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9:37 AM
The tag has been created recently. The tag-creator also created tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Guaranteed existence of a dominating set for special directed graph

NBose35Consider an $n$-vertex directed graph $G = (V, E)$ with the property that every vertex has an edge into it. That is, for each $v \in V$, we have that $(u,v)$ is in $E$. I define a dominating set $D \subseteq V$ for $G$ to have the property that for all $v \in V$, either $v \in D$ or $(u,v) \in E$...

Another new tag is .
Q: Finding the image of this line under 1/z

Lost1Let $T(z)=1/z$. Find the image of $y=2x+1$ under $T$. I assume x and y are the real and imaginary part of Basically what I need was let $w=1/(x+(2x+1)i)$ then multiplied by the complex conjugate we have that the real imaginary part of x. We have $$w=\frac{x}{x^2+(2x+1)^2}+\frac{(2x+1)}{x^2+(...

@MartinSleziak tag has been removed by the OP.
10:23 AM
A: Tag management 2017

Martin SleziakI propose creating a tag gauge-integral. (Perhaps also with synonym henstock-kurzweil-integral.) There are some questions on the main site about this type of integral. Perhaps not that many, but it seems that some users are interested in this topic. However, searching for questions concerning g...

What about a tag for gauge integral (Henstock-Kurzweil integral)?
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8:23 PM
The tag has been created, together with tag-excerpt and tag-wiki.
Q: Bounding a random variable $X$ by $\Bbb{E}(X^4)$

arm46Let $X$ be a random variable. Is there a way to bound the probability that $|X|$ is large in terms of $\Bbb{E}(X^{4})$?

Q: Upper Bound vs. Least Upper Bound

Sujaan KunalanI am reading Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis in order to prepare for my first course in Real Analysis I intend to take this fall. The book just defined what an upper bound is and then defined supremum/ least upper bound as: Suppose $S$ is an ordered set, with $E$ as a subset of $S...

Q: Upper bound for $n!$

maxuelLet $a\in\mathbb{N}$. is there an upper bound be for the smallest n so that $n!>a$? It doesn't have to be a good upper bound, just something that works. Thanks.

Q: Unique upper bound

seitoI'm self studying real analysis. I know I can find this proof easily on the internet, but I want to learn from my mistake. Can anyone tell me if my proof is correct or point me where is incorrect. thank you. Proove that if $b^0$ = supremum E, then $b^0$ is unique Suppose that $b^0$ is the sup...

This tag is somewhat similar to the tags and . They were removed after discussion on meta:
A: Tag management 2016

Jyrki Lahtonen Resolved: Both tags have been manually removed. I recently noticed two new tags upper-bound and lower-bound. AFAICT both were first used in August 2016 in this post. Currently there are about 20 questions carrying either tag. Neither has a tag wiki nor a follower. The topics of the question...

Maybe it is worth mentioning that a new (upper-lower-bounds) tag was created. I am not sure whether to start a new post on meta about this new tag, or whether it is sufficiently similar to the tags discussed in this post and should be handled in the sam way. — Martin Sleziak 16 secs ago

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