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12:38 AM
"This tag is intended to be used for questions that have been taken from old mathematics question papers of any school / college / university."
Q: Let $f(z)=z+\frac{1}{z}$ for $z\in \mathbb C$ with $z\ne 0$. Which of the following is always true?

Maneesh Narayanan Let $f(z)=z+\frac{1}{z}$ for $z\in \mathbb C$ with $z\ne 0$. Which of the following is always true? (a) $f$ is an analytic on $\mathbb C$\ $\{0\}$ (b) $f$ is a conformal mapping on $\mathbb C$\ $\{0\}$ (c) None of the above (a)$f(z)=z+\frac{1}{z}=z+\frac{\overline z}{|z|^2}...

Q: which of the following is/are correct?

Maneesh Narayanan Let $f:\mathbb R^m \to \mathbb R^m$ be a differentiable function. let $Df(x)$ be the derivative of $f$ at $x\in \mathbb R^m$. which of the following is/are correct? (a)$Df(0)(u)=0, \forall u \in \mathbb R^m$ (b)$Df(x)(u)=0, \forall u \in \mathbb R^m$ and some $x\in \mathbb R^m$ ...

The user who created the tag previously suggested this: "Question from the questions papers of various entrance examinations all over the world."
This discussion in the main chat room seem related:
in Mathematics, Oct 21 at 13:39, by Maneesh Narayanan
Can any one able to create a tag GATE, NBHM, ISI, GRE, TIFR_GS, etc
There are tags , . And there are some related discussions on meta:
A: Tag cleanup 2014

Resident DementorI think we can merge the tags which are related to Maths tests like gre-exam or gmat-exam (or whatever I am not aware of in this site) as a single tag. Another missing one is that: we can merge many tags like multivariable-calculus, vectors and ... as Advanced Calculus. Indeed if want to do it, w...

A: Tag management 2017

Henning MakholmThere are 384 questions tagged gre-exam. This appears to be a meta tag that I cannot really imagine anyone watching or searching for. I think it should be deleted.

Q: Tag request: csir-net-exam

Jesse P FrancisRecently I noticed a tag "gre-exam" in this question. A quick search ([*-exam]) showed existence of similar tags for GMAT as well. In light of it, I wanted to ask the possibility of creating a tag csir-net-exam (or similar), as a lot of us aide to math.SE to prepare for it. I have already spotte...

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8:49 AM
@MartinSleziak I just untagged the two questions. Can't think of how it is useful.... (Everything turns "old" after some time, so this tags is really containing everything that could have asked in an exam)
9:03 AM
This post is also related:
Q: Would a qual question tag be useful?

Zachary SelkI'm studying for quals/prelims. Tests you take in your first year or two of PhD (at least in America). Sometimes I want to browse problems that specifically came up in some qualifying/preliminary exam. When I look for "measure theory" there are elementary or high level questions mixed in with th...

There certainly are people who ask question from various exams/quals and would like to have a tag. And there are people who (rightly) point out that this is a meta tag and should be removed.
9:22 AM
Maybe we should eliminate also other exam/qual related tag (gre/gmat) or maybe some common tag for all of them would be a reasonable compromise.
But I agree that even if we want a common tag for them, (old-question-papers) is not a good tame.
Another new tag . It has tag-excerpt and tag-info. (Created by Rohan, similarly as for old-question0papers.)
Q: Properties of poset of nonvanishing minors of a matrix

Zach TeitlerSay $M$ is a matrix over your favorite field. Let $P$ be the collection of nonvanishing minors of $M$, partially ordered by inclusion in the apparent way. The vague question is: What can one say about the poset $P$? A little more explicitly, say $M$ is $m \times n$. Let $B_m$ and $B_n$ be the B...

Wasn't something like this already discussed and decided that should be used?
The was created and removed in the past: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2012/7/26
Jul 26 '12 at 15:25, by Willie Wong
I am not entire convinced that we need or when and are available. Thoughts?
9:37 AM
Should we simply remove it? Should we create a synonym (posets) $\to$ (order-theory).
Should this be discussed on meta first?

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