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1:16 AM
100 rep bounty posted.
Q: How Do You Calculate Schedule Compression Ratio?

David EspinaHow do you calculate schedule compression ratio? When and why would you do it and what does it tell you? Are there heuristics with the the ratio that are to be generally followed?

1:39 AM
Possible contest idea: Have users put their name in a hat by posting a link to PMSE on their blog. Winners are either chosen randomly, or chosen based on total referring traffic. Inspired by this meta post:
A: How do I launch my new, free service leveraging WebApps without running afoul of the current community?

Rich ArmstrongHere's what I would've done differently. Spend some time clicking around and familiarizing yourself with the editorial guidelines and the way the site operates. Do this well in advance of launch. Ask a question on meta.webapps, giving a link to your proposed referral page (help page) and asking...

NOTE: Just an idea!! :)
@CodeGnome More like up late...

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