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5:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot Hah sorry, most people are too lazy to scroll down and have their answers sorted by votes anyways. I thought adding the link would help you in that regard.
6:11 AM
Does anyone know what the Varys mermaid theory is and where I could read it?
6:50 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam Cool thanks! Also on an unrelated not, do you ever sleep?
@Edlothiad Maybe he is sleeping. How presumptuous of you to accuse him of insomnia!
Well that was the worst theory I've ever read
7:25 AM
@Edlothiad As a matter of fact, I do
Pretty consistently between 23:00 and 6:30
Oh we seem to keep the exact same sleep schedule
And I'm almost certain we're in the same timezone, that's pretty interesting
So it looks like facebook have lost the plot
They are implementing a new "Clear selfie" policy, just found out. Haven't been on FB in weeks
Guess it's time to end the 8 years long relation with fb
clear selfie?
As if their "Send government id pls" wasn't enough
@JarkoDubbeldam Show your face to FB
7:30 AM
Which our friend Mark Zuckerberg will use to snitch on political activists in our parts of the world
Guess they wanna try autotagging in photos
No, they say they will use it to determine "Authenticity" of the account
that's what they say
Pfft just don't upload anything. Use it to tag friends in crappy memes that litters everyone's front page
Good thing I just stopped doing political stuff on fb after they asked me for my government id
7:31 AM
Also if you think the government doesn't know you're you, you're either spending too much money on VPNs or living in the Seychelles
@Edlothiad For some it's a matter of life and death
Which FB does not care about
For example, there were few political activists who criticized the hegemony of military here
They created a huge following on FB pages
Government could not find them
And then they contacted FB who provided them with details of the page owners
Who ironically had to surrender their government ids to FB
And they all got busted. Their pages were destroyed and they were released after a few nice days in military jails.
If you're using FB as a staging ground for political activity you're not the brightest activist group.. Did they learn nothing from China?
Funny thing is, there are terrorist pages who are doing really dangerous work on FB but when we report them, neither FB nor the Gov cares
I think the funny thing is the reason China blocked facebook is because Facebook wouldn't give them information on users
@Edlothiad It's not really a choice. The masses use FB here. Only a part of the population uses twitter or other networks.
7:35 AM
But from there it should've been clear the possibility exists...
@Edlothiad Because China asked without any reason. FB maintains they comply with regional laws. So when our government said they suspected those page owners of certain crimes punishable in our country, FB had to comply.
Well I mean as much as I'm for rising up against oppressive regimes, you really need to outsmart the system if you plan on staying safe
Or creating code words
The whole anti-government movement in China is hyper-dynamic. Language used, sites, accounts change weekly and it always stays a step ahead, route network through several US points so it looks like an American is slandering etc.
That's the nature of public work really. Some risks you have to brave
Also everything is a broken law in China, lol
If you want to reach the people, you need to use popular channels.
7:38 AM
Doesn't mean you can't do it well anonymously
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
Where's Carrot?
@Aegon Haha I know I wasn't complaining though just noticed it when I went to have a look haha
Reading the transcript :P
Looks like I made someone delete their answer :/ well that wasn't my intention :////
Ah can't see it yet
That Varys theory, I'm only part way through it but this point is brilliant
Varys likely is not a Eunuch, as there is a point where he is parlaying with Tyrion where Tyrion notes that his voice seemed deeper than usual.
9:08 AM
That whole thing is crackpot
Only 97 to go
Go answer something
Here's a bit of research to an answer: starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Coruscant_Air_Traffic_Control
Shall I just do what I did yesterday answer with the wiki quote and wait for someone to add the book quote in? :P
Did you do that yesterday?
That wiki is legends btw. So it wouldn't be legit
Lol just found the answer, that's hilarious
Aye got no rep for it though cos I was capped already haha
Also I love that the theory contains this sentence This is more speculative
That's a lie I got 2 upvotes today
And to be fair I did say he should add his own answer with the quotes, I was ready to delete mine
9:13 AM
Hmm I have one of the books for the sources on my iPad at work
I don't have any, I think I have TFA and R1 at home though
@TheLethalCarrot Well that's the same with the story-id answers where it starts at 50 characters and I edit them up to 680 or something
Books or films?
Ah, I think I have the books on my iPad, definitely on my laptop
@Edlothiad Yeah just I didn't do the editing haha
I only have them paperback though so y'know
9:15 AM
Well he did, I could answer all those story-ids, stealing the info from the user and upping them with details and I'd be within policy, but I don't see the point.
Aye I know
Also have you seen the use of spoilers in this question?
Q: What happened to Alderaan after its destruction by the Death Star?

