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Btw, that Kali situation is a real thing that happened. The post was reopened, closed a a duplicate, and then eventually deleted by the system.
I don't think we need to feel real broken up about it--when people post about non-Ubuntu OSes here, especially if they don't really have any reason to think their OS is considered Ubuntu, they accept the risk of less relevant answers. But I don't think we should consider it a success story either.
@Zanna I am familiar with an argument that sounds sort of like but differs from that, which terdon has made, which I agree with, and that is the argument that we should allow questions about how to do things on Ubuntu.
Even when it is possible to do them the same way on some other OS.
That sounds like a good argument
I agree with many of terdon's arguments
Yeah, there would be no site if we required problems and solutions to be specific to Ubuntu.
Oh yeah of course
One of the arguments I made at that time against what was being proposed was that it would make people think even more about whether things were specific to Ubuntu, which is not at all how we define our scope
Against the proposal to allow non-Ubuntu questions if they seemed like they would apply to Ubuntu?
Although I think the particular proposal I'm thinking of was to create some kind of list of criteria for deciding whether a non-Ubuntu post should be closed, based on its topic area
6:08 PM
I am not familiar with the details of what was being discussed.
I can find the post on meta, but I haven't read all of what's there, nor have I studied any of it in detail.
I feel like anything I would say about that would sort of be like, "I didn't read X, but in my opinion..."
Such statements aren't always actually unreasonable, but they do always cause some people who have read X to be frustrated, and they usually cause most people to wonder reasonably why person A who has not read X is invested in their opinion.
(Just so it's clear, I'm person A in this situation.)
@EliahKagan I should always enclose "EOL" in scare quotes from now on. :)
@EliahKagan :)
At some point I should possibly read all that stuff and post my own answer. Or maybe I should just not ever do that.
Haha idk. I was not feeling good in general at that time. It was the worst timing.
Now I feel good in general
Cool! :)
@EliahKagan Only if you leave questions for me to answer xD
6:15 PM
And I think it would be a good time to research the "EOL" issue and try to figure out whether and how we should change our policy
@EliahKagan Was it deleted by Community or reviewers?
@Kulfy There are some questions I have been meaning to answer but more out of a belief that they should have answers than out of a personal desire to experience answering them. If you like, I could give you links and you could answer some of them. Or tell your friends! :)
@Kulfy Community, and we can undelete it. (Communtiy is a moderator, but automatic deletions by Community are an exception to the rule that non-mods can't cast undelete votes on posts that are deleted due to a moderator delete vote.)
@Kulfy last time @EliahKagan was here I made many more posts than I had been making before or made since. If I were called upon to do an impression of him, it would be "would you like to post an answer?"
@EliahKagan I'm just a beginner and might not be able to answer complex questions. And I was just kidding.
@EliahKagan I see that as a generic question. Might be useful if answered. What do you think?
@Zanna Giving a chance to help community and earn Unicorn Dollars
@Kulfy Well, or closed as a duplicate. Do we have something for that?
That impression would be correct. :)
@Zanna Agreed. Do you want to post a.... meta question? :)
6:21 PM
@EliahKagan I'm not sure. If I knew the dupe target, I would have suggested it in the first place.
@EliahKagan if we unrelated that question, we would probably be able to close it as a duplicate of something. But it's not super useful I think
@EliahKagan I mean more research -- at least than has been expressed in this conversation -- should probably be done first.
@Zanna I'm not sure what's best.
@EliahKagan hahaha yes but only after more research and probably some more discussion here
My phone autocucumbered undeleted to unrelated, but it's too late to fix it now
@Zanna Yeah, I guess a custom moderator flag would be excessive for that. :)
@Zanna Okay.
@EliahKagan XD
There are definitely some posts about how to confine users, if I'm talking about the right post
6:26 PM
AppArmor could presumably be used for that. Ubuntu used to have a guest account set up by default, and although obviously it had to be able to access files outside its home directory (to do anything!), it was restricted in a conceptually similar way to what the OP there was asking for. AppArmor was used to achieve it, IIRC.
If you search for "jail" you find some relevant posts
It is a common question
But I am going to sleep now
Good night!
:) later \o
@Kulfy Well, if you're interested, I have some recent comments that should possibly be answers instead. Unless we're going to close that question as unclear--and I don't think we are--it should probably get an answer, which could be along the lines of my comment.
I also commented on this question with what should, in hindsight, probably be an answer that links to and blockquotes the relevant parts of a couple existing answers and stitches them together with a brief conceptual explanation.
Similarly, I don't think that question is going to get closed (and it probably shouldn't be), so I think my comment there should be supplanted by an answer.
Really I should just write those answers. But if I visited the questions and found someone had already done so... I'd like that better! :)
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