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5:12 AM
Boom. Silver for Suggested Edits. That's 3/6 now. Onwards to Silver LQP.
1 hour later…
6:24 AM
Pfft 3/6, that’s cute
130 SEs until gold
6:38 AM
@JarkoDubbeldam No Ser!
And Good morning to you fine folks
Morning Aegon, anything exciting to discuss?
7:22 AM
Ugh Tag wikis are so much effort.
7:35 AM
If anyone wants some re-open votes, there's one or two in the queue
Off-topic awesomeness
on-topic funniness:
user image
7:51 AM
@Edlothiad As usual, nothing. What about you?
@Edlothiad What about it?
It's just what it's called
No idea, don't hang around on 4chan
TIL I guess
I've just increased this guys total re-open review count by 300%
7:54 AM
Which guy's?
Helbent IV, although I thought he would keep reviewing, he seemed to have stopped after 2.
Is this reviewable for anyone: scifi.stackexchange.com/review/reopen/117314?
8:24 AM
TFW you wreck a super well received self-answer by proving them wrong: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/175595/68872
8:50 AM
Hmm I thought people would like the binary advent calendar, maybe I'm too electrical for the engineers here
It's alright haha
Too christmassy though :P
Also that crappy story id answer from yesterday is now my most upvoted answer and it's way to capping me today again
But it's an advent calendar?! They're like the only thing that's allowed to start on the First of December
I know I know
God I hope there's spinach for lunch today, I'm craving it
8:56 AM
I do like spinach
I was going to edit my dragons answer with the books information today but since I've almost capped I don't want too haha
I wrote it all out yesterday expecting to be able to do it today too haha
Post it here and I'll post it
Took me an hour or so, maybe more with work in between, to get all the quotes and what not
That's not that much...
Right, I'm going to start working on it, and if you don't post it before I do I'm taking the bueno
Well I started around 2/3 and finished just before I left work at 5.30
You just don't want me to close the x3 rep gap haha
I've made my conditions, I just need to send off these emails then I'm doing it.
9:00 AM
Or I mean I could just edit all the things into your answer for you
A: In Game of Thrones, can a dragon be killed?

TheLethalCarrotA Song of Ice and Fire @Aegon has an excellent list here of all the dragons that have lived in Westeros and their fates. I've compiled a complete list of the dragons in Westeros that died from unnatural causes and what they were. Vhagar and Caraxes Both died of their wounds during the battle a...

added 18408 characters in body
I like your faith in my fake motivation
Although I was just about to get cracking
I couldn't take that risk haha
And there's the cap :(
Goodbye rep for today
Hehe, glad I could get you to the cap
9:04 AM
That crappy answer did most of the work
And is now my most upvoted answer :(
That's always good.
Not really I'd like one that I put effort into to be top not some 5 minute google job
Though that GoT answer is a late answer too so probably won't get many upvotes
Still toots are toots, and it's looking like it could go gold.
Oh you did it
Sorry hit the enter key too soon. Excitement
9:13 AM
@TheLethalCarrot which one did Aeg point to?
Ah that one.
Aye I got bored yesterday afternoon haha
I started going through the wiki pages on the dragons then realised it was easier to just asearchof them and jump to the last quote
If only me wrecking the self answer was on something GoT and not The Martian/The Expanse, then Aeg would've given me a bounty
Now I need to produce some 1000 rep out of nowhere to get 3x TLC again...
Lol I need to find 2.4k rep out of somewhere...
Haha the crappy answer was worth something then :P
Bloody christ....
Guess I've lost that one as well
What one?
9:19 AM
Staying x3 of you
Good :P
Although you'll be 10k soon
@Aegon Thanks man :)
@Edlothiad That's the only milestone I want
Won't win top editor of the year either
Or top 4 rep earners this year, unless I get a hefty bounty
Unlucky ducky
9:23 AM
Losing all the milestones
Hit 25k before bella though, that was a win. And hit 2k FPs
2 big ones
Although being first in FPs would be a good end to the year, but that's unpossible
I'll have to count January as 2017 ;P
Hahaha just extend the year a bit
10 answers till silver ASOIAF for me too, I thought I was closer that that
Get that universe badge and you're be gold in ~10-20
Even I'll be close to a silver then
I only have 123 answers total and not all of them are GoT related, I'm still a while away from a gold
79 answers for gold GoT. I could get it before Season 8 but I'll have to be less picky with the old questions I answer
9:32 AM
Hmm yes I forgot about the overlap of GoT and Asoiaf, I just added them together
@TheLethalCarrot 89
Though if they did add cumulatively I'd smash it :P
@Edlothiad Oh yeah I'd say it's a typo but it wasn't :(
Why does it annoy me so much that they used book Longclaw not show one? :/
@TheLethalCarrot No probs you deserve it
@Edlothiad Nah you are 27k, you don't get a bounty....EVER.
