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1:03 AM
The maximal length of a tag is now 35 characters, up from 25. Time to rename some awkwardly shortened tags?
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5:00 AM
Q: Is the moment-generating-functns tag spelled wrong on purpose?

LovsovsThe moment-generating-functns-tag seems to be spelled incorrectly. However, it could be due to a limit on the number of used characters, but since I couldn't find anything on it, I just wanted to let you guys know.

5:17 AM
A: Is the moment-generating-functns tag spelled wrong on purpose?

MichelleThe maximal tag length has been increased to 35 characters. Renaming the tag to moment-generating-functions is now possible.

5:53 AM
I assume the old tag will not be removed, but just in case, here is tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Fixing the newly created "geometric-invariant-theor" tag

Alex M.A tag for geometric invariant theory has been created today, but it comes with a problem: the final "y" is missing, therefore its current name is geometric-invariant-theor. Is there an upper limit for the length of a tag, beyond which tags get automatically truncated? If not, could a moderator a...

Q: Excessively long tags

Michael Hardy"combinatorial number theory" "linear fractional transformations" The software forbids these two tags because they are too long. Should the length limits be adjusted? Or is there some way of making special exceptions?

Some other existing tags with shortenings are , , .
And I guess there are more such tags.
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9:09 AM
A: Tag management 2017

Arnaud D.Currently, the divergence tag seems to be used for both the divergence of vector fields and the divergence of a sequence/series/integral. There is no tag-wiki. It currently has 307 questions. It seems to me that the tag should not be applied to both. In particular, I don't think it's necessary t...

Q: Do we need the "divergence" tag?

Alex M.Currently, there exist a tag divergence, about which I'd like to know your opinion: the tag has no usage guidance and no tag wiki. This means that users cannot know whether this tag is dedicated to "divergence" as opposed to "convergence" (of series, sequences, integrals), or rather to "diverge...

Perhaps we could then create a tag with more descriptive name, like (divergence-vector-calculus) or (divergence-vector-field). This might reduce the number of mistagged questions. (Many users do not read tag-excerpts.) — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago
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2:29 PM
So I see that somebody created in this question but then removed it.
@kingW3 Was it with the intention of creating a tag-synonym?
I suppose that if the new answer on meta gains enough support, moderators will create synonym.
There are not many users with sufficient score in moment-generating-functns tag to suggest a synonym or vote on a synonym.
Or perhaps was that just a test to try the new 35 characters limit?
2 hours later…
4:06 PM
@MartinSleziak Well it was both, I didn't notice the 5 score rule until later. Leaving it to mods is perhaps the best idea.
I have just asked in Mods' office whether moderators have some plans with shortened tags. We will see whether somebody responds: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/39324659#39324659
in Math Mods' Office, 7 mins ago, by Martin Sleziak
Unless I made a mistake, there are 28 tags with name of length 25, see this SEDE query.
@MartinSleziak I recently created the tag "polynomial-rings". I though that since there are tags like UFD, euclidean-domain, etc, I would be nice to have a tag involving problems related to polynomial rings and similar topics in ring theory/commutative algebra.
in Math Mods' Office, 1 min ago, by Daniel Fischer
@MartinSleziak Most of those seem to have proper names. Those with shortened names have a clear expansion (as far as I see). Joonas will be sad to lose , but I don't think that's reason enough to keep the shortened form. Unless you see a tag where it's not just a clear expansion of an abbreviated word, no meta post necessary.
@kingW3 Now we have at least some response from a moderator - see above.
@Xam Yes, I have noticed that it was listed among new tags. I'd guess that many such questions have been tagged by the tags polynomials+ring-theory in the past.
Perhaps it would be nice to create also some tag-info - at least tag-excerpt.
@MartinSleziak yes. The difference is that I find the tag "polynomials" to be very broad, for example could be for polynomials in high-school level, whereas polynomial-rings is specialized in questions related, as I said, to ring theory/commutative algebra.
Yeah, I think it would be nice to have a tag-info in order to differentiate it from the tag "polynomials".
It will take some retagging until the tag becomes useful. But so far nobody complained about the new tag.
4:23 PM
Is this a good usage guidance:"This tag is used for questions on polynomials rings in an arbitrary number of variables related to different topics studied in ring theory and commutative algebra. Do not use this tag for high-school level questions. "?
Perhaps you could explicitly mention (polynomials) tag for other types of questions.
Uhm yes, that's is a nice idea.
What about this: "This tag is used for questions on polynomials rings in an arbitrary number of variables related to different topics studied in ring theory and commutative algebra. Questions related to high-school polynomials level or similar should use the tag polynomials. "
I see my tag is becoming useful xd: math.stackexchange.com/q/2388077/133781
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7:24 PM
Q: Expanding abbreviated tag names

Daniel FischerAs the character limit for tag names was raised to 35, we can now replace some awkwardly abbreviated tag names (like geometric-invariant-theor) with their fully spelled out names. I've already done that for a few tags: moment-generating-functns geometric-invariant-theor pseudo-differential-ope...

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9:45 PM
@MartinSleziak That's nice, on a side note perhaps this was my sneaky attempt to get the Taxonomist badge

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