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5:51 AM
Oh I missed the starpoll
But agree with the results
1 hour later…
6:59 AM
@Aegon How can you miss an ongoing poll?
@Edlothiad It's on-going? I thought the no vote blew yes out of the water 2 days ago
Well then, there you go, 5 noes.
Ah the most recent vote before yours was mooz's 10 hours ago. It was just me and Jarko for a while.
2 hours later…
8:58 AM
That's what happens when you post them at weekends
It's fine it's not a rush or anything, I just thought it was a good way to get an idea.
I mean we're not the community consensus, it was more for myself to see what people thought and whether we could prepare for an imminent meta.
Technically we're the GoT community consensus :P
Well, as was pointed out to me, there are many top answers who are still "active" although I got very angry of the usage of the term. who aren't in this chat room.
I agree but I think the majority of people who are active in our tags are in the room and I'd take majority over all if all will never happen
Of the top 20 answers, only 6 are here.
9:08 AM
Right but how many are still active?
Of the 14 others, only 1 hasn't been seen in the last month, and 3 in the last 3 days
So they're all "active" users, although that's where my anger comes in because they're not necessarily active in the tag in question or have been in a while, neither are they necessarily active at all but browsing the site.
Right that was my point too
It's like saying you was active in SW once cos you answered one question therefore every future SW discussion should involve you
5 haven't actively produced any content (comment or anything) for the site since august (1 in over a year and a half) and 7 since mid september
While they obviously all still have a say, because every one on the site should have a say, I think this core group can make an informed argument
I agree with that statement too
The core community makes informed arguments about the whole site why are tags so special?
I am unable to parse that last sentence
Are you missing a full stop?
9:21 AM
Probably a comma or semi-colon
between site and why?
Basically only the active meta members make decisions about the whole site so why are only active tag members not allowed to make decisions about their tag?
And yes
I also don't think I'm 100% against the tag, and when more of us wake up it might be interesting to discus why we starred no (except @mooz, he'll have to share afterwards cuz he's got them bizarre times)
Mooz was no cos of his quote haha
I'm not 100% against it but I don't see the point in it, one more tag to clutter up the 5
I feel the tag could benefit with searches, and people interested in the entire universe in general, I just don't understand how it'll help tagging (People just going to add it and both anyways, although I guess users like yourself and Aeg would probably have gold tag badges, although whether or not that's necessary just for that is questionable.
Although my biggest fear is that we're lying that the two canons are closely related, although I guess that's covered by the fact that we already have two separate tags, whereas other things like LotR have onr tag for both books and films.
9:29 AM
Aren't the LotR books and films closer related than ours though?
That's what I mean
They're almost identical
:412527141 NOOOO I had time to make an edit and I type an r instead of an e... gdi!
And I don't see the point in a universe tag at all (for GoT) to be honest
Also if anything needs a universe tag first it would be LotR so until they have one we shouldn't :P
Does Tolkien have separate canons like GoT does?
@JarkoDubbeldam In what sense?
I mean no, hence my argument against the universe tag.
9:40 AM
@Edlothiad Oh is that meant to be a universe tag?
The counter argument is then "we have marvel/dc tags that incorporate various canons"
I thought it was books tag
@TheLethalCarrot What else would it be?
@Edlothiad Like how the books and the show are different continuities
See above :P
9:40 AM
In what sense "a books tag"
@TheLethalCarrot Tag info says also movies
As in for questions related to the books not the films haha
I've never actually looked at the tag wikis
@JarkoDubbeldam See point about marvel/dc
Okay lets just assume we need a universe tag for a second, there's not even a sensible name that I can think of too easily relate to the universe
Martin's Legendarium
9:43 AM
That is horrible haha
@TheLethalCarrot No because the films are not considered "canonical" in any way. They're merely the story they portray is the same story from the books just visually, any changes in the films are "To make them more suitable for the movie medium" and don't change anything
It even fits in the new tag limit, lol
But again Planetos is a fan word so not the best for a tag and many fans probably don't even know about it
Well the second suggestion seems alright
Please never do that haha
9:56 AM
It works but it's more booksy than anything and I know a lot of show fans that don't even know the books are ASoIaF
A game of Ice and Thrones
There you go :P
Can I turn my previous quote inside out and back to front to refer to that one?
9:58 AM
Okay then that
Although you'd have to change the word "a lot" to "a few"
Because I refuse to believe a lot of book fans don't know the show is called GoT
Well I was turning it inside out :P
The problem with a universe tag is you can't create one without it sounding like it should belong to the books OR the show. It's hard to find a name that relates to both