Just realised I haven't checked freefolk yet
9:39 AM
@Aegon To be fair you did most of the groundwork for me I just looked up quotes and added a bit of a description :)
@Edlothiad What about this?
On /r/front
Ah okay
@Edlothiad Beat me to that comment
Though you probably worded it better than I could anyway haha
I am gifted ;)
9:57 AM
Why do people love to take things out of context so they can then have a go at someone for being wrong about this new context they've created?
Link me, this sounds like an argument and we all know
Dec 1 at 14:55, by TheLethalCarrot
You love arguing haha
It's on workplace SE though
That's fine, I can create an account
Also from a 2 days ago though some people are still commenting...
A: When (if ever) is it considered professional to yell in the workplace?

Philip KendallExcept in cases of immediate physical danger, it is never acceptable to yell in the workplace. End of discussion. To answer your secondary questions: Is it somehow normal? Not in any company I've ever worked in. Unfortunately, it seems to be "normal" in your workplace, which is going to ma...

If I could triple facepalm myself I would.
10:06 AM
I mean comments like this
Disagree with this, from prior experience I can think of plenty of situation where it was acceptable to shout in my office. For example when a computer was infected with a virus, shouting at everyone to unplug their network cables was the correct thing to do. — Korthalion 22 hours ago
Is obviously not what the question is about at all
Ye it's ridiculous
I usually don't comment in situations like that but the amount of people all stating the same thing annoyed me so I felt I had too haha
10:41 AM
@Edlothiad tolkiengateway states "Out of the 144 unbegotten Elves to awaken at Cuiviénen, 82 chose to remain and thus became the forefathers of the Moriquendi, outnumbering the population of the Amanyar." which implies it is hereditary though I have no idea how accurate it is
And I have no clue what it is about haha
@TheLethalCarrot Hmm that does imply it's hereditary, I know, but I don't think it is.
Bear in mind they lived in the light of the trees for somewhere between 1000 and 60000 years, lots of potential for baby making. They only moved in the last 6-7000 years of the story, at Which characters like Arwen were already 2800 years old.
WE don't really meet young elves. But I think my answers done well enough
11:10 AM
Ah okay I don't really have a clue at all about all that I just checked that wiki page haha
Most non asoiaf wikis are pretty unreliable, although that was is very good it intentionally keeps plenty vague
I just wasn't sure how good tolkien gateway is
Not too shabby, I wouldn't quote from it.
Okay doke
Do you have access to that quotes source to see how it got that information?
J.R.R. Tolkien, Christopher Tolkien (ed.), The War of the Jewels, "Part Four. Quendi and Eldar"
I would at home, not here
Actually that's not true I have access to everything here.
The quote is accurate, I can quote that off the top of my head, it's just the implication is wrong
11:21 AM
Ah okay
I'll stop now cos I have no idea about Tolkien haha
Just reading the wiki page hurt my head :P
Lol this is pretty funny
Lol. Plus one but the mightiest? Man he was a weakling for being so mighty. He was woken up by a few tiny men, managed to kill exactly none of them, then burnt a relatively defenseless village but died in the process by a single guy with a broken bow. All in the span of like an hour or two. If there are other dragons it's no wonder they're not mentioned in the books. They must be astoundingly pathetic... come to think of it, I don't remember if the bow was broken in the books. Probably not but still... single guy with a bow — Kai Qing 13 hours ago
He just was a bit drowsy
Didn't have his coffee yet
Though is Smaug is similar to ASOIAF dragons an arrow to the eye pretty much kills them off
but otherwise pretty tough skin
But again a strong bloke with an axe could take you out single handedly haha
me? yep
Pretty small bloke with a sharp dagger too
11:36 AM
Well if you want to give it a go haha
Or act like the Burning Knight and run headlong into the fire
tbf that comment is gold
Hmm, seems like he was doing the Quentin
@Edlothiad It is
11:57 AM
@Edlothiad Your answer viewership has been harmed by the early accept
Probably, oh well.
Not like it's the most nail-biting title.