user3927233In Episode 4: A New Hope, the Death Star: After its destruction, I assume there was still some debris left from it being destroyed. So what happened to this left-over rock and other debris of Alderaan after its destruction by the Death Star? was it left alone? Was the remains of Alderaan reinh...

I think the title kind of defeats the purpose of the spoiler in the body
And the body also refers to it outside the spoiler haha
Also this question
Who is Supreme Leader Snoke?
Errr he's Snoke :P
9:19 AM
He's the surpreme leader
Jar Jar Binks? Obvs...
Or at least calls himself that
Oh yeah definitely Jar Jar
I love the Jar Jar is a sith theory
9:54 AM
Jorah was a spy for the council on Dany and he managed to get close to her before finding out about the attempt to kill her. Why didn't they just have Jorah assassinate Dany in the first place instead of the merchant?
Because that would reveal him as a spy in case the assassination failed
which would lose them 2 things, instead of just one
Good call
Though Jorah was close to Dany, had plenty of 1 on 1s with her, I'm sure the council knew that. It seems unlikely he'd fail in my opinion
He might, if he'd second guess himself
Oh yeah but I'm sure the council had every faith in him to do the deed
Would be insult to injury against Ned though. We're not only ignoring what you say and still getting her assassinated, but we'll let Mormont do it
gotta go
10:00 AM
Well I mean they were already using and trusting Jorah before Ned and obviously the very idea annoyed Ned so I don't think that was part of it
10:57 AM
TLC is at it again
Fun though
Though I doubt they'll get much attention
I'm going through a couple of old pages each week
I was going to add some "informed" speculation to the Old Nan answer but left it out haha
Has this Id question been asked before? I seem to remember reading it a week or 2 ago but can't find it now
Q: Short story about "the monster under her bed", where the monster protects the girl from abusive parents

SecespitusI remember reading a short story on the internet, maybe a year or two ago, that was about a monster under the bed of a little girl. The story took about 10 minutes to read I think. Can you help me remember what the name of this story was and where I can find it? The story was written from the mo...

