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1:33 AM
New tags: and . Both of them seem questionable to me.
Q: Mesh sliding onto itself

Yves DaoustI recently entered this post about self-sliding surfaces. They are surfaces that remain invariant under a constant "screw-motion", i.e. the combination of a rotation around an axis and a translation in the same direction (with special cases of no rotation or no translation). Concretely, they are ...

Q: Does the converse of the chain rule hold in general?

la flacaI've found the following theorem for single variable real valued functions: The converse of the chain rule: Suppose that $f,g$ and $u$ are related so that $f(x)=g(u(x))$. If $u$ is continuous at $x_0$, $f'(x_0)$ exists and $g'(u(x_0))$ exists and is non-zero; then $u'(x_0)$ is defined and we ...

Q: Converse of a theorem: If the curl of a vector field is not zero does it implies it is not conservative?

la flacaI have the following theorem: If $F$ is a vector field defined in a simply-connected open set, whose coordinate functions have continuous partial derivatives and $curl(F)=0$, then $F$ is conservative. I'm asking if the converse also holds or which additional hipotesis would make it hold. Thanks

Q: Can you change the name of a tag?

suomynonACan you change the name of a tag? I recently came across the tag sage, which I think should be renamed to sagemath to be more clear. Is it possible to change the name of a tag? If so, how? If this is not possible and people support this renaming, I can create a new tag called sagemath and h...

1:54 AM
@wythagoras I have to admit that I was unaware of . Was there some other question with tag other than the one where Michael Hardy created it?
For the reasons you wrote (that it is not displayed after typing "combi" (not after "number", "theory") synonym seems like a reasonable option to me.
Perhaps you might suggest it in the new tag management thread? (OTOH, if we want to create synonym, we might as well leave the other tag, too.)
2:18 AM
@wythagoras What exactly does that column merge in the list of tag synonyms mean. The tooltip says "active synonyms requiring a merge". Is that simply the list of synonyms where at least one question is tagged by a slave tags.
Personally, I am not that keen on merging tags (in addition to synonymizing them). I do not see any great advantage. If the tags are not merged, it makes things a bit easier in the cases when synonym is cancelled. See: What happens with the tagged questions when a tag-synonym is cancelled?
@wythagoras I have tried arjafi's query and it returns the question you linked to as the first question with that tag: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/542457/… so it seems that the intended meaning is the one from complex analysis: Maximum modulus principle.
This particular user seems to be prolific tag creator. There are only three questions tagged modulus-theorem+complex-analysis. All the other questions in tag will probably need retagging.
And also one of these three questions - Calculating the modulus - has nothing to do with modulus theorem. Which might leave us with two questions in that tag.
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3:30 AM
BTW it seems that there was a recent increase in posts on meta related to .
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4:32 AM
:YvesDaoust I see that you have created (fitting) tag. It might be useful to create also tag-wiki or at least tag-excerpt. It might help other users to use the tag correctly. Another reason is that the tags used on only one question are automatically deleted after certain time unless they have tag-wiki. — Martin Sleziak 59 secs ago
3 hours later…
7:26 AM
@MartinSleziak: I have turned it to regression, which expresses the same idea. — Yves Daoust 24 mins ago

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