Oh I know
It got 3 quickish upvotes though
2 besides me
Well I assumed you was one of them haha
Even so both of those two haven't been back to see your answer
Well one of them may have been
Unless you're one upvote
In which case, AWWWW THANKS!
12:03 PM
I am one haha
12:25 PM
@amflare Just overtaken you. evil laugh
12:38 PM
Learn to play the game
12:48 PM
Football, rugby, hockey? What we talking here :P
I know haha
1:20 PM
@TheLethalCarrot You are British right?
If we put a Scottsman (Completely shaved head to toe and naked) and a German man (Same as the Scottsman), actually it can be women if men make you uncomfortable, in front of you, Would you be able to distinguish the Celt from the German?
The Celt is not a ginger and the German is not blonde!
Is that a joke?
@Aegon I am
Also if it's a joke I don't get it either haha
It's actually a really sad "debate"
Some ding dong claims Celtics and Germanics look nothing alike
RE: my attempt to improve the vanilla CK2 portraits
But It could be some psychological thing. You know, like I could barely tell the difference between a Japanese guy and a Korean guy
Maybe that's what's blinding me
So I need a third opinion
That's where you come in
A West-Germanic who deals with Celts everyday
Well presumably
1:37 PM
I'd personally say they don't look alike (though I don't know many Germans) also I believe it's got a name when a group of people look very similar to you but when you're in that group of people they look drastically different I'll have a look
That's not to say they don't have their similarities of course
Yeah that's why no clothes or hair so that the cultural outfits or hair don't imply the heritage of the person
See, I didn't lose my mind, it was all for a reason
@TheLethalCarrot You are English right? You don't really have to know Germans then. We are talking about Germanics, not Germans.
It's called the Other Race Effect (wiki calls it Cross-race effect)
The cross-race effect (sometimes called cross-race bias, other-race bias or own-race bias) is the tendency to more easily recognize faces of the race that one is most familiar with (which is most often one's own race). A study was made which examined 271 real court cases. In photographic line-ups, 231 witnesses participated in cross-race versus same-race identification. In cross-race lineups, only 45% were correctly identified versus 60% for same-race identifications. In social psychology, the cross-race effect is described as the "ingroup advantage". In other fields, the effect can be seen as...
@Aegon Aye I'm English
So in your expert opinion, if you see a Scottsman and an Englishman (Scottsman is not wearing a Kilt) walking down the street, you could tell who is who without talking to them?
Without hearing their accent?
I doubt I'd be accurate but I could give it a good go
@TheLethalCarrot Huh, Guess the Ding Dong's got a point then. But he is very confident that he can tell with 100% accuracy
1:43 PM
Probably internet effect, exaggerating to prove their point haha
Do you have a country/race/etc near you that you come into contact with regularly that's similar to the one you know most? Could you tell them apart?
@TheLethalCarrot Afghans, Persians, Tajiks
Tajiks are easy
The same works with Americans/Canadians, Australians/New Zealanders etc.
Afghans, Persians, not quite
The point is you have a few near you you may/may not be able to tell apart and so do we
I bet some people in America can judge state/state area from looks too
I can guess the state and region of my own countrymen
1:47 PM
It comes down to the differences between the locations and how experienced you are with each of them I suppose
But thats very easy since we are hot diversity pot
To you yes
Idk how it works out with you guys who are more or less uniform
I bet to you the British are very similar?
Which comes back to the Other Race Effect, you can more easily tell those apart who you come into contact with than some other race
@TheLethalCarrot I can tell the Scottish/Welsh/Irish and English apart when they talk. Not by how they look
1:48 PM
Aye but I can have a decent attempt at it
I won't be too accurate but I could give it a go
But in the end it all comes down to the effect linked above
Quite interesting when you look into it more
Guess it will have to differ region from region then
Aye it will, depends how big they are though
And also the regions culture
Here and in extended region, ethnicities don't have uniform looks so that makes it hard to tell them apart by look. You can have the general idea, as to if they are Western or Eastern but that's about it. After that you can tell them apart by accents.
Oh well, so turns out it was my cultural blindspot. Ding dong wins. I better tell him that
Well he has his cultural blindspot too, just from a different perspective
On a side note (cos I wanted to link it earlier but missed my opportunity so I'm going to force it now :P) it's very easy to tell Canadians apart from Americans...
Yeah I don't get it
What do the T and P stand for?
1:54 PM
Terrance and Phillip
It's a South Park thing
Yup I don't watch that
Ah well, it's definitely not for everyone haha
Oh then it sounds interesting.
