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7:20 AM
@balancedmama :)
7:32 AM
@balancedmama Oh right, I had forgotten that Tim mentioned it. Ask him in TL, perhaps stuff is going on already behind the scenes.
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2:21 PM
@NewProgrammerJames It really depends on you and your partner's relationships with your parents. Generally, though, my advice is to work out with your partner what you think appropriate boundaries are, and then communicate those with your respective parents (how "firmly" you communicate depends on your relationship with them).
It does sound like the basis for a very good question, btw.
Arrrrgh! Speaking of grandparents sticking their noses into the parenting role...
I went to link this question for @NewProgrammerJames, and found that it had, once again, auto-converted to community wiki ><
I'm not sure that's a good example for 'normal' of course
that question was... its own thing
though had some general use answers certainly
We only have one grandparent (my MIL) who is anywhere near us
and she's 7 hours away
so maybe a weekend a month
2:28 PM
I'm pretty sure there's at least one better question on the topic, but it seems we haven't been using the tag consistently.
for all people seem to have issues with grandparents interfering
it would be REALLY nice to have someone nearby to watch the kids for a night out once in a while...
My (s)mother moved 2 hours away from the area she spent the vast majority of her adult life with just to be closer to us (and this was before we were pregnant).
That's cool
We're lucky in that she and her husband are willing to babysit pretty much any time we ask, so long as they don't already have plans.
Plus we have my MIL and Sister-in-law, too, although my MIL is 83, so she can't do much on her own.
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6:47 PM
David Fullerton on January 27, 2014

This mobile thing will never last, right? We figured if we waited long enough, this whole “mobile application” thing would blow over and everything would go back to the way it used to be. You know, when phones were for calling people, and computers were for typing long, angry rants about how things aren’t the way they used to be.

In retrospect, we may have misread that one a bit. It turns out that even for Stack Exchange mobile is eating the world.

So today we’re excited to announce that Stack Exchange for Android is finally available for download on the Google Play store, for Android phones version 4.0 (ICS) and up: …

Brilliant timing. I just got back from vacation where my android tablet was my only computer. This would have been perfect a week ago.
Now all they need is a Glass app, and my entire life will be consumed :P
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9:32 PM
@Beofett really? You've got Glass?
That just doesn't sound as fun to me as it apparently does to others
despite me being a heavily-connected relatively early adopter
despite me being a heavily-connected relatively early adopter
funny, I never noticed the echo in this room before ;-p
weird chat timeout
it thought it hadn't posted, then double posted when I hit retry
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun I just filled out the form for the Glass Explorers today. I'm waiting for my order to process and be shipped :)
I've had that too, though only via mobile
must be a latency thing
@Beofett It was nice to have known you before you joined the Borg Collective ;-) -- though seriously, I would love to use Glass too if it were available and wasn't so damn prominent and already mired in press stigmata
9:36 PM
@TorbenGundtofte-Bruun I live far enough away from anything even remotely visible to the cutting edge of technology, that I'm sure I'll get frequent "what the heck is that?" comments :P
Then again, I just spend 20 minutes online shopping for a new printer (it broke!) so $1500 is probably not in my budget anyway
@Beofett naw, they won't notice it's anything but clunky glasses ... and you seem to have lost one or two of the lenses...
It really isn't in mine, either, but I've been following augmented reality and wearable computing since the 90's, and never got around to pulling the trigger, so to speak, so I decided to just go for it
I feel like my grandfather... "I'm not using one of those computer things until I can talk to it!"
That's about what I feel like wearable computing... I am okay with the concept but not that interested unless it simplifies the UI substantially, and that's basically going to be by having really really good voice recognition/commands/UI
of course, I don't wear glasses (somehow still have good vision despite spending every waking minute looking a screen) so that could be part of my lack of interest
I don't wear glasses, either. That's actually an area of concern for me: will I be able to tolerate this thing on my face 5-8 hours a day?
gotta run... I'm late as it is. g'night :)
9:41 PM
I understand declining the spam flag
but I think you're wrong
(whomever declined it)
That looks very much to me like spam, in that it doesn't truly answer the question - it solely promotes the product
night all :)
@Joe it doesn't look like typical spam to be, I believe it's a legitimate user. And I think that it does in fact answer the question. It seems that this app "works for them" so that's one contribution that's based on own experience. I may be more gullible than you but I don't see anything wrongthere.
It's certainly possible
and I'm not a mod, and don't know where you prefer/need to fall on the false positive/negative side of things
but I'd put $5 or the euro equivalent that the user never posts again, unless it's about same app
this would be a case where the site's relatively small size makes it possible to just keep that post in mind and see if future posts are of the same kind. We generally give users the benefit of the doubt - as long as there can be any reasonable doubt. Border cases usually get a comment referring to the spam policy. It's worked well enough so far to be rather more lenient than you'd see on bigger sites.
Fair enough
@Joe I'm the one who declined it. Like Torben said, borderline but benefit of the doubt. Feel free to comment or downvote though.
9:54 PM
@KarlBielefeldt Ok, thanks.
Also, I would have expected a spammer to post cut/paste answers to other morning routine type of questions. We'll keep an eye out.
A bad spammer? :)
10:11 PM
@Joe well, we have seen actual manual spammers, but it just can't be worth their effort and it's really easy to quench. This looks innocent to me though. (Did I mention that I repeat myself? Well, I repeat myself.)
I moderate a gaming forum that gets a decent number of those
they have to accrue 20 posts
to post links, so they have vague answers/forum chats/etc.
g'night for real this time :)
better yet, make that just )
that's a moon!
10:51 PM
@Joe I saw it before it was flagged and considered it in pretty much the same way that caused Karl to decline the flag too - but keep flagging! It doesn't hurt anyone just to be sure.
Hey @KarlBielefeldt I've got to run, but saw that you were also on and thought I'd say hey. Its tech week at the theater - when this week is over the play opens and we'll get our evenings back again, but for this week - things are crazy. Thanks for your post on soccer btw. You're pretty much saying what my thoughts are - I wondered if I would get many opinions on that one at all, but thought It might be a decent question to have on the site. It is all about keeping it in "balance" after all.
does this site take 'how old should a child be before watching X' where X is some movie/TV show/book/etc?
it seems like it's too opinion-based.
11:16 PM
@Keen I think we've had questions similar to that. @balancedmama I think wrote a question about 'how do I deal with my school asking my kid to read something inappropriate', which isn't that far off.
I wouldn't say a specific thing
ie "How old should my son be before reading Harry Potter"
That personally seems too specific to be a useful question
but 'how do I determine if my child is ready to read a book/watch a movie, for example, X movie/book is ... (reason to be concerned)'
to me seems okay
but I've only been here for a week or two, hopefully one of the more experienced folks and/or mods can answer more precisely :0
Yeah, "how do I determine" is more on topic, than a specific age for a specific show. See for example:
Q: How do you decide if a movie is suitable for young children?

