voting for the person if your voting isn't "singular"
@Mithrandir Yet sites have trivia banned? Doesn't sound very consistent
If the answer is something that everyone should know (or at least everyone with any interest in the subject matter), then the question might be downvote-worthy. Like "who is Kylo Ren's father" or something.
7:41 PM
(I have no idea ^)
Actually, I can do with my downvotes whatever I please, as long as I'm not serially downvoting a user, which I'm not. Therefore, you can take your judgement and false claims elsewhere.
*sigh* Of course you're free to downvote what you want. That doesn't mean that we can't have a discussion as to what we consider downvote worthy.
@Edlothiad Individual sites can decide their own policies on many issues. Some sites, like ELU and M&TV, have gone against the general SE policy of embracing non-Googlers, but most sites don't close 'easy' questions.
Everyone is allowed to have their own views. That doesn't mean that we can't discuss the rational behind those views.
Except I'm being told that I'm downvoting the user, and that if I'm asking a question which a lot of people are going to wonder about then I get an upvote.
@Randal'Thor Good thing I'm not using my super downvote
7:45 PM
@Edlothiad I haven't commented at all on your reasons for downvoting.
And yes, if you're asking a question which a lot of people are going to wonder about, then you get my upvote.
Am I not allowed to upvote whatever I please?
@Edlothiad you explicitly stated that you hold higher rep users to a higher standard. I'm of the opinion that that runs contrary to the point of 'don't vote for the person'.
Sure you are.
6 mins ago, by Edlothiad
@Mithrandir Yep, 100%
You might find I said the opposite...
13 mins ago, by amflare
@Randal'Thor that user should have done better. Maybe I could let it slide for a new user, but not them
Last time I checked I was Edlothiad...
12 mins ago, by Edlothiad
There's plenty of poorly-researched questions from high-rep users with dozens of upvotes from before they came up as new questions when I was around.
@Edlothiad oh, um, er. Uuuhhh.
7:49 PM
Q: About Heimdall hair

Gabriel FernandesIn Thor: The Dark World, Heimdall looks bald, maybe because he is using a helmet during all the movie, but on Thor: Ragnarok he looks like a hairy hipster. Where did his hair come from? Did he have hair in The Dark World?

Whoops o_o
Did I say anything about not doing it to low rep users?
Looks like I conflated you two.
Now that is offensive
Sorry :|
7:50 PM
@Mithrandir Its more voting for the rep level, but even so...
@Edlothiad hey!
This is why I should not have serious discussions like this from mobile...
8:35 PM
Q: What is the meaning of the spell Stupefy in Harry Potter?

Avada KedavraI wanted to know what this means because it is one of my favourite spells.

Q: Short story with a shrinking dress

MichaelI am looking to identify a sci-fi short story about a male scientist married to a very beautiful, but vain and sexually extreme woman. She had sexual relationships with lots of men at the same time - with her husbands full knowledge, but not approval. In the end he invents a beautiful dress, wh...

8:50 PM
Q: Punisher's "famous" quote

TNTA famous quote attributed to Punisher is "God will judge our enemies / We'll arrange the meeting". Especially in merchandise like this: Did he really say that? When?

9:17 PM
Q: What was the inspiration of Harry Potter?

Harry PotterI wanted to know this because I was curious what triggered J.K. Rowling to write this.

Q: What is so demonic about Welsh-language television that Gaiman&Pratchett decided Crowley invented it himself?

JayIn Good Omens, Welsh-language television is said to be one of Crowley's proud and modern acheivements. Why is that? I gathered by the context that it was BAD, but have no idea how an entertainment business could in any way render people so miserable..Is it a language barrier thing? Spending y...

10:02 PM
Q: Fantasy book about elves and spiders I read when a teen

Kristin BusterOk, so there was this book (it was actually a series) about elves, humans, and evil spiders, but I cannot for the life of me remember the title. I do however remember one scene in particular in which the love interest (male) of the main character (female) is found to have been killed by a spider....

10:16 PM
Q: Why does Captain Lorca care about scattered pockets of negative mass?

hawkeyeIn Star Trek Discovery S1:E9 Into the Forest I Go - we see Captain Lorca refer to scattered pockets of negative mass. We read: Lorca: Let me show you something. Stammets: You've been accumulating this data from my jumps the whole time? Mm-hm. Lorca: And these scattered pockets of ne...


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