11:25 AM
Dunno, don't really care ;P
Fair enough haha
I was just going to dupe close it if I could find it was all
But it does seem to have vanished
I don't want to give it more views
Well I'm just about to DV the question anyways, that is awful research effort...
Typing monster under the bed short story gives the answer
Well you could say that about a certain bum question :P
11:29 AM
Well sure, and there were downvotes. but you didn't put the title into your question...
Also you may be thinking of this: scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/175294/…
No I know it's not that one
I'm thinking of an exact dupe but the question had more detail in it
ah ok
BTW I don't usually like web comics like that one but I read that and it's alright
The only mention to that author is in that answer.
I know I searched the author, some keywords, the title and couldn't find it
I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining it as I knew I'd read it from the title and reading the body confirmed it. It just seems to have vanished
11:32 AM
no bueno
Oh well I think Miths answer is better than the "original" anyway
@Hennes Hello, what brings you our way?
Is Old Nan magic? She's incredibly old, seems to permanently old and Hodor is descended from her who "has giants blood in him"
Nah she's just old man
It's Tanselle anyways
Hodor is said to have giants blood in him
I know it's only said I just wanted to throw some random speculation around
Nah don't think she is.
11:47 AM
Super old though haha
Well we don't really know how old she is
She could be 100 or she could be 50 or she could be 87
Hodor may be like 45 or so
She good be like 70
I know just that she seems permanently old as she was Old Nan with Ned and she's Hodor's grandmother or older
+91 on the Id so close to a gold
Now you're getting ridiculous upvotes to low effort answers =.=
What can a man do to reach 100 upvotes around here. (Go see Star Wars on opening day and acquire all the ebooks early, that's what
Apparently that's the only way to get upvotes
My two low effort answers recently are +91 and +10
The two most recent ones I've put effort into from today are both still unvoted
And before that its 0, 5, 6, 7, 2, 2, 43, 2, 0, 1, 2
So low effort answers usually score more than high effort ones though it could also be an effect of late answers and off season GoT
Well yes most of your answers are definitely the latter
11:59 AM
Just making the point that low effort usually means more upvotes
I mean I don't think the ones from today are bad, someone's even commented on one but not voted :(
Oh well
I'll just have to answer some more, or edit them to get them back to the top of the homepage after your edit spree haha
One could say I "terminated" the front page ;)
They're necessary edits to standardising our tagging system
Might see if I can squeeze in 100 edits on sunday without anyone noticing
For a Sunday? Should be fine
Are you doing it manually or running a bot to do it?
Manually, man's not clever enough for bots.
Also need to check that the other tags are valid, I don't just add the universe tag
12:05 PM
Thought so was just wondering
How many do you have to go through?
And obviously any question edits and sometimes answer edits (to minimise bumps)
Mostly because organising tags puts me on top
haha fair enough
I'm determined to hit 10k today, don't think I'll do it at this rate though
I'll need an easy, new Id or SW question to answer
12:21 PM
God nothing is happening
I also can't be bothered to work. Guess duolingo, or read ;P
I could go down to the test room and just read
I do have a test I need to complete for the weekend, I'll just finish it tomorrow.
I'm in the same boat a bit bored, I have some work to do but I'm waiting on my boss to finish something which means anything I do now could end up changing anyway so can't be bothered
There's nothing happening on SFF and I'm not in the mood to answer some old GoT questions considering the lack of attention they get
Just read some xkcd
I'm trying to read ~100 a day to read them all, don't think I finished yesterday
Lol I think I've read a lot of them over the years
12:37 PM
Guess I'll just play some game on steam over lunch :P
Ah man it's all blocked here :(
As far as I know nothing is blocked here and we have full control over our own machines
But we are a really small company
Well there's the risk that someone hides something naughty in a piece of software and the competitors get there hands on it
Aye I get ya
It is funny in family guy when you watch it though
Sure but it's not funny when someone has a genuine question
Get 1k and you can see that it was deleted in 4 minutes, lol
Hahaha but no not funny as an answer
I only need 57 rep but I don't think I'll get it today now
So you're telling me I'm <2.4k behind. I'm back in the race boys!
I just got +25 and then realised it was on a SO answer from January
@Edlothiad For your 3x? haha
1:35 PM
@TheLethalCarrot crievrythyme
This is why I don't answer on other sites, can't risk the confusing +10s
Lol I haven't used SO in months for answering or asking
Well that and because I don't know anything anywhere else
Except those entirely opinion based sites
1:39 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Accasionally reading wold building and deciding to look at this room.
Then got idle because i was browing for a US military bunker which was sold to private parties
It looked like a regular house. Except for the lift which went really deep and opened in a bunker.
I have a nuclear grade bunker under the flat I'm living in
So camoflaged as regular
And the entire basement here is probably one too, and the school down the road's, and the neighbours', and actually almost every house's
Oh well
We don't have any that I know of haha
Wow that sounds way cool though, mines just a walk in with a big door
No lift here
27 left, if I do 9 a day I'll be done in 3 days
1:51 PM
For your reviews?
Nah, everything there is at least 100 away from anything interesting
Duolingo "modules" I've not finished yet
Ah right
My closest is Suggested edits which is 108 away, maybe you could start creating some tags and filling in their wikis and excerpts
Or Close votes, 156, but man can only do 20 of those a day
Are you wanting the grrm-verse tag now? :P
Nah, create like
There's like many able suggested edits there!
1:56 PM
Ooooh create for amf
2:23 PM
@Edlothiad Osha says that. And Osha's a gosh darn wildling idiot isn't she?
The giant might be Duncan the Tall given Bran's visions
But Old Nan does not have to be Tanselle
@Aegon And yer a wizard harry!
I forgot how the whole theory works
I hope it's Tanselle!
Old Nan is not said to have Dornish features IIRC
If she was Dornish, someone would have mentioned that
Or commented on her appearence
A Dornish woman in heart of the North is something unusual
Hmm but maybe they've withered away with age
Like how Michael Jackson turned white :O
2:43 PM
Right I've done answering for the day now :P
Unless I find a particuarly juicy question haha
I can technically make 5 more terminator edits!
You would wait until I have answers back at the top of the home page haha
I like cold as much as the next guy, but with this rain, it is just miserable.
It's actually quite clear in my part of the UK for once
@amflare When did you move to the UK?
@TheLethalCarrot It's not my fault your posts were 2 of the 10 I need for my buffer?
2:47 PM
Last night apparently
@amflare Also not ready for you yet, go away for a few more hours.
@Edlothiad hahaha
Or just work really diligently or something
I'll just find something to edit to bump them up.
First snack time
Well you know me and typos
C'mon 17 to go :P
2:54 PM
@TheLethalCarrot we could do this!
I probably do
Good call Ed
Only 11 actual questions. NOOOOOOOOOOOOPE
@Edlothiad 10k
3:04 PM
Nice try TLC, but I can't upvote any more answers, don't wanna be triggering no scripts per chance
When I comment about rep I'm not trying to get upvotes just so you know
Though with my 4 answers today you may be close haha
(assuming you're the one that's upvoted them that is)
This might be a dumb question, but have these white parts always been here? I feel like my UI is broken, but I'm not quite sure it hasn't always been like this.
looks about right
An Q/A appears to have white at the side but my monitor isn't widescreen so can't tell
On the homepage it should be the starry background
Damn I was busy arguing couldn't nick that FP off amflare...
@amflare Go to meta you lazy sod
3:09 PM
And oooh look at that nice question :P
@TheLethalCarrot Who else...
I know
@Edlothiad I don't need to check with all of meta to do a sanity check
@TheLethalCarrot Oh wait we've done this one about a dozen times
@amflare I wouldn't know, I use SO-ify, I much prefer it, the legibility is so much better
Something like that by now
3:10 PM
@Edlothiad oooh
forgot about that
3:26 PM
okay, I fixed it for myself. It was definitely broken.
They're going to fix it... Look at meta...
A: White background covering up the stars background when viewing a question