@Aegon Huge difference there compared to a Celt and a German
You guys shook my perception of the people of the world
1:57 PM
Seriously if you're interested in it read about the effect I linked above, though like I said it's basically just that you can tell your own race apart better than others haha
Also works between humans/animals/aliens etc :P
Exhibit A: All 3 Labradors look pretty much the same but I doubt they do to each of the dogs
I don't think anyone can tell scots and germans apart 100% the gene pool is far to mixed.
Non collapsible images on stack are irritating
In my mind it was:

People who look alike:

1. English, German, West Slavs, Nordic, Celtic, French, Dutch
2. East Slavs, Baltics
3. Magyar, Finno Ugric
4. South Slavs, Greeks, Western Turks
5. Italian, Spanish, Ashkenazi Jews
7. Eastern Turks, Levantine Arabs
8. Bedouin Arabs, Sephardi Jews
9. Persian, Pashtun (Afghan and Pakistani), Baloch (Iranian and Pakistani)
@Edlothiad But the cute doggos?
Actually I am gonna stop or this list might get bigger
Although completely hairless? It would be so difficult
2:01 PM
Number 4 for example I'm sure I'd be quite accurate at telling Italians and Spanish apart
I'd have to have two completely hairless naked people to judge.
Well ya because the tans and facial structure is evidently different
Exactly but not to Egg
@Edlothiad Yeah the Norman and Viking invasions.
TIL, Europe is not ethnically uniform region-wise
Although I'd say hair is a large part of the culture and what makes it quite easy to tell people apart so including that makes it easier
Well obviously, the whole idea is hairless naked people
It'd be almost impossible with scots and germans
Except the scots might be more pale more consistently
2:04 PM
@Edlothiad Okay can you guys decide whether I am right or not
Japanese and Koreans is easy, completely different eyes.
I'm 100% with you on the German v Scots argument
@Edlothiad Take Nordics then, The debate is on whole Germanic group rather than just Germans
It's simply not possible, and I'm germanic and spent 3 years in the UK
No, I don't see how you could?
Nordics tend to be paler than Germans as per my understanding
Maybe because the nordic are slightly larger than the average european with sharper facial features
Even then, I don't think I could
2:05 PM
Good thing I didn't concede to the Ding dong just yet
I think another problem is we're coming at this from the 2000's angle whereas CK2 is from medieval times. Back then the gene pool wouldn't have been as mixed and I bet it would be easier to tell them apart
@TheLethalCarrot It's 1066 man, Vikings have formed Danelaw, Anglo Saxons and Welsh are intermarrying
And William the Conqueror is coming
Sure, still not 100%
I'd say the Genepool is mixed already
Ah okay still won't be too mixed up though
But my history isn't too good for that period and earlier
2:08 PM
Off topic: Was defeating numerous small armies of 10k strength until a 56k strong mega army swooped in on me
2:34 PM
@TheLethalCarrot :/
Mornin' to you too :P
brb, imma go irl answer a question
Just call them gate answers, we all know what they are :P
brb, imma go write another gate answer
I still don't understand why that question and its answers were so popular but you were the lucky one who cashed in on it
2:43 PM
Because everyone is a bunch of fools...
Is it offensive if I offend everyone? probably not
Everyone has different interpretations of what is/isn't offensive so who knows
That's offensive!
How dare you say it's open to interpretation and being blatantly abused!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I withdraw my comment and apologise for any offence it may have caused.
I find your comment retraction very offensive
You should be ashamed
Well there server just went kaput again...
Guess I'll see if it'll reconnect on it's own
2:53 PM
@Aegon Damn I'm stuck in an infinite loop
@TheLethalCarrot Bet you find that offensive
while (someoneIsOffended)
    if (everyoneIsOffended)
        //It won't get any better just exit
Damn entered to soon
And again
@TheLethalCarrot System.Stack.Overflow.Exception
There we go
Someone is always offended. Still an infinite loop
2:56 PM
Ah no cos we break out of the loop if everyone is offended where everyoneIsOffended doesn't take into account people no longer being offended
It's a cheap hack to avoid the exception :P
@amflare you going to answer this question or what?
@Edlothiad what? which one?
Oh it was a yoke about rep ting
Speaking of which, I'm still earning rep
Be quiet. I'm busy writing an entirely too verbose "probably not" answer
Who would've guessed a question about the Moriquendi would have 19 arbitrary hotness points?
2:59 PM
@amflare Do you include the words "real world" or similar in it?
That's pretty decent
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