Well my issue is that we're forcing similarities on it that sipmly don't or shouldn't exist.
10:07 AM
That too
I personally can't see the need for it, the current system works fine
And even with tagging show and books into questions I haven't seen the extra 3 used at all so far so it's not like we need to save space
Well Jon Snow gets thrown down sometimes because Skooba wanted a badge
Hahaha I know
Who'd know that my MiB question would attract only speculation
Again, I think Valorum's answer is the most canonically backed.
Yeah but he doesn't really answer anything, just says nothing is explained and that's it
Well that is an answer, just not the answer you wanted
10:24 AM
To be fair I don't think it even qualifies as a We Don't Know answer. It doesn't really say anything that isn't in the question and when confronted about the other characters being Kay, Jay etc which contradicts his answer he didn't update
Does anyone know of a show quote stating that Bran is the only Stark warg? I'm sure there is one somewhere but I'm not sure where
It would be wrong, since he's not.
He is the only show Stark warg though isn't he?
Who else is in the show? I thought they changed it
Jon very clearly dreams through Ghost and Arya and Nymeria are definitely warg connected
10:33 AM
I can't remember that
Books only
To quote our friend Mord, well kinda, "No Show"
I thought Bran was only show warg
I can't seem to find a quote at the moment to back up my claim though haha
11:02 AM
I thought the dreams were also warging related
Wolf dreams aye
But I don't think they happen in the show
Bran has a dream like wolf scene in S2E1 iirc
Well I mean except Bran
which isn't special cuz Bran
I think his first one is watching himself wake up through Summer
11:04 AM
hmm not sure
you have the scene with summer running through the godswood and then watching his face in a puddle
Ah true
Is there anything where another Stark has anything warging related? The only close thing I can think of is Rickon in the crypts but I don't think that's warging related
Rickon is too insignificant as show character to give any information.
Plus that too
Greenseeing and warging seems somewhat related to me
Yeah but was that greensight or just premonition? I'm not sure
11:07 AM
At least in the books it's pretty much presented that way
I know that sounds daft as one is essentially the other haha
Seems somewhat coincidental to both have the same premonitions
but it could be
I know but it's not warging although probably related
I agree
anyways, lunch time. bbl
I just need a D&D quote to backup my answer haha
11:11 AM
There is none, it’s a lie
The cake is a lie
And I am disappointed with the amount of interviews that they do to be honest
11:24 AM
Tolkien got about 0, so you should be grateful
Well he had his letters didn't he?
Sure, but that's like 40 years of letters and there's only like 200
Still better than D&D who I'm not even sure you can get in contact with
The only true D&D interviews are the behind the scenes extras too aren't they?
TIL you can get in contact with dead people
Or at least TLC can
@TheLethalCarrot Why would you want to get in contact with them?
11:28 AM
Ask them showverse questions
As if they would know the answers
I know I know but still
In Aegon's mind there is only one Canon, and he's the Canon in the North!
"Needle means revenge for Arya. It's a symbol" - D&D
11:28 AM
That's a real quote
@Aegon :facepalm:
They might be bad but they're all we've got!
@Edlothiad Yup. So are you willing to consider whatever silly comment comes out of D&D's mouths canon?
@Edlothiad I really thought you were funny enough to get starred
@Aegon Refer yourself to the message my above reply is a reply to.
11:53 AM
I'm afraid to star anything, since that would exparate the poll from the answers
We can just have skoobs pin them, @Skooba pin the three poll messages
no no no
don't bother
it just was a good excuse to not star
Best star ever
Well done to whoever did that
12:07 PM
That's been sat on the freefolk frontpage all weekend, and here I was thinking at least someone worked over the weekend...
Or it came up yesterday and as usual friday night -> Monday morning has blurred into one 24 hour period
Lol I might check SFF over the weekend but never look at FreeFolk
It's really the only decent one on the front page today
12:31 PM
@Edlothiad And I broke the description down :P
Very easy to find actually
Maybe I'll start answering in story id questions haha
Easy upboats
12:48 PM
The time spent to rep gain ration is massive
Well it depends how easy it is to identify, I've spent hours sometimes and found little to nothing
Oh me too with some but if you're around when there's an easy one posted you're winning
But that's like saying "If you're around for any easy question you're winning" The problem isn't the difficulty, it's being around
This one was literally a google job, and he got 60 upboats scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/175463/…
Also 3k views, 60 upboats, generous HNQ nowadays...
Oh I know but from what I've seen id questions usually get a lot of upboats compared to other tags
@Edlothiad Also 60 from a weekend job is also good
Bet you're gutted you missed it :P
3k views 60 upboas?! that's 50 views per upvote
12:58 PM
Aye that's really good for SFF, that isn't HP haha
@TheLethalCarrot Well ya it was an easy google job. Type the title in and you go straight to Martinez' blog, and from there you can just directly copy paste
Hence why I've down-voted the question
Fair enough
1:19 PM
Just a note I've closed this question
Q: In Game of Thrones, can a dragon be killed?