JBRWilkinsonMovies have ratings, which vary a little around the world, but the ratings just don't convey a full understanding of some scenes which may be scary for young children. For example: Monsters Inc. is about humorous, fluffy monsters that live in another world, but their day is to scare the living ...

Anyone who wants a specific age for a specific show is asking the wrong question in life, anyway
not just here ;)
every kid is different, after all
some more able to handle more mature themes, some parents even more comfortable with mature themes than others
Agreed. The idea is to ask the question in a way that it encourages answers that inform the parent enough to make a judgement based on their values and their individual children.
My 2.5 year old is still not capable or interested in watching any movie (even something like 'Cars'), so fortunately we haven't had this issue yet :)
I really am looking forward to him growing an attention span...
@Keen If you're talking about:
Q: What age is appropriate for reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

MottiMy son is ten years old and I'm considering giving him THHGTTG to read. Is there a canon suggestion of suitable age (preferably by the author) or a reputable body that can give me specific advice on appropriate age-range, similar to the BBFC or MPAA ratings for films?

I would say not a good question for migration.
Answers would likely be something like "read it for yourself and make your own judgement."
11:27 PM
That's a pretty interesting resource, though (the one in the top answer to the question you posted earlier)
@Joe Yeah, I don't understand people who think it's possible to let the TV "babysit" a toddler. I haven't met a child under 5 yet who will sit through more than 10 minutes.
Mine does like youtube
oddly enough
he watches these short kids videos and flips through the 'recommended'
list on the side ,on the ipad
we only let him have 30 minutes a day, as he already has shown signs of wanting to do that and nothing else (shudder)
and it ends up with him watching a lot of russian and spanish translations of the same thing, which we have to pay a lot of attention to make sure he didn't somehow end up somewhere inappropriate ;)
My 4 year-old will do a tablet all day as well. We mostly use it in the car.
@Joe Lots of places do the more specific categories now. It's nice because my sister-in-law hates any nudity, even a bare baby bottom.
I on the other hand really could care less about any nudity
actual sex or violence are orders of magnitudes more concerning
good reason to have different details on the reviews :)
Unfortunately they don't have categories for my son's irrational phobias. Warning: contains graphic vacuum cleaner noises.
11:35 PM
My 2.5 yo doesn't like them
my 10mo loves them
I do wish they had a similar voluntary rating system for books, though. Even as an adult, they are putting more and more unpleasant surprises into otherwise innocuous-looking books.
Anyway, I am heading home. Have a good one.
You too
11:50 PM
@KarlBielefeldt That's exactly what I was asking about. Thanks.

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