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3:00 PM
He starts off with "Now this has nothing to do with the canon in question, but..."
does "out-of-universe" count?
Depends what follows it
oh, nothing, I just repeat that like 7 times
How do you know? Did you look through all the canon texts? Maybe you should provide some sources
Yeah we like the contrast!
3:03 PM
because I don't read any of the white background stuff
I just skip it all, it's mindless fluff
you're mindless fluff
maybe there is no yellow background to be had
maybe that why my answer says, at the top mind you, "there is no evidence".
picky bastards
Hanged is for people right?
Thought so
@amflare You could back it up with evidence of when she was born and where she was born etc. to prove your point
people are hanged, turkey are hung
at least I think thats how it goes
@TheLethalCarrot *sigh* I suppose, its not like I have anything else I need to do right now
3:08 PM
You don't stop whinging.
@Edlothiad BTW I've closed my Bronze/Silver gap to 26 (without meaning to) and almost overtaken your current 24 :P
It's all those late answers you're getting 5 votes for =.=
I know give me that Necro badge :P
Also I got the first +40 accepted trio for the story Id
Ah yes, gdyou
In the last 7 days you've had 10 silvers and 5 bronzes...
you're averaging about 66% silvers:bronze
Clearly I need to jump on these late answers
Ok SO I think I broked this thing :/
3:20 PM
what did you break this time?
The UI
If this isn't the most confusing post (and comment ;P) you've ever read...
A: If writing in a Descriptive Book simply links to an age, then how does editing that book change the linked age?

FIREMAGE3000Well actually the descriptive book is assigned to a book and cannot be changed after, so when you change a descriptive book it changes that age with it, altering the original book.

that whole question is confusing.
My head is going round in circles trying to understand that haha
@Edlothiad And yes late answers are good for silvers but bad for upvotes
You made an effort at least
I gave up after reading that answer
3:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot You clearly don't know me very well
How come?
(because he wants the silvers more than the upvotes rights now)
Well I know that
I was just stating my experience with late answers
They can generate decent score overtime tho
I want badges over rep every day
3:43 PM
I got one on 18 with a bounty, one on 17 and possibly others who are significantly higher
I just want to talk ASOIAF
It just so happens sometimes you have to get rep to earn badges
My answers only ever tend to get rep on the day they are posted
Yeah it needs to receive a bounty to get anywhere, that dragon one is probably doing prettygood
Oh just found one at 45
3:45 PM
Well... looool
Are we just listing top answers now?
Maybe it's just me, I must just have bad luck with old answers haha
Nah that’s the general trend, you’ll rarely get above 5-10
@Edlothiad no just decent scoring answers which were late enough to get you a necro badge
I don’t know what Aegon did to those answers
@Edlothiad linked them shamelessly, edited, edited edited edited x40
3:46 PM
45+ a necro badge?!
@Edlothiad It gave a necro badge, then became a 45 answer
45 net mind you, received a DV or two as well
Oh to be fair Egg does like to edit 400 times over the course of 10 weeks
Hmm I don’t like crosslinking my answers feels dirty
you can farm rep fairly well if you edit an answer ever 30 days or so to bump it
@Edlothiad I crosslink my answers as a favor to the asker and answerers
3:47 PM
Maybe I need to keep editing my offensive H-word answer
Makes me feel really humble
If the details are relevant provide it in the answer otherwise leave it out
Although you’re pretty terrible at judging relevant details :D
@TheLethalCarrot Well I like to read my own answers in the period of drought and almost everytime I discover some mistake, something missing, something that could have been better phrased
I'm not saying it's a bad thing, edits that make something better are always good
I’m just so perfect I always get it right the first time ;)
3:50 PM
@Edlothiad Oh yes that's the general trend alright. My later answers average would be 12-14 I guess
Mostly because of the rare high voted late answer
generally it's between 5-12
You're just gifted with those late answer voters
Although i’m Almost certain my %ge fluency in the GRRM-verse is much higher than my %ge fluency in Tolkien’s legendarium
Well GRRM works is shorter (I believe) and in my opinion easier to understand
4:23 PM
@Aegon Your bounty is causing the other answers to get upvotes and not mine haha
That's why you have to say who you're bountying
My answer is linked in the bounty text at least
4:43 PM
Though that doesn't seem to help haha
Aspazzles not
I always make it really clear, like "XYZ's answer is far superior and complete and truly worthy of this additional bounty.
Oh well I know my answer is the best ;P
The internet at work is terrible, I can comment/answer/view real time updates on SFF but I try and load SO and I can't connect to the network apparently -_-
5:00 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Is IT being dumb and blocking SO?
No it's fine again now
Every now and then the net "times out" on certain sites and not others
I get it on chat a couple of times a day
We have terrible up/down speeds so I expect it
At uni they used to reset the routers every day around 12/1 (only midday not midnight which was annoying) so no one could access the net for about 15 minutes
what better time to reset the routers?
I know right
Massive pain in the arse
It always seemed to wait as well until you were in the middle of something
You'd be sat browsing doing nothing and right as you're about 5 minutes into an online game or some work it'll cut out
5:18 PM
In other news Jon Skeet is close to hitting 1 million
He could never post an answer again and be the first to hit 2 million
Oh I know
Though to be fair there are a few on 700k now which isn't that far behind (relatively)
He's also lost 3,965,543 rep due to the cap apparently
And apparently I've lost 11494 so it's now more than I've actually earnt
@TheLethalCarrot how do you find this out?
Do me!
This SEDE query, I'm assuming it's accurate
Oh wait I read the query wrong
It's rep without cap so I, and Jon, have lost less than I said
5:27 PM
So you've lost like 1k, whereas I've lost 9....
1641 to be exact
Woah 14 first posts today...
Ye but you're around 2/5ths of my rep...
1.6*2.5 =/= 9k ;P
My network rep is only 2.5k short of your network rep though :P
Anyway I'm off, ciao
I've been jipped out of 3.3k rep
see ya man
3.3 pfft, that's nothing
Aeg's been jipped out of 12, big man
5:34 PM
@Edlothiad You'll get a lot more since I'm off early today
I'm off to the gym so nope...
An I swear I go to bed before your lunch
I'm only GMT-6
I'm +1 rn
05:00 - 15:0015:00 - 18:00

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