IamVeryCuriousIndeedTalking about grown dragons here - I don't recall ever reading about how tough their skin is or what their fighting style is (do they just fly around breathing fire or do they get down to business skyrim-style?). Most importantly, I want to know if anyone has ever killed a dragon? And if so, how...

As a dupe of this one cos Egg's list is complete
Q: How many dragons ever existed in Westeros?

WentaoThere are multiple questions relevant to each other: How many dragons ever existed in Westeros? How do they end up? When did the number reach its peak?

But you've just answered it?
From a show perspective that isn't covered in either side
Though my answer fit better on the one to be closed
You really shouldn't answer questions that you know are duplicates, you should be answering on the dupe target
They're only dupes cos Egg's answer makes them dupes. The questions asked aren't. As such my answer fits on the closing one but not the target
I'm inclined to vote to leave them open, Aegon's answer only really answers this question in passing, which is insufficient to really make them dupes
1:25 PM
Fair enough, I was gonna ask here if it was worthwhile closing them but used my own judgement
Also your answer may be invalid since the OP has clearly stated:
> Please note that I'm looking for for facts from the books that show whether it's possible and whether it's been done
They've tagged it with show, that's good enough for me
They just seem like a bit of a retarded OP
Probably are but doesn't mean my answer isn't valid haha
Ah actually just noticed Egg linked his answer in the comments as related not possible dupe
I'll retract my vote
Hmm maybe if I find the motivation I'll turn Aeg's list of Dragon and light notes on their deaths into a long list of all their deaths because Valorums answer is crap
1:30 PM
I was going to do that but couldn't be bothered haha
Hence why I said "If I find the motivation ;P
I get ya
2:15 PM
I like when I check back on a review and I've agreed with the people before me
The re-open vote?
I like it too, because it means at least everyone else is being as clever as I am ;)
Well that was a close but I voted to leave open
Anyone know how to type unicode characters in python
for printing?
I'm getting a unicode encoding error
For typing
2:25 PM
Q: Python "string_escape" vs "unicode_escape"

Mike BoersAccording to the docs, the builtin string encoding string_escape: Produce[s] a string that is suitable as string literal in Python source code ...while the unicode_escape: Produce[s] a string that is suitable as Unicode literal in Python source code So, they should have roughly the sa...

Trying to type this type(u'§§§' + Key.ENTER)
And I keep getting this:
IDE: (org.sikuli.scriptrunner.JythonScriptRunner@259dd9ac).runScript: Exception: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 146-151: ordinal not in range(128)
And try with unicode-escape?
Q: How to print Unicode character in Python?

NoobDev4iPhoneI want to make a dictionary where English words point to Russian and French translations. How do I print out unicode characters in Python? Also, how do you store unicode chars in a variable?

Or \u00a7 apparently
@JarkoDubbeldam Print doesn't type it into the textbox I don't thin
2:32 PM
idk what you're trying to do
Type the above symbol into a text box
Q: Unicode input with raw_input() in python

CHIJ-FlexI´am just starting to learn python using LPTHW, and it´s really good. I´am just a couple of days in to my studies and come up to excercise 16 it looks like this: -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from sys import argv script, filename = argv print "We're going to erase %r." % filename print "If you don't...

