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8:24 AM
One of the tags shown in the list of new tags is . It was created for this question which was migrated to meta.
Q: About the message "User was removed"

JJacquelinSometimes (rarely) the message "User was removed" appears. I read the given explanation: This message means that a user who voted for one of your posts had their account deleted (either by request or due to violating the network's terms of service). As a result, all of their votes were remove...

I suppose the tag will be removed when the migration stub is deleted:
Q: MSE gains a tag through migration, tag lives on

pjs36A few weeks ago, this question was asked on MSE and migrated to another SE site. During that process, an MSE tag, coding-theory, was removed and a DSP tag, digital-communications, was added. But the tag digital-communications is still showing up in the newly created tag list at the time of writi...

Another recently created tag is .
Q: Should Obelus be really considered a division sign?

TheDeadLegendDisclaimer: This question is definitely not problem solving but is for rectifying a doubt in history. Recently I was researching on the historical significance of mathematical operators and their symbol origination.I started off reading about $+$ and $-$ symbols on Wikipedia, which sufficiently...

I have added notation and arithmetic - they seem like a reasonable tags for this question to me.

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