PawełThanks for reporting. We've already fixed that in our development environment so this should be live in next couple hours.

I mustn't be able to tell cos of my crappy small monitors haha
God you are a hawk...
Who is? haha
And yay finally 10k
Now to use my new ability to view some deleted answers :P
It's now all about score, answer count and that race for gold GoT :P
3:49 PM
Amf is a hawk
Oh FP hawk
Lucky for you, it would take far too much effort to try and pass your stupid 2k.
4:07 PM
Ooooh I'm now joint second place on the road to gold. I only have a chance of winning if Egg keeps his current status and isn't answering haha
@amflare That's true, especially with him still active in reviewing haha
@TheLethalCarrot Oh and if Skooba keeps out my way :P
Well soon to be 2.3k, then maybe 3
You're so close to that ovetake
1 hour later…
5:23 PM
@Skooba That's a bit cheeky copy and pasting an answer into a dupe and not closing :/
Its a bit cheeky to answer a dup then VTC.
That aimed at me or Skooba? :P
If me I only did that once but after a conversation with Ed I retracted my vote anyway
5:44 PM
@TheLethalCarrot It was more of a general statement to explain why he might have not closed.
5:57 PM
He should've VTC'd
Actually looking into it he answered, it was dupe closed (maybe he didn't know it was dupe) then copy pasted his answer to the target
Oh well :P
It's done now
ohi @Skooba, could you un-modpin the poll form the sidebar please?
@Edl will tell you a good joke if you do
Ye we voted and I won.
@TheLethalCarrot i think i was trying to get the dupe to go the other way?
i dont remember now
Against Aegon's answer? Good luck.
6:04 PM
or maybe once it had been closed i put my answer on the not closed one
that seems likely
i posted the answer on the one that was closed first
day later i copied it
I've done that before
answer a question that later gets marked as dupe, so copy answer cover to question that is still open

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