Q: Writing Unicode file to Text widget in Python

yagyavratI am trying to open a Unicode file in Text widget using Tkinter, Here is my code import codecs def callback(): matric_name = entry.get() with open(matric_name.rstrip('\n')+".txt", 'r') as content_file: content = content_file.read() #myFile=file(matric_name.rstrip('\n')+"...

the answer is to copy paste it into the text box, instead of type, oh well
Hahaha gotta love nuances like that
never mind that ain't working either, guess I'll just ask the big cheese.
2:38 PM
dun dun dun
morning gents
Guess I can stop looking at the review queues again
2:49 PM
Done too much work today
what did you go and do that for?
Well I thought I'd at least work 2 hours today, and that was too much
Top Ten Things to Never Say In Front of Your Boss
1. F' you
I don't think they know about this persona.
Well my boss/supervisor dude swears pretty frequently in the office
And the guy I'm working with frequently says "FFS"
but the full words, and in French
3:02 PM
Oh yeah we swear quite a lot in my office but going up to my boss and going "F' you!" then walking out is on a different level haha
Ye, probably
3:16 PM
Off topic but funny
wtf is wrong with that clown
wait no, thats a regular person
wtf is wrong with that person
Lol which one?
now we just need to see the guy in second place to zoom past and actually win.
they can't even ski with a thing around their things
@TheLethalCarrot Robb Stark and Jeyne Westerling. This is so on-topic
3:24 PM
It's so hard to get up with nordic skis, there really stupidly designed...
Yeah that is kind of a dic move on the part of the Nordics
Well lads, I am off then. Goodluck finding the motivation to answer that question
See you guys tomorrow
Aegon the silent reader
@Aegon You mean Tysha?
3:38 PM
leaving already @TheLethalCarrot?
I was saying bye to Egg
ah, I missed that
I've got a while yet sigh
I just started... :/
Unlucky :P
3:58 PM
Does anyone here hate christmas music?
You know what, nvm. If you do, you can just ignore this.
If you havn't seen this, it is one of the best things about the christmas season.
how can they keep their lines straight
that is a talent
Can't watch it cos I'm at work but I too hate christmas music haha
When I was at Starbucks they start playing the music mid November and it's so loud and the same like 10 on rotation. Drives you mental
Thats just way too early. Thanksgiving (for US, idk what equivalent EU has) is the earliest christmas music should start.
Are there any holidays in late november/early december in UK or EU-at-large?
4:15 PM
Not that I know of haha
All Christmas stuff starts way too early in the UK
Here as well, unfortunatly
I don't like putting decorations up until mid December but my gf thinks otherwise haha
4:27 PM
December 1 to January 1. thats when i do christmas things
That's a bit too long for me, the songs just drive me mad. There's just to few and their everywhere. Then the crowds everywhere is busy for no good reason
Thanksgiving through Dec 25 for me. I enjoy having a month of christmas. I think that's a result of where I lived when I was younger.
December 6th to January 6th
I used too but I've grown tired of it starting too early and ending too late
5:27 PM
@Edlothiad I've found the motivation for the dragons answer, will edit it in tomorrow when I have time to finish it up :)
1 hour later…
6:30 PM
Q: Exactly how big is Drogon in Season 7?'

Kevin CummingsSo how big is Drogon now in Game of Thrones? Because, maybe it's just me, but sometimes he seems MUCH bigger in some shots. One example is after the surprise attack on the Tarly forces and Jamie Lannister in the Reach. Afterwards Drogon lands on the hill and Daenerys has the two Tarlys incinerate...

3 hours later…
9:09 PM
@Edlothiad be honest, I starred no because I don't see any cogent tag to use. Like what would we call it? We could go with 'A Song of Ice and Fire Works' but that is too similar to the existing tag. We could go with 'The World of Ice and Fire' but that's the same as a book. We could go with 'GRRMarillion', but that's the nickname of his upcoming 'Fire and Blood' book(s). We could go with 'GRRMs-Legendarium', but [asoiaf] is not his only 'world'. I dunno man.
This all the way.
I fully agree with you and we spent a reasonable chunk of time trying to guess names
We'd still need the book(s)/show tags besides.
Yeah I figured, I just cbf reading transcripts :p
Ah right, well if you kept normal hours!
Bahaha, define: normal
Not the ones from way out there
9:16 PM
You mean way 'down' there :D
I didn't want to give away too many clues ;)
9:43 PM
I used to interact with some aussies a lot on an online game about... 7 years ago? It was very strange because they would just be getting offline when I woke up, and just getting online when I was going to bed. So unlike everyone other non US timezone, there was not a single point in the day to talk to them. But instead I had two opportunities that were completely separate.
10:02 PM
lol story of my online life mate.

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